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Rape is Consensual: Inside Haryana's Rape Culture | Documentary by The Quint

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In January 2018, ten rapes in ten days in Haryana seemed to shock everyone. And yet again, people asked, “Itne rapes kyun hote hai, yaar?" We set out to travel across the state in an attempt to find out. Catch the whole story here: https://bit.ly/2qd9X0k Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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The Quint (3 months ago)
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nisha biswas (1 hour ago)
Mann to kar raha hai thappad maaru khich k sbko
Sagar wankhede (1 month ago)
Wait China , Pakistan we are able to start self destruction of India you know what we have pre historic mentality
mizzmolly (1 month ago)
manthan choudhary - This video is not about sports in Haryana. It's about the rape culture and how so many men blame women if the men show criminal behavior. You, as a man, have no right to put your hands on a woman without her consent. If you do, then you are an uncivilized animal and you should be put in prison to protect society from you. This video is not showing a false image of Haryana. It is bringing to light a problem that so many people either deny is happening or think is justifiable.
crocfixio (1 month ago)
very disturbing to see people like these actually exist. You are doing a good thing by bring it the rest of the worlds attention.
nisha biswas (1 hour ago)
Mann kr ra. Maar daalu inn logo ko whi jaake .. konse duniya me jee rhe
Lal Narendra (2 hours ago)
Swarup Das (3 hours ago)
do they really in exist in the planet? rape keya hota hai malum bhi hai une? kabhi ek rakshas ko apne samne aane dkho shirt khulte huee... kabhi kisi ko uskee hat se tumhare cloth fadte huee socho...kabhi kisise balatkar hoke to dekho ...kiu daarr ayaa? or esab seh kar geya hai kuch masoom ladkiya... slow claps to Hariyana's thought
Harshita Mishra (1 day ago)
Ya mera India
Blaze Rythm (1 day ago)
Pura state hi chutiyo se bhara h, kaisi mentality h...salute to anu kumari Upsc 2nd topper...hope she brings some change in the mentality of these jahils
Pradeep Chhokar (3 days ago)
In which direction we are going
Pradeep Chhokar (3 days ago)
Black day for haryana
Pradeep Chhokar (3 days ago)
Haryana police is totally corrupted . No law and order.
Pradeep Chhokar (3 days ago)
It depend on your thinking
Rajni S (3 days ago)
What are the rubbish mentality of haryana male persons
Rajni S (3 days ago)
If 9 months year old born baby get raped by then is it its fault?
Love Laugh (3 days ago)
Stonning to Death to rapist. Law must be changed
Rape aXe (3 days ago)
Rape-aXe can help prevent rape and provide DNA evidence to bring the attacker to justice. Learn more at www.rape-stop.com You tube video https://youtu.be/Vj3aqnJJ4Ts
udaiya kumar (4 days ago)
Fuck those elders who is giving shit comments!!!
RAJU SANAM (4 days ago)
That culture has spread to many other parts of the country where it was non existent.In tribal culture rape was totally non existent. Now after coming contact with outside mainland india especially north and central indian culture..rape case's has increased tremendously. Rape is an instrument of subjugation. Sexual needs is not the issue for the rapists.
Binil B (4 days ago)
I always thought litreacy could solve the problem in this haryana state. But now i stand corrected. This is beyond litreacy. These young minds and the society are posioned beyond redemption. I feel sad for the females of this state.. Such a shame.
Abhinav Tiwari (4 days ago)
These guys are even more repugnant than here in UP! How have they been born? How have they been raised? I mean what? Seriously, they all seem to be products of consensual rape, that is why the justification! Haryana seriously needs to invest way too heavily in education and moral science.
Sutirtha Sarkar (5 days ago)
The people of hariyana need to change their mentality and attitude towards women... #soch_badlo... Otherwise all those police /administration can't do anything
Shweta Narvekar (6 days ago)
This is so repulsive
Debjani Bhattacharjee (6 days ago)
More than watching the video, it’s dangerous to see 3.6k hated this video!
bryantenet2010 (6 days ago)
Not surprising at all. Haryana, UP, Bihar, MP and Rajasthan, they all follow the same culture, and this mindset is overwhelming popular.
kaushal yadav (7 days ago)
Hello people ! Please welcome the 3.6k possible rapists, disliking this video. To gain a perspective 12: 1 is the ratio around you in india according to the likes and dislikes on this video. People who are uncomfortable by their unmasking
Roshan Thakuri (7 days ago)
that's india
Mr.Rishabh (9 days ago)
7:33 sowar ki shakal ke it a maaroonga shakal dekhne laayak nahi rahegi ladkinko dekhne ki
Mr.Rishabh (9 days ago)
Inko itna maaronga tatti nikal jayegi
Mr.Rishabh (9 days ago)
O buddhe , ye sansar ka gyan apne Ghar mein chor,tujhe mein batata hoon ki rape Kya hota hai, 14-15 saal ki ladkiyon ka balatkar ho raha hai,pata nahi konse zamane mein jee rahe hai, pata nahi kab desh ke log age badege ,bc ye khud aage nahi badte doosro ko bhi aage nahi badne dete,aur aise acche character waale ladko ko bhi stereotype Kara jaa raha hai
Rajkamal Gupta (10 days ago)
Sahi hai Tali dono hath se baje te hai par rape me ladki ka dono hath bandh de jate hai aur prasan aur log bathe ke talli bajate hai . #parasitesofindiafuckyourself
The Paradigm Shift (12 days ago)
Its reallyy typicall ........you people only take the opinion of those who are suitable for your documentary. ......wait ask it to me ...m also a haryanvi...i will tell you what rape culture is??..and plzzz stop calling it the mentality of haryanvi people again and again..........you will get to see such downtrodden people in every part of the country...........
Anita Armstrong (14 days ago)
Fuk indian democracy
Syndicate box (14 days ago)
#Free Porn #adult films and zero internet restrictions from Providers , leads psycological effect on men … women for easy sex approach. Modern societies have these elements at there ease but with less impact and fail due to Drugs . EDUCATION & SOCIAL REFORMATION is only defense for our Society. In simple " We wanted rain , it rained but not ready with Raincoats".
Harshita Patidar (15 days ago)
Haryanas thinking is the reason for frequent rapes
Abhishek Sharma (18 days ago)
Every opinion is represented in a wrong way.
krisatti (19 days ago)
key features of this video :- 1. The credentials of interviewer are not shown anywhere, hence entire interview appears to be propoganda 2. The subject is shoddily handled and collated media clips appear to be a pre-meditated approach towards predefined agenda. 3. The sample population is rural, while ignoring sample population from urban areas, making it imbalanced video. 4. The interviewer seems to be suffering from "white man's burden" mindset, who is attempting to take up cause of supposedly lesser mortals of rural folks to liberate them from evils of society, blissfully ignoring the colossal nature of such crimes in urban areas. 5. The interviewer is keen to blame one state but does not dwell on figures of such crime pan-India.Also, he does not substantiate the same with.. either crime records or any authoritative evidence, he remains oblivious and misses on psycho-analysis of the issue, but then.. thats why no credentials of interviewer are shown, which is justified.
Adi Nelakonda (20 days ago)
What else can I expect from Indians lol
Ajay Yadav (22 days ago)
Is Haryana only where rapes are done. Don’t figure Haryana only. 😡
Ruth Brent (22 days ago)
That my friends is Rape.
Ruth Brent (22 days ago)
You can clap with one hand if the finger of the hand that wants to clap holds the hand that does not in any way want to clap down and then the rest of the hand claps.
InsideAnn'sWorld Vlogs (22 days ago)
These boys who blamed the girls for getting molusted must be subjected to the same injustice. Then lets interview each one of them and see if their responses will remain the same. Retarded shameless uncivilized people of India. BULLSHIT
DontTread0nMe (23 days ago)
Muslims, and hindis are disgusting
Rebecca Stephens (25 days ago)
this makes me so sad
Namit Prasad (25 days ago)
How-come we are only able to articulate the scale of the problem, but no hint of a solution! Are we fermenting in a state of non-creativity?
Beyond Imagination (25 days ago)
Chi Ly (26 days ago)
Why are the subtitles so fast...
Eternal Wisdom (27 days ago)
This the true picture of not only Haryana but almost most of the villages in india ...And that why local self government is not possible cause people are dumb as fuck..
we should put them all into concentration camps. let them do labour and putting them into gas chambers.
im glad that im not living in india, being a woman there must be fucking hell. probably as a male too. or as an apache helicopter (wich i identify as)
Mohit Dagar (27 days ago)
You jst don't blame...whole state for this...thing... did u blame...all muslim community...for terrorism....if u have....guts....to show...haryana...in this manner...so plss show about muslim community also....😒😒
How could anyone in the world say that there is a pervasive rape culture in the US? That sometimes instances of rape has been condoned? Sure. That certain subcultures and minorities (but gee, let’s be careful or I might end up being a racist) are more prone to it than others? Sure. But to say that America has a culture that pervasively condoned and/or encourages rape is absolutely fucking ludicrous. It’s the epitome of exaggeration. It’s no wonder less and less people take such feminists people. Moreover, if we call the US a rape culture, what phrase are we gone to come up with to describe cultures in the rest of the world where rape is far more prevalent and condoned? Ted Bundy culture? Herbert the pervert culture? Surely the phrase must be a trillion times worse. But if we were to agree that there is a rape culture in the US, can’t we agree that one of its greatest examples is the condoning of rape between prison inmates? I feel like very, very few of these anti-rape activists give two celestial cunts about them.
Doctor Spaghetti (28 days ago)
Rape by definition is when a women don't like the sex the slightest.. tight shoes and all.. apparently eye-contact is rape too.. good, ye people just made me hate all humans equally.. you know where STDs come from? Animal rape, it's a bigger problem, yet no one talks about untill they caught Aids, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Q-fever, Ebola yadda-yadda themselves.. or their baby makes beyond demonic sounds and die short after it eyes pops out on you smelling like rotten fish or something, even then they still accuse men of it, ridiculous.. humans are beyond disturbing, hope ye can keep it in your minds for yeselves at the very least..
CR7 king (29 days ago)
Am stunned 😨😨😨😨😨
Manjeet (29 days ago)
wait for some more time and then there will be no girlx.then ek haath se taali apne aap taali baj jayege
Tonya S (30 days ago)
Clap the head, maybe there's a reset button 😧 for the brain
Satyaprakash Rathee (30 days ago)
Yh video hmar snskarti or snskaro pr ek klnk ki trh he, is video hmari jahil ta or mansik gulag ko der sath he, inko yh tk peta nhi he ki yh kisi visa pr bat kr rahe, blatkar kbi ledai ki glti nhi hoti, Khane pehnene pr logo ki soch se blatkar yh buht yhi gndi soch he ledai kisi bi str pr ledko se km nhi,,, is vedik mi Jo jahil log bat kr rahe inko inko blatkar ki pribhsha tk peta nhi,,,,, yh Khan pan, Panama ghr mi hi bedlam nuya ho fir beltkar ki jrurt hi nhi rah jati kyuki apne ghro mi sb said Bnao jahilo Jo blatkar krta uski been mami buya, Chacha trunking bi to Jwan hogi uske sath kyu nhi blatkar krte abe jahil logo apni soch bedlo videso logo ko dos dene layk nhi ho, or ne hi Islam valo pr, bi nhi or insan mi or janver mi yhi kuchh to ferk hoga lekin yh video mi dersayge, ya patro ko dekhakr asa lygta ki janver jyda smj dar ho jate unko sikane ke bad ke ki umr de raj vykt bi Kitno be semi se lediyo ke bare mi soch rkhte,, yh video srasr glt he or insaniyt ko srkar krne vala , video ke sbi patro ko turnt art kiya jaye or sugar gehre bhej aye Tb tk jb tk inki buddi shi na ho jaye,,, yh video aj bi hmari mansik gulag or murkhta ko dersata he ,,verse bi hm hindu log murkhta ke privacy he kyuki ajadi se babr vnsj hm nam bedlkr raj kr rahe, ir hmara itihas tk nhi pedaya jati hm Hinduo pr Julm krne valo ko apni Juba mean manta to tyjomhly, lalkila, kutmminar ko Muglo ki dhhrovr bedane valy buddhi man ho bi nhi skte jai shri ram, apni socho ko bedlo, mansik gulag se niklo taki ek sbhy smaj ka nirvana ho ske om neme sivay,,, yh video turnt hta ne ki krpa kre or bolne se pehly yh vichar kre ki vh kisi metre pr bol raha he tbi to mnusy shi jbab de pay gap om neme sivay
Raina x (30 days ago)
Can't even believe that even the children and teenagers of haryana think this way. People don't realise how fucked up our country is until we watch such videos. If there's any guy reading this comment with similar mentality that we saw in the video : NOTHING we do is an INVITATION to bein RAPED!
darshana gogoi (30 days ago)
What to expect from boys when girls are like this🙄
darshana gogoi (30 days ago)
wowww...so nyc..wowww..so basically thats our future society..What u exctly want to say? We ask u to rape us? like seriously?? No words..Speechless..Clap Clap Clap
TheUnatuber (30 days ago)
India is a Hindu, not Muslim, country.
robin malik (1 month ago)
Bacho aur khusat buddho ka interview mat le , padhi likhi ladki aur ladke ka le tab pta chalega asli reality
Amber Gardner (1 month ago)
It's men like the host that make my heart beat. But why are jeans in particular more attractive to these folks than other forms of bottoms? Is it because they're harder to remove and it's the challenge of removing them that's enticing? They're too safe?
Akash Pratim De (1 month ago)
I do not agree with yr comment at 9:47 "it happenes in all of India." Grow up Haryana. if u watch minutely u will see that this kind of thoughts mainly there in the Hindi belt of india.
Erika Kana (1 month ago)
God bless this reporter for thinking differently!
A B (1 month ago)
is this video available on FB too? I ike to share it!!!
So apparently a woman smiling at a man = wants to fuck. Got it.😠
Kalishtah Shah (1 month ago)
I feel bad to be born in India Ps: I have my own opinion so please don’t reply to me your opinions or whatever like you should be proud stuff like that .. I was just sooo shocked to see this video and I wish to leave India as soon as possible. I don’t have problem with India I have problem with Indians and I know I’m Indian too but still I don’t like it😒😒😒😒😒😒 #backward Edit: Even kids these days in villages think these type of bullshit because they’re been taught like this by their parents...... Indian Mentality Problems 🙄 #Poor #Backward ... because of Indians , india is called all these things 😒
Kalishtah Shah (14 days ago)
D Roy well I am but I don’t feel so ... and again I said I love India 🇮🇳 and I hate Indians ... and by it I mean everyone expect a few... probably I’ll prefer dogs over these kind of people.... Again :/ My opinion is my opinion. Literally my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️
D Roy (15 days ago)
You are certainly not an Indian.
Baka yaro (1 month ago)
Fucking stupid, even those children are all brainwashed, fuck the Haryana system it seems the society itself encourage rape.#FUCK
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
This is identical to “state law” all over America that’s what fuck means that’s what Christian kingdoms are all about in America it’s pretty bad actually people don’t know what consent is our courts have a culture of silence on a bunch of different things but they talk all the time about prosecuting “rape” upon this basis
Writer C Maverick (1 month ago)
It's interesting isn't it?; That rape is so accepted in some places, that the men don't even realize, that they should be shamed for lowering themselves to accepting that men are so weak, that they can't even control their own dicks.
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
They have been left without the invention of mini skirts FOR FAR TO LONG
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
Boys should work and study? Ok idk if we’re talking about the same things.
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
Well ya it’s honour
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
I’ve had people say you can’t clap with one hand to me like a lot man
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
And then a bunch of Jurists need to read this
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
I think Twitter needs to read this sometimes
Maria Attarwala (1 month ago)
Im disgusted to be the same species as them. Is this what humanity has come to?
Kamran awan (1 month ago)
That's why ISLAM teaches to cover women,,although now Muslim also doing so many things I accept But our religion ask the parents to do marriage once she grew..as soon as possible.
secret world urdu (1 month ago)
In reality virginity should not matters because of many reasons
secret world urdu (1 month ago)
Most of the time rape is the mistake of man because his penis needs to get erotic but girls are also responsible because they have higher urge them man
Iam Sir Z (1 month ago)
Diya Gautam (1 month ago)
This is the problem but we need a solution Can any1 come and join the hands to talk again rape culture That may save some girl's life from getting ruined Please contact and try to teach girls the self defence
Amit Gosain (1 month ago)
That's Pathetic
A T28 (1 month ago)
nuke harayana
Pascal Fauzan (1 month ago)
Shitty culture is shiy, news at eleven.
Thisis.com (1 month ago)
If Rape happened somewhere and people have such thoughts for a misconduct, even though leaders and all our old culture and/or our grand guardians so I thought it's time to ask and understand again now "WHAT'S THE MEAN OF RAPE AND/OR WHAT'S THE REAL DEFINITION OF WORD RAPE" this is inhumanity illiteracy and unethical way to describe a rare thing to your future to your children. You must have to pay back for this chapter of Life.
Ursli Schälle (1 month ago)
what a shithole
Dubstomper divine (1 month ago)
Now I feel guilty of being Indian.
moelle (1 month ago)
this commonly used "woman was wearing jeans so she asked for it to happen..." is so frigging ridiculous...all of those men wear jeans...lets say i would think potential rapists who wear jeans are asking to be knocked out whenever u see em?! would that be legit aswell? ... no? Well I would give a damn ...I as a westener can deal with women ...even if they would be naked on the street...if that rape shit is part of those guys culture...and culture is what everyone has to respect then i wont blame em..but then they need to respect my own culture aswell, beating the shit out of those animals cuz i think they beg for it. srsly what a joke! ....ppl who cant control their sick sex addiction need to get cure!
vitancx (1 month ago)
what kind of cancerous society is that
Genetix (1 month ago)
Maybe colonialism wasn't such a bad thing as its meant out to be. Just a slower more drawn out version of globalisation.
heisenberg kumar (1 month ago)
waah kya soch hai !! they compared rape as a punishment wow ...
heisenberg kumar (1 month ago)
but my own opinion that women should maintain some guideline as do not wear too short dress that makes you appealing that's precaution . u can never tell others mindscript soo. though I'm not saying that it is one and only cause just saying a little possibilities.
What kind of fucked yo culture is this
Komal k (1 month ago)
Wahhhhh And what about the 1year, 5 Months, 4years and 8years of ages do they also provok men seriously . Wah seriously fed up of this attitude man All these people should be asked what about the baby's that are being raped and what about the goat case that just happened a few weeks ago Even she was wearing provoking clothes being pregnant with baby goats Shame on these thoughts And what about the maried men who already have wife's at home but still do this shit outside
GlobalMan (1 month ago)
these people teach the next generation that raping is just dandy. WTF
Angel Nafeesa (1 month ago)
zugurudumba (1 month ago)
Doesn't it seem ironic how leftists are quick to blame rural Indian cultures of having rape embedded in their fiber, yet they won't tolerate bad words about Muslim refugees from certain African populations?
santosh mokkapaty (1 month ago)
Firstly, The kids you ask, I doubt they even know rape. 2nd, Did you take their permission to show them onscreen ?? These are not topics you discuss with kids. This are topics you discuss with teenagers and older.
Wesson B (1 month ago)
Dirty fuukers want there full country blowing up
aesthetic vibes (1 month ago)
Evil really is taught.
Alpagaa (1 month ago)
This is pure evil at work. Brainwashing an entire population into thinking raping girls and women is normal. Unprotected even by their own parents,Im sick to my stomach. How can these people dwell so happily in their own ignorance and cruelty? Actually, this is not ignorance, they're just pretending to believe in their stupid philosophy that makes as much sense as saying 2 and 2 make 5
Nazia Khan (1 month ago)
Mcrae Mctaggart (1 month ago)
Backward society who indoctrination such thinking to the point even girls think they are less then men and openly asked for it for smiling. Please save me from rage!!!!! Rape , is a women fault, that suit their poor mental logic and perpetuates their rapists- MEN. long live the Western Society for dispelling such sick, disgusting and disturbing thinking. Do the women there love their daughters? I guess not .Such backward societies choose to keep their son and abort their daughter, as those figure show. Blows my mind and makes me angry.

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