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What's Changed in Cancer Treatments?

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http://bit.ly/azagS3 Cancer centers can now offer a range of cancer treatment options that can significantly improve patient outcomes and their experiences fighting cancer. Cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy, cancer chemotherapy, and cancer surgery, have improved significantly in recent years. Advanced cancer treatment centers now offer new surgical techniques, including minimally invasive cancer surgery approaches; CyberKnife; cancer biotherapy; and immunotherapy, as well as cancer support groups and cancer education. Oncologist Shane Dormady of El Camino Hospital's Cancer Center offers sage advice for new patients facing a cancer diagnosis. He talks about what to expect after a cancer diagnosis, what's new in cancer treatment today and how to best manage your care. This eight-minute video is a must-see for new cancer patients and their families.
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Altair6films (6 лет назад)
Wish you were in Florida. What a wonderful compassionate and caring doctor. God Bless you.

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