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8-Month-Old Chhutki Needs Your Help | The Quint

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An 8-month-old baby, who we are calling Chhutki, was allegedly raped by her 28-year-old cousin in Delhi. Her parents had left her in the care of their relatives as they left for work; however, Chhutki's mother returned to find her baby raped and abandoned, lying in a pool of blood. The little one has already undergone three surgeries and needs extensive medical treatment to heal completely. The Quint has started a campaign, in association with BitGiving, to help cover her medical needs and secure her future. You can donate here: https://www.bitgiving.com/chhutki For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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Text Comments (2005)
Marie Evans (1 minute ago)
What kind of demonic monster could do such a thing?
Alina Tahir (29 minutes ago)
Even animals don't try to have sex with baby animals. Humans are the worse species to ever exist.
Nathalie Stahl (1 hour ago)
The psychological damage done will never ever heal. Never! Sexabuse is the worst abuae there is, something inside dies in the victims soul and heart and it will never recover. Do what you want this child will fight with depression anxhiety, trustissues and suicidethouhts all her life. I want all pedofiles to die
Nathalie Stahl (2 hours ago)
Just imagine how that baby must have ben screaming!!! Did no one notice that its a scream that is not a "normal" baby scream from tired pr hungry or such??? You can hear if a child is hurting its a piercing scream and it cuts the ear and heart like a knife full of fear. I am crying so bad right now. My 2 year onld babygirl sleeping safe and sound in her room.and i will nevet let her alome with a.man! Pigs from hell! Satan pieces of shit worste even. No words for such evil!!!!!!
Nathalie Stahl (2 hours ago)
I just punched the wall. I can see the girl in fromt of me as if i was there. I swear to god i will kill if ever see or hear anyone hurt a child he will be so fucked up i will torture him and give him to be fucked up the ass by a horse while cutting his dick off
jhilom nodir tire (2 hours ago)
My daughter is now 5 months. I often wonder about the baby what if my daughter get raped like her.please Allah recover this baby. Punish that beast immidietly
Elo Kitty (3 hours ago)
Fuck the system which make parents work all day, so they can't take care to their kids by their own and have to trust people around. Totally understand the anger of this two.
Ari Arredondo (5 hours ago)
omg!!!! poor baby. this bastared need to be more then just hanged, he deserves the worst. 😡
happie srav (7 hours ago)
So cruel
Saba Warsi (7 hours ago)
Why rape ????? Why she is just 8 months old.....i can't hold my tears..🙏
Rose Xo (8 hours ago)
Fk that! As my 11mnth old lays beside me sleeping, I am so sad and so angry at this, this makes me so mad. Take matters into your own hands ffs and hack off his dick, his body parts and let him bleed to death. No amount of justice will come close to the revenge due on this low life sick fk.
Rose Xo (9 hours ago)
Oh my fukng god!!!
Narjaa Narjas (9 hours ago)
Ya Allah dont let this man see good in this life or the hereafter.
Kimaya ayamik (9 hours ago)
Sexually Assaulting any human at any age is fucked up .Kill the rapist,slice his dick off..
ms. wicked bones (9 hours ago)
I really feel ashamed
Sandra Salerno (10 hours ago)
How could anyone do such a despicable and wicked thing to such an innocent and defenseless being?
Pahal Rathor (11 hours ago)
Not able to daonte. Is the campaign closed?
Ayesha khan (12 hours ago)
What the fuck is happenning in the world ... She was just 8 months .. She doesn't deserves this.. May allah bless that baby with all the happiness and health ❤.. Also the rapist should get death penalty for sure !!!!!
OPZ ** (12 hours ago)
Poor baby, what a sick monster he needs to be castrated.. Never trust anyone with your innocent children. The devil never sleeps
flukeman022 (12 hours ago)
Sorry, I can normally get through these videos. But I can't explain how this one got to me and could only watch half of it.
Max R (8 hours ago)
flukeman022. Same.
Fab Diva (13 hours ago)
Justice would be in my own hands , no time to wait for the law . Evil cunt 😡😡😡😡
Sarah Claire (13 hours ago)
DRUNK does not mean innocent, it’s just freeing your underlying desire for some sick, twisted crime
kimberlyeet (14 hours ago)
If you are that fucking horny and desperate, pay for a fucking hooker. Holy shit... I recently got a baby sister, I would lose my sanity if this happened to her... I would probably kill the guy/woman that did it
Dishu Sharma (14 hours ago)
At least her parents didn't hide this ...they reported this incident..... I am happy her parents are supporting.... And that idiot deserves to be castrated...hanged till death We need sex education ...women empowerment.... awareness ....
its khushiii (14 hours ago)
Kisi rashsh se km nhi h..jo uski hws 8 months ki bchi k b jag gyi............shame on him...chiiiiiii!
its khushiii (15 hours ago)
Hadd ho gyi hai yar ab to bht jyda hd ho gyi h.........................!!!!!!
No Mires aquí (15 hours ago)
Torture that son of a bitch to death , I’m crying so much in anger right now . I cannot believe this
WE R ONE (15 hours ago)
Can we still donate?
Linds Linds (15 hours ago)
I am crying for this baby. This guy needs to be tortured and I hope everyone is donating to them. Everyone help this baby have a wonderful life. Fuck the family member. They are sick.
Zahra N. (16 hours ago)
This is why hell exists for disgusting evil people like this, that think they can commit vile acts like this against innocent people without facing concequences for their actions.
ZAEA CON (16 hours ago)
My body went limp hearing this story. Those parents are better people than i am.. Would have definetly tortured and killed his ass!!
Max R (16 hours ago)
One more thing, to all the people who keep making comments about the age of the victim or the degree of the violation, you should all understand this just 1 of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of cases like this that happen in India DAILY and in much more worse ways for a very LONG TIME. This is not NEW, for India or any other third world country. So be grateful the worst your family ever did to you was embarass you with your friends, among other things.
Yagnik Trivedi (17 hours ago)
Aisy kutty ko to mar mar k mar hi dalo sale ko or kutty ki mout maro sale harami ko
Max R (17 hours ago)
It's these cockroaches that make being a man harder, and being a young adult he had the sense to know what he was doing. In this specific case i will agree with castration as an additional punishment.
Emichuu (17 hours ago)
Ugh this made me physically ill listening to this... Having been harmed myself as a child it really stings to see it upon others but I believe this (mostly the type only wanting to look at child porn and milder cases) can be avoided with more awareness and psychological help for pedophiles before they hurt someone because sometimes they truly do think it's okay with all the excuses they tell themselves at least until the aftermath unless they're full on psychopaths. I just finished watching the documentary 'I, Pedophile" on Amazon Prime and it's true that they're less likely to ask for help (more like not at all) obviously because everyone wants them dead whether they harm someone, not yet, or not ever at all but there are rare groups and studies that help them to a point. For example, they work on empathy, put themselves as much as they can in the victim's shoes as far as uncomfortable touching goes anyway, some come to understand more but I can't imagine how many... I know it's hard to see them as human but most of them are not as bad as this case jesus... still, I'd rather we try our best to prevent no matter the case because hating them is not enough. It's unfortunate it's not as avoidable as we'd like. For some people nothing can be done of course especially when it's ingrained in your head that women and the youth are beneath you.
Max R (8 hours ago)
Emichuu. The filthy rich elite have these psychopath pedophiles you speak of, and no one can stop them, not even some god.
Emichuu (16 hours ago)
Those who came forward to speak freely tended to agree actually, but it's something they would tell themselves, something they wanted to believe in so they could feel better about themselves like this guy claiming he was drunk when obviously that's so not the case. In the end they felt there was no excuse, those excuses fell apart when reality hit; they felt attraction they could not help yet knew it was very wrong indeed. They spoke of ways they would try to rationalize it though, that is not part of their brain differences but just making excuses for themselves like anyone else covering their ass that raped and knew it was wrong. These are only the ones that felt guilty in some way though, we know not all of them do, for some it's like a religion to them simply because their faith (maybe even cult) allows it. Their brains can show differences than average when it comes to reacting to attraction and the studies are not what was expected but they definitely know right from wrong in most cases. The true pedophile psychopath that lacks empathy is rare. Because of my experience I wanted to learn more, the studies are quite rare as well because no one wants to touch it or treat them as human. There are different types of pedophiles in ways I didn't think of before, some of them end up killing themselves before ever harming a child while others go far beyond what I could have ever imagined. Some of it I had a hard time looking into. For some one that's been too close to death, to me it feels like an easy way out like for this guy. They also do no fair well in prison but they should have to do their time (and I mean a decent time) and live with what they've done for the rest of their lives before they go.
Max R (17 hours ago)
Emichuu. It doesn't matter if they thinks it's ok, they really KNOW it's NOT! There are plenty of people who are survivors from this and they never did to others what was done to them. it's all a choice, and they are adult enough to know what they are doing and to receive punishment for it, regardless of their psychology. Even if it's fatally difficult for them, I can only speak for my gender when i say, they should be man enough to make the right choice.
Crista Stuart (17 hours ago)
He needs a bullet to the head point blank. Don’t even waste your time keeping that worthless piece of filth to live in a jail
Susana Lopez (17 hours ago)
This Is Absolutely Disgusting. I Pray That Monster Gets Tortured In Prison. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD??! AN INNOCENT BABY HURT LIKE THIS 😭😭😭😭 I HOPE HE ROTS IN JAIL. Praying For The Babygirl 🙏💯
Danii B. (17 hours ago)
Just... wow. I can’t even comprehend how this Suraj is still walking. Someone needs to stick the fastest dildo they can find up his ass, rip him a new one and then hang him like that. But for now, donating is all we can do.. #HelpChhutti ❤️ my heart aches for you.
Anikita D (17 hours ago)
His genitals should be crushed with a sledge hammer then strap him to the side of bus and parade him around town
Gwen Berlin (17 hours ago)
Kill the rapists. They get away with too much. Poor kid will be scarred for life.
Jasleen Kaur (18 hours ago)
Jasmine Martinez (18 hours ago)
I'm so sorry this happened to your precious baby I pray that she is healed and yall can recover ,as a baby I went thru the same thing I know how it was scary and painful for her I'm gonna be 30 soon and it's still hard but it gets a little better each day. I wish you and your family the best.
Chris Ho (19 hours ago)
My question is why are people liking this this should be one of the most unlike videos ever
Max R (16 hours ago)
Chris Ho. You must be confused to think likeing this video is the same as likeing what happened in it. Likeing this video will add support to it's channel and then be able to help people.
Jyotish Sagar (20 hours ago)
Killing him isint enough, keep killing him daily and give these basturds shock treatment regularly till death , and peal him alive Basturds
Panchi The Traveller (20 hours ago)
😢 very upset
The Great Scricenet (20 hours ago)
he should have his dick cut off
jen (21 hours ago)
the cousin deserves to die a slow, gruesome, painful death.
sarchar (21 hours ago)
karma is real. karma will hit whoever did this HARD. you don’t do that to innocent children.
Amexem Pleasant-Bey (23 hours ago)
Death is too good for him. He deserves nothing less than to spend every second of the rest of his life suffering.
Why Tho (23 hours ago)
They shouldn't be paying for this at all, the asshole that did this should be paying for it. And be hung by his balls until they rip off and he dies.
Why Tho (23 hours ago)
What the hell..
Samantha Smith (1 day ago)
My heart is broken .. why are people in this world so cruel 😭 8months old 😭😭😭 my heart and prayers go out to you ❤
J Martinez (1 day ago)
SalahuddinRamla (1 day ago)
I hope the man suffers
Monica .M (1 day ago)
An 8 month old...are you fucking kidding me??
Max R (16 hours ago)
Monica .M. nothing new under the sun.
Angel Bagel (1 day ago)
8months are you kidding me??????
Rosie L-C (1 day ago)
Is love to skewer that disgusting piece of shit with a hot poker!! 😡
Arif Yudiarman (1 day ago)
India? why am i not surprised...
Max R (16 hours ago)
Arif Yudiarman. Yemen too.
Peach Peach (1 day ago)
That’s fucking disgusting that guys deserves to be killed in the worst way possible for what he did to that innocent baby
Namrita Nota (1 day ago)
Honestly people like this need to fricking die. This is bloody disgusting and India really needs to do something about this because young girls should NEVER feel vulnerable. For a person to even THINK about raping an 8 month year old is just disgusting and sick. Whoever this person was needs to die 😠
Namrita Nota (16 hours ago)
Max R for sure 👌🏼 small steps are what have caused all the big changes in the world. 🙂
Max R (16 hours ago)
Namrita Nota. Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Ghandi Most men and WOMEN are fucked up an evil, you want to change that, then start in your city.
Namrita Nota (16 hours ago)
Max R of course. Yes I completely agree with you this is a worldwide problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible tbh. (Sorry I was just in the heat of the moment I got a bit emotional )
Max R (16 hours ago)
Namrita Nota. On that note so should people who live far away and don't do anything about this and just continue to let it happen, they're almost just as guilty when you realize they should of stopped it don't you think. Don't forget this is bigger than what you think.
Surya vanshi (1 day ago)
Goli maro sale ko sareaam
Sumit Pallava (1 day ago)
I can't believe there are such sick monsters around. I have a 8 month old niece and I just can't imagine what did they went through..I don't even want to imagine..it's just sad and devestating
Sama r (1 day ago)
A lot of people drink, piece of sh** he should be dead
Jeevan S (1 day ago)
What the hell is wrong with these people 😭 the child is just 8 months old...
Sha Ni (1 day ago)
I'm so glad that the parents think so much about the girl and her future, that they want to support her to overcome all this!
S O (1 day ago)
You just need to he a dick to do this kind of shit to babys !!! Ugh if i could kill you it wont count as a crime ! Why are indiands fuckers like that ? Rapers disgusting...
Uzma Sayed (1 day ago)
i just hav no words ryt nw bt i m just crying in which world r v living
Dnd Dd (1 day ago)
Incredible india.thats really incredible where even children are not safe from rape
Dnd Dd (1 day ago)
Supreme Court was busy for 15 days in deciding which hospital we should refer so that we can confirm rape has occur.and they say love india
Zara Alex (1 day ago)
How could he?!?! She was just a Little baby! What she did to deserve this????!!!!!!!!!!
Reincarnated Sin (1 day ago)
I hope he was stoned to death
luna lollzz (1 day ago)
Zoe (1 day ago)
Oh my gosh... that rapist needs death
Marngam Kamki (1 day ago)
😭😔 fucking moron suraj ,why no death penalty ,why the hell is he in custody rapist should be hanged till death
Marngam Kamki (1 day ago)
😭😔 fucking moron suraj ,why no death penalty ,why the hell is he in custody rapist should be hanged till death
scary muffin (1 day ago)
why would anyone do that
Night Star (1 day ago)
rumi mcz (1 day ago)
Men like these need to be punished
Saif Hussain (1 day ago)
Strange, they call our Bharat as "Maata" when they dont even respect women. Chiii.. what did this little angel do now fucking pedos. The govt should give shoot on sight order to all these criminals.
andia Ldk (1 day ago)
Hang him upside down in the town centre in front of people and beat the shit out of him. Sick evil bastard.
anoop kaur (1 day ago)
Madarchod kii gand mae danda ghusaa k muh sae nikal do and don't let him die !! Leave him like that for the rest of his life ..mutilate him ..cut his arms and legs ..peel off his skin with exposed nerves ..and let's see how this works for him
Clash Coc (1 day ago)
Those rapist deserve capital punishment . they don’t deserve to live!
Aishwini Suresh (1 day ago)
This world is too cruel Chhutki !!❤
roycroft ki (1 day ago)
Sick dirty bastard.He will definitely do it again if given the chance.PAEDO! No child is safe around this type of person.
Liliksha (1 day ago)
Still no justice after that monster confessed?
Huyen-Tran Phung (1 day ago)
I was clutching my private part the entire time. An 8 month old? REALLY?!?!? WTF WTF WTF
Little Red Demon (1 day ago)
AN 8-MONTH-OLD?! WHY?!!! WHY IS THE WORLD SP FUCKED UP? I pray to God that man gets punished severely and suffers all eternity in hell.
SNIPER AGAR (1 day ago)
Wtf people are so lame that they start raping a 8 month old highly disgusting the rapist should be hanged to death or should be handed over to the public this is really not acceptable
neetu vishok (1 day ago)
I really scared t watch complete video.its really vry painful for us.its difficult who suffers
B K (1 day ago)
These rapists should be slowly burnt so that they could understand the pain. Oml. 8 months old are not left. And we keep fighting for petty political shit. Is this THE INDIA FREEDOM FIGHTERS HAD DREAMT FOR?
kuki yomenai (1 day ago)
This made me cry
Riya Ghosh (1 day ago)
Hang him please god
M.K. (1 day ago)
What is happening in India, what's has happened to the mindset of Indian men...?
Goldstateofmind (1 day ago)
I’m so disturbed
Coopsaweb Videos (1 day ago)
The baby has no teeth even!! She is such a small soul!! Couldn't stop crying!! He Shud be given capital punishment
Nivedita Sharma (1 day ago)
Disgust on the culprits wife, his deadly bloody mentality, his upbringing, his face and his life Burry in hot sand or just burn him alive !! 😣😡😠👿
m1ss0utsp0k3n (1 day ago)
Suraj would have been dead on site. Fuck all of that talking. Babies are so innocent.
Jejen Myhlo (1 day ago)
Hang him to death ..poor baby😥😢😢😢😢
Vanadium (1 day ago)
So sickening. My heart hurts
Manisha Bisht (1 day ago)
😑😑😑 where is humanity kha hn baghwan 😔😔😔😔 pls kill such monster's

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