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Jason Somerville shares his excitement at Run It UP Reno

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Run it UP returns to the Peppermill Reno for six days of poker action! Find out from Jason Somerville why Run It Up Reno was such a unique event.
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Text Comments (6)
sfdg thytn (2 years ago)
gotta love the jacking off check at 0.22
andreinafriedman (2 years ago)
Nice video! Good interview
Matt Greschl (2 years ago)
I was expecting more "OHHH MMYYYY GGAWWWWWTT!!!
Anjon Roy (2 years ago)
Great Interview Man!
BornIn1500 (2 years ago)
Cool video except for that loser interviewing Jason.
youratowel14 (2 years ago)
Cant wait to go next year

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