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Rape is Consensual: Inside Haryana's Rape Culture | Documentary by The Quint

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In January 2018, ten rapes in ten days in Haryana seemed to shock everyone. And yet again, people asked, “Itne rapes kyun hote hai, yaar?" We set out to travel across the state in an attempt to find out. Catch the whole story here: https://bit.ly/2qd9X0k Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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The Quint (27 days ago)
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Akshat Semwal (13 hours ago)
The Quint if we want stop rape first stop pornsites!
Nikki Ezzell (1 day ago)
The Quint is there anything that can be done? It's tempting to go about my day and, forget about these girls and women but, that's wrong. I don't know what I could do. I'll pray, that's the least I can do. Maybe write my leaders and, educate them. Maybe they can come up with some agreement with Indian leaders?
priteshkin (9 days ago)
The Quint you know what there was an aspect that why should boys work and women should not work I'm saying these because I teached my wife maked her educated but she divorced me after getting job
manthan choudhary (9 days ago)
the quint and everybody who is in comment section please read this.i must say piece of shit, you guys can spread the negativity only, ok i am agree with the rape cases and honour killing, if you are making video on these issues, and saying haryana has rape culture, show some guts and show whole truth about haryana. haryana has sport culture, agri culture. many youngester from haryana serving and sacrificing there lives in indian army, not everyone has same opinion and negative thinking in haryana, we have mahavir phogat as well who encouraged their daughters to become a great olympic players of india, manushi chillar from haryana rohtak is miss world. virender sehawag the great cricketer is from haryana. we are growing crops thatswhy you are able to live and make these type of nonsense videos with the help of your own actors showing the false image of haryana, i would really appriecate you if you can make video on honourable peole and culture of haryana and on sports as well, lets see your guts
1 (18 days ago)
The Quint well put video.I know lot of people going to be triggered India this India that but sadly India is unsafe for women 😭
MrJokster666 (1 hour ago)
Damn imagine if they saw these bitches in school with leggings and a thong.
shaelovebeyonce (2 hours ago)
People think this sick shit in the U.S. too thats why so many are defensive when it comes to "Me too" movement and other discussions about sexual assault.
Aitihun M Sumer (2 hours ago)
Send these boys to North East. Women here will fucking teach them a lesson they won't fucking forget.
Sabiya Ayesha (2 hours ago)
bloody idiots nd rapist r living in haryana...poor mentality m feeling sorry for there daughters...u oldman i can show u how will i clap wit 1 hnd by slapping u in ur face😈😈
AMY AL (4 hours ago)
I'm disgusted. Stop calling urself humans, ur just garbage.
shery T (4 hours ago)
Backward culture
Manraj Kaur (5 hours ago)
Its our goverment fault bcz rapisy should be killed directly or their private parts should be cut than only the society will get the lesson #killrapists
EXID STAN (5 hours ago)
Stupid culture with stupid people who have stupid mentality.
Unkonwn big guy (6 hours ago)
Don’t generalize this. I am a jaat from haryana. This does not happen everywhere. Don’t call it rape culture or i will find you and talk to you some day.
Aarzoo Aneja (6 hours ago)
fucking haryanvi pigs
Aarzoo Aneja (6 hours ago)
These men should be raped first of all.
Livvy Hackett (6 hours ago)
This is a cool story but the reporter is so out there
Nienalyn Burguillos (7 hours ago)
How about those kids and sometimes a baby who have been raped? They don't have any idea what is sex, Yet they've been raped. Those people sounds like defending a rapist. I'm speechless 😯
Chand babu (7 hours ago)
Hariyana. My god.... God bless them.
Lisa Akram (7 hours ago)
acha ye batao, jab 8 months old bady girl was raped...how was it her fault? she did walk to the man...she couldnt speak and say that she wants it...like wtf....this angers me so much...idk what to do....its like...double face palm with so much helplessness.
Lisa Akram (7 hours ago)
the mentality...im shook...
13thBear (8 hours ago)
Some people choose to live as savages and they take pride in their savagery. You can put clothes on a monkey, but that doesn't make them human!
I can't fuckin believe what I see. In my country people gonna hate you even after you die for raping someone.
Adila Aday (8 hours ago)
We need to sell some pepper spray, and mace and have women self defense classes to protect women. Can they buy guns there? Carry in her purse...shoot the asshole dead! Maybe a taser so she can shock him into reality. Try me, your going to get hurt! Honestly family can be toxic...they better know some women have no problem shooting her family members to save her life! Its called self defense.
Adila Aday (9 hours ago)
This is a societal issue when boys/men can freely grope, harass, and rape a women with no consequences. Would they want someone to do that to their daughter or sister or mother? They need to teach communities both parents, students, teachers on rape issue and its causes, criminalize it, criminalize pornography and prostitution. What really destroys the honour of family is when men are addicted to watching pornography, raping female family members and females in society, being with prostitutes knowing full well you can bring home AIDs and cheating on your spouse and show your daughter you dont value your family. It shouldnt matter if person is wealthy or family have power = there should be justice for victims of rape.
adithya anil (9 hours ago)
Fuck all of them messed up shits
bettina Bermido (9 hours ago)
This is disturbing
Mehul Parmar (9 hours ago)
Just showing answers to your questions. Kindly upload full uncut video. I have met many guys from haryana and I have not heard this type of thing.
Mehul Parmar (9 hours ago)
Only showing stupid people answering. Wrong to blemish the name of haryana just because of some few stupid and ignorant people's.
sujudolls (10 hours ago)
Fuck. This is bullshit.
Dr. Safety (10 hours ago)
Hefizba Beula (10 hours ago)
MsSoFruity (10 hours ago)
What the fuckkkkk
Gagan Sembhi (10 hours ago)
These assholes should move to Ssudi Arabis and see what happens when they rape someone there.
V The Saxophonista! (10 hours ago)
liju das (11 hours ago)
Pagal hain yaar.. mentally kiya hain een logo ki yaar
ABKM (11 hours ago)
Animal society
Shally Tyagi (11 hours ago)
Yar Sabse pahle to reporter ko hath jodke pranaam.... Jo aise aise third class soch wale logo s aisy batain sunli..... Main to do thappad jad deti ab tak
Swapnil Davangaves (12 hours ago)
Hariyana hai ya Islamic country hai
Swapnil Davangaves (12 hours ago)
I think haryana people migrated from afganistan
coffee mug (13 hours ago)
Why can't we gather these ppl and burn them!! I mean clearly these are mentally challenged with psychopathic nature. Jai haryana, Jai Hindustan!?
gangster akira (13 hours ago)
im from haryana but.i live in europe. im.ashamed to born in haryana
Palatine of facts (13 hours ago)
its the girls fault for being born in this shithole i guess, wait, even that was her parents fault. i bet nobody will say rape is ok after experiencing it themselves. maybe we need to rape some men here and there to educate these demons
samy m (13 hours ago)
good work team #thequingroundreport
Samuel Hall (14 hours ago)
Terrible India.
Sharon Narayan (14 hours ago)
Me every 5 seconds throughout the video: Wow
Raj Ghoshal (15 hours ago)
Girls of Haryana should leave that state. I can see potential rapists in these children.
Heiss Heissenberg (15 hours ago)
Bless you for making this documentary, man. India need to get their shit together, figuratively and literally.
Abhijeet Soni (15 hours ago)
Thanks Quint !
kadambari chachondia (15 hours ago)
Shocked ! And they say India is progressing...
T3chn0id (15 hours ago)
stupid society.. fc*ing retards..
gayathri neelapu (16 hours ago)
It's the mind set that should be changed..taking for granted because its girl..this should be stopped..
Kashish Awana (16 hours ago)
r these ppl maadddddd😠😠😠😠😠😠
Asawa ni Oshima Yuko (16 hours ago)
This is just sickening.
Debasish Mishra (16 hours ago)
Besides the small occurances of creation from time to time...humanity is disgusting & cancerous...
sabrina mitu143mf (16 hours ago)
people are discovering the moon, the march..there eyes had reached at the end of the galaxy..they are inventing the unseen.human are making humanaid robots just like human...they have reached mariana trench, the deepest sea. they are using artificial brains of robots...world had improved that high...then my question is why u men are not giving peace to women?? didn't we asked for u to suicide or cut yourself or to burn yourself?? then why that much of restrictions?? didn't we women ever harrassed u or didn't we even raped u?? don't we have that peace or respect that a domestic dog has in big countries...didn't we have the equal rights that a dog have?? what is your problem men?? I am asking u??
Rongneila Jamir (16 hours ago)
I can't believe I breathe the same air and live in the same country as these retards I am proud to be from India but sometimes I am embarrassed of the people 💔 who will teach them?
Awais Rehman (17 hours ago)
6:31 i want to slap this boy and 7:37 .Is girls are not living in this world
nerdygameinggurl (17 hours ago)
Iya Kida Gammad (17 hours ago)
I thank god that im not born in this place....
mohammad ali khan Jadoon (17 hours ago)
Its Rapeistan not hindustan. Just see what they are teaching the children. Women should be empowered and should be allowed to have some kind of arms
Dan Carrol (18 hours ago)
Fucking monkey's...
haizeljang (19 hours ago)
They say you can't clap with one hand, it's true but clapping is done by one person, not two. This rape culture is so demonic, rape with consent like wtf has thw world gone to. Why is the government consensualizing this?
Kloes Kronicles (20 hours ago)
I wanna go and bash these people and this place so badly but people in these first world countries and the leaders should be helping the people in these other countries open their eyes a little more and help them realize this is wrong. We need to help countries like this because this is horrifying and extremely sad
Above TheCrowd (20 hours ago)
This is indian "democracy".
adithya anil (2 hours ago)
Above TheCrowd no these are retards from some craphole village
retarded backward indian villagers
ttan Puttkamer (22 hours ago)
What if those girls go away from that country where they can be heard?
Dipna Malik (23 hours ago)
It is sickening to see how these attitudes normalise rape
Muhammad Abdullah (23 hours ago)
This happens only in india
Rasathi Perianan (1 day ago)
feel like wanna give a tight slap to d man n young boys!!!!!
Rasathi Perianan (1 day ago)
crazy people!!!
Mousam Chatterjee (1 day ago)
This kids of today thinks like this! Unless it's taught at home from childhood it's not going to change and will go on generation after generation.
Baber khan (1 day ago)
These people are the scum of society
Nayan Paharia (1 day ago)
Scott Smelko (1 day ago)
This is fucked up
RatherA (1 day ago)
Indian guys be like "Rape??" "You mean surprise sex?"
gaurav p (1 day ago)
Burn the area and all of them alive holy shit. These people are fucked up
If I've said this once I've said this a thousand times . India is a Shit hole country .
Disgusting!!!! 😞😒😩😖😫😡
kim nana (1 day ago)
It's all against a woman's will. These morons are mistreating minors (less than 16 year old) n still making a history that men can have it all, screw them 😈
kim nana (1 day ago)
Clap=rape 😈 What the fuck???? These kids are too young to talk about rape ,my opinion. Clue to what's happening to them, 😢
That's enough internet for today
just me. (1 day ago)
This is mental
zoya muhammad (1 day ago)
bewakoof!derinde! no heart, no mind.they think honor is hold by women of the house and they can do all they want aside, while women are 'clean' their honor is clear. You are the most dishonored people...I went in India, they are numerous to watch dirty films, they are obsessed with this topic. Fortunately there are still very good people over there, who take the responsability of their own honor and love and respect their women(daughter, wife, mother)
Schoena Wallace (1 day ago)
Karishma Cheekhoree (1 day ago)
Idiots....... i'm so angry, for god sake we have to educate and give good information to those people.
A Chakraborty (1 day ago)
This is extremely difficult to digest. Kudos to Team Quint.
Tom Butthurt (1 day ago)
It appears in Islam especially in India all vaginas are accounted for
RatherA (1 day ago)
Tom Butthurt are you a moron? Haryana is a Hindu majority state. Why did you even mention Islam?
Tom Butthurt (1 day ago)
Old and wacko... systemic cultural problem in Islam
RatherA (1 day ago)
Tom Butthurt you truly are a moron
Krystin Grant (1 day ago)
They wonder why it's considered a shit hole. The mindset it's absolutely appalling
Night Star (1 day ago)
Wtf they have also mind raped the children damn sick
mayukh barman (1 day ago)
i can't sleep now
Blessed (1 day ago)
Media dont talk about this! Stupid country! But nooooo dont talk about India! Talk negative about Poetin, North Korea, Erdogan when they are doing the best for their country/people! Good Leaders!
mayukh barman (1 day ago)
pura north needs proper education . i really can't believe
mayukh barman (1 day ago)
wtf haryana govt kya kar rahe hai? i can't believe
raayshmaa sivarajah (1 day ago)
throw this whole village away
Aakash Kumar (1 day ago)
And we blame the rapists. These parents who feed their children with this shitty information and encourage them to rape are the reason behind all these rapes. Value your vote and don't give your vote to illiterate politicians.
luke666808g (1 day ago)
Just remember that feminists think this is what we have in the west.
shivangi singh (1 day ago)
Who are those 2.9 k Haryana vale 😑
parvesh tehlan (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/U4cW8VDuSXk watch this and open your eye from this fack news.
Lucia Yoo (1 day ago)
Wrinkly cunts
bTh JoUrney (1 day ago)
What type of shit is this....
Alex (1 day ago)
This is what real rape culture is. first world people
katethecat (1 day ago)
girls, pls get out of that hellhole right now.
dropbeat noztrad (1 day ago)
wow this is some fucked up people right there.

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