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Heart Attack Story, Dan Bilzerian, Off The Felt Bonus Feature

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You've seen what Dan Bilzerian's ridiculous everyday life is like; now experience his five-day bender that makes everything else you know about him seem tame by comparison. It's an over-the-top tale of sex, drugs, and Mexican food that ends with not one, but two heart attacks. Luckily for you, "Blitz" survived to tell the tale. To watch all of Dan's videos, check out blitz.allinmag.com
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Текстовые комментарии (1218)
robert heidrich (2 дня назад)
yea yea , you did it to your self , so , who cares , are you related to alxander DUMASS ?
J Jamison (16 дней назад)
I don't think he's cool, because I'm not 14 and I have responsibilities. = )
Kovačević Dobrina (1 месяц назад)
Dumb piece of shit
NuggsArentDrugs (2 месяца назад)
If I smoke a blunt I fuck all night. With meals in.between
Avishek Paul (2 месяца назад)
What a waste of life. Funny he still refers to his ex gf as ‘my girl’.
PRANK MASTERS (3 месяца назад)
Bro, the shooting guns, gets all the bitches, rich af. This guy is dead shot
Regular Guy (3 месяца назад)
DB is WINNING at the game of life...... The HAVE NOT'S are envious....
Asger Nielsen (3 месяца назад)
Why is he getting all the hate though?
YourBestFriend (4 месяца назад)
this was so funny!
jahovia82 disdik (4 месяца назад)
Ok so he had a hard attack becaude he took 2 200 mg vigras, self inflicted. Pretty dumb if u ask me.
David Hunt (5 месяцев назад)
Dan bilzerian for president
volcommerce (7 месяцев назад)
''I took the pills for 2 weeks, then I said fuck it and stopped taking them, if I die I die''
فاليريوس (3 месяца назад)
Corey Creasia (10 месяцев назад)
Anyone know the song at the end?
Hi Im Dick (11 месяцев назад)
he once threw a porn-star down a roof so that she hit her foot lol
Brenden (1 год назад)
Dan bilzerian your a fucking joke! L.A shooting videos prove your a little boy TRYING to be a man! Fucking idiot
Kay San (1 год назад)
whyeff21 (1 год назад)
i'm not gonna hate on this guy. I would be doing the same shit but having all these bitches around you all the time knowing they're just with you for money... THAT would probably annoy me.
julle huu (1 год назад)
so he did eat mexican food while dick rock hard lol ziisus
Greg L (1 год назад)
Why is this guy my fuckin idol?
Jan (1 год назад)
hes a dickhead, but a good story is a good story
R (1 год назад)
im I the only one that says, im I the only one that".
Future Billionaire (1 год назад)
Lol at all the jealous fucking pussies in this comment section hating on him because he has the life that they want. By the way he made his money gambling, his father lost all his money and ended up millions in debt due to tax fraud.
WATER MELANIN (1 год назад)
I wonder who his writer is great STORY
WATER MELANIN (1 год назад)
What a dipshit all that money trying to buy fame no one cares I just saw this dipshit buy his way into a photo with tyron Woodley ufc 209 even though tyron lost he's a lying piece of shit just be rich in private no one wants to see your lying ass you never had a heart attack now go screw your call girls cause that's all your surgery muscles can get.
WATER MELANIN (1 год назад)
Now thank daddy for your bought fame douche
Widowmaker Heartattack (1 год назад)
I had 2 massive heart attacks in 5 days..I'd never behave like this.And I'm 56 and probably in better shape.
Maxwell Raine (1 год назад)
Song at the end?
tarekyeerum2006 (1 год назад)
This isn't a life dude , get married and have some kids ..!!
Exile (1 год назад)
dude is living the dream pros=guns,money,girls pros=not married,not poor,
LEVELSABOVE (2 года назад)
I kind of want to take a shit on this guys face. Biggest fluffcake out there!
Brandon Brickhouse (2 года назад)
this man is fucking disgusting...how the fuck people like this clown get blessed with sucess and riches??
An Absolute Bossanova (1 год назад)
Brandon Brickhouse blessed? he out smarts people on the poker table. he won $18m in one night before. he uses his brain instead of looking for blessings lmao. oh yeah his dad got a big settlement too 😅
RWDtech (2 года назад)
Everybody says this guy is living life to the fullest and say that haters are just jealous, everyone wants to be this guy, etc etc. I dunno...I live a pretty normal live, I don't over-spend, I don't over-save, I don't do drugs, and I'm extremely happy. I don't need coke binges, money spending sprees, and a horde of women who are only around me for the money to be happy.
g p (1 год назад)
no problem. have fun paying bills and barely being able to do anything you want until you retire!
RWDtech (1 год назад)
I'm also happier, healthier, and likely going to live longer. Thanks for the congratulations!!
g p (1 год назад)
you're also average and boring. congrats.
Juan Pablo Melo (2 года назад)
1:44 this nigga cant believe it
The Ahmed Saif (2 года назад)
I want kill him The devil in beautiful earth
eloteh (2 года назад)
+Ahmed Saif why's he disgusting? is it because what he does breaks the laws of the Muslim fairy tail book called the Quran?
The Ahmed Saif (2 года назад)
It happens who says He is the most disgusting person in the world Do you know that?
eloteh (2 года назад)
Ahmed Saif lmao typical Muslim
Cody Mrowca (2 года назад)
"My parents are square" LMAO yeah your dad's a great guy, laundering all your money.
ChrisLovesNature (2 года назад)
sounds really good story. how can he remember all of that stuff and still speak so fluently after all of these things he has done? wtf seems like a set up scenario
Carpe Noctem (2 года назад)
dude....why the fuck do people like this guy
Zsombor Nagy (1 год назад)
+LEVELSABOVE How do you know he is a pathological liar?
LEVELSABOVE (1 год назад)
Has nothing to do with jealousy lol, people think because this guy lives this luxury life of freedom, cars, girls etc. This guy just gets used, he pays girls for sex cuz he's just some little narc midget who thinks he's the shit. He's just spoiled rich cuz of dad and he's pathological liar.... The guys got freedom and that's a nice thing to have to do what you want on an every day basis, but people legit think this idiot is a legend and shit. He's spoon fed and I don't dislike the guy because he's enjoying the $ in all ways possible, it's because he's legit a cum dumpster lol
Turcu Alina-Valentina (1 год назад)
This is what is wrong with the world today. Do you think that if someone believes that this guy is s**t is because he's JEALOUS? NO dude, this is very wrong and this guy shouldn't be a role model or whatever you see, and you should not support this kind of actions. Why should I see what he does with his money? I don't care, doesn't anybody in our days has a sense of intimacy, do we have to lay it all out there? Anyway he already had two heart attacks so it's a matter of time until next one.
Zsombor Nagy (2 года назад)
The question is... why would you have a problem with him? Are you JEALOUS? Are you not stisfied with yourself or something?
Big Wood (2 года назад)
dudes a fucking clown, he is the biggest piece of shit.
Zsombor Nagy (2 года назад)
It is okay to be jealous
Rocco Rattlebag (2 года назад)
Dan: What are the top things I can do to throw them off the "Im Gay" scent............... Now watch the video.......
twotracking (2 года назад)
Dan is the Man.
Solomon Tanyanyiwa (2 года назад)
This guy is a fucking legend, and some of you guys are judging him? fucking idiots make your own money and enjoy life, dont be jealous
Mike Sabella (2 года назад)
i want to be this mans bestfriend 😭
Pseudo Symmetry (2 года назад)
"If I die I die." Boss.
Martin Zvarík (2 года назад)
L M F A O !!!!!! :D :D :D :D no waay
R3DLUFF (2 года назад)
The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Except if you can be Dan bilzerian. Always be Dan bilzerian.
Hunter Digiesio (2 года назад)
This dude a fucking savage
gallardoman68 (2 года назад)
how boring...does he do any good with his $? a slave to his addictions. his rambling is annoying. prob die early with no real friends. buying popularity is always negative. just wastes $ on shit.
Ron McDon (2 года назад)
+gallardoman68 no friends. damn shame.
Ron McDon (2 года назад)
+gallardoman68 I know you spend a lot of time on comments. you have no friends bro.
gallardoman68 (2 года назад)
blackamericaninchina no its called taking the piss in england. like i am of you. i comment on many videos usually political or music. mps are more cunty than even you and dan. i really wouldnt like his shit boring life. if i had his money id do something with it useful. if he gets cancer , being a billionaire wouldnt save him. i dont have to work much so i like to call people who are cunts....cunts. eventually itll get thro...even to you.
Ron McDon (2 года назад)
+gallardoman68 and yet here you are. and yet here you are on a video of someone you find 'boring'. I dont click on videos I dont find appealing but you do. .....because you dont have any friends. you watch this guy and wish it were you and deep down you hate its not. sad.
gallardoman68 (2 года назад)
blackamericaninchina yawn. i dont give fuck about your meaningless existance. i refuse to have a battle of wits with someone completely unarmed.
Geminoms (2 года назад)
He is a good story teller
Lone Wolf (2 года назад)
da fuck !! this is crazy and hes still arond hiw dose this guy get payed dose he come from money ???
Albaliveforlife (2 года назад)
This dickhead better never come in Italy .you disappear in a second
Diogo (2 года назад)
He's in Italy now, and staying for 8 days at least. Clearly he doesn't fucking care about what you say. Sorry
Murt (2 года назад)
LOL what a fucking crazy son of a bitch
ItsaGreatnight (2 года назад)
Best shit ive seen from dan lol
Elliott Chan (2 года назад)
this guy is fucking hilarious
Nikhil S (2 года назад)
this dude is wat me & almost everyone wants to be 😎 extremely awesome
Nikhil S (2 года назад)
+mmafyasco tbh for this, i wud say ur correct i guess i dont have any true/real frnd but shd i feel sad if i dont have real frndz ? Nahh 😂 don't give a fuck man .. i wud happy when a person talks to me the way he is & only for a moment .. i wud rather be introvert than being surrounded by ppl evn if they're good/bad .. Coz the secret to my happiness is my family & its more than enough for me .. 😀😊
Archduke Franz Ferdinand (2 года назад)
+Nikhil S but you don't have money lol, that's why you wish you were like him also ,there IS such thing a REAL friends, but I can see why you wouldn't believe so since you don't have any. .
Nikhil S (2 года назад)
+mmafyasco still dont give a fuck bout that buddy, coz i got money underneath my ass .. there are no true/real frndz, there are only frndz no true, loyal, best etc that is bullshit ok .. & btw he has frndz yea there maybe only few but happy to keep my circle small & net worth huge 😎
Archduke Franz Ferdinand (2 года назад)
pfft an empty person with no character, born rich has all the material things he wants but no real friends, no thanks!
ghetto mystic (2 года назад)
he's fucking gross
ghetto mystic (2 года назад)
+Adam Grizzly everybody knows this, silly goose
ghetto mystic (2 года назад)
+Adam Grizzly they're all paid to be there lmao
Adam Grizzly (2 года назад)
tell that to the hundreds of gold digging whores who flock to him every day
BC FLO (2 года назад)
this dudes nasty
castilllione (2 года назад)
Adult american imbeciles. This is why México is such a grave yard. Druged up american ignorant retards.
SyedAliDilshad (2 года назад)
This guy is a beast
Skyler Beckett (2 года назад)
Its a shame we all couldn't inherit 50 million off of our fathers...not to mention his father stole it all from that labor of other hardworking families
Anon Gaming (2 года назад)
Now thats healthy lifestyle. Im surprised if he dont die in next five years
Rodrigo (2 года назад)
hes a retard
Kartikeya Dutta (2 года назад)
Dan is my hero.
lightThatcherry (2 года назад)
You guys fucking cheer for him. lol Whao you people must be the scum of the earth who should be wiped out for cheering for this unmanly women kicking piece of shit. One sole enough reason to leave this planet cause the likes of him get worshiped.
Bc C (2 года назад)
daddy money
Diogo (2 года назад)
Pope Francis, is that you?
Cye Knox (2 года назад)
+lightThatcherry A.. Hes doing what he wants in life and doesnt really care what people think B.. equal rights fuck woman who think they can do and say whatever to men
deathtotubez (2 года назад)
i cant be mad at him, because if i inherited 100 million, id do the same shit
dario7r7 (2 года назад)
name of the song at the end?
IOnlyCommentOnce GoatSe (2 года назад)
must be fucking miserable if he has to drink and do drugs
Craig Marston (2 года назад)
Wrong drug……..Your having a heart attack and the Doctor gives you Nitro, that's not what NITRO is for, Michael Jackon's DR……..Your luckly you did not die, Or maybe you never had a heart Attack ? Anyway glad your still with us.
Luke McDonnell (2 года назад)
Dan made this sound so fucking funny lol!
Max Feller (2 года назад)
How did he manage to make such an amazing story sound so boring
Lucas Reed (2 года назад)
_Ah fuck it, if I die I die._ I like this guy haha.
Raenell DuBroc (2 года назад)
this guy is stupid
Carlos Rivera (2 года назад)
Lucky fuck
Andreas M (2 года назад)
the fact this dude lived is pretty lucky.... considering the wait times etc, heart attack a 2nd time... dude is gonna maybe drop dead if he somehow had a real bad one ever again, cuz people often survive their 1st, further ones not so much
Michael (2 года назад)
Yup... you're an idiot.
jim bean (2 года назад)
stories of the privileged.  awesome.
Hassan Ahmed (2 года назад)
this man can tell a story
James Ryder (2 года назад)
too many people here are literally sucking his dick in the comments
Cristian M. (2 года назад)
Fucking douchebag.
Travis Brown (2 года назад)
Help me out! We can make this happen! https://www.crowdrise.com/high-roller/fundraiser/travisbrown4
Claire K (2 года назад)
Bruno Qirim (2 года назад)
This man survived what killed Elvis.
Fabian (2 года назад)
Anton M (2 года назад)
Whether you like him or not, you have to admit, he's a pretty good story teller
Ahdoyyyyy (2 года назад)
a true class act ,,,, succesfull poker pro lol he got his money from sheltering his dads money before he wernt to jail for being a scump bag
lynxx (2 года назад)
Dan is a total badass
SORE LOSER LIBERAL (2 года назад)
Man this guy is fucking crazy lol.
Justa man (2 года назад)
...what a load ae shite, oo oo.
smackedinthejaw (2 года назад)
Before I saw this video and knew who Bilzerian was, I thought this would be a video about a man who suffered a genuine freak heart attack at a young age telling his survival story in a moving way.......some shock then to see and hear a spoiled rich kid gleefully telling his interviewers about his illicit sex, drink and drug binge throwing in more F-bombs than Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.
Steven Contreras (2 года назад)
Lol, did he touch a nerve?
James Coyne (2 года назад)
"Hangin' out with my frat brothers..." That's all you need know about this trash. Will bet a donut to a $1 that this creep is muerta within the next 4 years.
Basilone (2 года назад)
+James Coyne somebody is still salty they didn't get a bid. Fun fact Ronald Reagan was in a fraternity.
Rat Snackerson (2 года назад)
Sterling Archer (2 года назад)
I want him to write my biography when I die
Астика е Пикня (2 года назад)
So who the fuck is this guy again ?
D mac (2 года назад)
Off the felt fucking love zooming in a lot for effect
Bryan McDevitt (2 года назад)
Lmao!!!! Bilzarian isn't a fucking boss
Alex Endr (2 года назад)
wtf this guy is a retard
Sepehr Karimi (2 года назад)
This guy is literally archer on drugs! lol
TimeWarp66 (2 года назад)
Stitches brought me here. This guy is awesome! Fuck the haters!
cenahater5002 (2 года назад)
This guy is so fucking cool
DefendPizzaPunk (2 года назад)
I think he was trying to be funny. No need to get pissy over it.
Michael (2 года назад)
+cenahater5002 If you believe that then you're just as pathetic as he is.
DefendPizzaPunk (2 года назад)
+Jordan Wendt Haha
Jordan Wendt (2 года назад)
Fornicators do not inherit the kingdom of God.
King David (2 года назад)
this guy is my hero
Alice Etkin-Bell (2 года назад)
Wow he's an idiot
Removoe (2 года назад)
Your dad was corrupt on wall street in the 90s trust me he has done cocaine!
Tondrax (2 года назад)
that's a fucking great story! :D

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