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The #OneVoice Project

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www.berniespeaksfor.me The One Voice Project is the culmination of months of frustration resulting from the depiction of Bernie Sanders perpetuated by mainstream media outlets throughout this election cycle. If pundits paid any attention at all, that is. For a while, he was just some old, white Jewish guy from Brooklyn. Hardly controversial, rarely ever divisive, and not exactly sexy. So we decided to help out. I am told over and over that my vote belongs to Sec. Clinton because she’s the only candidate who truly understands the plight of women in America. I wanted to say, ‘Just because Bernie Sanders doesn’t share your anatomy doesn’t mean he doesn’t represent OUR interests.’ Gender equality means focusing on the policy, not the package. He may be an old white guy, but I believe he speaks for all of us. VIDEO CREDITS: produced by Tanya Sandler and George Lois directed by Lucas Rainey Andoni Elias Nava - first assistant camera Hector Alexander - production assistant Matthew Russell - post production Laura Kaululaau - makeup artist Clara Leonard - hair stylist Special thanks to Rachel Arac, Jenny O’Connell, Brittany Schaum, Julia Bilbao, Marguerite “Maji” Mueve, Noriko Sato, Erika J. Wood, and Gabrielle Augustin.
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Tiffany Gouch (2 года назад)
What he doesn't say is that he'd like to unite the RICH and the POOR. To me it seems like he's demonizing the wealthy. When I know for a fact that ALL of anything are not BAD. Nor are ALL of anything inherently good. It's a bad set up. People should do all that they can to live the best life that they can. So if they desire to become wealthy. Let them work towards it. Don't boo hoo about it. GET TO WORK about it.
stopsignpeep (2 года назад)
Deni RN (2 года назад)
This like ALL POLITICAL SPEECHES is funny & sad simultaneously. Loved unique content & editing. Sad because while Sen. Sanders speaks with much truth, like other politicos his ppl probably force him to say: ALL he'll represent NATIONALITIES, Creeds, Colors, sexual orientations, ad infinitum, he can't nor can any candidate running possibly unite even the majority of splinter groups. The USA's lost the Critical Unity & interpersonal Humanity. We're just lost!
Doug Fontenot (2 года назад)
I must say ... This video honestly did change the way that I see Bernie. I now see him as an even bigger Marxist threat to the USA than I did before.
Jason Brown (2 года назад)
Kill yourselves.
Wendy King (2 года назад)
Why only women? Bernie doesn't resonate with men? Why?
Wendy King (2 года назад)
I love Bernie and voted for him in the primaries! That little bird did it for me! I think it was the bird of God!
Tai Sandler (2 года назад)
+28105wsking This project all started with an idea for a much smaller production - a response to the ridiculous notion that "we ladies HAVE to stick together". Two X chromosomes and expressing support for a candidate other than Hillary Clinton? "Not a real woman", apparently. But the reaction we've gotten since the site went up says plenty of real women feel otherwise - and they're not alone. Now we're working on getting as many people as possible to chime in by posting a video showing that Bernie Sanders speaks for them, too. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, or beliefs. Even a few non-voters, under 18 or over the Atlantic, are helping spread the word, so to speak. Hope you enjoyed the video!
Robby D (2 года назад)

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