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Is a Good Education in the US Only for the Wealthy?

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In recent years the so-called "achievement gap" between whites and minorities in educational outcomes has shrunk. Unfortunately, what's arisen to replace it is the "wealth gap" - today parental income has become the number one indicator of a student's educational success. Thanks to a range of political, social and economic factors, quality education in the United States is increasingly becoming the exclusive province of the wealthy as the middle and lower classes are steadily being denied the same educational opportunities as their rich counterparts. In this segment the panel discusses why this is the case, the consequences of the wealth gap and what might be done to bring equality of opportunity back to the American education system. Host: Ana Kasparian Panel: John Iadarola: Host - TYTUniversity, Common Room on the TYT Network Dave Rubin: Host - The Rubin Report on the TYT Network Brendan Hamme: Attorney with the ACLU of Southern California Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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TheShowThatSUX (1 year ago)
I love that they leave out the core household mentality point. EDUCATION IS AN INVESTMENT. And those who tend to end up financially better off have that mentality. What % of not so well off households MAKE THE KID SIT DOWN AND DO THE HW, and then go over it with them, and then have the fight to make then go bother to try and do it correctly? This adds people expect education to be spoon fed and paid for by others. And respectfully I fight endlessly with the gov schools to allow education to happen for the kids. I teach the kid to carry the one, the gov pays the teacher to tell them to count random poke-a-dots; and tells them to never carry the one when doing addition. SEE A PROBLEM HERE? Flat out KILL ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS and switch to a vouncer sysyetm where those of us who want the kid to have an education can send them to a school that wants them educated.
Chewy - (3 years ago)
Grades don't define your intellect and don't compare your mind to others.
Z Watkins (3 years ago)
Ladies and Gentlemen: I think it all starts at home. Good parents, smart kids, and a good work ethic for the child is the key to success. The idea of banning private schools as discussed here is communist in my opinion. One more point: I think it's stupid to expect life to be "fair." Most of us can't study at Deerfield, Groton, St. Mark's School, Harvard, Stanford, or Yale. 
pennydave (3 years ago)
I agree. I believe good parenting is the main factor in producing successful children. I went to a public school with other kids who came from a lower socioeconomic status and am friends with a lot of people who were raised in single parent homes. They all obtained lucrative careers due to loving parents who relentlessly encouraged them to do their best and told them that the sky was the limit.
Mvs2527 (4 years ago)
Hey just borrow money from your parents...
Lauren Greenberg (4 years ago)
As somebody who is studying to be teacher this is really important to me. I like that she mentioned the Finnish model as well as talking about it. I have done a lot of research on it and I want to incorporate that into my future classroom. However I do agree that funding public school would improve our society in United States.
Sasha Pants (4 years ago)
Does this Ana know she's the same Ana who told students having trouble affording college to just get a job? Because this Ana gets it and the other Ana sounds like a Republican idiot.
WakeUp (4 years ago)
It's the rebirth of the stratified society. A devolution of society.
Thessarabian (4 years ago)
There's another big difference in America than the better educational systems in Finland, Sweden, and Norway- the quality of teachers. In America most teachers only have bachelors degrees and typically graduate near the bottom of their class. In the other systems the vast majority have masters degrees (some systems require it) and they graduate near the top of their class. Teaching is a much more respected position, and an extension of that learning is more respected.
MrNoobmove (4 years ago)
Guys does anyone know what is the number of comprehensive secondary schools in the US? I'm from the UK so i'm not really sure and what is the number of mixed secondary schools and single sex secondary schools? thanks in advance
Thessarabian (4 years ago)
What exactly is a comprehensive school? I've heard the term but don't really know what it means. You might try going to the federal Dept of Education website and see if they have statistics, or go to the Dept of Ed for each state. That's my best suggestion, but I can't promise it will have everything since they're only "in charge" of public schools and may not have private school information. The American education system is very fragmented and decentralized.
MrNoobmove (4 years ago)
Unfortunately i need the number for the whole of the US for high schools (age 11-16) and elementary and how many of them are mixed schools and how many are not. I know it's a lot of info, that's why i'm asking because i can't seem to find it anywhere.  
Thessarabian (4 years ago)
Do you realize how big the US is, and how many schools we have over here? Just in my city (a mid-sized American city) there are over a hundred elementary schools (age 5-11). Could you narrow it down a bit?
David Allen (4 years ago)
No, we dont need a base amount to pay to succeed.  Thats bullshit, subsidize all education, period.
David Allen (4 years ago)
Finally people point it out, white people get screwed just as much as blacks mexicans asians ect.  I get harassed by the police for no reason, the problem isnt being black, the problem is the police think they can get something out of you.
Mark FromWI (4 years ago)
The education situation in this country is by design.  Destroy the public education system and then point to that destruction as the reason to further destroy the public education system.  All because the upper class, doesn't want to pay for poor peoples education and give them a chance to succeed.  Let's blame teachers for the woes of our public education, so we can destroy unions in general...all unions, because again, the rich and the corporations do not want to give poorer communities ANY chance at moving up the ladder of success.
Shannon Downey (4 years ago)
Privatize education just like y'all have done with health care. What could go wrong?
coda623 (4 years ago)
Tenure is actually a huge issue with the public school system. Teachers unions are also contributing to the problem by acting against their own best interests when they push to keep tenure. Watch the documentary "Waiting for Superman" and read "Shame of the Nation" by Jonathan Kozol if you want the real reasons the public education system in America is so horrible. A lot of the facts are shocking.
1989Nihil (4 years ago)
School education is only one side of the equation. Parents have to do their part as well, whether their kids are in privat or public schools. If you want to make your children curious about learning, buy them building blocks instead of those new electronic toys, read stories to them, let them play outside even if it's raining. Only give them access to a computer or a smartphone when their *old enough*, because all this new shit is killing the natrual curiousity of children. I'm seeing this happen with my nephews, although I've pointed it out more then once to my cousein, their mother, but she ain't listening. Its frustrating.
Poor people don't value education.  That's why they are poor.
PrincessTS01 (4 years ago)
so evil
Lyan Alkhudairy (4 years ago)
new drinking game, replay this and drink every time you hear Brendan Hamme say "umm". Good points there Hamme, but you seemed a lil nervous. 
Alain Belso (4 years ago)
The most important aspect towards a civilized and ethical population is education. Uneducated people are easily manipulated IMO. It's not to say educated people aren't often immoral. But generally speaking it seems to be worse in uneducated societies. You can only keep people down for so long before they get tired of seeing the rich get richer and revolt. And if you let your population's education deteriorate, you are also diminishing the quality of your workforce. It's hard to grow competitive companies on the world stage with untrained/uneducated citizens.
Kristen Upham (4 years ago)
@jed52 I acknowledge that I am kind of attractive, but you cannot attribute that to my success. There are many facts of my life that I didn't divulge because this isn't really the medium for it. But trust me my looks did not pull me out do the gutter alone. It helped but was a fraction of what brought me to where I am.
Joshua Lopez (4 years ago)
I don't think you need a college degree to go into broadcasting. Look at Glenn Beck, the dude just had a high school diploma instead of a degree in political science and he makes millions of dollars with inane rants and book sales. Rush Limbaugh dropped out of college (he gets mad every time he hears about a woman graduating college weather it be a bachelors or masters, his head might explode if a woman told him she has a doctorate, he's most likely jealous) and also makes millions of dollars. The stink he raises every now and again only brings him more attention and he gets more listeners and his sponsors most likely come back. Alex Jones probably only read several books on conspiracy theories and watches too much Ace Ventura episodes when his brain isn't exploding.
Joshua Lopez (4 years ago)
We should just try to focus on the potential of each student's chances of success regardless of any attributes mentioned weather it be socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, race, gender etc. if you ask me things like affirmative action are a joke.
Hector G (4 years ago)
Public schools don't need more money, they need more inspirational teachers.  A good teacher inspires you to want to seek knowledge on your own.
ThePowerfulPanda (4 years ago)
They actually do need more funding, along with better teachers, a better curriculum, better text books, modernized schools, and more equipment/supplies for hands on learning. It's a combination of things that produces the right environment for learning. 
Jesse Jones (4 years ago)
@10:50 Well said.
pkmdz (4 years ago)
When I was in highschool a lot of the teachers that came to work at my school were horrible....and most would just end up quitting in a week.
The Jaded Warlock (4 years ago)
The moment it shift from race, the rich will scrabble to find another way to distract us.
ikeknights (4 years ago)
Public schools need to up their game, if that means more investment, than I'm all for it. I went to a public school in a poor rural area and though I did good there, I was completely unprepared for college. I struggled my first two years. Fortunately my college had a program for kids that came from disadvantaged educations. They taught me how to critically read a textbook. They taught me how to take notes and how to study. By my junior year I was almost getting straight A's. My wife's family was well to do and she went to a private school and when she got to college, she came out running and did great all 4 years. My wife says I'm smarter than she is, but her public education prepared her for college, while mine did not and as a result she did much better than I did. Public education needs to be fixed.
Kristen Upham (4 years ago)
I was born into a very poor family, neither of parents had graduated high school, but I was able to get out. I saw a study, mostly from the young Turks, based on my geography it made it easier. I definitely feel that that is true. Washington state, especially western Washington is much easier for economic mobility. I work at a Fortune 500 company and the people that work there can be super bourgie, I had someone say to me "well it's not like you grew up in a trailer" my response "I guess we weren't All as lucky as you" that shocked me but you don't see a lot of climbers there.
jed52 (4 years ago)
Not to discredit your intelligence or your hard work, but based on your picture you seem to be a very attractive woman. Studies have shown that attractive people get more interviews, better treatment from their bosses, and are more likely to succeed and move up the social and economic ladders. I know it seems like a trivial matter, but its more important than most people would like to believe. http://www.businessinsider.com/beautiful-people-get-more-job-interviews-2013-9 http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/attractive-people-land-job-interviews-study-article-1.1452436
TheRhinehart86 (4 years ago)
Its also partially because higher education has become so devalued. You need a degree to even compete for shitty entry-level clerical jobs so much so that its no longer the case that having any degree proves that you have a certain level of dedication or intellect but that you have to really specialise if you want to get a job that can pay off your debt. Hence why everyone is switching over to law and economic degrees while sciences and arts are declining. This has a flow on effect and is why we have so few political scientists and international relations theorists in politics and instead have law and economics students running everything, who not-surprisingly favour the legal and economic aspects of politics rather than the art of statecraft.
Trancester United (4 years ago)
The finnish education system is actually for the large part based on the system of the now dead-and-gone DDR. That's why it has been so hard for many western governments to adopt the finnish system :)
kokofan50 (4 years ago)
+RuleofFive DDR: Deutsche Demokratische Republik (aka East Germany)
RuleofFive (4 years ago)
+IMortage You asked me how I thought the Finnish system had changed. I was responding to Jukka Kammer's remark that the Finnish education system is based on the now dead & gone DDR.  I don't know what the DDR is....and I don't understand the correlation between that and why western states can't adopt Finland's model.
IMortage (4 years ago)
+RuleofFive No, it's a good one. Nobody here said otherwise, how did you get that impression?
IMortage (4 years ago)
*double post*
RuleofFive (4 years ago)
I thought at one point recently the Finnish system was considered one of the best education systems in the world?  Has it changed that much?
peculiarman (4 years ago)
Non-educators especially east and west coast media elite should not be taken as creditable without any classroom experience. These people do not have a clue. Yes there is a disparity but it is because of the gangster culture that the kids can't overcome the poverty. PARENTING/HOME TRAINING is the real problem. Message from a retired inner-city teacher.  
S4njuro (4 years ago)
4:50~ hitting the nail on the head...
ExtraHaramTv (4 years ago)
If you want the american dream, go to finland.
Jig Saw (4 years ago)
im soo stealing that 
IstalkBananas (4 years ago)
LOL! Awesome comment!
neddy laddy (4 years ago)
Send us you poor, your homeless and your dispossessed  and we will give them meaningful work shovelling shit.
Edgar Marenales (4 years ago)
Defunding public education and rising the cost of private education, and cutting taxes for big corporations is not a coincidence , I dont believe in coincidences In politics.The powerful need ignorant people , easy to manipulate , brainless sheep , willing to consume every crap they try to sell , and believe everything their puppets in the political power says they have to do and think . Idiot consumers unable to think for themselves and challenge those who have the real power.
ShakinJamacian (4 years ago)
williamdtucker2099 (4 years ago)
Great discussion! I strongly recommend you take a look into author/journalist Anya Kamenetz's work. She's written a couple of books which may be of interest. One covering  how increasing economic inequality and expanding debt burden on students extinguishes young people's hopes for higher education in a book from some years ago titled Generation Debt.  And she has written a book about possible workable alternatives to the traditional 4-7 year on campus college experience titled DIY U. I would recommend trying to do an interview with Kamenetz. She has been in the media recently for an upcoming book and it could be a good fit with this show's schedule. 

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