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Cosmic Journeys - The Search for Earth-like Planets

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Get the latest from the planet-hunting frontier. Find out what we are learning about our place in the cosmos from the search for earth-like planets. This journey started tens of thousands of years ago, when humans began to fan out across the planet, following unknown pathways, crossing unmeasured distances. We traced coastlines, and sailed uncertain seas. We crossed ocean straits drained by an ice age. Into every corner of Earth we ventured, looking for places to put down our roots, to raise our families, or just to see what was there. Today, it's the final frontier that fires our imaginations. With so many stars in our galaxy, we make a simple extrapolation, that the cosmos must be filled with worlds like ours, with life, even intelligent life. For four years, the historic planet hunting mission, Kepler, starred at a group of 150,000 stars located in a region extending three thousand light years away from earth. The data collected by this spacecraft has brought a turning point in the long search for other planets like earth. Is ours one of countless life-bearing worlds strewn about the galaxy; or is it a rare garden of eden in a barren universe?
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Gavin Payne (15 дней назад)
For a planet to be like earth it will need to have a strong magnetic field the sane distance from its star have water and a rocky surface and have a moon like ours same distance from it and have a 23 degree tilt, not much then
d rod (19 дней назад)
I would love to be alive when New life forms come from different planets in our galaxy and puts an end to Ridiculous religion suggesting that God created man and everything in this earth I personally think you're full of shit they don't have an open mind they refuse to be open to anything new and common sense tells you religion is all many made😎
Cereal Killer (28 дней назад)
Alan Garland (1 месяц назад)
Perhaps 'no immature content' would be a good idea as well ;)
Ravi shekhar Rathore (1 месяц назад)
Before scientific development we should be working on making world free of religion and religious people . Kill all religion and their followers.
aqynbc (1 месяц назад)
thank you again for a great documentary.
Glenn Ware (2 месяца назад)
I like space 😊
George Simon (3 месяца назад)
the more you watch these things and try to understand, the more you get that we will see it on simulations only. the days of real space travel are so far away...it's nice to know, but is foolish to hope that maybe... won't happen. too far away.
Fishslap 33 (3 месяца назад)
The Drake Equation is not an equation because none of the variables are known. It is speculation and wishful thinking expressed as an equation, and is almost completely useless. What if life needs all the specific conditions present on earth to flourish? A moon, a mag field, oceans, plate tectonics, ocean currents, a massive gas planet in an outer orbit to shield it, etc. Nobody knows. It could well be. And we'd still not know for sure what odds are of a star developing a planetary disc are anyway. Endless things could affect how that develops even when it does appear. Nobody knows. Two words you will never hear a self-serving "scientist" utter. No grants or tenures from uttering those words. Let me utter these six billion pointless words of speculation instead. That ought to impress politicians, peasants and the university board! And again with the word "greenhouse gas" thrown in every time CO2 gets mentioned. All gases are fucking greenhouse gases, because they all trap sunlight! It's one of the main reasons life can live on the Earth to begin with, and why it has an atmosphere. And since Co2 is a minute, trivial trace element in the Earth's atmosphere, and because it is a heavy gas that sinks to the lowest possible altitude and stays there, it is one of the least insulating gases in the entire atmosphere. Unless you pipe is up there, CO2 is not moving anywhere but down, and is consequently trapping almost zero heat. Unlike water vapor, which traps almost all of it. Always with the moronic communist brainwashing so disgusting politicians and other sociopaths can get their "carbon taxes", which is the stupidest thing anyone has considered since the Window Tax in Britain. Are people really this stupid and ignorant of basic scientific facts about the planet they live on? I guess they must be. Apparently independent thought has been made illegal again without my noticing it. Go figure...Well I'm not obeying, I can tell you that much. CO2 IS NOT A FUCKING PROBLEM, YOU USELESS ZOMBIES! IT IS FERTILIZER AND WOULD HELP PLANT GROWTH IF WE INCREASED THE LEVELS!!!! Sigh...
Sven (3 месяца назад)
some ppl would love to export human misery across the universe. Thank goodness just cosmic radiation will prevent it and we'll die out here on this stupid rock. Starving and miserable. Life is ridiculous. Infinite wants and a very very limited life span. Hahahaha.
Spartan Descendant (3 месяца назад)
Sven bet your fun at parties
kameron steel (4 месяца назад)
I hope is murderous race of people never said foot on another God-given planet
Freedom Fighter (3 месяца назад)
kameron steel Who made humans? Who made the corrupt pieces of shit called humans? If you want humans to not be pieces of shit, raise them right.
kameron steel (4 месяца назад)
My question is you've already fuckedup this planet why would you want to go somewhere else and fuck up another one. When Earth is destroyed and all its inhabitants the universe will be safe again.
Freedom Fighter (3 месяца назад)
kameron steel Planet isn't fucked up. It actually has been through even worse. Second off. Humans are inteligent animals. Instead of writing a shitty comment put that brain to use. Be thankful for the tech we have today that does most of the work for us (Cars, Computers and Cellphones)
Ty Johnson (4 месяца назад)
channel rip you should call your channel I think there should be open season on you copy cats youtube is flooded with the same shit go hang ya self your wasting oxygen
Richsrd Wilson (5 месяцев назад)
We are not alone
Craig Harding (5 месяцев назад)
Maybe if there are a lot of static planets like Earth around G stars, though they might not have complex life, they could be Terra-formed. Just nudge a large asteroid close enough to generate tides and nudge it to a small tilt for seasons. Then bring our flora and fauna. This might provide real estate for a great diaspora. All we have to do then is to learn how to get along. That's where religion comes into play.
Craig Harding (5 месяцев назад)
Forget the religious aspect for a moment. Assume there are plenty of Goldilocks planets out there with water, carbon, etc. to be able to allow complex molecules and therefore life. My question would be how many binary planets are there which also fit the above. Our moon is not a satellite of the Earth. It's way too large and just happens to be captured by our sun as Earth is. We revolve around each other in as a binary planet system. A real satellite of Earth would be very small like Mar's moons. Our moon or sister planet is what is responsible for the tidal effects we experience and this causes much of our ocean currents and weather patterns as well as contributing to the molten interior of our planet which in turn allows for a shield against solar and cosmic radiation. Add to this the idea that without tides, would life ever have gained the land from the oceans? Without the currents and weather patterns, would complex molecules have formed so easily? Just something to consider. Maybe without our moon, we would not have made it this far. So how common are similar binary systems in the habitual zone? Maybe not so common.
RaYzOr rAyZoR (5 месяцев назад)
Love these docs but absolutely hated the end remarks on this one “The question is, will it be worth the trip”, wot !!! Once you start putting a price on knowledge it dooms us all back to the Stone Age .
RaYzOr rAyZoR (5 месяцев назад)
I used to be in awe of how many things had to be exactly right for our planet to form and then life to form ultimately leading to us, each time I marvelled at each little piece of the puzzle I realised just how fragile the “playing field” was. Now however I realise that there was no system in place making it just right for us (how Neanderthal was my thinking lol) , we are simply a consequence of all the events before us. Ofcourse everything seems perfect for us because we are evolved to live within that system . If there were say Martians then that planet would be perfect for them, they would also be a consequence of everything that came before them. I don’t want to knock peoples faith cos it’s yr right to believe what you want but life is looking less and less special and more and more like a certainty
Brigadier X PIRA (6 месяцев назад)
Can we not send someone up to repair Keppler?
Lolot Villacarlos (6 месяцев назад)
Almighty GOD FATHER was having a GOOD WORLD without sunlight and without nights and COVERED by HIS POWER LIGHTS / This is BEAUTIFUL WORLD and for ETERNAL LIFE with GOD.
Lolot Villacarlos (6 месяцев назад)
Almighty GOD FATHER was having a GOOD WORLD without sunlight and without nights and COVERED by HIS POWER LIGHTS / This is BEAUTIFUL WORLD and for ETERNAL LIFE with GOD.
Andrew Hislop (10 месяцев назад)
Fuck the Qur'an and every other piece of utter bullshit religious nonsense.
Choadatios Toad (1 год назад)
Tha all new SHANIQUA-7 part of a new line of Cportz Caz Built in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. High quality Motor Vehicles from sub-Saharan Africa to the rest of the world.
nigen (1 год назад)
these are fun, but the dude needs to know the difference between and eco-system and an echo-system.
Lord Archangel Izagael (1 год назад)
All I can do is divination. Perform your "data collectings." In the end, we can find "another one, maybe a hundred earth-like planets." With those "data" on hand, it will lead into another "one" level which will increase instances of locating earth-like planets. As I can say; "We can do it, as together, we will.
Flat Earth (1 год назад)
Fake Fake Fake Fake
JB Townsend (1 год назад)
There are surely planets with life like us out there., They're probably figuring their shit out too.
Ravi Baka (2 года назад)
his voice has lot of attention
Benjiman Murray (2 года назад)
Hello Imgurians!
Zain Shariq (2 года назад)
haha Hello!
Jabril0nly1 Kindnot (2 года назад)
I believe in rare cuz scientist R smart but they will never go find any life in space....
Maicol Marafigo (2 года назад)
curto muito esse tipo de videos !!!
Larry Monske (2 года назад)
As usual we are looking for planets in our own galaxy. Our galaxy will be ripped apart all these stars in this galaxy are going to be torn apart. We have to detect planets in our satellite galaxies thats the nearest escape from the collision with Andromeda. These are 20,000 lightyears away 600 million years travel that has to be the goal to avoid the crush of Andromeda.
Siddeo (2 года назад)
awesome video..
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Father Mother (2 года назад)
u might be end up being the lunch..
Father Mother (2 года назад)
u r not going to meet bows and arrows India out there like Columbus did it but a 10x, 9000x more advanced is waiting for your arrival..so be careful what u wish for my friend..
popey hithard (2 года назад)
Well i could call you names but i,m a desent man, but i can tell u  you,r watching to much star wars movies .Ifthere are liveble planets than it will be much to far for traveling and people wan,t survive traveling with the light of speed  you will end up like a massive bloodstaine.
Mr Jamimo (2 года назад)
+popey hithard i am honestly
popey hithard (2 года назад)
+themistereffects Oh yes sure ,you,r absolutely right 100%
Mr Jamimo (2 года назад)
+popey hithard actually if you ever heard of nano technology we could live for a very long time and we will not be able to go faster than light but somewhat close to it so we probably could go to other planets with life and the trip would not be a long time freeze your self for a amount of time (and yes it is possible to do that) and boom your there cause you don't need much fuel in space
John Dirocco (2 года назад)
Hey poppy.. Maybe not in our lifetime, but, maybe in next 300 years or so, we will colonize other planets to destroy.. After all we are humans, very destructive spieces ...
Alexander Laheij (2 года назад)
@10:53 they should have should pangea not Earth in the last phases. :( Too bad they messed this up.
popey hithard (2 года назад)
Men will never ever reach a other planet to live on period.The distances are way to far. So we,ll stuck here for ever.
Galaxy Spirals (1 год назад)
+popey hithard A lot of inventions came out of nowhere. Not even scientists dare to say what can or cannot happen. Why does an uneducated little youtube fagged like you know better than actual scientists who theorized every invention we have today.
alien RS5 (1 год назад)
theres no better place than our blue earth out in the space that we can reach. earth was created for us thats why we were able evolve.
MibuKenshin (2 года назад)
+popey hithard lol your a pessimistic moron dude and you know nothing about science, so shut up and read your bible fag. First of all mars is not that far away and can easily be reached and terraformed., so there goes that argument. Secondly humans will mostly likely learn to enhance there body and increase their lifespans long before we even try to travel to other planets, which means humans won't even need to travel at light speed. Thirdly, Scientists already found several earth like planets near us, at only 25% the speed of light and with an enhanced body, humans could reach any planets within 100 light years. Trying to use your limited knowledge of science to judge the future is not only shortsighted, but it is also retarded. Your either a old geezer who fears the future or some drug addicted teen/adult listening to grunge music in your basement. Try growing a brain you fucktard.
Harvir Dhindsa (2 года назад)
+popey hithard Actually I was born in Canada, although I derive my culture from India. But thanks for trying. Anyways, what more can I say to a comment like "you've got a huge amount of fantasy, grow up." That is a straight out of the book pessimist remark if I ever saw one.
popey hithard (2 года назад)
+Harvir Dhindsa Is that all you can say , you fucking retard, go back to pakiland
Isidro Cristobal Del Olmo (2 года назад)
muy interesante : 29-11-2015
Shakeel Shamsi (3 года назад)
Aslamo Alikum, peace and blessings of God be upon all of you. We are all brothers and sisters and children of one man Adam and one woman Eve. The beautiful girls and guys in videos are nothing but our beloved sisters and brothers. May God forgive them and all our brothers and sisters around the world. May God unite all of us in His love and mercy and in His obedience. If we will be thankful to God and obey Him, this world will become a paradise. And on Day of Judgment, God will give us even a bigger paradise so beautiful and lovely that we cannot imagine where all of us will live in joy and pleasure forever. Please never forget to say many thanks to God and praise Him all your days and nights and ask for His forgiveness all the time. Ameen. Jazak Allah. :)
Happy Ending (3 года назад)
Fuck sprite ad
vovasoft (3 года назад)
Thank you guys for all this amazing documentaries narrated with with clear voice.
JB Townsend (1 год назад)
And not to much short attention span bells and whistles.
Carl P (3 года назад)
Very Interesting stuff but unless we can figure out how to travel at 5 times the spped of light or figure out how to warp space time its sorta a moot point.....unfortunately i don't think either of those things are happening anytime in the next 2,000 years
Harvir Dhindsa (2 года назад)
+Carl P Lol you think it will take 2000 years for humanity to transcend the light speed barrier? (Not literally of course but via loopholes i.e. warp drive, antimatter drive, wormhole, etc....)
Cicero (3 года назад)
So once I confronted my econ teacher "So we all know that the resources on earth are  finite. If this is a fact we can both agree on how can you propagate the infinite growth model?" He looks a me silent for like two seconds and then "Well earth aint the only planet in the universe now is it?." I thought he was shitting me at first but he was for real =D
NeonsStyle (3 года назад)
Grrr I can watch any of your videos as HD but this one just won't play even at 144p. What's wrong with it and can you fix it please.
TheChats02 (3 года назад)
I wish there were a way to turn off the big words which take up so much of the screen,  That function should be optional
Filip musiatowicz (3 года назад)
great speaker
kpsting (3 года назад)
'Galactic habitable zone' is such a stretch, though
nabil adoui (3 года назад)
+kpsting I'd have to agree with the narrator, imagine if the earth existed near the center, where they are more star activity like super nova plus the radiation from the massive black hole, that wouldn't be nice
Neueregel (3 года назад)
Actually there are estimated to exist about 10 billion trillion planets in this universe   (10^22).  Not all of them are habitable though.
Neueregel (3 года назад)
Great presentation
Exploration Ⓥ (3 года назад)
I like to imagine that somewhere in the universe there is a solar system with 2 or more planets with life. If they discovered their closest planet had life they'd look out at the universe and think it's a common thing.  On another note I can't wait for the James Webb Telescope! 
Ammar Akbar (9 месяцев назад)
We all wish that but peoples of faith are adamant that we're on our own , and it's appeared so
Bill Kerman (2 года назад)
+tarwagon If life was that common they would have had a billion years head start and even if they had no FTL travel they would still have colonized the galaxy by now. Luck how long it took us to get to the moon. Thats nothing in compared to the time other species had to evolve and reach interstellar technologies. Those 1000000000000000000000000 planets seem alot smaller of a number when you look at all the things it takes for life to evolve on a planet that had a very very lucky past. I used to think like you but the more I learned, the more I doubt it.
tarwagon (2 года назад)
Like I said , the distances between star systems is a mind blowing far , far distance . So for other intelligent life forms to come in contact with us would take an EXTREMELY advanced species to be able to travel such over whelmingly vast distances, I would think life forms with such capabilities would be quite rare ( we are intelligent , but do not have the capabilities to travel to other stars , it would take thousands of years, lol) 
Bill Kerman (2 года назад)
+tarwagon where are they?
tarwagon (2 года назад)
+Expl0rati0n There simply has to be! Just the numbers of planets alone say there has to be life out there,and when you're talking about billions upon billions upon billions of planets, to think that we're the only planet that supports life in the universe is so incredibly arrogant and frankly quite stupid. If we have advanced life just on our planet alone, it stands to reason just by the sheer numbers of planets out there that life is quite common throughout the universe (there is estimated to be over 1000000000000000000000000 planets in the known universe) and intelligent life is probably not rare either. Coming in contact with other life forms is the challenge though, the distances between star  systems is mind-blowingly distant ;)
TheKingdomOfDragons (3 года назад)
25:41 always like humans to think in a money sort of way lol but other then that i liked it (thumbs up)
Jeevanshu Dhawan (4 года назад)
It is even possible that we were put on planet earth as a part of experiment of a more advanced civilization in the first place like we do with lab rats or guinea pigs. For them earth years would be like a second of an hour clock and their life spans could extend millions of years.
daviDS (3 года назад)
The beginning, yes. Them changing time, now... But yes... We might just be an experiment for them to see us build up a civilisation...
Jeevanshu Dhawan (4 года назад)
Even if we aren't able to build any spaceship that moves faster than the speed of light, we can definitely develop a mechanism by which humans who undertake such extreme journeys are kept under 'suspended animation'. In such cases even if the intergalactic journeys took millions of years the average human life span  of 70 or 80 years would not matter. on reaching the destination the traveller could be brought back to life and there on complete his/her life span.
flyinspirals (4 года назад)
Earthlings! You are not GOING anywhere! If we had the enormous resources it would require to send nobodies like us to comfortable new quarters on other planets, we wouldn't have the problems making people hope to leave (or see the neighbors leave, so we can get their parking space) the gorgeous planet we're murdering. That's why we need to focus our resources on keeping this one habitable. Snap out of it. THIS IS NOT YOUR PRACTICE PLANET.
billy horton (4 года назад)
There is know one bug one bird one flower one planet or sun the lords process of creation is a never ending journey for us to explore ,but we have to learn to live together an embrace his work with love awe an enthusiasim we are not alone we just have'nt met our neighbors yet (?)
zapleaf (4 года назад)
1/10 of 1 pixel?  Ehh... 1 pixel can be one color, if it is 9/10 black and 1/10 white, it can not be both colors, it will be black.  That part of the video bugs me.  13:40 And to go further into my nerd rage, what's the resolution of that picture?
OPERATION X (4 года назад)
OH MY GOD COULD YOU PLS SPEAK ENGLISH? The title says " Cosmic journeys: The search for earth-like planets" not about "How the moon orbits planet earth" or "distance of earth from the sun" or the life in planet earth". I just want to watch a real documentary showing "The search for earth-like planets" yet this video keeps talking bout life in planet eartg. Fuck this shit.
akalion2131 (4 года назад)
0:53 Every motherfucking planet might support life, not every life has to be like on Earth!
J F (4 года назад)
There's a difference between supporting and sustaining. Think before you comment.
Gary Stevens (4 года назад)
Good or bad, I think it will most definitely be worth the trip.
Małgorzata Gałuszewska (4 года назад)
Very nice and beautiful documentary but, if you say that Bruno was an Italian frier, why don't you say that Copernicus was a Polish priest.
lightsidemaster (4 года назад)
I'm not so sure that a planet needs a solid surface to harbor life. And huge masses don't HAVE TO hinder life either. On Earth the mass/size of animals is limited when they live on the surface. But when in water, they are not effected by gravity that much.
akalion2131 (4 года назад)
My question is : Why are you certain that things like water are necessary for life?Yes we can't live without it but that doesn't mean other life forms are the same.I mean there could be life on some planet that consumes acid and breathes shit that would kill us...You never know
SC4RY VORT3X (4 года назад)
if u enjoy space and all sorts u gotta believe in aliens
Rek Evence (4 года назад)
This video really inspires amazingly . 
MontageDF (4 года назад)
I'm pretty sure Aliens are watching us since we are still a Class- F civilization... Once we have the ability to travel interstellar we can probably meet them....
Kyle sharpe (4 года назад)
Maybe we are a lost race and are told to be myths and we are called barbaric deadly evil creatures who destroy all
FaceOfGod2 (4 года назад)
*We'd make great pets!* There can also be non earth like planets that have intelligent life that is vastly different from us. Like a planet with oceans of arsenic and an atmosphere of sulphur dioxide that produced intelligent life that's perfectly adapted to that environment. Why do we discount this notion? We may not be able to survive there and they may not be able to survive here but if we limit our search and only investigate earth like planets we can possibly miss the most intelligent of life that's out there. This is why I think the more intense search now for earth like planets is more *POLITICAL* and has more to do with colonization and resource gathering than it does with finding other intelligent life. In other words, more about greed, power and control expanding beyond just the earth, since those in control here are nearing being finished with "raping" this planet and it still isn't enough for them. Think about it for a moment. This may be why we now have the UN writing "just in case" policies for scenarios should we bump into extraterrestrial intelligent life that may not be so thrilled about our intentions. And if I'm correct on this you can bet it would be the same old repeated UN bullshit "policy" of power and greed, forcible control, wars and killing as they currently carry out now all over this earth, and they probably have the hubris to think they could expand their wicked, greedy ways out into the galaxy. So while I think the idea of finding earth like planets is fantastic, it may be that the true intentions behind it are likely the wrong intentions. We as a species need to evolve from what is still such a primitive mindset of materialism, selfishness, competition and the whole idea of greed, personal wealth, power through violence, etc., before we should even begin to think about exploring the galaxy and meeting other intelligent life who may likely not think like us at all. If we are still so primitive that we can't even get along with each other and still have wars all around our own little planet for nonsense reasons and imaginary borders, and people who starve to death for no real reason outside of greed and selfishness and a lack of compassion, are we really even yet prepared mentally, emotionally or spiritually to link up with another intelligent species from another planet who might see us as we see monkeys fighting with sticks over who gets the biggest banana or which monkey gets to claim the area of the jungle with the tastier fruit? These ET's would probably be perplexed as to why humans as a whole species have so very much knowledge and power, yet so little understanding of how to use it and share it properly. *We might only make great pets for them!* Just my thoughts.
Nishan Gautam (3 года назад)
+MonkeyTardis yes
Tesco Value Memes (4 года назад)
Somehow I don't think scientists, the people spearheading the study of other planets, are motivated by greed and the will to exploit other planets. A greedy businessperson or politician would only care about what could happen in their lifetime, and reaching a point where we can exploit another planet for profit will likely not be possible in our lifetimes. The current motivation behind exoplanetary exploration is curiosity, not greed.
J F (4 года назад)
In order for life to start it must have earth like conditions.
ForeverFlame88 (4 года назад)
So-called "Star formation:" Think about it, if u see a spot getting brighter, it's not necessarily a new star forming. It could just be dust moving out of the way of a star that is already there! DUH! Besides, haven't u learned about Boyle's gas laws? When gas is compressed, it heats up & drives itself apart. It takes enormous pressure 2 keep gas compressed. Cold gas in space would also heat up if it was contracted by outside influences. Google: science vs evolution Pathlights. Theoretically, it takes 20 stars to EXPLODE SIMULTANEOUSLY NEAR EACH OTHER to produce enough pressure 2 form a brand new star. That has never been observed. A more logical explanation is that stars were CREATED in equilibrium since it is impossible for a gas cloud to condense, by gravity, into a star, regardless of how massive the cloud is since the more gas u have, the more the heated gas wants to EXPAND, PREVENTING formation of a star by purely naturalistic means.
ForeverFlame88 (4 года назад)
YouTube: The Privileged Planet.
Debbie Allport (4 года назад)
Search for Earth  like Planets
nel strong (4 года назад)
why do we need to search planets with our own atmosphere there might be life in other atmospheres
focusontheargument (4 года назад)
Baronstone (4 года назад)
I am so happy that they figured out a way around the problems that crippled the Kepler telescope. It supposed to begin taking measurements again in the near future.
Matt the yugioh Duelist (4 года назад)
So ironic that we can't find a plane on earth but we can find planets billions of miles away
Billy Bob John (4 года назад)
Can't imagine a world without America so "Yes" the trip will be worth it!
Perseus Wong (4 года назад)
Ruined it for me when you try to slip in a PC-multicultural PR piece.  02:52 The Quran also cites stoning gays and amputation for minor offenses which countries like Brunei just decided to implement...IN THE 21st century. We don't need to tip our hat at a religion that has done more to inspire extremism and barbarians (like boko haram) than it has to advance our (modern) understanding of the universe. 
Cain Bozkurt (1 месяц назад)
Terry Booth. looks like someone took a huge shit into your head kid. go do your research. of course there can be manipulated holy books. everything can be manipulated. you are manipulated too. i know my religion and prophet. But people like are not ready to accept the truth, which means that you are very weak. poor boy. you gotta stop drinking moonshine, hill billy kid. keyboard warrior :D
Terry Booth (1 месяц назад)
Cain Bozkurt  -You say the ''real koran'' as if there were a fake one.There is only ONE koran and the latter half ,which supersedes the ''peaceful''first half is full of violence.The principle of abrogation means it is the violent half that the muslims have to follow.these were the last instructions from Mohammed.Put that into your empty hill billy head
Fishslap 33 (3 месяца назад)
What has this got to do with anything? Is your country so perfect? It is you who are trying to force your petty little politics into the conversation.
Cain Bozkurt (3 месяца назад)
you probably read the Quran of ISIS or boko haram. the REAL Quran forbids violence towards ANYBODY. but im pretty sure that doesnt go in your empty hillbilly-head. but people like you should be send to ISIS. in this case they know what do to :D
Jonathan Grunwald (4 года назад)
The governments of this world,and bankers have interest to swing monetary balances, over growth greed, and wars.They spent trillions of $, in military spending, haw to kill one-another, only 5% of this amount is spent to save life's.?. Polluting and destroying Earth, including atomic power and radiation. We need to change, but if some one wants to they become enemy of the so called system, and end up death or in prison.Before we go and f-up another planet, lets learn to take care of the one we have. TH
ham and jam (3 года назад)
First, we need to learn to take care our planet.
Kirby Krios (4 года назад)
Hi humans!  (b^_^)b
Funtime hz (4 года назад)
In the quran, first man and his wife created and lived not on Earth but somewhere in heaven.Then they were exiled to planet Earth as a punishment and test.After death,some of us will return home.
EJ Tha Chiefa (4 года назад)
a job finding planets through a telescope wld b cool
Poh Rui Xin (4 года назад)
I like this video too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krisna Darma (4 года назад)
Shiny Magikarp (4 года назад)
What an appropriate time for this video:P especially after finding Kepler (kefler?"
Yaddahay (4 года назад)
Before we start sending probes all over the place, I think we need to learn how to smelt ores from asteroids or whatever, and build stuff in space. Then launch the probes or whatever from there. Its a tall order though. Like build some giant Fresnel lens to concentrate sunlight and melt down asteroids. yeah whatever.... Smelting ores in Zero-G? With concentrated sunlight? Perhaps a crucible wouldn't even be necessary since its being done in space? I don't know anything about this stuff.
Jose Rubio (4 года назад)
There are no conditions for other planet like Earth to exist in our Galaxy not even a micro-organism have been found in our solar system.
RobTheSharkie (3 года назад)
our galaxy has 8.8 billion planets in a star's habitable zone. and there are at least 100 billion galaxies. 
gwho (4 года назад)
epic music at the end. perfectly fitting of wonder, ambition, construction, and development. It would be perfect for the game Civilization
Illuminati10101 (4 года назад)
Humans are the WORST thing that ever happened on planet Earth. Humans(myself included) have abused this this beautiful rare planet and the worst of it being in the last 200 years. So have we learned anything? No. Suppose Earth was close the point of being uninhabitable because of human interference and we found a way to travel to another Earth like planet. Do you suppose we will have learned from destroying earth? No,we as human will rape any planet we come across with out hesitation. People on Earth have a fear of Aliens coming to Earth,.I think it should be the other way around. Alien worlds should be worried about Humans coming to their planet.
Fishslap 33 (3 месяца назад)
Oh great! More misantropic garbage from your brainwashing. Inspiring!
xXwachabackXx (9 месяцев назад)
Strong with this one, the messiah complex is.
TheKingdomOfDragons (3 года назад)
i would have given you a thumbs up on that one.. but for some odd reason the rate system is gone to me
RobTheSharkie (3 года назад)
we aren't really evil. just incredibly smart creatures but we are only concerned about ourselves.
ReyesRide (3 года назад)
You know the universe has evolved you from stardust, freaking supernovas. to a living conscious being on planet we call earth to understand something.
Seanisawesome000 (4 года назад)
this cosmic dance of bursting decadence twists all our arms collectively but if sweetness can win and it can then i'l still be here tomorrow to high five you yesterday my friend
Nigel Cortijo (4 года назад)
Un reportaje mjy bien presentado, como siempre. Me encanta tus programas,¡Gracias!
Erich Schinzel (4 года назад)
There might well be..on the other hand there might be none..the eerie silence? Its interesting, but, we know so little. Too many assumptions in my opinion.  Would be interesting to come back in a few thousand years and have a look, if anything is still left of our 'civilization' or if we have moved on to another planet The way we are progressing it is doubtful, 5000 years ago the world population was maybe 10 million..hmmm That is not a lot, today it is 6 billion..so we are breeding our self out of existence. It has more then doubled over the last 45 years. So space travel would be only for a chosen few, the great unwashed presumably will stay behind ..  Ah well,    
Superfamily Allosauridae (4 года назад)
+zaster154 Yeah, if he didn't know about the bullshit with "bonded laborers" in Pakistan, he needs to open a fucking eye.
Erich Schinzel (4 года назад)
I was commenting on space travel for humans..where does the slave thing come into it?
zaster154 (4 года назад)
So you are telling that there is no war at the moment? And you tell me that there aren't slaves, the word slaves isn't used anymore but please, don't tell me that little children that work in a fabric aren't slaves. I agree only about 1 thing, that we learn from our mistakes.
Erich Schinzel (4 года назад)
Pinkie Pie (4 года назад)
You ignorant fool! What makes you think every other civilization in the universe is perfect, while us humans are the ones that act in such a malevolent way? As animals, we evolved to be selfish. It IS a survival strategy. Dominate everything while killing everything else off. However, there are people trying to do good in the world, and their work is discredited by people like you who assume everyone is a selfish person. If we truly were a selfish species, we would be dead already. We would be constantly at war, we would be still using slaves; we would become so unstable that living in our own homes would become detrimental to our safety. But guess what, we aren't doing using slavery, or dropping bombs anymore. We realized that it was wrong to kill our fellow human beings. We are learning from our mistakes.
Israel Flores (4 года назад)
The 12 People who dislike this are aliens and doesn't want there home world to be found. 
Amrik Johal (4 года назад)
Very good know age video
captain grizzly (4 года назад)
so i am not the only one with some lady gaga rolled up in a fat ass cigar ryt now?
EJ Tha Chiefa (4 года назад)
Rowen Daniel (4 года назад)
Quite.. :3
Lain Iwakura (4 года назад)
and the persians!
Gary Vuorela (4 года назад)
Hi a very interesting video.GARYV.
dejksu (4 года назад)
Love the video! Though it is subtle in this narration, note that Bruno's unfortunate execution was a result of conflict between Bruno's theology and the Church, not because of any conflict between Church and science. In fact Copernicus and the Church had a healthy relationship regardless of his heliocentric theory. Too often, religion and science, reason and faith, are treated as mutually exclusive. We can be awestruck by creation, its order and its chaos, terrifying scale and beauty, and still seek truth and answers to our most fundamental yearnings by observing and understanding the universe we live in. Whether we are on an oasis or a drop in an ocean of life, we are blessed.
Riasat Khan (4 года назад)
Ok Iam learning English. It will take time

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