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How to Make Your Own Fortune Cookies | Just Add Sugar

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Brandi joins Pastry Chef Della Gossett at SPAGO in Beverly Hills! Together they show us how to make your very own fortune cookies. Make your own fortune cookies for your Chinese New Year party, or just for a fun surprise! These tasty fortune cookies will be extra special with your own personal message inside. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PopSugar-Girls-Guide/107609912761002 Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar Find us on Instagram! http://instagram.com/popsugargirlsguide Follow us on Tumblr! http://popsugargirlsguide.tumblr.com Add us on Google+! https://plus.google.com/110323848750933684857/posts
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Текстовые комментарии (180)
shuhaina a (1 месяц назад)
Can we use a substitute for canola oil
LibbyDav96 (3 месяца назад)
Lmao theyre so hot when they come out the oven
She Pisces (3 месяца назад)
Looks burnt
THEGAMINGWHITE JKA (6 месяцев назад)
1:22 girl on the right: i wanna die
Silently Fixed (7 месяцев назад)
0:49 FAIL
The ducksmasher (8 месяцев назад)
i did this and a few sec after i took it out from the oven ,it get hard too quick ,like really quick. I followed the recipe and the tutorial ,and now i have no idea what i did wrong .HELP ME!
SauYen Loo (2 месяца назад)
Same. Is a lie :(
Yasmin (5 месяцев назад)
Just make 2 at a time, not 6.
The ducksmasher (8 месяцев назад)
it taste good btw , but i want to fold it like the exact fortune cookies :"(
Shannon Ninness (9 месяцев назад)
Can anybody help? I made these to the exact recipe but every time I take them out of the oven and fold them they crack!?
Shannon Ninness (9 месяцев назад)
Nani SoeBagjo Yes it is very hot! For me it is hard too!
Nani SoeBagjo (9 месяцев назад)
Shannon Ninness. Yes, i can’t not fold it coz its so hot, and get quickly cold and they crack 🙈🙈🙈
Megan (10 месяцев назад)
would nonstick spray work on the pan if you dont have one of those baking mats?
Alastrim (11 месяцев назад)
The recipe should include how to print the message ticket?
Trabiccolo (11 месяцев назад)
With chocolate ink?
Jennifer Thorpe (11 месяцев назад)
Alastrim on a printer..
laura tan (1 год назад)
What if i dont have canola oil ??
Trabiccolo (11 месяцев назад)
Then it is the end, finished, no hope whatsoever any longer...I am joking, for the record.
haylee munsamy (1 год назад)
people just watch stop fiting
Vi Bibi (1 год назад)
Tried this receipe but it is too sweet
SauYen Loo (2 месяца назад)
Vi Bibi Too sweet!!!! I tried too is really extra sweet
Peach Story (1 год назад)
i love it
Dr Sowmya Suryanarayana (1 год назад)
Chef, is it possible to make eggless version... please help. Thank you
Alisandra Machado (1 год назад)
Should I bake these on parchment paper? What do you guys recommend?
4TuneCooky _ (1 год назад)
Now i have family!!!
julie zaremba (1 год назад)
nice recipe ! ! !
Rebecca McLean (1 год назад)
I no longer have finger prints. They were so darned hot that it was impossible to handle the cookies to fold and mold them. Epic fail for me. In the video the chef handles the cookies without a problem. What in the world?
Jennifer Thorpe (11 месяцев назад)
Rebecca McLean wear gloves
4TuneCooky _ (1 год назад)
Sophia Chen (1 год назад)
how much water did you add?
Emily Whitfield (1 год назад)
Sophia Chen I think it's about 3 tablespoons - sorry if I'm a bit late 😂😂
Sophia Chen (1 год назад)
how much water did you add?
Rcl Random (1 год назад)
what kind of oil can i use instead of canola oil?? 😕😕
Kristian Acruz (1 год назад)
Tuyết Nguyễn vegetable oil
Kyra w (2 года назад)
In eating three fortune cookies while watching
Running Cookie (2 года назад)
how long can it be keep ?
Dexskittles (2 года назад)
Neither of those fortunes will come true now!!!!!
Joanne Yee (2 года назад)
Can someone tell me where is the receipe
Paper Cat (2 года назад)
I followed this recipe to a T and it didn't turn out because I didn't have the spatula thing she used to thin the cookies on the tray 😕
Jennifer Thorpe (11 месяцев назад)
Paper Cat then why did you attempt it?
The great Doge master (2 года назад)
If you add sugar you might get DIABETES
Sailing Lyric87 (2 года назад)
I was joking too 😂😂
The great Doge master (2 года назад)
+milan Washington it was supposed to be a joke Srry to the people who has diabetes
Sailing Lyric87 (2 года назад)
Cheeky Nham (2 года назад)
This is a great way to make your own way, making your own fortune in society and get rich! Fortune cookies are made in the USA, and so are the porn version referred to as "breaking up and tasting your little fortune cookie" toward young, sexy, beautiful Asian women.
Thuwaibah Azman (2 года назад)
Too much talk.
Sophia H (2 года назад)
Do you have to use rice flour?
violetxn (2 года назад)
Nope I just used all purpose flour and they turned out amazing:)
Paper Cat (2 года назад)
I did, but I don't think you NEED to use it
dying am I (2 года назад)
i have to make these at school tomorrow 😖...
dying am I (1 год назад)
well..they didn't go as well as planned...
ur mom xd (1 год назад)
hibapotamus how did it go?
Sherman (2 года назад)
I pity those people who thinks fortune cookies are actually from chinese. It was made in USA. Im chinese myself.
John Benjamin Tatum (2 года назад)
+KawaiiStrucked First made by the Japanese in a factory near San Francisco, California. traditional "Chinese" dessert is an Almond cookie or a piece of fruit like an orange slice
cwilm (2 года назад)
Wrong, they were made by the Japanese.
Marshall Goodman (2 года назад)
and i pity you because their were first made by the japanese
Chavarr Coppedge (2 года назад)
thanks for say that my sister told me this when I let her see the video
Nur Aleya (2 года назад)
isn't last thing we cool the cookie and we don't bake..... :(
Mickeymike53 (3 года назад)
I have a YouTube video on how to take a store bought fortune cookie and make your own fortune and the channel is called Mickeymike53.
Dooplex Minecraft (3 года назад)
Great recipe. Thank you!
BubbleGumHijab (3 года назад)
OMG I love them than you so much for a professional recipe cant want to make them YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYY
Amanda HaleStorm (3 года назад)
it's 3 tbsp of water for those who didn't hear the chef. I can't wait to make these!!!!
Layan AlBluwi (1 месяц назад)
Can you please share the recipe? Thanks
elizabethdavenport96 (3 месяца назад)
guys rice flour is also called mochiko flour and it's at literally any Asian market
Amanda HaleStorm (2 года назад)
I wasn't asked where it can be found in Canada... That's why I said you can usually get it anywhere. Lol
Nina Tos (2 года назад)
+Amanda HaleStorm (Makeup Maven) ummmm target isn't in Toronto anymore
Amanda HaleStorm (2 года назад)
+Jelesha Limbu you can usually get it anywhere... I believe Target carries it.
SweetPotito (3 года назад)
im not sure why, but i always though that theese were salty instead of sweet.. i dont know, just looks like salty cookies for me ...
dying am I (2 года назад)
I thought that when I saw them at first too but then at school we got to try them and I found out that they were sweet :O
Fred The kitty (3 года назад)
I love it
friendly heavy (3 года назад)
ordered a box of fortune cookies on amazon :3 cant wait to try it
MayrisErin (3 года назад)
Not happy about this hostess. She interrupted the chef so it's hard to tell how much water is poured into the mixture... so irritating.
yong 0001 (2 года назад)
+MayrisErin Omg you just replied to your own comment.
MayrisErin (3 года назад)
+MayrisErin But it looks like 2 tablespoons.
Tuffsmoygles (3 года назад)
Neat. Thank you for the recipe.
Hershey Bristow (3 года назад)
fortune cookies are from japan
Aimee Ray (2 года назад)
+Anoushka Furia The link literally says that the cookie's origin is Japan
Anoushka Furia (3 года назад)
+Ace of Spades nope from San Francisco , read : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortune_cookie
Poseidon99Jeus (3 года назад)
why that pinoy beat anti-clockwise ? are you left-handed?
kavinsky (2 года назад)
thonee lou sagum (3 года назад)
What kind of sugar did they use?? Tnx who ever replied!!!!
Gaming Life (2 года назад)
+thonee lou sagum No one replied
izzie gonzalez (3 года назад)
Guys I'm asking out a girl on Thursday because it's her birthday on Thursday do you guys have any idea
izzie gonzalez (1 год назад)
silent assassin read above
izzie gonzalez (1 год назад)
smellycat -dead dog read above
izzie gonzalez (1 год назад)
New House Production Studios I know I'm late I've been a little ass fuck lately but anyways yeah she did say yes, but like most relationships it ended
ur mom xd (1 год назад)
silent assassin (1 год назад)
I know its late but what did she say?
Ruota Buluama (3 года назад)
So hard to find fortune cookies in indonesia. -_-*
Joyce Paredes (3 года назад)
what are the measure of the water?
Diana G. (3 года назад)
Three tablespoons! Hope I helped!
Dani C (3 года назад)
Every time I try to make the cookies, the shape gets distorted in the oven and I also have trouble getting them off the parchment paper. Any tips to prevent these things from happening?
deetafeeta (3 года назад)
+Sarah Dabban no you should NOT, wax paper is not meant for baking
Sarah Nimer (3 года назад)
You should use wax paper instead
Hanane Hanjoura (3 года назад)
Do you need rice flour ? Is it a must ?
Lindsey Kozak (3 года назад)
Can u make an Instagram cake
Nancy Melesio (3 года назад)
Did anyone try to make this & did it work? 
Michael (3 года назад)
Yeah, it definitely works and they taste good, but the chef in the video must have teflon hands!  It hurt like a mother and even so, I found it very difficult to form six cookies before they got too hard.
Alisa Le-Ngo (3 года назад)
Yes, it does work and they taste delicious! Here's the actual recipe with written steps, http://www.popsugar.com/food/Homemade-Fortune-Cookie-Recipe-33814151 :-) 
Wendy Punt (3 года назад)
How long and at what temperature do we bake the fortune cookies for?
Wendy Punt (3 года назад)
Thank you
Joel Hägg (3 года назад)
350 F / 180 C for 8-10 minutes
sillysmilekms (3 года назад)
Dont know how she got them so brown and flexible.... mine just broke when they were that brown
Jack Mitchell (1 год назад)
sillysmilekms same
TheGreatIndoorsTv (4 года назад)
Alright! sounds great! now i just need to figure out how to do this with a broken left wrist, lol.
My RePlay (4 года назад)
Wow thx I can sell it
Nicole Nguyen (4 года назад)
1 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup rice flour 2 teaspoons cornstarch 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup sugar 4 egg whites 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons canola oil 3 tablespoons water 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Molly A. Block (8 месяцев назад)
Thank you for posting the recipe--I wasn't sure how much water Chef added in the video. :-)
almond rocs (1 год назад)
me too i kept on rewinding it .
mocharoon -w- (2 года назад)
+Ruby Wong it depends for all purpose flour it is 250g about.
Ruby Wong (2 года назад)
Sorry 1 cup means how many grams? Thanks so much!
Gaming Life (2 года назад)
+nicolicious prank you very much
Berlyn Pangilinan (4 года назад)
Can I put water???
Amal Mezher (3 года назад)
OmarVlogable (4 года назад)
Fortune Cookies are actually Japanese.. 
Jennifer Thorpe (11 месяцев назад)
OmarVlogable no they aren't.. USA
Great Value Bleach (3 года назад)
Fortune cookies were made in ole' Merica
Some Roblox Tutorials (4 года назад)
They're also not very popular in China nor Japan.
thegirlyKEY (4 года назад)
omfg i just made a batch and I'm eating them now they r sooooo delicious and they taste just like the real thing
artjsj (3 года назад)
It is how to make the real thing. Stupid
Michael (3 года назад)
+Lyndsey Pierre No, there's no additional baking.  While warm, the cookie will have a tendency to straighten out again so the muffin tin is used so to help keep the shape.  
Lyndsey Pierre (3 года назад)
After she bends the cookie with note inside and puts it in the cupcake tray , does she bake them ? And if she does , how long for ??
thegirlyKEY (3 года назад)
3 tbsp
Kaki Paz (3 года назад)
how much water did you use?
Mariya Sarwar (4 года назад)
That's a huge whisk
Arron Neilsen (4 года назад)
Terri Mando (4 года назад)
read through comments... watched video several times, Just not seeing the amount of water for recipe.  :(
Jennifer Thorpe (11 месяцев назад)
Terri Mando says 3 tbsp... Click the read more button.
TheEmberosis (3 года назад)
It's 3 tablespoons ;P
Katherine Vieto (4 года назад)
How much water do we suppose to add.?
Rachel Potter (3 года назад)
3 tablespoons
Amanda Geraldine (4 года назад)
so perfect!!
simonacallas (4 года назад)
I made fortune cookies using your recipe and I made it! Thank you very much. 
Giovana Gallo (4 года назад)
I have one question can i replace the canola oil for any kind of oil??
Jennifer Thorpe (11 месяцев назад)
Giovana Gallo sure
simonacallas (4 года назад)
You can use palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil or grape seeds oil. Olive oil has a strong olive taste so maybe it's not appropriate for dessert recipes :)
Rachel Burry (4 года назад)
Didn't work! I hate the taste, if planning to make them DO NOT
SauYen Loo (2 месяца назад)
Super sweet. Ugly
stop being annoying you ugly piece of shit (11 месяцев назад)
Rachel Burry I love them
ur mom xd (1 год назад)
Rachel Burry you messed up the recipe probably.
Tamuka Investments (4 года назад)
that's cute :)
Emily Hernandez (4 года назад)
Make a vid of how to make French macaroons
jessirenebeauty (4 года назад)
Made these today! Isn't as easy as it looks... but still ended up delicious!
Alexa brown (4 года назад)
This recipe works really well I made them with a third of a cup of water 1/3 and cooked them for 10 minutes they are soooo good
Fidah R (4 года назад)
+Nanna Trytek She already poured vanilla extract before she poured the water in. So I guess the recipe requires both.
Nanna Trytek (4 года назад)
Or wait... Does the recipe call for water, but instead she uses vanilla exstract? 
Nanna Trytek (4 года назад)
Omg thank you so much! I was like ''How much water am i supposed to put in?" so you just made my day! 
Lama Amin (4 года назад)
Is there a replacement for rice flour? I only have all propose and corn flour :(
Mya Wilson (4 года назад)
Thinking about making these for a baby shower and the fortune saying 'it's a boy' ^__^
Mya Wilson (4 года назад)
+dwi retno Wulandari He's not mine :) but thanks anyways. Good luck with the cookies and babies 
Dwi Retno Wulandari (4 года назад)
+Mya Wilson woow..congratulation for your baby boy :) i haven't married yet..but someday i hope i can make that cookies too and have healthy babies :)
Mya Wilson (4 года назад)
+sora kim Haha. Nope, it was a healthy baby boy :)
Sora Bora (4 года назад)
Watch it be a girl
alexis yenni (4 года назад)
thats a really good idea :)
Kit Kat (4 года назад)
when you're baking and the recipe says you have to make a well in the flour, you know your into some real serious sh*t
Jun K (4 года назад)
Yes, now I can control the fortunes other people get.  *evil grin*
Melissa Montoya (4 года назад)
haha brandi's so cute 
DeannaKoski (4 года назад)
How much water do you need?
Sarahbear 19 (2 года назад)
3 tablespoons
Sabrina Tran (4 года назад)
Omg! It looks so easy!
91dikon (4 года назад)
you realize that fortune cookies arent actually Chinese?
Huri Hernandez (1 год назад)
Gaming Life (2 года назад)
+91dikon correction *Japannes
coffee - (4 года назад)
I know right... I'm chinese and have never had fortune cookies before.
Jasmine Nguyen (2 года назад)
heythisistiana (4 года назад)
Fortune cookies originated in America and isn't a part of the Chinese cuisine as Westeners believe...but nice recipe anyway.
annie pham (4 года назад)
Lauren Stell (4 года назад)
Always wondered how these were made!
Lauren Stell (4 года назад)
Always wondered how these were made!
Anne Brinkman (4 года назад)
XxGirlGotGamingXX (4 года назад)
Seccond woah
Vannbona Chhoun (4 года назад)
2nd comment
Alyx Herbert (4 года назад)
1st comment wooo

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