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6 Amazing Foods That Kill Cancer Cells In The Body

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A new study claims that certain foods can slow down the rate at which cancer cells grow. So, including such foods in your diet makes more sense if you wish to prevent certain types of cancer. Those foods are blueberries, tomatoes, green tea, dark chocolate and red wine. These foods contain anti-angiogenesis properties. Such foods hamper the growth of cancer cells by slowing down blood supply to them. This way, malignant cells can't be spread and the growth of cancer cells slows down. Here are those foods. 1. Green tea Green tea is said to have some cancer killing compounds in it. A cup of green tea everyday may help in preventing certain types of cancers in the long run. 2. Turmeric We all know that turmeric is anti inflammatory, antibiotic and also contains cancer-killing agents. include this spice in your dishes. 3. Tomatoes Tomatoes contain lycopene. It is an anti-angiogenic compound. Also, many studies claim that those who eat tomatoes regularly can reduce their risk of cancers. 4. Dark chocolate Dark Chocolate can enhance mood and also kill malignant cells. But consume it in moderation. 5. Red wine Red wine contains resveratrol. It is a potent anti-oxidant which can prevent certain health issues. But consume it in moderation to reap its benefits. 6. Raspberries and Blueberries Both raspberries and blueberries can prevent some types of cancers. They also minimise oxidative stress. Video URL : https://youtu.be/OuGK0DaS-F4
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Steve Stone (7 months ago)
40% of all human beings that flirt with wine or any other alcohol, become ALCOHOLIC....why the hell would anyone suggest to take it for health, is beyond me. It's THE GRAPES that provide the benefit.
Unknow DaDragon (7 months ago)
I dont have cancer yet.. i hope... But when will i maybe get it in the future i will be ready
Alex Preda (11 months ago)
green tea multiplicate cancer cells not prevents
Frank the Tank (10 months ago)
Ghita Mihai are you sure about that
Josh Hunt (1 year ago)
I love blueberries
2baSelkie (1 year ago)
Thank you, but why is the robot voice necessary?
rummy hul (1 year ago)
Jim Germanos (1 year ago)
What will happen if I start killing cancer cells as you said????
lonepanther (11 months ago)
you'll live duh
Rehema Alu (1 year ago)
thanks you
JOHN DAVIS (1 year ago)
Naga Shekhar (1 year ago)
Dave Erickson (1 year ago)
Cancer cant burn fat...you can

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