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Text Comments (43373)
Cait E (11 hours ago)
ShadowBOX fulkne (15 hours ago)
Jake and login
Kaidilee45 Barkley (16 hours ago)
But chance and tessa are still a good couple and jake and Ericka are still a good couple
Ÿäsmïnë Nätïön (17 hours ago)
Jake is a good boyfriend
matthewplayz (7 hours ago)
Ÿäsmïnë Nätïön sub to me
Adam Gernat (18 hours ago)
WERDI bro bro bad idea bro
yup, the martinez twins were defintley bullied
Sorry 0510 (19 hours ago)
Erica looks jewl
Liyah Vangaaliyah (21 hours ago)
Omg ❤👍💑 💑
Kendall Fairbanks (22 hours ago)
Tessa and Jake know what they're doing because they have dated before
Neveyah Gazo (1 day ago)
I did it 👌👍✌
Tbh Erika is kinda a jerk
BJordanVlogs (1 day ago)
"The kids would be amazing, wassup” Savage
jessica madrigal (1 day ago)
Why don't chance and Erika get togther
Super Spider (1 day ago)
I like Jessa more then Cherika
Dayanara Dionicio (1 day ago)
This is the worst idea ever
Summer Morbey (1 day ago)
Jerika and chessa
Alessandra Arreguin (1 day ago)
That is cute and funny you are the best Jake p.
XxiiOmq_ KyraxX (1 day ago)
To bad im going to Detroit, Michigan on July, 4th. :/
pamela glover (1 day ago)
Anthony is the first cutest and jake is the second cutest.
J•M •D (1 day ago)
*C* *R* *I* *N* *G* *E*
Maggie Kilcoyne (2 days ago)
Jake soooooooooooo HOT
Trent Aaron (2 days ago)
Mini Jake Paul vlogs more then chance
Trent Aaron (2 days ago)
Jake is way better
Trent Aaron (2 days ago)
Vlogs are way more important
l.m Ashby Ashby (2 days ago)
monica snell (2 days ago)
I’m watching it right now
Klovers :p (2 days ago)
Jssa is better the jerika
Jai Hornage (2 days ago)
I think this video was funny🙈 😊😊😊
Justice Soik (2 days ago)
Jake Paul I live in michigan I really wanna come to the tour :(
Zion Summers (2 days ago)
Devron Bridges (2 days ago)
i got a tattow of you
Adam Kanaris (3 days ago)
You and tesla alaa
Saara Suomi (3 days ago)
Chance and Erica look good together,but also it's super weird cos Jerika for life
FireLordGamer YT (3 days ago)
Fernando Perez (3 days ago)
Jake Paul's your girlfriend is so hot for me I know I'm a little bit I'm 7 years old but she's so hot for me
Rose Meleka (3 days ago)
My fav part is the martez where no the ad
Monica Martinez (3 days ago)
And you said babe to Tessa when you were getting burned buy the pizza
Monica Martinez (3 days ago)
You are so mean to them
LOVEABLE FAN (3 days ago)
I subscribed to you
Milania Martinez (3 days ago)
lol chance is worryed about everything
Francisco Guzman (3 days ago)
why no kissing
Jolie Rivera (3 days ago)
L love your blog Jake all of you
Nestor Diaz (3 days ago)
yo Jake you're so cool that I can't believe that you and Erica are in a pattern but it's pretty awesome like I appreciate that
Sophia Alvarez (3 days ago)
Awww this is cute and love 😘😘❤❤
Ruth Rivera (3 days ago)
Guys bont be like that
Brogan Walker (3 days ago)
I wish he could come to my to Portland Oregon this summer
Hurr Mehdi (3 days ago)
Jessa ❤
Squidy Llama AJ (3 days ago)
If Tessa was still in Team10 I'd want Jake and her to be together.
Rob Hernandez (3 days ago)
It's everyday bro with the Disney Channel flow
Kristin Brunner (3 days ago)
Bobby Hendrickson (3 days ago)
It every day bor 💩
Bobby Hendrickson (3 days ago)
I what to meet you
Mackenzie Branham (4 days ago)
And jessa
Mackenzie Branham (4 days ago)
Cherica is real
kim earnshaw (4 days ago)
Should I sub???
Sammi George (4 days ago)
I went to the tour in Philadelphia
Katerina Georgopoulou (4 days ago)
Oooh it's every day bro sooo You give up at night?
Lilyoung Bot Boy (4 days ago)
When there eating pizza Erika keeps on looking at them
Miro Yt (4 days ago)
Ooooohhhhh nice kiss jake
Gurvinder Sandhu (4 days ago)
They Went to blaze pizza
DaQuan Gibson (4 days ago)
DaQuan Gibson (4 days ago)
DaQuan Gibson (4 days ago)
Coolgamer Kamden (4 days ago)
I saw that episode
Brent Manzel (4 days ago)
Madisyn Vlogs (4 days ago)
1: jake 2: Erika 3: Tessa 4: chance 5: tony 6: Anthony 7:chad 8:Emilio 9: Ivan 10: Nathan 11: Justin 12: megan
Rose inucase (4 days ago)
I think that Jake should be with Tessa because Tessa is SMARTER than Erika
Dolores Aguilar (4 days ago)
Bitch mother fuker
I love your channel
Aubrey cutter (4 days ago)
You're doing your worst and lie about everything oh yeah I know you mean
Lily Sh (4 days ago)
Fuck u Jake
Stop fake crying just for the views
chelsea vega (4 days ago)
Chessa would be a good name for Chance and Tessa
Francisca Lorenzo (4 days ago)
Leslie Swilling (5 days ago)
Jake paulers
Islyne Turner (5 days ago)
Jake and Tessa are a cute couple💞♥️
Mason Cayton (5 days ago)
Because they clowns
Elizabeth Miller (5 days ago)
I want to grow up and be just like you
Megan Parnell (5 days ago)
# chessa
Peyton Cervantes (5 days ago)
Nick is fucking stupid
Yousef Nasimi (5 days ago)
I waa a be in team 10 house but I am in austalia
Cruz Perez (5 days ago)
Chance,Erika,Tessa,and Jake I love you guys ,you have the best youtube channel in the world love you peace.
Carolina Del Real (5 days ago)
This is sad and funny
Sarah Wells (5 days ago)
i thought thqat was weird i like jerika better than i like jake and tessa
Valeria Martinez (5 days ago)
Why did you say the mean things about the Martinez Twins
Anton Aanekre (5 days ago)
ITS toing wrong
Brooklyn Harbison (6 days ago)
I've seen this episode before
kie rushram (6 days ago)
You shuold ask Erika how many stomachs goats have (p.s they have 4)
Sierra Jackson (6 days ago)
T Th Thi This This i This is This is m This is me This is mes This is mess This is messe This is messed This is messed u This is messed up This is messed u This is messed This is messe This is mess This is mes This is me This is m This is This i This Thi Th T
Kaitlyn Andrews (6 days ago)
Iris Duran (6 days ago)
Madison Curtice (6 days ago)
Sorry but I ship charica
Rex4president (6 days ago)
jessa for the win.
Crystal Franco (6 days ago)
I have seen bizaardvark and i seen the one when they go on the roller coster
Tameekia Morgan (6 days ago)
It’s every day bro😂😍👋🏽
Sheng Vang (6 days ago)
Tessa’s beautiful
leyson perez (6 days ago)
The movements of hating and wanting money
Regino Romero (6 days ago)
I got all murch
emma chester (6 days ago)
Is it just me or dose it seem ERIKA likes chance much more than jake
jason and vlogs (6 days ago)
Evelyn Garza (6 days ago)
I kinda like cherika and jessa
Angelly Aparicio (6 days ago)
I like jake and Erika

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