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Building a Food Truck Business from Ground Up

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Two guys in Columbus, Ohio, with a used FedEx truck learn the hiccups of food service.
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Ninja Fish (1 month ago)
2 WORDS - “Hearty Soups” thick, stew like soups!!! I bet would be a big seller!
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
yes....i meant any kind of taco.....delray beach florida has some good tacos...fish too. mahi mahi....do u like to eat fish?
Gloria Naylor an unlimited menu is not good for business because you wind up throwing away food and then where does one store it. Limited menu keeps cost and stocks low. Less waist also.
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
chili and things....how about....serve anything people ask for....i would....i cook everything for myself to eat
Ri Mo (2 months ago)
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Amira Blue.b (3 months ago)
I admire all these people
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
i know.....who wants to work for somebody else for low wages? its risky to go your own way.
Joe Don Lewis (4 months ago)
This is the #1 food truck lender for both start ups and operating capital - goo.gl/hV4TZM
John Hill (4 months ago)
Scarlett's ASMR (1 day ago)
John Hill fuck off
Prabhakar Mark (5 months ago)
I want to start a "Chilli beef served with the Orange juice sauce, Iddiyapam and Chinese sake" business, but I can't decide whether to food truck or Restaurant this Business plan of mine..!
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
my local one....was a truck and now is both....but ive never seen the truck location ....they sometimes go to big events with the truck to cash in and keep it all going....its double fast food prices but they do have a salsa bar...its fresh....not a bad deal....just pricey....if people like it...they will keep coming back anyway
Ethan Emilio (5 months ago)
this video is exactly what i wasnt looking for. thanks for the shit 30 second ad and crock o'shit video. got em
rahujian1234 mandu (6 months ago)
we indians having food carts from last 40 years.
Ambroise Reilly (6 months ago)
And he still use her hands to eat.never seen a Indian eat with a knife and fork.get with the times
IWroteThis (7 months ago)
White privilege, hard at work.
01AnimeFreakYuka (1 month ago)
Curious how this is connected to white privilege.
El Feicho (1 month ago)
hahah fuck u
This did not settle my anxiety lol.
Tan Jo (2 months ago)
Isnady Jean-Philippe my 😭😢 sentiments exactly!
Multi Millionaire (9 months ago)
Robert Gao (10 months ago)
we see the generator you are using, the noise is very higher
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
you seen those air wave cookers ? those cook meat
latoyabell83 (4 months ago)
so what
Kesha Martin (10 months ago)
That toupee tho
Bianca beverly (11 months ago)
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
you have to offer more....its a great idea though.....just get two trucks....one for vegan...one for meat....its really employees who do all the work....ive even worked in a tattoo shop where employees did health department checks....the owner had several jobs....he wasnt there....you could use online forums to hire prep cooks. you need money to pay them and your set
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张Alice (8 months ago)
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Shay (9 months ago)
Bianca beverly I've been thinking about a vegan food truck! Got the same opinions on not everyone would like veganism.
Bryce Wakefield (10 months ago)
Bianca beverly that won't do good not everyone like the same thing
trebledc (1 year ago)
its gonna be hard especially when your starting. both of them will be worn out everday thinking about the kitchen work, your debt & salary. there is a lot to consider in building a business its really a big puzzle. I wouldn't advice you to quit your day job at first until every thing is ready to be air born. I don't believe in following your passion I believe in following what satisfy you, that makes you wake up and work excitingly with great ideas that add value to people especially when it cannot be copied or substitute with anything. then thats where passion begins and believing starts. just don't get dillusional, if it really doesn't work get a shotgun and shoot it. try a new thing.
I have seen better business operations in the jungles of panama.... no wonder you guys have no time...
RATED (1 year ago)
only reason they are not that profitable is their menu. Its too high quality for a food truck. Keep it simple and cheap.
chelle patino (7 months ago)
RATED So true
jesse536801 (1 year ago)
I love the idea of this and here's my menu I would do 1. Hotwings (Mild, Hot, BBQ and lemon pepper) 2. French fries 3. chips 4.water and canned soda
Michael Walker (2 months ago)
No fries just chips so you can concentrate on wings! You need two guys.. one taking orders, payments, helping w blanch frying throughout shift, helping w finish fry and the other guy helping w finish fry, tossing wings in sauces, prepping garnishes, and packing wings in a foil wrapper and to-go box
Michael Walker (2 months ago)
Also Carolina reaper as the hottest wing
Michael Walker (2 months ago)
Mine would be mild, hot buffalo, bbq, sesame teriyaki, korean, spicy orange, alfredo, garlic parm, mole, lemon pepper, Italian marinara topped w parm, Thai red curry, and roasted garlic
Michael Walker (2 months ago)
Harry Vu He could blanch fry the wings at 300 degrees, store, then when someone orders finish in a 400 degree fryer for 2 minutes to finish cooking, heat up, and crisp. He would need a truck that has alot of refrigeration
Harry Vu (1 year ago)
do you realize how long it takes to make hot wings? food truck items are supposed to be quickly made and in low quantity. you'd run out of chicken wings extremely fast.
Midori Idris (1 year ago)
So,berpaut..blame aku yg jadi citizen australia dan hancurkan australia..amacam?
mikeaju (1 year ago)
zero101 (1 year ago)
that truck looks like shit
Fantomas (2 years ago)
What I got from this is....if you have rich parents, you can succeed. Damn...
Johnny Chingas (12 days ago)
I wonder what the amount of the small loan was.
Warren Naylor (1 month ago)
this is survival and only the strong survive
nonmythical LCM
Roguemember yr!do kg qwerty I op 1234567890 google
Michael Walker (1 year ago)
Yea ive been wanting a truck for 15 years but right now im at home taking care of a mother w dementia while dad has open heart surgery and no vehicle in the home, while no family or friends offer any help.
TrexNext (2 years ago)
Green Joe Coffee Truck (2 years ago)
I own and operate a coffee truck. I post my monthly income reports online if anyone is curious on how much these things can make...
Amira Blue.b (3 months ago)
I want to start one could you give me some information please just maybe some and sandwiches and coffee
Amira Blue.b (3 months ago)
Green Joe Coffee Truck yeah that s sounds great
Chapperz 994 (6 months ago)
boss breazzea I see you've nearly met your target
DeAngelo de Moulin (7 months ago)
Green Joe Coffee Truck is
www.PICISI.com (2 years ago)
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张Alice (8 months ago)
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I you IBM hill kh wwe
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Not a food truck it's a trailer. I own a truck
scrovax (2 years ago)
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Ese Fapohunda (1 year ago)
Devocean Studio (3 years ago)
easier ways to make a buck
Mr. Stkrdknmibalz (2 years ago)
+Devocean Studio DRUG VAN!!!!! Much easier that way, albeit riskier.
Green Joe Coffee Truck (2 years ago)
+Devocean Studio there is always ways to make money, but its about passion and job satisfaction. This weekend I'll close my doors for 3 days and go camping. I work part time and make a full time salary. And I'm always around coffee, which is awesome. Its all about finding what makes you happy...
neverpreparedenough (2 years ago)
+Devocean Studio Easier maybe but as satisfying ?
Real Rell (3 years ago)
Doesn't look worth it
Mike Tayon (4 months ago)
"WORTH" is relative. We all see things different. Amazing.
www.PICISI.com (2 years ago)
+PONCHODAGOD what were the numbers you saw? What were the numbers you were looking for?
ヨヨ (3 years ago)
Got curious, anyone happen to know what app is he using on the tablet when taking orders?
Joshua Kiieer (1 year ago)
this is what id like to know
Demarcus p (3 years ago)
Dam that looks like a lot of Hard work
Let The Word Speak (3 years ago)
Scott Klein (3 years ago)
have some more tables and chairs to put outside the truck?
raw hudson (3 years ago)
This is grind
Jhody Junaedi (3 years ago)
Menarik, apakah di Makassar model bisnis ini bisa berhasil?
Jess Hau (4 years ago)
Support your local small business please! You go boys! I love food trucks
Foodtrucksforsale (4 years ago)
good job guys don't give up slow and steady wins the race. everything that starts fast ends even faster.
John Chandler (4 years ago)
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keep pushing ... keep it up
kawola17 (5 years ago)
My heart goes out to all restauranteers. Hardest business to make any money in.
Googlesucksballs (5 years ago)
Kudos to the business.

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