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#NoFilter - Ana Kasparian Educates "Ignorant" Pastor About Herself & Her Boobs

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In this week's #NoFilter, Ana takes on right wing, homophobic pastor James David Manning, who took issue with criticism he received from The Young Turks and referred to Ana as a "twit" whose only purpose on the program is to show off her chest. Ana defends herself against the criticisms by sharing her credentials as a journalist and a broadcaster while lamenting that Pastor Manning seems incapable of seeing beyond her physical attributes. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (3494)
showtime951 (4 days ago)
Good for you Ana! Even though your political beliefs are more short-sighted than the mirrors at "Foot Locker", and you have an awful proclivity to back-down from arguments with Cenk (pronounced: "stench"), which no human has ever lost, you have showcased your value here with your witty response. You have indeed proven yourself to be an intelligent, verbally skilled, attractive, hard-working, proud young lady of Armenian decent. I hope to tell the Pastor myself as I'm stuffing your mouth with Italian sausage, as we High-5 over your back and he steers in the A-Tram.
omar dixon (22 days ago)
This chick is too hot for words, I wanna be her sex slave
Avalanche 616 (23 days ago)
Like the actress on the "community" show, "we try not to sexualize Ana". Ana while I appreciate your aesthetic, it's your razor wit that I adore.
Leonardo Benni (28 days ago)
ANA, you are THE woman!
Solexx X (1 month ago)
mrmartin889900 (1 month ago)
anna stop running your mouth and suck my cock
Sameolgnoble (1 month ago)
I'm attracted to your brain!!!
Jcampbell461 (1 month ago)
TYT always pick an ignorant person and try to then draw generalisations. I can't stand them
mrmartin889900 (1 month ago)
Manning is ignorant ? I think you are the brainwashed young generation
Computer User (1 month ago)
Mannings gay, he hates women.
Maverick Silva (1 month ago)
Ana kasparian’s answer was perfect,
Cudaman2 Formula (1 month ago)
Back when she had looks. She looks like a hardcore bitch.
Malcolm Jules (1 month ago)
Here! Here! well said.
Velvet Dobbins (2 months ago)
U go girl tell that ignorant dummy head
mrmartin889900 (1 month ago)
your still being ignorant
Velvet Dobbins (1 month ago)
mrmartin889900 we're the ones that r brainwashed dude please and what do u mean by young cause if your calling me young then u have to be like 65 70 and if u r then sorry sir your kind will be dying out soon then hopefully this country will be a way better place🙏💪
mrmartin889900 (1 month ago)
honestly ,really its the likes of anna and you who are the real dummy heads. the reason you don't know this is because the young generation like you are brainwashed sheep
Johnny Bash (2 months ago)
her main bragging right is "I was a teacher's pet"
purplesue66 (2 months ago)
Give it to em, Anna! 😉
Jeffrey Massey (2 months ago)
I think that y'all should kiss and make up, just say your sorry, and let it go, and by the way Ana... I bet you have some pretty titties... And if you don't mind me saying, I love you. Call me.😘
David Lazaro (2 months ago)
Beauty and brains
El Pistolero (2 months ago)
Well by the laws of the Left Ana is racist!
Patrick Kearns (2 months ago)
Ana is my ideal wife lol
Deanna Taylor (2 months ago)
Ouch!!!!...ana stung his ass.....lmao.way to go ana..
meathook3000 (2 months ago)
lol the young turds criticising someone for running bullshit news. MY SIDES! XD
ALFJAMXA James (3 months ago)
She said "my magnificent breast" HILARIOUS lmao
James Hirtz (3 months ago)
Many of these comments seem artificial, as if the Young Turks are using are using bots.
Neca Bibi (3 months ago)
He was right
Kitcat_007 (3 months ago)
2:42 "of Armenian descent?" Another cockeyed, nasal toned WHINING MAD MAD joo-WITCH MASQUERADING as "Armenian." Aka CRYPTO (secret) j-w. Ashe-NATZI, stiff-necked, horsefaced, GREEDY locusts ; Jeremiah 51:27.  RAISE the STANDARD throughout the world, sound the trumpet among the nations!  Consecrate nations to make war on her; summon kingdoms against her:  Ararat, Minni, ASHKENAZ; appoint a recruiting-officer for her enemies, bring up the cavalry, bristling like LOCUSTS. Revelation 6:4 And out came another HORSE, BRIGHT RED, and its rider was given this duty: to TAKE AWAY PEACE from the earth and set people KILLING EACH OTHER. He WAS GIVEN A HUGE SWORD. Revelation 9:7  These LOCUSTS LOOKED LIKE HORSES armoured for battle; they had what looked like gold crowns on their heads, and THEIR FACES LOOKED HUMAN, Remember REAL Armenians, don't fit these descriptions and have NO political or economic power over anyone. Ashke-NATZIS do.
mrmartin889900 (1 month ago)
Kitcat you are right, she is jewish
John Calvin (3 months ago)
You are really a twit.... shut up woman
Serious Review (3 months ago)
Shes actually ignorant on what ignorant means
Mike Oxbig (4 months ago)
I would destroy Ana's juicy pink snatch.
alecrebel (4 months ago)
Kasparian is indeed a petty and full-fledged idiot. Sounds like she was brought up by pigs!
Marcus Garner (4 months ago)
Did he say........twit..?
Jc JA (5 months ago)
So this religious freak judged her...I mean many hypocritical religious people do the same contradicting their own belief system. Saying that lets us see what their bible says about this. https://www.openbible.info/topics/only_god_can_judge_me I thought god was the judge not man. Contradicting them selves. 89% of Christians do the same.
MegaLesterS (5 months ago)
She bores me. He's right.
Peter Gawron (5 months ago)
He had a point
uncleanunicorn (5 months ago)
I think she should've shown us what all the fuss was about. Just saying.
Summer Goodlow (7 months ago)
Ana owned his big ass
Kenneth börjestål (8 months ago)
You rule ana!
chrisutubeism (8 months ago)
Ana started with the antagonising, obviously got butt hurt- hence this video. Over all a waste of time...
Patty Lopez (8 months ago)
Ana Kasparian's mind😍
Stephen Alley (8 months ago)
No, you just call people fat fucks.
ThatKidKai (9 months ago)
mrmartin889900 (9 months ago)
anna please just shut up
rationalguy (9 months ago)
Christians are following a mythology just as imaginary and fictive as Harry Potter.
rationalguy (9 months ago)
Christian hacks do not like intelligent women. After all, the bible says women should shut up and be subservient to men. Never mind that the books of scripture that say that are known "pseudepigrapha", (forgeries) inserted by old assholes in the first, second and third centuries BCE.
bill pyfrom (9 months ago)
Cenk Hoca (9 months ago)
Armenian dissent joined the young Turks, pretty ironic considering... History...
Wilthon P (10 months ago)
He's funny though.
Eliza Almanza (11 months ago)
Props Ana. You a boss 😎
Mimaiself (1 year ago)
Wow. !
Donovan Preddie (1 year ago)
I told you that this man belong in a mental institution
Shanko12 (1 year ago)
please tell this idiot he is one of the person i can't stand to see...
dan barrett (1 year ago)
Now THAT'S a smackdown!
Marc Longanecker (1 year ago)
Ana is an idiot libtard
Martin Hajda (1 year ago)
Ana seems to have confused education with intelligence.
david douglas (1 year ago)
I fucking hate Armenian Americans
Ashley Schaeffer BMW (1 year ago)
What a twit lol
kopfgeldjagar (1 year ago)
Dean Forman (1 year ago)
Ana Kasparian is one RACIST WOMAN FROM  WHAT I HEAR !!!!!
davelle tate (1 year ago)
No way should he even be called a Pastor he should be called "asshole comic with serious issues" who uses the bible as a prop and for financial gain..if there is a hell and it's hot i'm pretty sure he has a front seat on the "HELL EXPRESS"
Professor Foxtrot (1 year ago)
Ana is racist!!!
Mark Murphy (1 year ago)
more anna... as much as possible... this approach helped elect our President.... 2 more justices appointed in the next 7 years...
Adam Sanchez (1 year ago)
Stop showing off Ana. Still not impressed.
Paul Lewis (1 year ago)
your funny Ana
St.James (1 year ago)
What a vile racist cunt this woman is trying to talk down to a black man because she thinks herself superior. Racist whore.
Ryan Bagarotti (1 year ago)
Lol she is a low life twit.
Gabriel Day (1 year ago)
Yeah that Manning is an idiot and also liar too.
Claus Bohm (1 year ago)
Damn Ana, your bad ass ... cool man! I wonder what you think about my book on financial reform on amazon
Arnieus (1 year ago)
Getting degrees from Cal-State does not keep you from being ignorant.
piet skiet (1 year ago)
yes yes u have nice body face ect. but your brain is much sexier!
Ruben Garza (1 year ago)
Pastor Manning is not close minded. Everybody can improve. Everybody does his best. (NPC). Pastor Manning 1, Ana K 0. He's not ignorant. My opinion, like everyone has one.
News that matter (1 year ago)
Bitch, the man has PhD. Shes got Dick degree for cock gobboling
Darth Xero (1 year ago)
unattractive and ignorant. the young turks are a fucking joke. ana is like white liberals, she hates her own people so much she stands with a show named after the people who tried to exterminate her people. tyt open minded? since when?
Benjamin Floyd (1 year ago)
well maybe the fact that you are soapbox buffoon. you and the other so called preacher Jesse Lee Peterson. Preacher I think you had a hard on and still for Ana.
little panda (1 year ago)
you two are famous clown in here trying to debate
strawberriesncandii (1 year ago)
Kripple King (1 year ago)
Ana you're smart as fuck with the body of a goddess...lemme feed you grapes
Mike Mushlock (1 year ago)
Armenian parents, works for genocide denier.
Bob Summers (1 year ago)
Just locker room talk lol..
Gunnar Jones (1 year ago)
What is your point Anna??? I loved you on election night, one for the ages. Why did you feel you had to validate yourself, insecure much????
pixelTRE (1 year ago)
Very childish from both of them...
dieudonnemcful (1 year ago)
Who this fat fake ass pastor? Rev you are tired, old and ignorant! Blacks like you embarrass the rest of us!
Roman Darius (1 year ago)
Ana,  you have to be educated about the Armenian Genocide committed by the Turkish Muslims.
Jovan Garcia (1 year ago)
dddayyyyyyyuuuuummmmmm lol
Ron Armfield (1 year ago)
Ana kicks ass again!!!
Karen Skinner (1 year ago)
There is nothing more beautiful than a strong, smart woman. Kudos, Ana!
Juan Garcia (1 year ago)
Ana,,, your intelligence is more sexy than your looks
HedgehogandRabbit (1 year ago)
LMAO! Pastor Manning is an ignoramus. He's full of himself and a misogynist pig. I watch Ana for her brains and I love how she contributes to the banter between the hosts. I don't like female anchors very often because they typically are there to look pretty and that's it. Ana is pretty, but that's not why she's there. It's because she knows what the fuck she's talking about and knows how to interrupt the boys once they get going. She can even tell Cenk when he's full of shit. Ana's the best!
John Scott (1 year ago)
To be perfectly honest I never put her looks in to my frame of thought. Although I enjoy all the journalist on the show, I love Ana. She is progressive, smart, well informed and very articulate. Also she seems not to be in it for the money. I have all the respect in the world for this Young Woman, her beauty be damned.
grobannoel (1 year ago)
Oh yes, you go girl!
JahAmericanNY (1 year ago)
Boondocks called they want Uncle Ruckus back.
Veronica Reed (1 year ago)
Laurence Hazlewood (1 year ago)
Ana, you are waay more than the sum of your parts. You have wit, intelligence, the analytical cutting edge of a ceramic knife and a terrific sense of humour. The integrity you have demonstrated puts this Fake Christian in the shade and your message has more relevance than anything I have heard from his bigoted and ignorant (in the true sense of the word) lips. Those like him are ten-a-penny, you on the other hand are a true jewel and I, for one, value your contribution to real debate. The fact that you are also hot as hell is just a lovely bonus. More strength to your elbow, Ma'am.
Janis Wilder (1 year ago)
Ana's commentary was spot on, but unfortunately this man wouldn't understand most of it.
Grihm Fayte (1 year ago)
Ana, I know I am guilty of fawning ( maybe even drooling) over you, But believe me I don't like you because you are just beautiful, but you are very intelligent and you fight for the right reasons and you are not a shill. Please keep doing good work. I actually need you and your channel for information.
BERZERKER13 13 (1 year ago)
Slk Ken176 (1 year ago)
GO Anna! I'm a Black 58 years old woman today's my 🎂 . I like Anna she stood up to Pastor Manning who's church I'd run from as fast as I could. I do believe in God, but not Pastor Manning. I don't disagree with all the things he says, but he's just too much to take. Go TYT!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👏👏
L Jaw (1 year ago)
I love ANA! I can show her to my children as a good example of a smart, hard working woman. She did NOT get there for her physical appearance.
Love you Ana! #PowerHouse #Crusher
Jonathan Hidalgo (1 year ago)
Fuck, she's incredible! Damn I love her
Richard Mcnee (1 year ago)
like so many right wingers, wild accusations and fraud are in abundance. keep kicking a*s ana! it would be nice to see a bombardment of lawsuits that put an end to idiocy like the professionally religious slandering and defaming intelligent individuals.
Vaughn Gainey (1 year ago)

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