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FREE Webinar Training | Childcare Business Marketing, Branding and Selling

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Happy First day of Spring and happy First day of my FREE Webinar Training that will be running THIS WEEK ONLY! This week I am opening up my webinar room for FREE! My webinar room acts as the "Virtual auditorium" of the CST Online School, and is where we all gather together for some valuable free training! I only open up my "webinar room" every so often for free and present a training on a specific topic. The Webinar is titled: "Childcare Branding, Marketing and Selling: How to be the BEST daycare in town! Tonight I will begin the webinar live at 6:00pm CDT! Click here to register and learn everything we will be covering! https://childcaresuccesstools.leadpages.co/childcare-branding-marketing-and-selling/ See ya at the Webinar!!
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Cristina Blanco (1 год назад)
how can I see this free webinar
Hi Christina! This free webinar is now over, but anytime I do them, I always leave a registration link in the description box. Hopefully you're able to join me on the next one! I do them often, so just look out for my announcements! Thanks so much Christina!

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