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10 Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally And Protect Against Heart Attack! ★ Like us on FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/QmGQVT Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Also Share It With Your Friends Thank You:
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Text Comments (457)
Julie Finkelstein (4 days ago)
Many thanks for these heart health ingredients!
Jay Gill (2 months ago)
Domo Arigato Mrs. Roboto ,Domo ,Domo!
Gregory Adkins (3 months ago)
Thought to reduce,study on mice,could possibly reduce plaque.Great information,(Maybe this,possibly that.Nice useless information.
NolaMarieSings (4 months ago)
As soon as I hear computerized voice i leave. Bye
John Harrison (4 months ago)
this is crap
Mano Mir (5 months ago)
There are basic values and has added Anthony tony Blair these are basic commodities it is open
Mano Mir (5 months ago)
There was the option it has define as governor general
Sandra Mclean (5 months ago)
Tiger Columbus (5 months ago)
well written article
Janette Warren (6 months ago)
Thank you for this info! Also, please learn about ASEA - it is clinically proven to decrease Oxidized LDL cholesterol! This statement is fully in compliance with the FTC and FDA because of the statistically significant results provided by a recent double-blinded placebo-controlled human trial at the Human Performance Laboratory on the North Carolina Research Campus. learn more about this study by clicking this link... janettewarrendotteamaseadotcom http://www.scienceofasea.com 9 minutes that could change your life...
Bill Otto (6 months ago)
PLEASE get rid of the stupid computer reader until they teach it to read properly. It mispronounces many words. Otherwise good video.
Jean Jackson (6 months ago)
Where are we to buy all of that At? Except Garlic, that's easy..........
Sheila Kirwan (6 months ago)
Leonardo Artist (7 months ago)
PLEASE!!! Stop with the damn computer voice
Lester Lester (7 months ago)
All of the ingredients are all very common in Asian food, except for pommagranate juice. Is that why Asians have much lower heart problems?
Lakmal Jayaranga (7 months ago)
usefull as asians we are using these food less or more to our curries
Roger Kreil (7 months ago)
I wonder if eating cinnamon buns would work! 😄
Pamela Marshall (9 months ago)
Great video
Ricardo Gobin (9 months ago)
You're missing the point. The best place to start is to find out why the arteries got clogged in the first place. It's every kind of Oil and it's oxdative damaging effects. When you eat oil in dressings or especially fried food and food deep fried in oil, you're inviting free radicals into the body, particularly the arteries. This can cause the arteries to become torn, damaged and inflamed. In fact, if it wasn't for cholesterol and it's bandage like properties, you'd bleed to death. So why not just stop eating the fried food in the first place instead of having to worry about unclogging your arteries? This video is a myth, the cholesterol will still clog and build up to prevent your blood from leaking out of your arteries. The only way to unclog your arteries before it's too late is to stop eating things that kill. You will be surprised at how far the body bounces back. You said cholesterol is a silent killer, but really you're your own killer because you didn't know good food from bad. If you don't believe me, this information is from Dr Glidden, a certified naturopathic practitioner who has over 25 years of experience.
Joe Zapata (9 months ago)
studies were mentioned so what's the question?
Vince Bossilkov (9 months ago)
reesysleather (10 months ago)
shitty video
robert forsythe (10 months ago)
Thank You Professor.
brian stuart (10 months ago)
unless you got proof of this you're an idiot and that's as far as I can say on that
WHEREISTHEREASON (10 months ago)
down vote ALL robovoice videos.
Carol Maynard (11 months ago)
Thank you. Yes I hate the "ROBO" voices too!
shrodingersman (11 months ago)
I'm seeing all the studies arrest the development of atherosclerosis, however not reverse it! If you could show some studies that actually indicate reversal this would be great to see! Thank you for the video too!
Allen Fishbeck (11 months ago)
how much of each of the items do you use each day.  the only thing that you indicated was 240 ml of the pomegranate juice, what about the other nine items...
imthefrogman1 (11 months ago)
Fish Oil is good for you it contains 360 MG Of Omega-3. Good For High Blood Pressure. It's Helped Me. Take With Meals 3 Time's A Day.
David Orphe (11 months ago)
good video, lose the robo voice
Soyemi Isau (11 months ago)
321ozzy (11 months ago)
Thumbs down for the robotic voice.
Kev Morrison (11 months ago)
We live on a healthy mediterranean diet here in Cyprus, and I drink a glass of neat extra virgin Olive oil everyday. And feel like I am 25 again at at 65 years old. Have a read about it on Google it's fantastic stuff, and the elixir of life.
Adventure Hobbies (11 months ago)
Picked up a bottle of tumeric spice that had a warning label on the side. It said that "may cause cancer". Has anyone else seen it.
Mukundan Pkandath (6 months ago)
Adventure Hobbies it must be adultrated turmeric lot of it is in shops
Stevie J (11 months ago)
I'm so sick of this robotic bitch
Cyprus Kill (11 months ago)
A refreshing morning cup of Drāno..hits the spot, unclogs, and works good in the sink too. 🌪
Beto G (11 months ago)
Garlic also cures chlamydia, I wonder if it works for gonorrhea...
avgandy (11 months ago)
Voice sucks thumbs down , thanks for the list .
Natural Health Cure (11 months ago)
very good health tips !
Enkhtuya Sukhbaatar (11 months ago)
toymaker94566 (11 months ago)
Has anyone noticed the real connection here? If you wanna clean up your body, change your food consumption. I'm not saying you should become a vegetarian but the truth is, Americans eat way more meat than our bodies were designed for. All the health issues we have in American, third world countries don't suffer from. Is there a day that goes by when you do not have meat at one or more meals a day? Eating healthy is effort! We live in an era of fast food, cheap food like substances and sugar in everything! Cut back or out altogether meat, sugar, dairy and reduce your salt. Add 20 minutes of exercise a day - walking will do the trick and increase as you feel inclined. Ask me, I know. I had a heart attack at the age of 51! I could lose a few pounds but never thought I was at risk. Do your own homework, everyone has unique requirements. If you want an eye opening study and some very insightful information, there are a couple Netflix vids I recommend. "Forks over knives" and "What the health". You have to be your own advocate, don't trust what you hear on TV, they usually have a product to sell you. God Bless! ;-)
u4109 (10 months ago)
Toymaker I think you 100% right, even more so then the video....its very hard to not eat meat. The thought of doing that makes me want more steaks and poultry. But I would be skin and bones if I did go meatless.
KOH Joo Hua (11 months ago)
Mr. Koh +65 9433 3363
Fermented cabbage, ouch.
FELIX THE CAT (11 months ago)
Thumbs Down for stupid computer generated voice!
Adlai Wilson (11 months ago)
what is bell spazom
Wesley Wayne (11 months ago)
robo voice generally gives info from fake news sites. this may b legit. lots of spices can also regrow hair I've heard.
nhat tuy giai thien sau (11 months ago)
Helpful thank you
Chris Barnes (11 months ago)
BEN BENJAMIN (11 months ago)
ruidy steven (11 months ago)
okay google 🤣
TSC x (11 months ago)
oh you are adorable for that, thanks :):):)
Jack Sainthill (11 months ago)
I don't believe you. I don't think arteries can, currently, unclog without recourse to instentation..
Cool Breeze (11 months ago)
one other thing just to add, drink two litres of water a day reduces your risk of heart attack by forty percent
DRiFT3R SHiFT3R (11 months ago)
Interesting that this video began with an advert from Dominoes Pizza!!!!
Jon Robinson (11 months ago)
NOTHING unclogs arteries, once they are clogged they are clogged, stop lying.
Randy Cox (11 months ago)
Beth Bartlett (11 months ago)
Olive oil, red wine, grape juice, grapes, tumeric, Ginger, Garlic, sardines, Omega 3 Fish oil, Vitamin E, Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Juice & Rhine, Cinnamon & Raw Organic Honey Purple onion and cabbage, Sesame Seed oil, Pomegranates, all dark fruits and vegetables. Flaxseed - Use daily - an assortment of these, turmeric daily.
mark harrott (11 months ago)
are any of theses considered food
Michael & Paulette (11 months ago)
Oh yeah! I'm going to live forever. I also found out, if you laugh a lot, it actually causes the walls of our arteries to strengthen. So don't be sour or negative. Enjoy life!
M Da Vela (11 months ago)
forcing cayenne pepper down someone's throat might halt a heart attack
N. Johnson (11 months ago)
Source???? Source to bata chutia.
lena ducato (11 months ago)
Thank you
Mark Oatway (11 months ago)
Fuck it I'm getting a curry and a garlic nan bread...
james daley (11 months ago)
thats great to see that information coz i just make up my mind to go back to eating indian food which pretty much has these ingridiants in their dishes all the time...welll most of the time.
MrWuhanchina (11 months ago)
James D. Wheeler (11 months ago)
turn off the sound and read it The only thing on list I don't do is flaxseed. Ill try it!
Richard Interplain (11 months ago)
I was beginning to think it was a recipe for a curry.. What bullshit...
funkmasterjee (11 months ago)
A thumbs down for hiring R2D2's sister
Feline Rescue (11 months ago)
Too much yadda yadda by a canned voice.
Roman Moskovkin (11 months ago)
dislike for voice mispronouncing words.
John Collins (11 months ago)
I heard that coffee enemas work great as well!
sean presley (11 months ago)
I thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and feelings of the most important thing is that you protect your Heart from having heart atacks .
meenakshi sundaram (10 months ago)
Dal fry is a side dish for chappathi
meenakshi sundaram (10 months ago)
Dal fry
George Nwaeze (11 months ago)
pastor e.a adeboye
sean presley (11 months ago)
By John Cavanagh Brisbane Australia Queensland.thanks
gord grant (11 months ago)
You are what you eat.
Gixellia S. (4 months ago)
gord grant ... are you? Christ suggests that food ends up in the latrine, so don't place value on it ... interesting!
Warren Lovingood (7 months ago)
gord grant no
Marcus Lex (11 months ago)
When the clog is removed, where does the plaque go? all towards the heart?
Superfoot (11 months ago)
Great info but I hate ROBO voices..
Russ Ennis (11 months ago)
But I eat meat meat meat as ND butter some more seafood this much be Dr oz
Gino Asci (11 months ago)
Hard boil organic cage free eggs, cut them in half, and add organic turmeric. Drink lemon water.
D J Cassaday (11 months ago)
All the 1's that say bull r all dudes Ha,,just ask trump he knows everything
Rodney Morgan Brown (11 months ago)
Thanks, that computer voice is ridiculous.
Shelley Benton (11 months ago)
Thank you!!
goaspiritoflove (11 months ago)
Frank Pisano (11 months ago)
Artificial voice is irritating.
Tucson JJ (11 months ago)
None of the stuff listed will unclog arteries. Yes, it is all healthy and good stuff, might reduce inflammation and blood sugar, but only NIACIN will actually reverse clogging.
Tucson JJ (9 months ago)
Sherri, no, sorry, the "clog" I refer to are clogs in the arteries, clogged with plaque". A blood clot is a different animal... that is usually treated with blood thinners and anticoagulants... serious stuff that needs a doctor to look you over... As far as natural remedies... try this: Mix ½ tea spoon of Cayenne pepper powder, 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar, some ginger powder and 1 tablespoon of molasses in water. Drink this mixture twice daily after eating. It is one of the most effective natural remedies to dissolve blood clots. Good luck!
Sherri Lewis (9 months ago)
Tucson JJ ..So I have a blood clog and this Niacin will clear my blood clog?
Tainted Meat (11 months ago)
What are the dosages ?
Cuzilla47 (11 months ago)
Just had some Kimchi about an hour ago. I love the stuff. Been eating it regularly since I discovered it about 10 years ago.
tomshiba51 (11 months ago)
Garlic also prevents blood loss caused by vampires.
Tokasa Lee (9 months ago)
hybrid green .ķ2.
hybrid green (9 months ago)
tomshiba51 true, also garlic prevent people from talking to you and sleeping in the same room with you!
MrsPeebles62 (11 months ago)
Gary W (11 months ago)
Fucking computer voice. Thumbs down
Gerhardus Els (11 months ago)
Fck robo voice I am out !!
OPS (11 months ago)
Scott Duffy (11 months ago)
What the libtards are loose on this site I hate this fucking RoboCop voice thanks for summarizing the bullshit
warmswarm (11 months ago)
GET RID OF THE ELECTRONIC VOICE. How many people have to tell you? Have you seen the comments? Get a REAL person to do the voice over. You're getting a thumbs down from me.
Nick D'Annunzio (11 months ago)
Computer voice... thumbs down...
joe joe (11 months ago)
if you eat these foods.. your voice will become robotics..... but your arteriess will be unclogged ;)
Betty Kyler (11 months ago)
these are not foods they are spices.
ScottDLR (11 months ago)
Skip to 1:00 where they actually get to the freakig point of the video. But even after that I got so bored I ate a chease burger.
Mark Gable (11 months ago)
In others just eat and drink natural foods..
Josephine Moreno (11 months ago)
I use most of the stuff and I'm 52 years old and I need to take care of myself better of myself now and thank you so much on the tips on the other stuff that I didn't know about 👍👍👍👍😘🌸❣️♥️💃
Henry Davila (6 months ago)
nude woman in sports
ḜṾḭḸ (11 months ago)
Oh who cares we are all going to die anyways.
B M**se (11 months ago)
Luticia Malone (9 months ago)
B M**se Borrar
Aaron Bogatch (11 months ago)
Stop eating meat of any kind and you will unclog your arteries at once and also significantly prolong your life span.
u4109 (10 months ago)
I think you are on to something there Aaron...isn't there a banned video on that very subject or something ?
raygon8 (11 months ago)
garlic is very hard for the organs to breakdown
Valdi mai (11 months ago)
people, please don't listen to stupid advice from uneducated people. You can't eat all these things as it is. You must first prepare for that and do a set of right natural ingridients otherwise you can be in begger problem than you think. I tried lots of diets of this kind, because before i was also stupid
WhereMyChicken (11 months ago)
Computers get clogged arteries?

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