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How To: Make The B-52 Shooter

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Please watch: "The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRFntsbb8k -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Start your night off with the famous B-52 named after the famous American Bomber. It is made of three kinds of alcohol that have to be meticulously layered on to each other, Kahlúa, Baileys and Grand Marnier. For a host of other drink ideas click this link: http://www.askmen.com/fine_living/drinks/ AskMen: http://www.askmen.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/askmen
Категория: Фильмы и анимация
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General Zod (7 дней назад)
I drink mostly beer however, when i get a shot, this is my preference.
Doug Wallace (2 месяца назад)
It is named for the Band.
bxbx dr (5 месяцев назад)
XxAnizyxxSuba3 A (9 месяцев назад)
عنزه هزامت دول وا قبيل وتحط رقمها عنزه علا شراب
الكنق الخمعلي (1 год назад)
♚【βƽƻ】عنزه لا تموت
Ty H (1 год назад)
Not only he doesn’t know the origin of the shot, he is also bad at layering the whole thing. Is it that inconvenient to just reshoot the video?
Fred Martin (1 год назад)
I will get  right on that   thanks
Stop the Philosophical Zombies (2 года назад)
Smug bastard.
ioannisalbatros.Greece.Athens. (2 года назад)
David Roland (2 года назад)
if you play doodle god you need b 52 first i never know what is this so thanks
Hannixander (2 года назад)
Did I accidentally come to AskGayMen?
Hannixander (2 года назад)
+Nightfall 29 Just too easy.
Nightfall 29 (2 года назад)
+Hannixander I'm not sure, but you should maybe google that carefully instead. It sounds like that would be a better place for you.
Westernmango (3 года назад)
"Shot that will be heard around the world" man that had NOTHING to do with b-52 bomber the shot heard around the world was the beginning of the revolutionary war.
Francis Tan (3 года назад)
Where is the rum151
Goace Florin (4 года назад)
...who the hell holds the bottles like that?
Nathan Abraham (4 года назад)
"Equal quantities" .."perfect B-52"
Ahman Millener (4 года назад)
That is kinda nasty and not in a good way! Personally I prefer the Mud Slide in its original form. Bottom to top 1st - 1\3 Kahlua 2nd - 1\3 Balies Irish Cream 3rd - 1\3 Vodka 1 shot - Warm going down and hot when it hits the bottom!
Dinh Tran (3 года назад)
+Ahman Millener I prefer : 1/3 Kahlua 1/3 Baileys 1/3 Cointreau
Ahman Millener (4 года назад)
I like my mudslides divided: 1/3 Kahlua 1/3 Baileys 1/3 Vodka Smooth going down and warm when it gets there.!
David Heiberg (4 года назад)
The better version of the B52 is this: 1/2 Kahlua 1/2 Baileys Then you layer a very small layer of Triple sec/Orange Liqueur on top and light it Drink the shot quickly by placing a straw in and suck The thin layer of burning triple sec warms the drink as it goes up and it is simply incredible
Ahman Millener (4 года назад)
That is kinda nasty and not in a good way! Personally I prefer the Mud Slide in its original form. Bottom to top 1st - 1\3 Kahlua 2nd - 1\3 Balies Irish Cream 3rd - 1\3 Vodka 1 shot - Warm going down and hot when it hits the bottom!
General Zod (7 дней назад)
Nah, b52 is delicious.
d7mi 4eVeR (4 года назад)
ارحححب B-52 رمز عنزة :)
LuisBonelli22 (4 года назад)
Una duda, ¿como se toma correctamente este trago? se toma en etapas o se mezcla todo una vez servido y se toma mezclado? One question, how do you take this drink properly? taken in stages or all mixed once served and taken mixed? (google traslate) Gracias! thank you!
OneMileyCyrusFanVlog (4 года назад)
Is it  just me, or is that bigger than a regular shot glass ?
Daniel Mahoney (4 года назад)
+Tullebabz Not in Australia, how big are these American shooter glasses? I am a bartender in AUS and we have to make shooters in shot glasses
Tullebabz (4 года назад)
Well, its not really a shot, but a shooter. A shooter can be quite a large shot.
IROKLIFE (5 лет назад)
Awful quantities of the different liquors in relation to eachother...
alexander ågren (5 лет назад)
TheDoorknob1 (5 лет назад)
tongting10 (5 лет назад)
it looked like a little guiness before the grand marnier
SirDerpingston (5 лет назад)
Marcus Tan (5 лет назад)
Kristoffer Espeland (5 лет назад)
I have had B-52's in Prague, Cech Republic, and there they serve it, as seen in the video, but with Absinthe on top. Put the Absinthe on fire, and then you use a short straw, and put it in the shot horisontally and suck in the shot from the bottom up. When you get to the Absinthe-part (the part that is on fire), the fire will die out on its own. Taste great, and gives a real kick! :)
Marcel Mojžíš (5 лет назад)
Yes! We too. Stroh is a killer! :D
ThxImFine (5 лет назад)
пособие для кранов
Royal nash (5 лет назад)
one of my faves is this shot. i had a flaming dr pepper before the fire goes out on its own
HeyLookItsAmy (5 лет назад)
Never had a flaming shot... do you blow out the fire just before you shot it?
Smith. (6 лет назад)
You don't HAVE to light them on fire, it's purely aesthetic. The flammable equivalent is the Flaming B52 and you can use a small amount of high proof spirit on the top of the drink and then light it. Either way, it still tastes real good! :)
peachloca (6 лет назад)
Best one
Yeefan Lee (6 лет назад)
really a teh c peng in malaysia. its kind of mixture of milk, tea and coffee
osama laden (6 лет назад)
teh c peng spesel
Brendan Cornelissen (6 лет назад)
You should use contruea instead of grand marnier
Infinity (11 месяцев назад)
Grand Marnier is thicker than Cointreau and works better for this layered recipe.
dantë (6 лет назад)
I love it when noobs call others a noob.
dantë (6 лет назад)
Which will not work, as he's doing the original B52 with Grand Manier - not the modern version with high vol. rum.
King SHIIFT (6 лет назад)
The best B-52; -Baileys -Kahlua -Disaronno
Marcin I (6 лет назад)
Lepszy efekt uzyskać można nalewając w tej kolejności: 1) kahlua 2) cointreau / grand manier / inny likier pomarańczowy 3) bailey's
James Fealey (6 лет назад)
similar to a Mini-Guiness
Nemo Transfinite (6 лет назад)
It says that if you want to light it on fire to use a heat proof glass, they may not of had one.
amessina333 (6 лет назад)
fix your comment the b-52 bomber was a jet in vietnam not wwii
vssnfrankiej (6 лет назад)
@QCumber1337 epic shot which won't burn your throat
Steven Thorpe (7 лет назад)
i hate it when they mix a shot, but dont shoot it, damn it you know they waist that shit
kentownage (7 лет назад)
@qcumber1337 it tastes little touch of strong coffee and a little touch of chocolate.
Roman Bryzhchuk (7 лет назад)
me gusto
Maza Faka (7 лет назад)
love it.
msskool (7 лет назад)
jam jamin (7 лет назад)
just the same with blowjob..but vodka is on top instead of grand marnier..am i right?
Nou Nee (7 лет назад)
@MrPaulkear Grand manier, orange liquer
bob oso (7 лет назад)
now i can get my party started
sir9integra9jr (7 лет назад)
that gives me a boner and I'm a girl
zederish (8 лет назад)
i like to try f-35

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