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Coat of Arms of Armorial Bearings - Speed Painting

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Our Customer came to us with the aim to merge the families long line of armorial bearings into one VERY LARGE singular Coat of Arms. The family hope that this coat of arms will be something that will evolve over the years, as they discover more from thousand years of family lines that have been documented. To find out more about Custom Coat of Arms Designs from Dark Design Graphics please visit www.darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/coat-of-arms-design Jenn uses many different styles when doing her brilliantly detailed custom coat of arms designs, in this case, it was her famous flashes of watercolour & Dotwork technique also known as stippling. This Design was created using Major brushes, Watercolour paint, Uni-pin fine liners, coloured fineliners, uni-ball signo, white pen, coloured pencils on watercolour paper Please help us by Liking if you like it and feel free to share and embed! Find out more about this custom Coat of Arms at www.darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/coat-of-arms-design To find out more about Custom Coat of Arms Designs from Dark Design Graphics please email alasdair@darkdesigngraphics.co.uk or maria@darkdesigngraphics.co.uk or contact us through our website contact form http://darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/custom-coat-of-arms-quote/ This brilliant music is called Beethoven Symphony No. 1 - Finale' by Fauxharmonic who's brilliant music can be found at https://audiojungle.net/user/Fauxharmonic/portfolio Keep up to date with our Coat of Arms and Tattoo Designs: Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics - http://darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/coat-... Twitter - http://twitter.com/ddesigngraphics Instagram - http://instagram.com/darkdesigngraphics Tumblr - http://darkdesigngraphics.tumblr.com Facebook - http://facebook.com/darkdesigngraphics
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楊爍 (7 месяцев назад)
Mir Yusuf Balyan (9 месяцев назад)
Atrolux Atrox (1 год назад)
If I may ask , what price did you quote for this? And how many hours was this done in?
Dark Design Graphics (1 год назад)
Atrolux Atrox unfortunately, this is not going to be a very helpful answer! But if you would like more info please contact Dark Design Graphics directly http://darkdesigngraphics.co.uk/contact We never put quotes up publicly as these designs are often very private for our customers and in regards to time out took, frankly, this design took absolutely ages as we had to fully redesign it a few times to fit everything in and account for our customers specifications. I'm sure that does not help too much but please do feel free to get in touch and talk to us directly.

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