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Why Does Your Stomach Make Noises?

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Your digestive system makes weird noises sometimes. You can’t really stop it from happening, but you can find out why it happens in the first place! Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Justin Lentz, John Szymakowski, Ruben Galvao, and Peso255. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow Or help support us by becoming our patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow Sources: http://health.howstuffworks.com/human-body/systems/digestive/stomach-growling1.htm http://www.businessinsider.com/why-does-my-stomach-growl-2014-8
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Text Comments (1094)
Happy says Aye! (1 day ago)
My stomach was growling while watching this
Rafael Borrayo (2 days ago)
I absolutely hate my stomach with the passion because in class it makes the loudest noises and it's embarrassing what what do I do in really no way around it?!!!
Cherry Loves Sans (4 days ago)
*My tummy growls when I watch this* :")
Cherry Loves Sans (4 days ago)
*My tummy growls when I watch this* :")
alphatoothlessGamer (5 days ago)
what about if i feel movment going up near my chest and down to my bladder area? P.s i have been having this weird problem for a while now How can i stop it?
Olivia C (8 days ago)
idk why but when im nervous my stomach rumbles haha so i take deep breaths and it goes away most of the time. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Brock Brady (12 days ago)
so is there a way to stop this noise?
gold gold water (14 days ago)
why do acids change their color on mixing em with indicators
Benfrank 96 (15 days ago)
I was in College class today and my stomach was growling I was like ugh please stop growling just for another hour 😂😂😂😂
TutorialsBy T (18 days ago)
My stomach keeps doing this
AAngels (25 days ago)
Everytime I jump I hear up and down noises inside my stomach
Why u reading my Name (27 days ago)
My stomach is making noises even though I ain’t hungry lol
Stephen Rea (1 month ago)
Why dose mine make noise all the time like 24/7
Bubbly DIYs (1 month ago)
Bubbly DIYs (1 month ago)
When i was little i was crying because i tough i was gonna die because of the noises 😂
Sosa DrawingひTM (1 month ago)
I hear liquids in my stomach... I only ate two pieces of pizza and drank alot of water and two cups of soda..EXPLAIN!
Yeah O (2 months ago)
So it’s farts- and farts are just trapped poos screams
Just Another Comment (2 months ago)
*Stomach roars* *Teacher looks up* "Someone's hungry!" Literally happened to me during a test and I sit in the back of the room and the teacher is all the way across from me.That moment traumatized me forever😑😧
Annabelle Thomas (2 months ago)
I remember once in math everyone (Including me) was in the middle of a test *Stomach growls loud* Me: Shut the hell up stomach! *Stomach growls more* *Everyone looks at me Me: Oh crap
Sergio burgos (2 months ago)
Mines grows when I'm really hungry or sick
Swapneel Patel (2 months ago)
i have had these noises coming recently from my stomach and I also have diarrhoea, will i be okay?
Waljeak (2 months ago)
Who else watched this video after your stomach made noises.
Megan Martin (2 months ago)
If I’m in class and it starts making noises like that then I just press against my stomach like you do if your about to throw up and that usually stops it. But if that doesn’t work then I just punch my self in the guts really hard. People look at me like I’m insane but it works.
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Guys,really so embarrassing I can't understand what problem do this stomach have....It destroys our personality and more worse if it happens everyday with you and you're like..."oh..no" How can anyone concentrate in studies if this continues... Spoiling my life Even bad when you're a girl and studying in a class where both boys and girls study and stomach growls and boys stare like you as...if...😒 So awkward moment...even during exam times when the whole class is writing I'm just thinking about growls....can't concentrate in studies It only growls when all class is silent like..'Yahoo students. ..look am growling' inviting everyone's attention However,I'll try to change this but one request from you all..please don't make fun of the person who has this problem. ..support it...so no one will feel embarrassed because it's natural Don't bully that person whose stomach growls Take care....
Evie Crowell (3 months ago)
One time in class, I was taking a exam on the Ipad, and it needed headphones, so I put them on. And my stomach was like: "Screw you, I am gonna make the most noise! :D" And when I was doing it, my stomach ROARED. And everyone looked at me and someone said: "Ewww. You need to eat!"
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Evie Crowell I know how it feels...so shame Same happens with me everyday...I can't understand what to do Destroying my personality....I need to finish this growl somehow
Nicoonii Nico (3 months ago)
No wonder because I just ate beans
What can cause a stomachache???
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Abigail's Crazy Creations not drinking water,eating unhealthy food
PandaChloeX (3 months ago)
I hate having them during exams, they’re loud and I just think to myself “kill me”.
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Oh Then...eat more food,I hope that reduces the noise
Ellie Ellie (2 months ago)
Me_αηδMyself Blossom ... I am not religious... at all
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Ellie Ellie yeah...all we can do is...pray to God,let's ask...if he could help us in this situation because. ...the whole semester is waiting for me this year and if this growling happens everyday...I'll loose my confidence...surely... Amen
Ellie Ellie (2 months ago)
Me_αηδMyself Blossom I agree... on Friday I have my very last exam... it is 2 hours and I can't concentrate on my work 😑
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
PandaChloeX same I can't concentrate while writing exams just because of these noises...I can't understand how to stop it...destroying my personality
Daniel K (3 months ago)
Admin Kel 5 x-6 (3 months ago)
listen it everytime i take a poo inthe middle of night. sometime is chilling
Kira's Music (3 months ago)
Bruh, if it's not gas, then what is it??? HUUUUUH?
Qariya Fayyaz (4 months ago)
Long story short: Stomach fluids getting ready for the food you are about to potentially eat.
Jessblue9 (4 months ago)
I just clicked on this because my stomach just made the loudest growl ever oh and there we go again I need food now boi guys.
Evie Crowell (4 months ago)
I just ate like, ATON. I had pizza, ice cream, milk. And now, my stomach is growling so loud! It sounds like, burping, farting, and mushing food around. Eck! When I woke up, my belly was still gurgling! And my stomach was bloated.
sarah hayes (5 months ago)
thank you for posting
Movedtomainchannel (5 months ago)
My stomach growls like damn lion. Will sour candy make it bad?
Megs B (5 months ago)
As my stomach growls throughout the video....
Jek // Trolling (5 months ago)
My stomach is making these noises , so i decided to search why
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Jek // Trolling same here
Nancy Orozco (6 months ago)
My stomach is still mad break food in upset tummy
Sweetpea Gauthier (6 months ago)
1 tbsp of apple cider vinigar in a cup of water will help with digestion and stop the grumbling within a minute or two - Your Welcome (:
c.sagan (6 months ago)
This one for kids
Vivek Biradar (6 months ago)
Destroyed in seconds commentary is gilderoy lockhart
Uhohhotdog Gaming (6 months ago)
Mine makes noises right after eating not when I’m hungry.
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Uhohhotdog Gaming same here
Xano (6 months ago)
Drinking green tea and helping yourself remain relax can reduce stomach noises. You can also teach it to do it silently but it takes practice.
srabonty11 (6 months ago)
After eating why tummy making sound always?? It's really uncomfortable!!
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
srabonty11 and embarrassing too
Teemu (6 months ago)
That's whats happening to me 00:44 i hear this sound
Hope Vang (7 months ago)
Omg his eyes are amazing
emma mcminn (7 months ago)
So coke and an empty stomach are not your friends in a job interview. Noted.
Laurence Taylor (7 months ago)
Is your stomach always working?
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Laurence Taylor yes it is Food remains in the stomach for about 4 hour and then it's digested
Danny Floyd (7 months ago)
Crohns/colitis its severe IBD, I make a Symphony in meh belly.
Big pickle (7 months ago)
I was taking an exam today and the room was quite... then.... *MyStomach*:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FAAAAA
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
DARK 1 seriously...so embarrassing,this catches the attention in the stomach growl and can't write exam after this...tension comes..like. ..'it's coming again...'
The Goat (4 months ago)
I hate when this happens.
Hub Location Sound (8 months ago)
This video offers no relief. Just affirms you're gross. :D
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Hub Location Sound true...
Pug thug life Msp (8 months ago)
I have a eating disorder because I eat a meal but I don’t gain wait I lose it ? And my stomach growls when I have just ate it growls for about 1 hour 😢
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Pug thug life Msp aw same here I control it somehow..but every time when the class is silent it growls so loud
goaxt (8 months ago)
Is this all information the same with dogs? My dogs stomach has been making noises for the last 1-2 hours.
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
goaxt I don't know,ask some animal expert
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
goaxt 😂
David Eunice (8 months ago)
my stomach make noies all time I don't konw why can i pangent with that noies
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Same here
Amjad Khan (9 months ago)
how the stomach growling can be stop??plz suggest a better solution for this problem
Well the stomach growling won’t completely stop but one way to kind of dye down the growling of your stomach is to use your hand and rub in small circles on your belly
del boy (9 months ago)
My stomach rumbling normally leads up to a big nasty smelly fart,as divorce proceedings are in progress as normally i do it in bed next to my nagging wife
L Daskaloff (9 months ago)
I started to watch this then realized it was a youtube- type guy and just thought - I cant do this right now.
CobraTheCat 22 (9 months ago)
One time my stomach made some random noises in class during a test. It was extremely awkward.
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
CobraTheCat 22 yeah...I understand you My stomach growls everyday...I just feel to leave the class that time or if I could reverse the time...it would be so cool...
Park Jimin (9 months ago)
My stomach was making noises while watching this xD
coble442 (9 months ago)
One time we were taking a benchmark test and I was STARVING like crazy and suddenly...........gggrrrrrr EVERYONE LOOKED AT ME. MY FACE WAS RED LIKE A TOMATO. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!!!!
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
coble442 I know how it feels....happens with me everyday...can't understand what to do with this problem
The Rocket Nerd (9 months ago)
Bruh. My stomach started grumbling during this vid, and hasn’t stopped.
hello (1 month ago)
Eetu The Hunter yeah that’s so weird. Every time i’m thinking about other things my stomach doesn’t make a sound but when i think about it then it starts to growl loudly, its strange.
Eetu The Hunter (3 months ago)
You just started paying attention to it i guess
Morgan Bennett (10 months ago)
I hate that feeling when I’m going to sleep
Me: OK I'm in church now to pray to God, or do I pray to Jesus? Oh well I'll just spin the wheel. OK today I shall pray to God. *starts praying* ***In the middle of me praying*** Stomach: Gurgle God: *strikes my stomach* Me: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW STUPID STOMACH to tell you the truth I don't actually go to church since I'm not old enough but when I do I'm expecting something like this happening -except for the part when God strikes me because-
Misty Forests (10 months ago)
When my stomach growls, I think of cells shooting at each other lmao
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Misty Forests 😂
Emile Gonzales (10 months ago)
Asked my mom this question and she just stared at me like I was an idiot
Diamond (1 month ago)
Emile Gonzales same
Me_αηδMyself Blossom (2 months ago)
Emile Gonzales 😂
Alba Spire (10 months ago)
Drank a cappuccino before an exam the other day and my stomach keep bubbling all through the quiet exam hall 🙄
RightWingKing (11 months ago)
I love the internet
Rini Kagami (11 months ago)
My stomach always makes noises after I eat ever since July and August of 2017, aka summer break. Specifically AFTER I eat, sometimes it growls way too loud I just wonder if I'm still hungry
Mason Boothby (11 months ago)
(trying to fart)
Teckson//The Ruby Of YT (11 months ago)
Actually I could hear two voices one come from the video and a real one coming from my stomach
NextGen Rager (11 months ago)
My stomach gurgled together with the intro xD
NextGen Rager (11 months ago)
TG (11 months ago)
My stomach is making random noises and I can't go to sleep
Rico Savage (11 months ago)
My stomach sounds like a humpback whale
Social Silvery (1 year ago)
My solution to you is to always have a water bottle
Anthoni Z (1 year ago)
Probably not the best place to do this but, I'm a small you-tuber trying to grow a little and it would be awesome if u guys could check my vids out :/
Harmony Brown (1 year ago)
My stomach doesn't make much noise unless I'm at my s.o's house. Why is that?
WeapoN RyaN (1 year ago)
Can you tell me how to get rid of it i have that over a year all that bubble sounds and my belly kinda hurts
M0LON (1 year ago)
may you throw up?
saItysis (1 year ago)
Three things why this happens to me "Yo, you're screwed. That bathroom is about to blow up" (sorry so tmi) or "I'm hungry feed me now peasant" And last but not least "why'd you eat so much fatty I have so much work to do now" my stomach and I... *sigh*
Dreama Collins (1 year ago)
oh man, stomach growlin is the worst in church.
Jackie Sharma (1 year ago)
your video helped me to not freak out. thank you so much. namaste
Mythical Koala (1 year ago)
I got a noise from my stomach so i watch this lol
蓉杨 (1 year ago)
it is very embarrassing and annoying
Robert La Mont (1 year ago)
Isn't it more correct to call it "gas", not "air"? It is not like you inhaled it. It is mostly methane created by the digestion of complex carbohydrates, right?
Big Red (1 year ago)
Nice video! Terrible hairstyle.
MeMe O. (1 year ago)
My stomach doesnt growl it ROARS!!!! Its so embarrassing and it usually does it when im in class and taking an exam. Terrible! !
Amalia Melon (1 year ago)
My stomache is making a lot of noice right now. And I am not hungry
I Hate Anything (1 year ago)
Watching this while my stomach is growling.
QueenlySweetpea (1 year ago)
I wonder why when people are referring to sounds, so many people so many times call it erroniously as " noises " ? So in essence the title to this video should be Why Does Your Stomach Make Strange Sounds ? ahh yea way better ..
Sazy Plew (1 year ago)
Wonderful (1 year ago)
Next Video: why do your parents make noises?
Aidan Barrett (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie I thought that stomach growling was me.
cailee (1 year ago)
Legit been trying to loose weight by eating less and my stomach growling has given me so many anxiety attacks I've had to go home more than once, how do I stop it ?
So, a stomach growl is just a baby fart?
RZX (1 year ago)
pink70366 (1 year ago)
Vika1371 (1 year ago)
started watching the video, stomach began to rumbble, ugh >:c
Dragongirl Happy (1 year ago)
My stomach growls and I'm not hungry and I hold my breath and then it comes out sounded like a fart my belly makes noises when I learning I'm just like ~ NOOOOO MY STOMEACK IT SOUND LIKE A FART WHY DOES IT DO THIS INMSCHOOL ALOT THAT WHY I DONT GOT ALOT OF FREINDS IN MY CLASS CAUSE IT SOUNDED LIKE I FART IN CLASSS ALOT
Sincerely Tracie (1 year ago)
I can't get it to stop! lol I work in a quiet office and it's sooo embarrassing 🙁

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