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Graphene: The Next Big (But Thin) Thing

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If you haven't heard of it before, you have now. And it may prove to be the next big thing in materials science. SciShow explains what it is, why it's so awesome, and what challenges we face in harnessing its amazing properties. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/artist/52/SciShow Or help support us by subscribing to our page on Subbable: https://subbable.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Thanks Tank Tumblr: http://thankstank.tumblr.com Sources: http://www.ibtimes.com/what-graphene-5-incredible-facts-about-miracle-material-you-need-know-1399503 http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2013/07/09/1222276110 http://www.understandingnano.com/what-is-graphene.html http://www.newscientist.com/special/instant-expert-graphene http://www.physics.org/article-questions.asp?id=67 http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/geim-novoselov-physics-novel/
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Text Comments (1241)
The Tisbird (10 days ago)
Hank Greene is truly a man of the people.
Curtis Barker (11 days ago)
Have you done a video on Vanta black yet which is the most capable Light devouring surface used inside sattelites and telescopes
Norman Ment (16 days ago)
+SciShow Dude you move as if you were drunk and you speak as if you weren't. It's confusing
I'm making a significant investment in graphene stocks.
Steven Farabee (1 month ago)
sounds like classical computers aren't necessarily running head on into Moore's law. thumbs-up.
Courtoreille Anim (2 months ago)
four years later Samsung announced a graphene battery
Gary Lawrence (2 months ago)
Koshokar (2 months ago)
2 more days until the 4-year-anniversary of this video! Production is going strong, but I haven't seen any graphene products to buy yet :C
Koshokar (2 months ago)
Well yes, according to this article graphene-enhanced batteries have been around for quite a while now. https://www.graphene-info.com/graphene-batteries But graphene-based batteries are still yet to go into production it seems like.
Andrew Stein (2 months ago)
Koshokar I think there is some in the new Samsung phone
ABHIJITH VIJAYAN (2 months ago)
Please find the detailed information on graphene here -> https://www.greenomicsworld.com/graphene-wonder-material/
Rory O'Brien (2 months ago)
How could you bond 2 sheets of graphene
Aww damn, i broke my pencil
Black is always better
Julius Cabrera (4 months ago)
GRATOMIC INC. has a superior supply of graphite in Namibia. Partnered with Perpetuus Advanced Materials who have over 500 customers for their graphene. Together, they will commercialize graphene enhanced racing tires later this year. Road tested with 5/6 major tire manufacturers for 15 months and were impressed with the results. GRATOMIC.CA
DANISHDA SUSHI (5 months ago)
Quick maffs
Che Roodal (6 months ago)
Adwait Shinde (6 months ago)
I like the title
Yes (6 months ago)
Could have said the next big thin
DavidFrostbite (6 months ago)
Remember when we all thought carbon nanotubes were gonna do all this?
Fox D (7 months ago)
Konstantin Novaselov bears a striking resemblance to Wes Johnson, the voice actor.
FATHER 58 (7 months ago)
Stone Ro (7 months ago)
Aditya Pradipta (7 months ago)
Diamonds conduct heat well??
Peaces (7 months ago)
Why is the world struggling to make pure graphene sheets, When it should be struggling to be making Pure graphite crystals...?
MSS432 (8 months ago)
Nice Coverage !!! those Russkies though are everywhere..., in Government, politics, news, now...Science. Unbelievable !!!
Jehbuhdieya Springfield (8 months ago)
So use robots to peel off percise layers of graphene until you get to one atom sized layer! Bam. Solved.
Jens Pettersen (5 months ago)
JoeAceJR (8 months ago)
I got an idea for computer storage Graphene punch cards. Let me say how it would work. A punch card is a piece of paper with holes in it. A graphene punch card would be 1 atom think. To store the data on this, individual atoms would be taken out of the graphene. Imagine how much storage a pint-size punch card system would hold. To delete the data, the carbon atoms would fill in the graphene punch card holes. Pretty cool huh?
PhobiaHD (8 months ago)
If graphene is made from graphite then couldn’t we get something from granite
Brandon Wiebe (8 months ago)
3 years later and graphene production is exponential!
Jubarie Jones (8 months ago)
this stuff is probably capable of replacing fiber optics, more durable and less sensitive. Let's make sandwiches.
Jessica Galvin (8 months ago)
I heard this stuff could be made into bullet resistant vests. I wonder what else we can do with it...
TOR RAH (8 months ago)
лож и надувательство незапятанной воды !
Dave Cruickshank (9 months ago)
Ok... So 3 years later (from this video) , we are still not seeing graphene in a wide variety of products (batteries, conductors, and other materials). Why is this? Is it expensive to produce? Is it too good to be true? Standard adoption delay? I'd love to see a follow up video on this.
Jens Pettersen (5 months ago)
But then there's this: https://inhabitat.com/mit-just-discovered-a-way-to-mass-produce-graphene-in-large-sheets/ :)
7889915 (9 months ago)
Are you the skipper penguin from Madagascar giving a lecture on graphene? Great voice and great video!
Skull Pirate87 (10 months ago)
Sorry but non of this is going into my head.
BackToConstitution (10 months ago)
Lousy teacher! A good teacher makes it clear! This Bozo makes it confusing!
Scott Baker (10 months ago)
So this video is over three years old now... has the technology advanced in any significant way?
Sydney Tonkin (10 months ago)
Can I just take a quick sec to appreciate SciShow’s inclusion of closed captioning? Cuz I’m very grateful.
Sameer Ahmed (10 months ago)
so carbon can create infinitely big molecule
FGV Cosmic (10 months ago)
But the price...
Dallas (10 months ago)
If you can make it with tape, could you just have machines do it, with like a ton of graphite and very large sheets of tape?
Good Life (11 months ago)
I remember a metal works opposite than graphine. Whenever you take it near any running engines they will stop and it includes watch and phones too
Unique Channel (11 months ago)
I found video a bit fast....nice
rutger5000 (1 year ago)
Hank I love you. Seriously you and your brother do great work. But I can't show this to my non native speaking English class. Most of them are familiar with English enough to hold a decent conversation. But you're talking too fast and unclearly here to be understood by less skilled speakers.
davidsirmons (1 year ago)
Processes have come up since this video was made. Companies have learned how to make a continuous sheet, which can be cut to size as it's made. One source, oddly, is soybean oil as a substrate, subjected to ~850degF to change it into a perfect patch of graphene. :D
jimmy needle (1 year ago)
well I have noticed a big advancement in computer technology with memory and processing speeds but I also have noticed a slow development in graphene and broad scale of applications and found a similar material called Boron Nitrite nano tubes like carbon nano tubes they show the same hexagonal shapes as carbon dose so whats the difference is my question to ask?
Isaac Moreira (1 year ago)
a64750 (1 year ago)
I'd bet Graphene, one atom thick doesn't at all resemble the neat & clean man made Lewis Structure pictures! It's all a lie.
Nicolas Schaffer (1 year ago)
it was hiding lol it's such a contradicting material between the 3 siad formations In the vid
Fahmy I (1 year ago)
I am from the future. I shall provide you with the solution. Step 1: Heat the graphite into a molten state. Step 2: errr I wasn't paying attention in class so i cant remember the rest. But good luck!
Raja mani (1 year ago)
why are you rushing through??
"graphite is black" racist flip jk
Andrew Stang-Green (1 year ago)
Time to make some flying vehicles! Just imagine, the entire chassis would provide structural stability, POWER, storage of power, and incredibly light weight!
peter lang (1 year ago)
coat magnets with graphene put them in the ocean and they will make electricity 24-7 from moving saltwater with no pollution
Caio Oliveira (1 year ago)
I really enjoy this show. But the way it's presented is fucking frenetic. I'm always scrolling backwards so I understand what he means.
Duncan Cairns (1 year ago)
You talk way to quick i cant understand
James Martin (1 year ago)
Can we make Spider-Man web shooters out of this stuff??
Mike G (1 year ago)
Will we eventually have Graphene support beams, such as for bridges?
Loc K (1 year ago)
the best solutions are often nearby us ;D
rezmaki kuxeli (1 year ago)
there is? why it not appeared during the 3 year?
JamesonCrate (1 year ago)
if this was really that good we would already use it. what we use now is much more cost efficient and we know it will work. other than this which is unpredicable
Leaped Gryphon (1 year ago)
If you want to support graphene. Look up Saint Jean Carbon their stock went up over 600% in the past 52 weeks.
IHateNumbers234 (1 year ago)
STILL not mainstream.
Leaped Gryphon (1 year ago)
IHateNumbers234 I know its hard to believe.
Thy hewman (1 year ago)
Ok ok, why haven't we sent a big panel of this near the sun, connected to a rope of more graphene for lots of solar energy?
Gagan Narang (1 year ago)
you sir are going places..
James Dorrian (1 year ago)
Farhan Zahin (1 year ago)
Ok.I am studying electrical and electronic engineering.and i just found what i want to work on after i graduate!
Craig Lewis (1 year ago)
I have 100M ton Graphite Deposit, that I want to create into a mine and for making Graphene products. Invest in this $12B deposit and let help save the World :)
Beyonder (1 year ago)
dilithium crystals
Aerial (1 year ago)
Physicists patent detonation technique to mass-produce graphene https://phys.org/news/2017-01-physicists-patent-detonation-technique-mass-produce.html
Misiulo (1 year ago)
Dude, imagine if we put like the carbon nanotubes in like graphene sheet and make like crapzillion interconnected layers of it and stick it into like biocomputing motherbord gaenetically ingeneered for optimum performance, add holographic memory and connect it all together with supercondcuting otical fiber. That would be just AWESOME !!!
Massih Janati (1 year ago)
Mkbhd squad
Tom Servo (1 year ago)
KaBoom!!!! https://www.siliconrepublic.com/machines/graphene-ksu-explosion
Aerial (1 year ago)
Physicists patent detonation technique to mass-produce graphene https://phys.org/news/2017-01-physicists-patent-detonation-technique-mass-produce.html
ZR1 Gamer (1 year ago)
I hope these things become mainstream for the Semi-Conductor industry.CPUs and GPUs.etc,Atleast by 2030
gabriel cruz (1 year ago)
Could you do condoms of this material or it would be to expensive???
brownwingedangel (1 year ago)
gabriel cruz you probably wouldn't be able to feel anything
jpkossman (1 year ago)
an elephant standing on a pencil point to pierce a piece of graphene as thick as plastic wrap? if graphene is one atom thick piece of graphite how many atoms thick would graphene as thick as plastic wrap be? If you stacked graphene then it would be graphite and wouldn't be any stronger than the pencil lead the elephant is standing on. So pull that one atom thick graphene of the tape stretch it then walk on it . then I'll be impressed.
Daniel Ardelean (1 year ago)
When do you think we would be able to use our first graphene CPU's?
Richard He (1 year ago)
Conducts heat better than diamond... Wait what?
Lets Talk Space (1 year ago)
Anyone else only like Hank talking?
Underground Skeptic (1 year ago)
PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THIS Why do we feel like peeing whenever it's cold?
Lionel Hutz (1 year ago)
Mr. Executive (1 year ago)
I fell asleep watching this junk
Alex Chen (1 year ago)
Why did you decide to watch this then. Fooooooools.
Epsilon Xenos (1 year ago)
if you split an atom in half it creates an explosion, graphene is 1 atom thick, if you slice graphene in half what happens?
simon peter (1 year ago)
its like hes constantly about to smile lol
Wesley Williams (1 year ago)
Electrons DO NOT fly around in any material. They freely float but their drift velocity is slow! An E field translates energy across the sea of electrons at a fast rate but the e stay in place. Kinda like a Newton's cradle.
Chris Q. (1 year ago)
How to make a lot of graphene: Get a big piece of tape(like huge) Then get a crane to lift the tape on graphite. Next lift off. Finally somehow get it off the tape.
Collin (1 year ago)
its stronger than diamond and steel not just steel!!!
7z (1 year ago)
graphene is stronger than diamond
Quentin smith (1 year ago)
I don't get it, how does it retain its properties when you grind it up? I would have thought that if you grind up a layer of carbon atoms one atom thick it would break the bonds between carbons and essentially form graphite? Or the bits of layers would bond through van der waals forces to form graphite? Also does anyone know how graphene composites are made?
xXLoAfBlOkEXx (1 year ago)
How I imagine graphene was first made: "Hey let's see how thin we can get this graphite lol" "Lol ok" **makes 1 atom thick layer** "holy fuCK IT'S ONe laYEr THIcK"
TroxyGamer (8 months ago)
Quark thickness... For one, quarks are a theory. A very accepted theory, but still... How could they bond?
MasomoJ (11 months ago)
Paradox Wyvrn (1 year ago)
next it will only be quark thick
Polygon Donut (1 year ago)
meri (2 years ago)
how much global resources to convert graphite to graphene and then graphene to applicable uses in all steps? are the processes safe for the environment and people? is graphene safe for ppl to be around all day everyday in low quality but in many low low low low low quantities adding up of many objects screen here, there, all over in a room full of say 200 people?
Rakshasa (2 years ago)
More time and more money fixes everything.
Graphene was discovered during the second world war and was first used to replace aluminum strips that were called Chaff.
Najey Rifai (1 year ago)
+Artytom Inquisitive Minds That's interesting, I'll have a look on WoS for it. Thanks for the info buddy :)
I don't know how they did it but the speaker used the word Graphene and they used it as chaff because it was more efficient than aluminum. The scientists made the chaff in 3 days and he remarked that this was amazing as it took 2 years to make the same thing now. So he was convinced he was referring to Graphene.
Najey Rifai (1 year ago)
+Artytom Inquisitive Minds But in terms of independent graphene sheets?
The term Graphene goes back much further than WWII. Robert Murray Smith mentions in one of his videos that it is over 120 years old.
Najey Rifai (1 year ago)
+Artytom Inquisitive Minds But that's graphite, not graphene, right?
The Lazy Animator (2 years ago)
its easy,just take liquid carbon and put in a dvd burner
First of all, the graphene can be mass produce. Secondly,  we can use graphene as oil-water separator for oil industry, which can lower their cost about TWO dollar per barrel. Moreover, we can use graphene as air filter which is better than 3M.  It is made in CHINA. How do I know? Because we made them.
Jon Paior (2 years ago)
Why is pencil lead such a good conductor of heat?
Command Frog (2 years ago)
I did not expect to see Hank Green here :O
Random internet user (2 years ago)
imagine the Saw movies with this strong metal. oh wait....
Earl (2 years ago)
Surprisingly, we are already mass-producing it! Basically, carbon is heated up to 1,100 Celsius in a copper chamber, and voila! Actually it's not that simple, but we are making larger quantities of it.
Neil Gupta (2 years ago)
I still don't understand how graphite is different from graphene other than it being just one layer.
Bruce Ryan (2 years ago)
Graphene is layered in discrete layers. Graphite is random structures.
FlawlessPiner (2 years ago)
3:35 (captions) "peeing off"
SUNIL KUMAR (2 years ago)
Schiken (2 years ago)
where have you seen 100 gigahertz CPU ?

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