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Oldest Human DNA Leads To More Questions Than Answers

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Researchers are scratching their heads after discovering a 400,000-year-old fossil related to a little-known human ancestor known as Denisovans.
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Captcha Neon (1 month ago)
First let me say I’m not religious. Secondly, I am confused on how this entire evolution crap is supposed to work. Now hear me out. Saying the first humans were actually part of the ape family and eventually evolved to walk upright makes no sense to me. The reason is because virtually every bone ever found that was actually human, was human and nothing more. When “Lucy” was introduced people believed she was part ape and yet, she was just a different species of ape. Anyway, I have yet to see a single shred of evidence of evolution and don’t bother to cite the fossil record either because there are a ton of missing links. Now, lets say original humans were in fact stupid creatures who had no language and no real skills, wouldn’t it make more sense that there was no one to teach them anything? When we were babies and kids if no one taught us anything, we would be the same as the original humans. Of course when you’re the first few generations in humanity you’re going to be barbaric because you have no example. These abnormalities that has been found in some examples of original humans such as “large brains” and “abnormally shaped heads” could all be the result of birth defects, injury, lack of self care (only for the abnormally shaped head) and various other problems. We cannot assume that all had the same abnormalities. Today we still have babies born all the time with no brain, some brain, excessively large brains, smooth brains and so forth, so we need to stop assuming they were a “species” and get down to facts.
ge st (1 month ago)
Some people think they can carbon date remains of 400k years. Carbon dating can only date organic remains up to 15k years old.
blue moon virgo (1 month ago)
they are not so sure the earliest "beings" to walk upon these earth were semi-ethereal those " dense" humans are way too "modern"
johan laeveren (2 months ago)
uncle Willie son (2 months ago)
We are beings. Human. A species. Just like everything else.
Erl Roe (3 months ago)
What's rubbish about it?
Harold Clayton (3 months ago)
Half life of DNA is 500 years quit peddling ; ' Suit - Us - Science' !!!
Anthony Butler (3 months ago)
The understanding of human origins is complex and the answers are rare and fragmentary; it is a surprise to find that useful DNA has been extracted from a fossil of this age but it won't be the last surprise.
Gary Chynne (3 months ago)
monkey shines. respect your ancestor's they had dandruff to.
Joseph N. Pollaro (3 months ago)
Stupid people hate to admit when they are wrong. Smart people say oops and their curiosity is piqued.
Tom Sanders (4 months ago)
They woz blax n kangs n shiet.
jim james (4 months ago)
Them fellas just ugly. Got bred out. No one wants to be that guy that mated with the monkey thing.
Rikki West (4 months ago)
MORE LIES the heavens and the earth where created in 6 days ( of 24 hrs ) and God rested on the 7th. creationtoday.com
Kevin Howard (4 months ago)
If you want to know more about this do a search for Albert Perry. His Y Chromosome is one of the most unique in the world. Scientist have traced his Y Chromosome back 336,000-340,000 years. It proves he is part Denisovan.
Skykiller (6 months ago)
I think it's strange to think that the Dinesovians came from Siberia rather than migrated there. We always act like where we find the first bones identifies the origin. It's just the first ones we found. I think given time with DNA sequencing we will get a better picture and find that the three races are different in that our common ancestors diverged by inter breeding with uncommon ancestors. So we are more like lions, tigers and cheetahs. We still retain the ability to interbreed.
WOTHAN66666 (8 months ago)
Them bones are Heildburgensis bones... A humanoid that was b4 neaderthals...
David Lemon (9 months ago)
Excuse me but the history that we know or think we know could fit on a head of a pin in the middle of a football stadium... We really know nothing.. 400,000 years ago a species... how many years before that did they appear.. to get to that point, so long ago?
fos sch (10 months ago)
this is all just a story being told.. notice they used the word CLIMATE CHANGE.. REALLY.. HOW BIZARRO.
John Castille (11 months ago)
Did you know that the Native Americans have their own legends of giants? "Ancient Race of White Giants Described in Native Legends From Many Tribes" "Chief Rolling Thunder of the Comanches, a tribe from the Great Plains, gave the following account of an ancient race of white giants in 1857: “Innumerable moons ago, a race of white men, 10 feet high, and far more rich and powerful than any white people now living, here inhabited a large range of country, extending from the rising to the setting sun. Their fortifications crowned the summits of the mountains, protecting their populous cities situated in the intervening valleys."
Marc Bell (21 days ago)
+John Castille Don't you know every race has giant legends. Their bones have been found in many places but mainstream archeology isn't ready to deal with them. They will in about about 10 years.
Myron Smith (4 months ago)
John Castille - Wishful thinking is not science
vera747 (5 months ago)
Believer of the Gods (5 months ago)
John Castille no it wasn't I just didn't know that that's why I said what I had said by tgr way sorry for the late reply back.
Raven Alb J. (6 months ago)
John Castille. Thanks for this revelation. I think it has something to do with the coming of the Carthaginians to America about 150 B.C. When Scipio the younger surrounded Carthage about 150 B.C., the Carthaginians built 150 ships in the harbor called Birsa which was within the walls, and broke one night and disappeared. The Romans never found those ships. It is my opinion that it was those people who built the pyramids in Central America and Mexico.
Gabriel Sixton (1 year ago)
office better get me because we gonna let our finds have babies llittle human science get my self control we better treat them small that's the revolutionary humans science revolves with minds eyes just like able to read out of a blue screen green hair trend so little humans treat them well because uh it better come soon they were the new slavic
Andro Libre (1 year ago)
we only know what we've dscovered
Joey Morrison (1 year ago)
i have a dna test that all i do is wave a bannana in someone face if they start acting like a monkey or a human i continue doing this untill bannana evolved from food to sex toys. then document the results on video.
Roger Bushell (1 year ago)
There are more questions than answers. Johnny Nash had that worked out years ago.
Anomaly (1 year ago)
Humans are only 6000 years old and there is no missing link.
Anomaly (1 year ago)
What dating technique determined a bone to be 400,000 years old? Was it the same one that dated a currently living turtle to be a million years old? Or the same one that determined 2 pcs of dna from the same sample of horse to be 2 different ages? LOL . Carbon 12 dating isnt even accurate beyond couple thousand years let alone 400k. Some of these sciences are laughable.
baboonbuttz (1 year ago)
theory is just an assumption best guess. which have been actively disproved an adjusted as new data comes up. i think the timelines assumed are all out.
Whomsoever (1 year ago)
That is very old. Denisovans are a different line from their common ancestory with Neanderthals but the age suggests their line left Africa when Homo Erectus was common and long before Neanderthals. It also begs the question of when Neanderthal DNA entered the Denisovan line? I'm also curious to know if Denisovan DNA entered the Homo Sapiens line separately from Neanderthals or through genes already carried by Neanderthals or through both ways. Another question is how different the Denisovan line in the Altay is from these in Spain? If the interbreeding happened between all three hominids at a similar time.... how were the Denisovans able to cross with Neanderthals or humans after such a long period of seperation? It is possible that these Denisovans are just one archaic branch seperate from the Altays just as Homo Erectus is from the Sapiens branch. If anyone with any valid insight wants to comment please do. Religious trolls are wasting their time because they will just be ignored and blocked.
Sofia Ruha (1 year ago)
the only thing is missing from here other scientists input in other languages to debate the theory it is still a very narrow field still taught to those who are interested to go down the very very long ardous road of research witch may never leave to any recognition in a person life time once the pieces are put together. what we get here is partial fast food microwavable information a little brain teaser to keep us interested so we keep coming back to feed the pig in this case Google to satisfy 1% of our curiosity. if you want to dive into it your best option is still the library and books on many different languages but as unfortunate some wants to fuck with that too: Google because they are digitizing a lot of things as a person who loves to learn understand the importance of facts and real if you can change the meaning of an entire sentence by simply changing 1 word than I do not like the idea for 1 person , company to have the power and authority to take possession of something was free for centuries for humanity not just I don't trust Google intentions because I understand the power of teaching and learning.
Anomaly (1 year ago)
The closest known relative of mankind is God. Not a monkey or a frog or a rock.
Thomas Pedersen (1 year ago)
We have dna from aliens
George Gilles (1 year ago)
George Gilles (1 year ago)
Mike Powell (1 year ago)
Maybe denisovans are homo erectus. And homo erectus spun off neanderthal, homo florencius and modern man.
Bob Muller (1 year ago)
and Still their DNA line lives on.. in a remote part of the world.. where very little breeding outside of the local populas happens.. but this DNA lives on in the Shirper people .. those who carry the genes enabling them to breathe at very high altitude... where the rest of the worlds population can trace instead 2% of Neanderthal dna.. the shirpas have dna of the oldest human instead
Branden Cheney (1 year ago)
the bible says that humans inter-bred with the wicked angels that assumed human form, their offspring were called the Nephilim (not to be confused with the rephaim, who lived after the deluge and were simply a race of giant humans) back to the point this kind of cross breeding would be able to cause many genetic abnormalities that would explain what the worshippers of science and evolution have yet to do
Hill Raiser (1 year ago)
I think what scientists are finding, completely 100% coincides with the 'origins of humanity' explanations that the ancient Sumerians told in their cuneiform texts. There were many 'versions ' of man 'genetically modified' into existence by the beings who seeded human life on this planet ('gmo' being the closest word we have to explain what they did, you have to process that) All the Genesis, Old Testament , Bible stories are 'attempts' at understanding ancient, religious, historical folklore that was handed down to them and that THOSE people themselves did NOT understand in THEIR time - so like humans still do - they added shit/modified in a way that they could come to grips with on their terms - fuckin people are still doing it now/today - changing definitions of what this and that means - figure it out
Sean Chamberlain (1 year ago)
they dont have a friggin clue the dating system and methodology used by these so called experts are ridiculous and unreliable
TellingThe Truth (1 year ago)
Also in other news. Africans, are now known to be related the the DINDO-Nuffins
TellingThe Truth (1 year ago)
This blows Afrocentrics views....haha....
Enquiry News (1 year ago)
Rizal Jose (1 year ago)
lmao science don't know crap lmao. They say the earth is a globe but can't prove it, and they claim we come from monkeys but there are still monkeys roaming around on earth lol
memnok jones (1 year ago)
Rizal Jose you delusional idiot luv memnok
Rizal Jose (1 year ago)
earth is flat yay!!!
Martin Webb (1 year ago)
Rizal Jose Get back to the cave you just stepped out of you flat Earth believing idiot, if the Earth is flat why does it cast a globe shadow during an eclipse ... BECAUSE ITS A GLOBE AND NOT FLAT, if it was flat the shadow would be flat, but surprise, surprise the shadow is a globe ..... work it out dummy, it means the Earth is a globe. You don't need NASA or science to tell you just try using those things on your face called eyes, even you must be able to tell the difference between a flat or globe shadow.
Rizal Jose (1 year ago)
haha yeah that's it. i am a better 6 yo thinker than you thinking you came from apes lol
Trilok Jaisi (1 year ago)
Rizal Jose ahhh.. Prolly you are a 6yr old kid... My bad
cat whatever (1 year ago)
Our first incorrect a priori assumption is that all 'human' life on earth derives from Darwinian theories. If one's 1st assumptions are faulty, so are all conclusions.
cat whatever (1 year ago)
Lovely music Alter :)
cat whatever (1 year ago)
There are of course alternatives...once u can ask this question. For me, it began with puma punku.
Alter Kater (1 year ago)
What are the alternatives? Creation?
Robert Belair (1 year ago)
This info is rue but outdated now. Latest Dna info has shown how much we owe to other ancient spieces. Including the Neanderthals. Hom Sapiens inherited some crotical DNA from the Neanderthals that helped them survive ine the Prehistoric European enviroment.... especially when they arrived in Europe in their "out of Africa" trek Our Euorpean Homo Sapien ancestors apparently liked those Neanderthal women We apparently recieved some critial immunities form them that enabled us to survive  in Europe.
Robert Belair (1 year ago)
Homo Sapiens is a hybred mongol spieces.
Mdebacle (1 year ago)
Humans are not hybrids. Neanderthals, Denisovans and other ape-men were hybrids.
Azzy M (1 year ago)
*But where did the dindoos come from?*
Soo much for Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Misleading myth never stood a chance when scrutinized.
Ashley Nevins (1 year ago)
Compare the research and documented discoveries of LA Marzulli Catalina Island You Tube (and discoveries elsewhere) and compare them to this discovery and the 130K yr. southern California site posted today on Nature. Does LA Marzulli give you more questions than answers? What does the skull formation and size tell you? Any signs of hybridization in Marzulli's research? Do you think it is human DNA is involved somehow? Are they human? Would intellectually honest anthropologists, archeologists, geneticists, evolutionary biologists, astrobiologists and other scientists possibly want to know what Marzulli has discovered and why the scientific community does not either know about it or knows about it and does not address it? Marzulli is right up front about his world view and what he believes the history of his discoveries are about. I believe an anthropologist that has interest in native American culture would want to know what the Indians are telling Marzulli and two others doing extensive research on this subject. Historians of the America's per-Columbian history would most likely find it very interesting also. I hope you find it interesting.
Mdebacle (1 year ago)
+Paul Denisovan was 12.2 to 12.5 percent "ancestral" or genetically "the Denisova–present-day human divergence is ~800,000 years", or about 2 million bases closer to a chimpanzee (in nuclear DNA). science.sciencemag.org/content/338/6104/222.full?rss=1 For Neanderthal this was 12.7 percent, or 825,000 years, also about 2 million bases more "ancestral". science.sciencemag.org/content/sci/328/5979/710.full.pdf?sid=b13b9799-5f47-4b04-8406-7e3f3f4dd0d2 Of course, what they unwittingly found was evidence of hybridization.
Ice and Fire (1 year ago)
Mdebacle and if the actual number was about 10,000 as some studies of mitochondrial DNA have shown? I think your estimate is way off.
my bizzz17 (1 year ago)
they found dna in a 400 thousand year old bone?
HappyandAtheist (1 year ago)
Italics Mine (1 year ago)
how can a bone survive for 400,000 years when nobody's found a bone from the Titanic?
Italics Mine (1 year ago)
I would suppose you are correct
Gwen King (1 year ago)
Italics Mine umm the conditions in the cave are more conducive to preserving the bone than the conditions at nearly 3,000 feet below the ocean's surface would be my guess
omar duarte (1 year ago)
if you ask a scientist a question he will answer with another question..
Mdebacle (1 year ago)
A Jew was once asked, why does a Jew answer a question with a question ? The Jew answered, why not ?
Alko Holique (1 year ago)
you're wrong. the saying goes like this: ask a jew a question he will answer with another question
martin jeffery (1 year ago)
oh dear more of the mainstream theories going down the pan ,but i expect they will still cling to the stupid idea that we all come from a common ancestor which of course is unbelievably unprovable because its not true
martin jeffery (1 year ago)
+guy tremblay never said we did
P Sander (1 year ago)
Siberia to Spain. Perhaps they had already invented walking. lol
Michael Morris (1 year ago)
god...some of the racist people on here are repulsive...talking about every race but black people are aliens...or calling black people inferior... get real u sad pathetic morons its pathetic!!!.... anyhow i think it makes sense that there were many older human species all over the world and that they interbred and created todays humans.... and yh the earth is waaaaay older than scientist try and makeout.
Larry Price (1 year ago)
it's in the urantia book the history Google evolutionary sangki race.i told people this book is knowledge.if you think that's news check what this book Tell's you😎😇
Hasan cingöz (2 years ago)
[25] We are clear signs and sent Our Messengers with instructions and books and balance people justice.45 stand by , so we download them and we are a great power and other benefits for men.46 has this We sent down iron God , unseen Him and His " the prophets who have been made so that helped you know . Verily, Allah -Strong Setup is All Mighty.47 moment Quran
Viva Peshmerga (2 years ago)
What evolutionist biggest evidence is the Nebraska man's DNA.
SamytheGreek (2 years ago)
How do they know the age is 400,000 years old?
Myron Smith (4 months ago)
SamytheGreek- carbon dating
Dexter Warena (1 year ago)
hahaha made my day!!!
SamytheGreek (2 years ago)
+Deimos Ya but carbon dating is no good after 100,000 years. After a certain amount of time there is no more carbon in bones to test.
Deimos (2 years ago)
It's unfossilized bones, you can use carbon dating on them.
Jj Ek (2 years ago)
radio carbon dating most likely.
Larry Jones (2 years ago)
There are many clever people commenting on this blog but nobody is comenting about the elephant in the room. Scientist(not science) stuffed up. Mainstream science dogmatically presented an idea that was wrong because of the light of new evidence. If Scientist were non dogmatic to begin with then we wouldnt be in this pickle would we.Dogmatisim is a form of faith. Faith is a religous quality. One faith has the same merit as another faith.
Dave (2 years ago)
This specimen of Homo-Hidelbergensis is near about 400,000 years old and was found in Spain. Not Africa. The Out of Africa THEORY states that humans left Africa at a much later time and replace older hominid species. With very few specimens available, scientists made this THEORY up and has stuck to it. I personally believe that the theory is backwards. I think that modern humans developed before their proposed time period. I also believe that races developed and specialized because of their surroundings. The Negroids developed without interaction with the other hominid species. And they remain underdeveloped without mixing but still specialized and did not advance as Caucasoids and Mongoloids did. This is why the Negroid species still have more ape like skeletal features. Aboriginal Australians are similar in that aspect.
Darius Jones (1 year ago)
elaine lane So do Indian people not exist last time I checked they also have very straight hair, And I really think that humans could have started in either Africa or Oceana
Troy Carpenter (2 years ago)
I've long suspected that the Denisovins originated somewhere further south than where they were originally discovered because they had dark hair and dark eyes. For example, even Eskimos didn't originate in Alaska.
Bob Muller (1 year ago)
Troy Carpenter Denisovins Still live on Today.. their DNA is Still within the Shirpa people
Kickative truth (1 year ago)
+nebrew centric Giptian also i doubt you dated one i dated white girls many seem mixed but never did i say anything including some blackies
Kickative truth (1 year ago)
+nebrew centric Giptian thats because they live in the artic but there are inuits who are tanned as well like my color
Troy Carpenter (1 year ago)
+Kickative truth You're* Wrong about what?
Kickative truth (1 year ago)
bulu uluil (2 years ago)
This is bullshit they aren't even a real race! They use shotgun sequencing cause they didn't have enough dna !! So they basically made this shit up!!
Ricardo Carvalho (2 years ago)
naaaa you just want it to made up lol
BIZNIZ 7 (2 years ago)
That's why its called his-story instead of history. I believe everything we have been taught is misleading about the history of man. Thanks to ignorance, hate, envy, jealousy, etc. the burning of books with ancient knowledge and destruction of artifacts that might have had clues to this may be gone forever. PRIME example - there are exclusions of knowledge from the BIBLE (i.e. the BOOK OF ENOCH) yet THE BOOK OF ENOCH has so much knowledge about ancient history AND what's going on in the world right now, enlightening and scary - YAHWEH's coming back very soon BLESS THE HOLY CREATOR OF ALL THINGS!). But my point is if ancient Religion has been tampered with and Science can't understand what happened, why should everything else we are taught/shown be correct!?
David Brown (1 year ago)
love it
Barsabus (2 years ago)
humans have been here for 1 million years
kingofwar 4thDynasty (2 years ago)
Mixing of the D.N.A aka as splicing the genes
Dolores (2 years ago)
Scientists have theories, Earth holds true history that the Editors of History can't hide!
GiggleHz (2 years ago)
white women were sluts then too
Sofia Ruha (1 year ago)
GiggleHz you to I am a nice person and intelligent please don't speak your mind over the world wide Web because a lot of people are reading and forming an opinion what is in our heads and mind. my answer to your statement was off the shoulder on a grumpy day😊
GiggleHz (1 year ago)
+Sofia Ruha boy that was lame.
Sofia Ruha (1 year ago)
GiggleHz haha not funny but you sure sound like a dictator who's family had hundreds of slaves yet they couldn't turn a profit because they were stupid pathetic looser I believe just like you.
Larry Price (2 years ago)
newsy scientists read the urantia book
Pat Riot (2 years ago)
Neanderthal and denisovian are aliens clones or nephillim. lab rat humans only true man is black all others are altered beasts I know truth hurts
thinga majiggy (3 months ago)
Pat Riot some are part neanderthal...older than any black race. Some are part denisovan with admixture that give some an ability no blacks possess. Some Africans are diverse in make up while some are simply non diverse and inherited of only inbred non diverse genetics.
+Pat Riot It not true you are liar and afrocentric.
Pat Riot (1 year ago)
+It Alien World blacks don't steal his-story I could easily say everything you know is a lie 700 years ago a white man never seen north America now white are the dominant race here and if you didn't know his-story you would believe they been here for 7000 Blacks are wolves we are at the foundation of every nation we predate modern man by hundreds of thousands to millions of years. You can't steal something that was lied to you about
+Pat Riot Why so many Africans Americans steal history of others and claim it theirs when in reality they came to America from Angola in Africa.
Pat Riot (1 year ago)
It's not a lie but we as humans have been corrupted. We are all brothers and sisters and with family that could be your worst enemy. Everything is not African or European it's human. Peace and love family
OrphanPaper (2 years ago)
some so called humans fucked and get fucked by horses pigs doges in fact any thing that has a hole or remotely resembles a male phallus, so interbreeding between Hominid groups 400,000 years ago to think they didn’t is beyond naive and the species is more likely H.heidelbergensis at that age
Sam (2 years ago)
The fact humans fuck anything that resembles a dark moist orifice has ensured our survivability which in turn has also become threat as we produce more offsprings consuming more stuff.
I need answers, I have enough of my own questions.
You are soul (2 years ago)
+Thisthatandtheother Chan 42. That's an answer.
thephidias (2 years ago)
what's the surprise? archaic humans have been in Europe long before homo sapiens sapiens and interbred. Europeans all have Neanderthal DNA and many have Denisovan DNA as well.
Joseph Inhiding (1 year ago)
I'm not so sure the techniques are very reliable. They seem to be putting together some sort of jigsaw puzzle on broken pieces. I'm sure they have some logical arguments but that, as the past has proved, is no guarantee that their conclusions are correct.
my bizzz17 (1 year ago)
they found dna in a 400 thousand year old bone?
Larry Price (1 year ago)
+Mdebacle their mixed with them most Germans.who found them today
Mdebacle (1 year ago)
Gentleman, Neanderthal and Denisovan mtDNA is not in Eurasian humans. What the evidence shows is that Eurasian humans are not hybrids. Neanderthals and Denisovans were hybrids.
Joey Smith (2 years ago)
How the fuck they know that this bone is about 400,000 year old? Last time I've check carbonated machine is only accurate up to 50,000 year anything else is all hypothesis and scientific guesses.
Myron Smith (4 months ago)
Joey Smith- They can date dinosaur bones and their millions of years old
my bizzz17 (1 year ago)
jim batterbee: cite link
Jack Haveman (1 year ago)
So what if some people use numbers for a personal agenda. That doesn't show how human DNA can't be 400,000 years old. I'm guessing that English isn't your first language. Not a criticism or a put down but I'm having a hard time understanding what it is you're trying to say. That may be the problem, too.
Jack Haveman (1 year ago)
What in the world do Trump's rambling have to do with dating DNA? You're confusing science and politics.
irishbreakfast (2 years ago)
yep. that's the way it was in pre-flood times. 8 different variations of humans, and everyone was screwing everyone else. that's about right.
irishbreakfast (2 years ago)
+Mdebacle furthermore, the only pure-blooded humans, pure homo sapiens sapiens is black people from Africa. every other race is just a tiny little variation of their original highly compressed genome.  the rest of us vary between 1- 20 per cent Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon/desovionas/ mixed breed mutts.     see the blacks especially the aboriginies and Andaman islander and the elusive sentinel islanders? THOSE are the ancestors of us all and explored everywhere and invented everything we now know first. they are of the original families to venture off from the remains of the ark. just like both the north American an austraillia dinoes, they are the direct unpolluted lineage of the families and beloved pets of the ark. and that's science fact.  so remember the dreamtime when the world was new and misty and dreamlike, and the rainbow serpent crossed the skies, then read the story of noah when they came out of the ark.    THEN you will know where modern humans came from. what happened in pre-flood times? who knows??   but the 9 smartest people survived the cataclysm, from which we are all descended. and that's science fact as well. ask any geneticist.  
irishbreakfast (2 years ago)
+Mdebacle we are not chimps, apes, babboons or gibbons. we are not animals at all. we are different. we have no relation to any brand of chimp or apelike thing ever in history.   king kong is not MY father, but is perhaps the father of many out there .  My bloodline is of adams original stock, human from day 1. with inherent dominion over the animals.with inherent free will and the ability to do complex math to attempt to understand the mind of god and find his place in the cosmos.  the primate like form has many variations. from like a mouse to bigfoot.  saying humans are descended from ape-things (even though apes still exist and did not turn into anyone)is the same as saying an elephant is descended from a south american tapir(even though they still exist) or that the ceolocanth (which survives in its original form to this day) is what all land life came from that grew legs and walked ashore.(even though they still are the same since the beginning like everything else).  however, there were many variations of each basic body plan of every species. life is a universal constant and has a basic plan and basic structures it works within the parameters of.  there were a dozen different types of human before the flood, and even they came from very ancient times when we were all one breed and one language.(up till we built the 3 mile tall tower of babel dozens of thousands of years later.) and that took quite a while as well. but we were all human from day one.   king kong aint  MY  father. (although due to primal human depravity, it wouldn't surprise me if a few sickos at some point in very ancient times went too far with their compulsions)  that 4 per cent of dna makes a universe of difference.  
Mdebacle (2 years ago)
+irishbreakfast The true test of these fossils is how "chimp-like" their DNA is. For example, Neanderthal was 15-16ths human and 1-16th ape very close to chimpanzee. This is evidence of human-ape hybridization in Genesis 6:12. As you seem to be aware, this mess was wiped out in the Great Fossilization.
Centerist Extreamist (2 years ago)
Its a neanderthal, denisova was an offshoot that never encountered the Iberian peninsula. Neanderthalensis was genetically diverse far more so then human populations today, it wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be a neanderthal who happens to more closely match denisova than other neanderoids we have previously encountered.
Ali Al-Mahdi (3 years ago)
The discovery of a bone? pmsl
Jev Weazle (3 years ago)
i find it funny that science still tries to explain stuff for our 'simple minded folks'.... everything you could imagine and want to know, they already know and use it against your spiritual evolution...
Jev Weazle (3 years ago)
we where once dust and we are heading to become dust...back to where we came from..
Ferris Vueller (7 days ago)
You do know that you don't really know, right? Nobody knows.
Mark Hart (3 years ago)
+Jev Weazle Actually we and every other living creature is recycled star light...The sun being are closest star...
seeingatruth (3 years ago)
We are all hominids, and a mixture of hominids. Modern man is another type of hominid. Just making that clear because believe it or not, there are a lot of people that think everyone else were apes. LOL!! Humans mate with humans, not apes. Neandertal, Denisovan, and probably hundreds of varieties of hominids that we haven't discovered, were all human beings. Human beings come in a huge variety.
Ferris Vueller (7 days ago)
Speak for yourself, monkey man, I'm a human.
Marc Bell (21 days ago)
+seeingatruth Denisovans were giants, right? Scientists are going to have to crack open the mythology books so they may know what they're looking for next. Dwarfs in Flores, check. Flores little people were mentioned in one of sinbads tales in arabian nights. I wonder if outside agencies have been manipulating human dna for a while.
Dream Diction (20 days ago)
Negroids have an average IQ of 68. The proportion of black people with an IQ of 100 is the same as the proportion of white people with an IQ of 132.
Tiny mod (1 month ago)
unless your from africa....apprently
jim james (4 months ago)
Aboriginal DNA holds an ancient bloodline. One that can bake in passing out temperature and fall asleep naked in freezing conditions and wake up the next day and go about his business. Even a half caste as they were called or mulatto or what ever. Looks like a euro DNA acts like a dreamer.
Carlos Fernandez (3 years ago)
If you look at the people in Africa who are thought to be the most closely related to the earliest humans, such as the San, you'll notice that they're also the most genetically diverse people in the world. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the earliest humans were even more genetically diverse than modern people like the San. So maybe the Neanderthals, Denisovans, and all the "others" were actually all the same species whose genetic diversity was so great that based on modern genetic diversity among modern humans, we'd consider them distinct species. I know it's probably not that simple since, for example, Subsaharan Africans have no Neanderthal DNA. But just a thought.
eric williams (3 months ago)
Judah is woke do we always gotta hear from the least educated black guy to fall off the turnip truck? I wish like hell educated black people would make village idiots like you shut the fuck up.
The Red-Eyed Baron (3 months ago)
Raymond Nolan Scott - Don't waste your time with his type, trust me I've seen loads of them on YouTube lately and they are completely insane. They quote the King James Bible at you as proof that whites are evil and are going to be enslaved. Of course everyone brings up that King James was white so they pretend he was black to continue their delusional view of things.
Raymond Nolan Scott (4 months ago)
Keith Roy didn't claim that Africans have Neanderthal DNA. He stated that Africans have mixture of other hominids, and he is right. Genetic studies show that Africans have archaic human admixture.
Judah is woke (5 months ago)
Keith Roy stop ur damn lies No Neanderthal DNA is found in any Africans just Caucaisians and Asians. u also carry the RH-NEGETIVE GENE you are sub human u son of a fallen angel no more of ur white lies
Keith Roy (8 months ago)
But Africans have mixtures of other hominins' DNA from periods concurrent to the Neanderthal admixture, up to much more recently, which accounts for some of that genetic diversity. There were definitely several different families of hominins living alongside sapiens.
Tim C (3 years ago)
I really don't think this is all that outside of what we already understand, given that Heidelbergensis is the parent ancestor of Human, Neanderthal, and Denisovan.  There clearly was interbreeding between all 4 of those species, as migrations occurred between Africa, Europe, and Asia.
Mark Hart (3 years ago)
+Tim Claason Europe is stuck between Africa and Asia, Penis sizes reflect this fact,
Sailor Barsoom (3 years ago)
This is interesting.  Genetics is opening up a whole new window on early human populations.
Nick Y (3 years ago)
Truth is, for a million years there were no nations. A tribe of people, would follow animals around the world. This whole we were here first so we blah blah blah, is dumb. Everyone took whatever land you're living on from someone else.
Tucker Heraldry (3 years ago)
China asians and japan people
Stenio Beaubrun (3 years ago)
oldest bone is a million years old, and that is lucyyy
Believer of the Gods (8 months ago)
Stenio Beaubrun Lucy was proven to be be from million year old monkey it wasn't a type of human but a monkey.
Wafikiri (2 years ago)
+TheRealGK Does it really surprise you? Just look up 'ape,' 'primate,' and 'monkey' in dictionaries. We cannot deny our genes.
Wafikiri (2 years ago)
All hominids are monkeys. All monkeys are primates. Remember, we are a kind of monkey too: being human does not preclude that. We are the most abundant (by far) kind of monkey.
Asensio Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+Nick Y No it was scientifically determined years ago that Lucy is was a bipedal hominid.
Wafikiri (3 years ago)
Lucy? 3.2 mya,  not 1. Oldest bone? Several hundred million years. Oldest hominin bone fossil found? Around 2.3 mya.
Mr Blue Lamp (3 years ago)
science is so cool and interesting
Yetzchaq Eaton (3 years ago)
Exactly, that is why we have to find the Y-DNA of these Denisovans and the Spanish discovery, that is the only way we can trace these people, from father to son, plus to figure out if the two groups were able to produce offspring because if they could then they had a common ancestry, but if they couldn't they are different species altogether. These tests have to be done in order to find the absolution of these people and whether they are our cousins, ancestors or another form of living organism not of relativity to modern humans. 
RUBESTER PRANKS (4 years ago)
we didnt evolve from monkeys they are more like our distant cousins
The Red-Eyed Baron (3 months ago)
Wafikiri - Gorillas can't walk truly upright because their spine enters their skull at the back unlike Humans who's spines enter at the base.
Sofia Ruha (1 year ago)
Nesha Davis to some extent that's correct but I feel very different from many people perhaps because I think differently I should be able to contribute that to my ancestors on both side of the family but what's makes me unique is the fact for how long down the road I was able to carry on the rhesus factor within my genetic I'm a double negative blood type and no matter how hard the so called scientists try to duplicate that we can not be cloned. some people taught have a god complex and some scientists are down right evil to the bones see Frankenstein.
HappyandAtheist (1 year ago)
yes it does , all life inc carrots and bananas and humans have a common ancestor if you go back far enough , all life descends for a common single celled life form. as for adam and eve that's just silly religious clap trap.
Selendria Muganogo (1 year ago)
+HappyandAtheist that common ancestor called Adam and eve who were human... That why human DNA is not all difficult... We are all pretty much tri racial human beings... No matter how many DNA test we take its all human... We share DNA with carrots and bananas too doesn't mean we are part veggie 😊
HappyandAtheist (1 year ago)
o dear apes and we all evolved from a common ancestor , really this is evolution 101 do try to learn the basics.
Calvin Blue (4 years ago)
So... the Out of Africa theory is now debunked.. change it to Out of Europe theory..
eric williams (3 months ago)
joeschultz2 the problem here is that if these people did come from Africa it was alot fuckin earlier for 1.if you count them as modern man it kills the time line . If you don't count them as modern it kills the way we think we evolved. So either way some experts are gonna eat crow.
Myron Smith (4 months ago)
Keep your racist comments out of science. Europe has not great primates
Alan Thomas (5 months ago)
Yeh! whatever!...... bullshit! which way do you fuckers want it? one hand we have Lucy from Ethiopia the oldest humanoid!now we have Joe popping up from England! what 400000years haha! all lefties determining we must have a black skin eh?
Mary Corder (5 months ago)
joeschultz2 wrong... 2017 found oldest in Europe, so it is now debunked!
James Morton (8 months ago)
Your understanding is off. Denisovans and Neanderthals are relics only 2 to 6% of their genes survive today. Truthfully Africans interbreed with these populations as well as Homo Erectus. All modern Humans have limb portions that are much more like modern Africans than ancient human populations. The ancient blood is the difference between Modern Europeans and Modern Sub Saharan Africans and the admixture continues.
Hefizba Beula (4 years ago)
everybody was relates to everybody, nights were chilli, lol!
Blue (4 years ago)
joeschultz2 (4 years ago)
There's nothing wrong with the dating on this bone except that Creationists HATE it because it contradicts their religious ideas.  Faith can be a wonderful thing but it has no place interfering with scientific inquiry, which starts with a willingness to go where the evidence leads, not where preconceived religious ideas demand that you go.
Elcarim420 (4 years ago)
Read my comments below.  Don't be so naive.
Merlin Houzet (4 years ago)
The dating of this fossil is nothing but a wild guess!
Elcarim420 (3 years ago)
+joeschultz2 Actually, There are too many assumptions in the processes used for dating. Which, isn't to say they are right or wrong. But science isn't perfect. And no matter how much you wish it or the scientists doing the tests wish it, that will never change until and if we are able to time travel and witness all events take place for ourselves. The only history we can ever be sure about, is that in which man has witnessed and recorded in some way. But even that is limited.  Now, again. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, because the theories used for some of this, are sound. In a completely natural and uncontaminated situation, they would be spot on most likely. But as to your point about my comment on the 17k-30k range being off because of some test stating it's impossible seems a bit naive.  Naive in that, it doesn't factor in everything the belief of the supernatural states. 1) God created everything over X number of "days." 2) It is also stated that a day is like X number of years to God. 3) A being who lives outside of Space and Time. A being who is all powerful and immortal isn't bound by our limitations, in which we are forced to perceive the universe. Having no beginning, for example, is completely alien to us. 4) factoring in that, if God did create the world millions of years ago, he still could have created man in the time frame I was guessing at. Which, supports, in my view, a more accurate time line based on the bible and other historical records. All DNA based life forms on this planet share similar coding. Humans are very close to pigs (98%) & mice. Mice and humans each, for example, have about 30,000 genes, yet only 300 (99% match) are unique to either organism. Both even have genes for a tail, even though it's not "switched on" in humans. Which makes humans closer in relation to mice than chimps (96%). Explain that. So, we believe that we evolved from ape, why? Because they kind of look like us. Then we started testing DNA and found they are pretty close to our own gene coding. Problem is, many other animals on this planet are close to us genetically. Which voids the second part of "theory" and leaves the first part nearly useless? Fossil records are also a joke in this, being as there are so many different variety of ape on this planet. To try and claim because we share a similar skull structure and similar DNA, we must be their descendants is beyond asinine. It's all assumption based theory crafting. There has never, in the history of all evolution science, been an actual change in species from a DNA based complex life form, to another species. We have only ever witnessed small changes, known as adaptation, or changes in RNA based life forms, like a virus. Yet even in a virus, it still remains a virus. Long winded reply coming to a close. Evolution has too many holes in it to be promoted as religiously as it is. That's not to say it's wrong or right, again, I don't claim to know. Which, is all I ask of others to admit, is that they do not either, and to be honest about it, and promote it as a theory, not a fact as it is currently. 
joeschultz2 (3 years ago)
+Elcarim420 Your quote:  "I'm not again't the young earth theory, but it would need to hit around the 17k to 30k mark if true."  Sorry, but 30K years old is barely an improvement on 7K-10K years old.  There are several substances scientists use to date fossils which decay, and all of these substances  have shown fossils much older than 30K years old.  They show a process which takes millions of years, in fact the genus Homo is well over a million years.  If we wanted to accept your 17K-30K age of the earth theory, we would have to rewrite all the physics and geology books to do so. 
erictheawful69 (3 years ago)
+Elcarim420 Very well stated!
joeschultz2 (4 years ago)
+Elcarim420 Most of the creationists who are vocal are young-earthers.  So unless you have some evidence that old earthers are in the majority I  don't see why we should not assume the people doing the most talking aren't the majority.  Regardless, your assertion that we cannot tell if an object is a thousand years old or tens of thousands of years old remains unproven, there are more than one way for such a fossil to be dated and they agree within a reasonable range.  Yes,contamination is important, but they are working on and improving that as well.  They can scientifically determine how elements break down and then they hone the details.
Elcarim420 (4 years ago)
+joeschultz2 Wrong. Creationist do not believe the earth is 6,000 to 10,000 years old.  There are groups who claim this, but they are not the majority, not even close. Joseph Cowboy: Must of us believe in Intelligent design, which, is Creationism.  I'm not again't the young earth theory, but it would need to hit around the 17k to 30k mark if true. Now, here's my problem with it.  If you believe in the God of the bible, then you believe in a God of laws.  He created our universe under these laws.  Everything functions according to them with certain exceptions.  How he did it, that's up to us to uncover if we are able. From The Big Bang to whatever else. The Big Bang Theory, is, in my view, evidence of God creating the universe.  No scientist can explain it.  Under every known law and using the most basic form of logic, it's easy to understand, that nothing cannot create everything (as we know it).  They theorize that in a place void of energy or matter (therefore outside of time) just thought to itself one day, let's explode and magically create everything. And I'm not joking about the "thought" part. Hawking said that the universe created itself because it had to create itself.  Who likes circular logic? I know I love it.

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