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Текстовые комментарии (278)
Yves Côté (2 года назад)
Impossible to pit an image!
Yves Côté (2 года назад)
The site was removed few minutes after it was instal. This is a sketch of the NintebdoXAs per video this is the name NintendoX
Luis Segui (2 года назад)
Whats the track at the end?
Kirbzee (2 года назад)
Am I the only one who realizes that this was made in January and was just made public now...correct if I'm wrong but it might not be the finale design or at least not the actual controller
Daniel Long (2 года назад)
I'm thinking Nintendo might be pumping out patents to through us off because they know someone will look for them. it is possible that some of them are real patents for the NX but most are probably a joke.
Kutastha (2 года назад)
The whole IR button registering sort of reminds me of Magic Leap's "totems," which are basically inanimate objects that can be mapped as interface devices for their augmented reality.
Greasy Controller Gaming (2 года назад)
Nintendo has stated interest in making a controller for smart phones. Not NX related to me.
Patchy (2 года назад)
This design cannot handle analog sticks well, because it only detects on one dimension. Thus as we see in the patent, the analog sticks are not on the detachable parts, which is different than the Eurogamer report. But still this design can be modified to detect on two dimensions by adding a 45° mirror, but I don't know how reliable it will be.
Jimmy Lee (2 года назад)
TheChromaKid (2 года назад)
People use your brains: This is only 50% of the NX. They will (Imo) also release a home console at the same time, And they just integrate really well with some shared titles, But that Botw will be on the home console part.
C.D. Riley (1 год назад)
TheChromaKid huh? I dont think so
Young Plumber (2 года назад)
All i want the nx to be is something thats just as about as powerful as a ps4 and no gimmicky controls
G-Spot Gabe (2 года назад)
3:56 *when someone kicks your balls*
Moshugaani (2 года назад)
It's an interesting idea from what I can gather! The infrared light goes inside the controller section and it can accurately read changes in the button presses, essentially making the buttons pressure sensitive without any complicated mechanical parts. I think this is just a patent for the infrared technology. I fully expect it to not be used just yet, and if it is, it'll work just fine. The Eurogamer rumors might as well be based on these patents and it's nothing more than that: random patents.
Douwert (2 года назад)
Am I the only one that actually loves the 3DS x Wii U idea but better?
Heart Donor (2 года назад)
So I'm going to say this boldly... The NX is the Wii U but it's the this time they are making it Portable. Wii u is not portable like I thought it was going to be. There I said it
Majora-Flash (2 года назад)
I'll make a fucking party when Nintendo reveals this shit, ya'll invited.
0451 Shodan (2 года назад)
Can anyone seriously look at that thing and say it's comfortable? Nintendo are trolling everyone.
Kyzoren D. Tirrem (2 года назад)
I hope the detachable controller parts aren't gonna be what's shown in this video... how am I supposed to hold that?! P.S. What's the outro song?
Disney Town Brooms (2 года назад)
Make a video about us.
WesTG (2 года назад)
God do I hope this is not the actual NX
GM Arcbolt (2 года назад)
I hope and pray this thing isn't the core console. It just screams "I'M A GIMMICK!" Nintendo NEEDS a high powered console to compete with Sony and Microsoft and this "handheld-home console combo" doesn't sound like it will be. This will just further alienate developers and gamers alike...
C.D. Riley (1 год назад)
GM Arcbolt hmmm are you sure?
Synyster Hope (2 года назад)
hhmm.. maybe NX has controllers that u can shape however you wish lol
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I (2 года назад)
doubt it
Terrance Simpson ll (2 года назад)
Eurogamer already made a patent which was fake now this one is beyond fake
C.D. Riley (1 год назад)
Terrance Simpson ll are you sure?
Terrance Simpson ll (2 года назад)
This is fake why Nintendo make a piece of buttons on the Speaker grill
Terrance Simpson ll (2 года назад)
Not really cause Nintendo is making a Home console
visualcreativemt (2 года назад)
Seriously, if Nintendo is purposely hiding as to what the NX would be until they announce it themselves in September, why the hell would they allow such leakage to be exploited by EuroGamer who does nothing but set off the rumors? If this was actually true, wouldn't Nintendo step in and put a stop to these rumors? If someone is being paid to leak this information of the NX that works for Nintendo, dude fired!!!! Nough said... I personally will die laughing when Nintendo announces the NX and it's TOTALLY different from what EuroGamer says and he would look like a complete idiot. This goes back into Harold Camping by saying that the end of the world is going to happen on this date, and people believed it. We're still here... Same by going for the humors of the NX... Think about it people.
C.D. Riley (1 год назад)
visualcreativemt are you laughing now?
Mincheng Mu (2 года назад)
Kimishima said NX will not be another WIIU but the hybrid concept is really similar to WIIU. I guess Kimishima's word is more reliable than EuroGamer, right? By the way. Tons of copyright exist but never become real product. Think about how many copyrighted design have been discovered, this is just the one that fit EuroGamer's rumor. And remember, NX is developed in Japan, manufactured in China. I highly doubt where do those rumors come from.
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I (2 года назад)
didnt he mean it wont have "Wii *something* as the Name by that ?
EmeraldDragon (2 года назад)
Here's the thing with patents, no one ever actually has to use them. This could be for the NX, or it could be some sort of attachment that goes with the NX, or it could be the successor to the 3DS, or it could be just an idea they wanted to get on lock down for later. It is really just best to wait until Nintendo makes their reveal.
Lance Martin (2 года назад)
I think it would make the most sense as the successor to the 3ds so you can easily slip it into your pocket while on the go and attach the sides when you get home
2owlsofthenight (2 года назад)
I think the handheld/home console sounds cool, more interesting than the Wii U. So long as I can plug it into my TV and use a traditional controller I'll be happy and the added bonus of being able to take it and play anywhere is cool also
Kiz Epic Journey (2 года назад)
The PC Master Race welcomes all (if it's like this).
Kyle Maziuk (2 года назад)
As for the infrared control, the Circle Pad Pro accessory for the 3DS uses the same connection method. I've never used the CPP myself, but if it worked for the 3DS, I'm sure Nintendo has improved upon their infrared connection design since then. And I wouldn't worry about it breaking too easily either, I'm sure the NX will be built from the indestructible element known as Nintendium!
Devin Kauffman (2 года назад)
Ninten (2 года назад)
Damn it enough is enough. These rumors are killing me. I hope Nintendo does a reveal sooner or later.
Hoonter The Great (2 года назад)
They aren't gonna reveal it until it's finished or releases because apparently they don't want other companies like Microsoft or Sony to steal the idea
Ninten (2 года назад)
+The Aki War I hope so
The Aki War (2 года назад)
They said they will reveal it at the end of this summer, so probably next month.
Caleb Biddulph (2 года назад)
Ninten (2 года назад)
Everyday there's more News on the NX
TonyDaExpert (2 года назад)
This makes it less true if Nintendo truly would put this on NX they would make the patent private so the public couldn't see it. This must not be important
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I (2 года назад)
if they arent public sony could steal the idea and patent it before nintendo does
LadyTapani (2 года назад)
Patents don't mean plans Patents don't mean plans Patents don't mean plans Patents don't mean plans Patents don't mean plans Patents don't mean plans Patents don't mean plans
Slimv3 .1 (2 года назад)
You've got to be an idiot to think that the attachable controllers would even remotely resemble what's on that patent. Nintendo is known for making very comfortable controllers and while I believe it will have detachable controllers they will be very ergonomic.
Ethan Haynes (2 года назад)
dude hmk you should make an nx news series called nxplained, right, riiiiiiight?
MrSammyWalter (2 года назад)
Is everyone forgeting the patent with the freeform screen with the touch screen buttons and click wheels? Everyone took that as the nx which could still be true if you didn't realize as patents mean nothing. Don't let history repeat with this patent
The Game Philter (2 года назад)
I'm tired of rumors that completely make the hardware look stupid, the pictures never represent the actual build.
Zachary Erickson (2 года назад)
Why would the controller have detachable buttons?
SanDan3rdDan (2 года назад)
What do I think? I think I sick of NX rumours.
Venom Snake (2 года назад)
NeoGAF more like NeoFAG.
Kefka Palazzo (2 года назад)
Whatever Nintendo want to do. I don't mind. But it has to be successful. I can't stress enough how IMPERITIVE it is for the NX to have third party support. If it doesn't, history will repeat itself and we'll have ourselves a 'Wii U 2.' So please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NINTENDO. DO NOT FUCK IT UP! If you fail with this, Nintendo. Then it's time to stop making consoles and continue making ONLY handhelds instead.
stephenEbuchenberger (2 года назад)
Um, this makes me a little nervous. Since the official reveal is still scheduled for end of summer, I'll say this: "Wake me up when September ends"
Link&Luigi64 (2 года назад)
+Duster the Master Thief My bro has been listening to them for years now. He was telling me how hyped he is for their new album, which sparked my curiosity (interesting enough, I listen to a lot of similar genres, but never did Green Day).
Duster the Master Thief (2 года назад)
+Link&Luigi64 I haven't been listening to them in a long time.
Link&Luigi64 (2 года назад)
+Duster the Master Thief Actually, I just started listening to some of their songs now that they have a new album coming out. Heard of few songs years back tho.
Duster the Master Thief (2 года назад)
+Link&Luigi64 I didn't knew you'd like Green Day.
Link&Luigi64 (2 года назад)
+Duster the Master Thief Hey man. :D
MAP3Music-Bassclefff (2 года назад)
Don't you find it weird how the controllers just come off the tablet? Why not just have it connected to the tablet permanently. unless... If nintendo DOES go into the path of VR for the NX, then maybe the controllers would have the same concept as the vive controllers, which would make sense, since it would feel more natural to be able to have a disconnected controller for hand movement rather than a regular controller.
Legend X (2 года назад)
here we go Again. fucking rumors.
Samuel Kyletoft (2 года назад)
Well, it confirms that the rumour at least was true at one point
Rogan Windmill (2 года назад)
I say we wait until Nintendo shows the NX. Than we can complain for a good couple of months until people buy it and say how good it will be versus people who do not like gimmicks or console fanboys who jump on the sony or microsoft bandwagons.
Travis Stindt (2 года назад)
Nintendo is on of the oldest companies in the world. They aren't stupid. They know how to evolve with the times. I don't think that these new patents would really be the NX since it is supposed to launch in March. They need to be putting the finishing touches and starting to mass produce the consoles so they have enough for the March launch. I firmly believe that there is going to be 2 NX consoles. One being a handheld and another being a home console. I feel like they will have the same OS and can be used in tandem with each other but not as a fusion console.
Mcbuzzer (2 года назад)
Those images looked super uncomfortable
FierceDeity (2 года назад)
Haven't you learned from the past???
C.D. Riley (1 год назад)
FierceDeity huh?
Leetha K7 (2 года назад)
No it doesn't lol.
Magic Tech Review (2 года назад)
nintendo will be a mobile phone
Hylian Nintendard (2 года назад)
time for gamexplain to have a 30 minute discussion
VegaPhil (2 года назад)
I've read this patent and it mainly keeps referring to an accessory not a system. It actually sounds more like some kind of clip on controller for mobiles or tablets
Gallade6349 (2 года назад)
Honestly, how awesome wouldnt it be with a nintendo-themed tablet!?
Jo Beth Workman (2 года назад)
I'm scared. So far I don't like it. but maybe after some real information is released and some gameplay maybe that'll change. but so far? I don't like it.
Digimaniac Studios (2 года назад)
I hope the camera button thing is fake.
Whats the song that plays in the outro?
Muggy (2 года назад)
Looks clever in a way, but dumb in others, idk
Mary Hope (2 года назад)
Am I the only one who likes this idea?
1r0zz (2 года назад)
nintendo patented a cellphone game boy... the thing we all know and love...wait, it never got out... companies come with the idea, they patent those ideas for "save" them from competitors. a non electronic modular system could work, so they patented it for not have Sony patent something similar... Nintendo is also doing R&D for controllers for mobile phones(and maybe release their own mobile tablet?) because they know that until tablet and similar hardware will have a decent controllers input they will finally become viable as mass gaming platforms. right now cellphones are good only for time killers and badly controlled more complex games.
The Aki War (2 года назад)
Well I am surprised in a positive way, because I wasnt on this NX hypetrain and thought it would be the best way ever. Me as a Nintendo fan, a pessimistic one at that will buy this thing either way. And it somehow lived up my low expectations, but really people did you really think that the NX power will be better than the PS4 in wich age are we living 1996? Nintendo DOESNT need competition they are good with what they have even if a console in sales is bad they can create masterpeaces for example the GameCube had poor sales and had really good games ( Double Dash, metroid Prime) and the WiiU is sadly a failure, but has some masterpieced ( Mario 3d world, Splatoon, kart 8, two Zelda remakes, TLoZ BotW).
sinchman1 (2 года назад)
We just have to wait and see what the NX really is.
BossManager (2 года назад)
Lessee here...eight months until supposed launch and we STILL have NOTHING but rumors to work off of!?
BossManager (2 года назад)
+Minene Uryuu922 Ninth month and twelth day. September 12th.
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I (2 года назад)
whats 9/12 ?? 9th of december or 12th of september ? (sry for the dumb question )
BossManager (2 года назад)
+Yo Bro Better to hold fast to SOMETHING I suppose...
Nuchi straight outta hell (2 года назад)
There's a rumour (I know, you're tired of this word) that it'll be revealed at 9/12
Arnold Robinson Jr (2 года назад)
That doesn't comferm nothing until Nintendo say so keep up the good work Hmk
Christian B (2 года назад)
Finally intro 🎶 that isn't edgy like the rock mixes of Hyrule Warriors. One of if not the best song of smash 64
Christian B (2 года назад)
Nevermind, just listened to the outro, but it sounds awesome (I know it's not from Hyrule Warriors)
Fat Erbie (2 года назад)
looks weird
Matthew Smith (2 года назад)
This seems like a patent that would probably not go anywhere.
TeamMasterFunky (2 года назад)
Vampirerockstar (2 года назад)
Must be a slow day if you are reporting on BS rumors
Rudolph Alcaraz (2 года назад)
I think its going to be what joey jcm says
Michael Wadsworth (2 года назад)
"The pot thickens" "Do these pants confirm this?" HMK, 2016
Sauraen (2 года назад)
This doesn't support the Eurogamer "leak". This CONTRADICTS it. Eurogamer stated that the controllers were detachable so that they could be used separate from the system, e.g. when it's docked on your TV or if you just put the handheld on a table. In contrast, the technology described here would clearly not work when the controllers weren't connected to the handheld. This looks a lot more like *a detachable controller for your smartphone* than a dedicated gaming handheld. Now I think Eurogamer heard about this patent a while ago, before everyone else, and incorporated the detachable controller concept into their "leak" without actually looking at the details. Maybe they expected the patent would be found and used to "confirm" their info. But this does not make Eurogamer look more credible.
NimaLema (2 года назад)
whats that outro ive been asking for like 4 videos hmk please reply
Fun2watch vids (2 года назад)
I just think is a controller that attaches to a tablet or smartphone to play future Nintendo games on it.i don't think is part of nx.
Briayan Sarmiento-Chavez (2 года назад)
Well I have to say this is still a rumor is because Nintendo may show off what the NX could do in the future which is soon I hope anyway I have to say for the blueprints it would interesting to see what we can do with them but it's still a rumor until Nintendo says stuff.
Briayan Sarmiento-Chavez (2 года назад)
+DeltaRaven thanks
DeltaRaven (2 года назад)
PentaKill - DeathFire Grasp
Briayan Sarmiento-Chavez (2 года назад)
By the way what was the music playing at the end?
OmegaDeathKitten (2 года назад)
This better be an optional gimmick.Even if it is the portable Version,I want the portable to naturally have bottoms and not that camera bullcrap
NimaLema (2 года назад)
rip nintendo
Brandon Makela (2 года назад)
I honestly think this is retarded. Please no.
Derek T. (2 года назад)
God, this is getting on my last nerves. I wish people would figure out that not all patents that come out from companies like Nintendo don't see the light of day but the use of it being there just in case they need to or run into issues along the way. I also hope this is just the use of a handheld not the console.
Mr Pink (2 года назад)
I just want a GameCube 2
linda robinson (2 года назад)
Rogan Windmill (2 года назад)
But Nintendo has been around way longer and is still making games.
Christian Puddington (2 года назад)
Then go play on your PlayStation and leave us alone. 'Nuff said.
Puppet King (2 года назад)
um.....where is the dpad? Nintendo I have galaxy note. I don't need another fucking phone. if this is the next step for the 3ds then I'm okay with this. because I buy a lot of jrpgs on my 3ds and I don't see a problem but for your home console......this better be apart of the nx and not the entire thing
Moshugaani (2 года назад)
This is a patent only for the infrared tech.
The Aki War (2 года назад)
Patents are mostly blank, only the part wich needs a patent is important.
MysteriousStranger50 (2 года назад)
You do realise patent pictures display the barest of bones rough mock up images... right?
Wanted Wario (2 года назад)
They have had patents like that since last year.
The Aki War (2 года назад)
That could be possible. But if they are wrong they would lose many readers. Because it is a "FACT" to them.
Wanted Wario (2 года назад)
All EG did was look at the old patents from last year and combined them all.
NocturneArchunterKellianth (2 года назад)
I doubt that Patent is supporting that claim since we still don't even know much about NX.
John Spanks (2 года назад)
The patent is not from Nintendo so....... Yeahhh
Rikz PT (2 года назад)
I T S O N L Y T H E H A N D H E L D!!
ParkourSheep (2 года назад)
+Raiguard btw no amd for nx
ParkourSheep (2 года назад)
+Raiguard nice
Raiguard (2 года назад)
+ParkourSheep Holy crap, this is literally the dumbest argument I've ever seen on YouTube. And that's saying something.
ParkourSheep (2 года назад)
+Rikz PT catfish
Rikz PT (2 года назад)
I'm a man
Dai Nobu (2 года назад)
It's a patent, that's all.
Pumpkinpie3080 (2 года назад)
At this point I would rather that horseshoe controller
Jared Gauthier (2 года назад)
Patents mean nothing. Yes, any number of these patents could be part of the NX, but companies file patents all the time for technology or ideas they may have or are developing even if they may never use it or it doesn't come out for 10 years. They just like to get them in early so no one else can come up with the idea.
Insert channel name here (2 года назад)
The NX is just the briefcase from Pulp Fiction atm
astaroth k (2 года назад)
it wont look like that, but that tech is actually really cool, its extremely low on power consumption because its a sensor, since theyre removable you could have a dedicated "controller dock" with its own power source that turns these into a classic controller if you wanted to set the screen up on a table or dock it to the home console, the tech surrounding the nx and nintendos admissions of a family of systems being the nx makes all these at least partially true when you consider what part of the family each device lends its strengths to
prairiepanda (2 года назад)
That looks even worse than the diagrams from EuroGamer....I'm sure Nintendo can come up with something more practical than this
Klaxynd (2 года назад)
Oh I'm not just taking this with a grain of salt, I'm taking this with the whole salt container!
Jason Shea (2 года назад)
Be careful, too much salt and you'll become salty ;)
Rycat Meow (2 года назад)
+TurboCMinusMinus I liked cuz I understood that reference :)
TurboCMinusMinus (2 года назад)
I'm feeding this to my baby with a teaspoon of salt. #toosoon
Vampirerockstar (2 года назад)
+1r0zz I think this is nintendos way of protecting themselves so a different company doesnt sue them for "stealing their patents" like what happen with the 3ds
Klaxynd (2 года назад)
+1r0zz I know that, it was more of a joke than anything else.
HMM (2 года назад)
If the NX is a handheld, then we might get a home console after the release of the NX.
Hoonter The Great (2 года назад)
I'd rather have it as a home console
SuperNintom64U (2 года назад)
You guys are thinking of it all wrong. If the rumors are true the NX is a hand held AND a home console which makes a lot of sense. Why focus on two systems when we can have one ?
Rikki Velez (2 года назад)
This is what I believe is the case. March is usually when they release handheld devices. They could be releasing the handheld portion in March and then the console portion in the fall. They'd have to be careful to market it well but it could work pretty well.
1r0zz (2 года назад)
more time passes, more seems obvious that the NX will be launched as the substitute of the DS family of handheld. and for that the Tegra x is good. especially if they use the Tegra x2
Puppet King (2 года назад)
I pray this is true. 2 versions that connect withe each other
mario9785ify (2 года назад)
I hope BTW doesn't need the gamepad like they say couse the touch screen on mine stopped working :/
How About No (2 года назад)
It doesn't use any gamepad features besides gyroscope which is optional. This has been confirmed. You can use a Wii U Pro controller.
Crusty Bogan (2 года назад)
You can probably use the Wii U Pro Controller like you can in Twilight Princess HD, but I don't know.
Kreacher Nintendo (2 года назад)
DamnItKakarot (2 года назад)
Nintendo pls no pls omg I'm sticking to my wii u
Ninten (2 года назад)
+ParkourSheep Oh okay.
ParkourSheep (2 года назад)
+Ninten no. U said 2 years, so I just said 10 years...
Ninten (2 года назад)
+ParkourSheep you think they were working on the NX for that long?
ParkourSheep (2 года назад)
or 10 year ago...
Ninten (2 года назад)
Nintendo wouldn't use a patent that just got leaked recently. Most likely they are using patents from like two years ago.
SpotterX4 (2 года назад)
I honestly don't think this is a bad idea. This design could save battery power, give freedom for future control configurations, and allow third party devs to develop countroller options that are more comfortable. Of course this is just a patent, so we'll have to wait and see how this idea may or may not be integrated into the NX's design.
ArynCrinn (2 года назад)
Aside from the fact that it simply wouldn't work with a stick, and would be incredibly taxing on the CPU itself which would have to constantly process video data. It's a pretty terrible idea. They would be better off doing something like the Circle Pad Pro which has it's own battery, and communicates with the 3DS via simple IR technology, or simply having some kind of electrical connection between the device, kind of like a USB port, so that it is powered by the device itself.
Nintato (2 года назад)
+Matt G (oPryzeLP) why though? Third parties already have two powerful boxes to use. We don't need another one.
Vampirerockstar (2 года назад)
+Shadow Flare only in japan, but any of those games that I mentioned are they coming to the NX?
Shadow Flare (2 года назад)
+Vampirerockstar Dragon Quest 10 is also coming to NX
Vampirerockstar (2 года назад)
+The Aki War just dance and a sonic game dont count as third party support what about games like battlefield, call of duty, GTA V, fallout 4, etc
Alovon (2 года назад)
Why do people hate the Mobile/Console Hybrid idea? I think it's the best step for Nintendo to take, their Mobile market is great, and their Home Console market is failing. So why not breach into both at the same time, with the NX?, Every time someone buys an NX, Nintendo will gain market share, in both markets. and it likely that the NX is nearing completion because September is drawing ever closer, and Tokyo Game show, with a really good chance for 3rd party Devs to show off their games for the NX with it., So honestly i think Nintendo is deciding on how to make the controller attach to the main unit, with small variations between versions, (Analog,Digital, this inferred sensor type). Or If they are detachable, they are filing pattents for different controller types that can go on to the NX depending on the play style/situation. (Competitive/Casual/.ect)
The Aki War (2 года назад)
+Raru [ラル] I agree on that. Nintendo doesnt need competition. I mean if I want a powerful box with a simple controller have a PS, XBone. The problem with those are they are too similar and repetative. Since the DS Nintendo has always been gimicky. I really enjoyed the DS's double screen function, the Wii's remote control, the 3DS's 3D effect and other good features on it and the WiiU's tablet function. It was always a fun and different experience from others. And the ones who say PC masterrace are quite dumb, because of course the PC is better than any console, because their technology doubles every 18 Months.
The Aki War (2 года назад)
+Alovon For myself its a fucking brilliant idea. If this is a hybrid, them I am hyped for this. I mean my 3DS and my WiiU are kinda old and buying a New 3DS isnt worth it if the NX is part handheld.
[ラル]Raru (2 года назад)
+Aros Bastion (Bastion of Death) Nintendo's been making gimmicks for quite a while now, and they happen to be fun. I'm sorry you don't share that perspective, but at least they've realized how stupid it is to compete with PC, unlike the two identical-but-not consoles to be released in the future, the Scorpio and Neo. And +David Thompson I believe that if this patented design was put to use, it would allow for an amazing amount of NX customization. The console itself could easily support a slew of control schemes from the typical A, B, X, Y to a, "Jump, Slash, Strafe, L, R" set.
chucknorify17 (2 года назад)
+David Thompson I just hope that if it is a hybrid, it does it well. I don't want what Eurogamer is selling.

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