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Landfill Becomes Nature Park

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A landfill becomes a nature park. The Mucking Landfill in Essex, England was one of the largest trash dumps in Europe. For 50 years, trash from London was shipped down the River Thames to the 845 acre Essex landfill, creating a layer of waste 80 feet deep. Now, after a project costing around 3.8 million dollars, part of it has been turned into a nature preserve for rare wild flowers and wildlife. The location has been turned into a nature park, where all kinds of wildlife can be found thanks to the Essex Wildlife Trust. Several species of birds have been observed in the area, along with harvest mice, newts, orchids and adders to name a few. Sir David Attenborough, president emeritus of The Wildlife Trusts said that the "project is visionary and one of many remarkable projects led by The Wildlife Trusts around the UK that bring benefits to the natural world and communities." Another landfill in Grimsby, England is going to be transformed into a 17 acre park and the location of 250 prospective homes. The site in Grimsby has not been used for anything since the 1970s.
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