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Imran Khan comments after release from jail

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Lahore - 21 November 2007 1. Various of celebrations outside family home of released opposition leader Imran Khan Dera Ghazi Khan - 21 November 2007 2. SOUNDBITE: (Urdu) Imran Khan, Pakistani opposition leader: "On this occasion I suggest all political parties should boycott the upcoming elections, especially those parties that believe in democracy in Pakistan. These elections are going to be the biggest fraud in the history of Pakistan. Musharraf has done what no dictator in the history of Pakistan has ever done. He has crossed all limits." 3. Pan right of journalist 4. SOUNDBITE: (Urdu) Imran Khan, Pakistani opposition leader: "I don't know why they released me. If they think they have managed to scare me by arresting me, they are wrong. I will oppose him more strongly this time. I do not accept Musharraf's office or his position. I think he is the biggest traitor." 5. Pan left of party supporters 6. Khan leaving STORYLINE: A day after being released from prison Imran Khan, one of Pakistan's opposition figures, urged all political parties to boycott any elections organised by President Gen. Perves Musharraf in a bid to oust him from power. "I suggest all political parties should boycott the upcoming elections, especially those parties that believe in democracy in Pakistan. These elections are going to be the biggest fraud in the history of Pakistan," Khan said. Musharraf has said he expects to step down as military leader by the end of the month, and insists elections scheduled for January will be held on time. But he says he will not bow to international pressure to lift the state of emergency imposed three weeks ago in response to what he said was a growing threat from Islamic militants. On Wednesday Law Minister Afzal Hayder announced on state television that the government had released 5,634 lawyers and political party members. He said 623 people remained in custody, but that they would be let go soon. "I don't know why they released me. If they think they have managed to scare me by arresting me, they are wrong," he said. "I will oppose him more strongly this time. I do not accept Musharraf's office or his position. I think he is the biggest traitor," he added. Khan, a former cricket star who has become a firebrand in the opposition to Musharraf's rule, also said he would continue a hunger strike begun in custody. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/34e0898adbe98acc5c8a64b85c74933a Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (303)
Ab Sen (5 hours ago)
Just look at his body language. What a lion.
Ahmad Raza (6 hours ago)
Who is here after imran khan become PM 🇵🇰
Manal Khalique (9 hours ago)
He went to jail? Why?
Solomon Hussain (1 day ago)
Yeh to chalte hain tujhay uuncha bananay ke liye......
Mehrunisa Khan (1 day ago)
he is legend of our nation...👍👌👍👌👍
M. Tanuz (2 days ago)
cornered tiger! The one & only khan.. great Imran Khan.🙋
ali butt (3 days ago)
Aaj sub ache ho gae hai siwaa pmln k...
A Khan (3 days ago)
He is now the PM. ALLAH has rewarded him for his dedication and determination. ALLAH grant him the wisdom and skill to make Pakistan peaceful and strong. Keep the evil eye of our enemies away from Pakistan. Brother and sister give imran all your support. INSHA ALLAH.
439zahidkhan (4 days ago)
The greatest leader we have ever had
Goori Guriya (4 days ago)
He is a man. See his kurta. Bulla se cho gai thi ise.
Buzz Talk (8 days ago)
Haha Acha hua mashraf ke liye ke ab wo ni ha siyasat me warna ye to usy bhi rula ke or kutto wali kr k hi chorta
Asjad Raja (11 days ago)
Aj dak lo Allah na as ko aj ktni azat di..jeo hmra khan shahzada
Mahnoor Khan (12 days ago)
At that tym i was just 8 years old.. Since then I love him😍 i saw his struggle for Pakistan 👍❤️nd i remember all that sacrifices which he gave for Pakistan 💚 #imrankhanZindabd #pakistanPaendabd
Azammel Mondal (12 days ago)
Now u r pm of Pakistan
India a land of morons (12 days ago)
He is most deserving across the world to become PM
Asghar Khan (12 days ago)
world tour (13 days ago)
I love u Imran Sir.... Live Long Life!!!!
Aursh Munir (13 days ago)
Tab dekho or ab dekho. Puri duniya hmare imran Khan the great PM pr nazary rakhy huay hai. Humy apny PM ko protect krna hoga. Indian lobby k against apny PM ko hr buri afaat sy bachana hoga.
Alex Alex (13 days ago)
Our prime minister
Pro Paki Arm (13 days ago)
And they said there is no strugglw behind him? He is our great prime minister now. Proud of him so proud of him
Hadi Abdullah*new* (14 days ago)
Madani Ali (14 days ago)
الحمد لله انك سرت رئيس الوزراء وفزت في الانتخابات... فقد نصرك الله ❤️❤️❤️
Siraj Mahmood (14 days ago)
10 days ago now he has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan ... MashaAllah sees the struggle behind this man.
Khurram Ahmed (14 days ago)
now he is gonna be a Prime minister of Pakistan ❤
s Thompson (14 days ago)
kar har har Maidaan Fateh....
Naveed Shah (14 days ago)
Ess video main imran khan aik bohat barey nashayee ki tarah dikhayee de raha hai
Beater Panel (14 days ago)
Ab musharraf ko ulaa ke jail mein dalwaao Usko b to khamyaaza bhugatna chahye
Hot Spicy Videos (14 days ago)
ch jawad (14 days ago)
My leader
High voltage (14 days ago)
greatttt yar i dint know musharaf ne imran khan ko bhi jail me dal diya tha .. musharraf destroyed pakistan
Anuj yadav (14 days ago)
Taliban khan 😂 2018 me bhe election rigging hua
Four Horsemen Mechanix (13 days ago)
Anuj yadav Deal with your own terrorist modi before pointing your fingers on others. Modi was involved in inciting the Gujrat riots. This is why he was actually banned from the US and Britain forma period of time. He is also a known member of the Hindu terror organization, RSS. And Khan does not support the Taliban you stupid chutya.
ThePakistaniboy1947 (14 days ago)
اصل شیر سلاخوں کے پیچھے یا سلاخوں کے آگے شیر ہی رہتا ہے۔۔۔۔ پاکستان کی جان ۔۔۔۔۔عمران عمران۔۔۔۔
Nomi Nouman (15 days ago)
Imran khan is bestttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyy
Wasim (15 days ago)
what a man. What a commitment. Only Legendary Imran Khan
Zafar Malik (15 days ago)
Great man finally Allah rewarded him ! Thanks God inn Shah allah he's now last hope for Pakistan! This IK is now symbol of Pakistan
Inzemam Ul haq (15 days ago)
اللّٰہ الحق ہے
SUN SHINEE (15 days ago)
"Mujhy nahi pata mujhy kis ne aur kiyun jail se nikala hai." So natural. ☺
Zahid Latif (15 days ago)
Imrans gonna come for you musharafa lol
Amna Malik (15 days ago)
Best leader
zia khan (15 days ago)
Now he is the prime minister.
mirza umair ali (15 days ago)
Hats off #super_khan uh the love man ♡ jeety raho
whatthe (15 days ago)
Pervaiz Musharaff PakistN ka sab sae barra ghaddar tha but Zardari and Nawaz are also not less.
abu bakar sidddique (15 days ago)
Pti zendabad
Zeeshan Asad Asad (15 days ago)
What ..? Imran ko jail me q dalaa ta ? Any reason
Syed Jamal (15 days ago)
Slim Stuff (15 days ago)
The legend imran khan Now PM of pakistan
Saad Mahboob (15 days ago)
Musharraf was a big Madarchod.
Faiq Dilawar (15 days ago)
Himmat he iski..ruka ni ye or aj pm ban gya.. great
Adnan Zaib (15 days ago)
proud to be primemister of Islamic republic of Pakistan
vanee (15 days ago)
abay ye pehle se hi esa bolta tha kia hahahahahhahahahahahaha
Yousif Atique (15 days ago)
All hard work produced fruit NOW! (2018 Elections)
zaibi Ejaz (15 days ago)
Mera khan Meri Jan
Sajid Hassan Sindhu (15 days ago)
iron man
Hazro 1 (15 days ago)
Great leader Legend
Shehryar Khan (16 days ago)
واہ کیا بات ہے۔ پٹھان کو جتنا دباو گے اتنا وہ سختی پہ اتر آئےگا۔ ماشا أللہ نڈر اور بے باک انسان۔
Hassan Iqbal (16 days ago)
Chalo lhushi hui .. akhir kar aap ne kr dikhaya khan ❤️
Jabran Shahid (16 days ago)
And today he is the PM of Pakistan 🇵🇰
Rashid Arain (16 days ago)
awais ali (16 days ago)
MrFalcon2001 (16 days ago)
He was 100% right later events proved it.
Zafar Iqbal (16 days ago)
imran khan sab ki jaan....
umair rocky (16 days ago)
Our New prime minister
HD-Video promoters (15 days ago)
Fyi! He has been elected as a new pm of Pakistan - 2018 #NayaPakistan 🇵🇰😍
De Kronik Snowsill (13 days ago)
CovertPhilosopher: hahahahaha
CovertPhilosopher (14 days ago)
De Kronik Snowsill - o kisi gashti k aanday, idher kyu maa chudwanay agaya hai ? agr itna he bura lgta hai Pakistan tou ja ja k bharat mata ki choot mai ghuss, teray baap idher bethay hain baad mai na kehdayn k rape hogaya, lekin shayd tu india ka "vasi" hai isliya tjhay adat hogai ae, lol
De Kronik Snowsill (15 days ago)
HD-Video promoters: stop begging fucking fatherless dog!
HD-Video promoters (14 days ago)
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De Kronik Snowsill (15 days ago)
HD-Video promoters: Baaskar Gandoo sooar Punjabi badwaa!
Haroon K (16 days ago)
Now PM of Pakistan 🇵🇰 Amazing achievements 💯💯🔥🔥💪💪
Hussain Shah Jillani (16 days ago)
After a long struggle khan become a prime minister of Pakistan InshaAllah
Usama Fayyaz (16 days ago)
Look where he started and now he's the PM of Pakistan.... inspirational ❤
Eesaf Khan (17 days ago)
Hats off the leader
Umar Qamar (17 days ago)
great man his life inspire me leason for us mean never give up in life any time any where any body
Kashif Akber (17 days ago)
Real lion.one man Army...
Hasnain Adil (17 days ago)
Why he always looks handsome
Hasnain Khan (15 days ago)
Hasnain Adil lol he looks high af here 😁
cricket lover (17 days ago)
asif malik (17 days ago)
mushraf sahb ab zara pakistan tashreef le aao waiting for u
Osama Azam (17 days ago)
Greatest leader of Pakistan after quaid e azam Muhammad Ali jinnah alhamdulilah 22 years of struggle are very long and ask for patience and hardwork
unknown Rahmani (18 days ago)
Jawad Ahmed (18 days ago)
Masha'Allah great journey, from cricket super star to jail to Prime Minister...
samavia iram (19 days ago)
Respect for imran Khan 💝🖤💜😍
Angus Keerio (19 days ago)
22 years of struggle nd u r our PM now 😊 Alhamdulillah
Abdullah Zafar (20 days ago)
he is prime minister now.
Imran khan pm
Aisha Aisha (21 days ago)
Real Tiger
Sheer Khan (23 days ago)
Wah khan saaab akhir ban gaye prime minister
Sahir Shah (23 days ago)
wah ray kismat aj imran khud prime minister hay
MIX TUBE (26 days ago)
Usman Khann (1 month ago)
Born leader ❤
Arsalan Farooq (1 month ago)
❤ imran khan
Love you khan shahb
Nawab Lal (2 months ago)
lion of Pakistan
Nawab Lal (2 months ago)
great Imran Khan we love you Allah tala ap ko kamyab kry Ameen
1972kami (2 months ago)
he is great leader ppp sham on you for blaming him musharaf suppoter.
King Ijaz Malik (2 months ago)
November 21st, 2007
Sufiyan Memon (2 months ago)
Geo Khan
Tasadduq Hussain (2 months ago)
old #pti is dancingzzzz.............hahhahhha
Shumon Haq (2 months ago)
Sabbas Mosaraf saab, aap assi kaam kea. Joker ke party ke admi kaysay naas rahi hay ek baar dekay zara, aise laag rahi hay kafir ka kali poja chal rahi hay. Mosraf saab aap Shaik Najim kay saat hay iss leay menay ve aap kay saat ho. Aiay haam dono melkar Imam Mahdi ke Army banay. Ooi ooi joker Imran khan danda gloi kelkay chop chap ghar jao.
Haziq (2 months ago)
He stayed in jail for like a day
Boom Boom Afridi (2 months ago)
musharaf gando .
Boom Boom Afridi (2 months ago)
Musharraf Gando
Taimoor Ahmed (2 months ago)
Nelson mandela of Pakistan
TauQeer ALy (2 months ago)
My leader😔
Sherzaman Zaman (2 months ago)
Great khan

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