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Can You Get A Tattoo While Taking Warfarin Or Blood Thinners

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A quick video by Dr George Forgan-Smith from Elite Tattoo Aftercare on the question of can you get a tatto when taking warfarin or blood thinners. Good news is that yes you can get a tattoo however it needs to be carefully planned and discussed with your doctor. I don't recommend getting a tattoo larger then 2 square inches or if your INR is higher than 3 to reduce risk of bleeding. http://elitetattooaftercare.com
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Marta Durao (8 месяцев назад)
Cool. Was hopin to hear that. How accurate is this info Dr. Bear? Thank you
The Medical Mystery (1 год назад)
I have been on Warfarin for four years due to the fact I had 7 major strokes, 2 heart attacks, heart surgery, a brain hemorrhage that fractured my skull and I congenital heart disease. I was told by every specialist and every doctor that under no circumstance could I get a tattoo. Every shop I went into turned me down because of it. Then I met a guy who had tattooed people before on blood thinners. It's all about the size of the needle being used and tattoos should ONLY go just under the skin so there should never be any bleeding for ANYONE. If you ever experienced a painful tattoo it's because they don't know what they are doing and are going in to deep, causing not only pain but the tattoo will start to fade in a short period of time. I had this guy tattoo me AGAINST doctors orders and had 4 tattoos done. I had a BIG tattoo done on my chest that took two sessions and I NEVER bled a drop. I never felt anything, in fact I fell asleep during the session. I came back 2 days after it was completed so he could check it. He told me that I healed FASTER than ANYBODY he's ever tattooed. Bottom line is this, you INR does not matter, it's all about the knowledge of the artist who is going to do the work. ANYONE who says they can't do it, DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO TATTOO!!!!
haze aka born gifted (1 год назад)
makes me feel better ink my whole body .
The Medical Mystery (1 год назад)
Luna Azul I'm so sorry to hear about the struggles that you are going through. Your husband is a very smart man, "what are you waiting for?" God has blessed you with life and if there is something that truly means a lot to you than by all means you should do it. All of mine are special and have meaning. I didn't want one just to get one. I think if you click on my name it takes you to my YouTube channel where I did a video about this very topic and I show each one. it goes a little more in depth about the process of a tattoo and how to find the correct artist. You should check it out and let me know what you think? God bless and I hope that you find the source of your clotting disorder. Take care. :-).
Luna Azul (1 год назад)
The Medical Mystery Yes I agree with the comment above. You are a walking miracle. Thank God you still around and able to have your artistic expressions in your body (I wish I could see your tattoos) thank you for the information. I've been on blood thinner for two months now do to a blood clot on my leg. The doctor said I should be in it for life because is my second blood clot in 9 years. It's amazing how the value of life increases after being at the edge of loosing it. I always wanted a tattoo. I'm an artist myself (paint) didn't do it because people around me are usually judged mental about tats and I've been talked out of it before. My husband told me "what are you waiting for to do what your hearts desires" I feel so alive. I want to experience so much and the least things I care about is what anyone says. I'm 35 and usually someone else has been my excuse not to do something I loved. Today I'm working on getting a HUGE dream of mine finally come true and this first tattoo (I want 3 at least) means a lot to me. I can't imagine your journey. A thousand things come to my head. Whatever you do, I hope you are passionated about every breath you take. Big hug... Best vibes and blessings. (I'm too intense lately, sorry about the long post and bad spelling)
The Medical Mystery (1 год назад)
+Tiffany Nicole Thank you for the kind words :-). When deciding on a name, I just used the name that the doctor's would call me. I have had 15 separate life ending episodes and I thank God every day that I am still here walking and talking and if you randomly met me you would never have a clue that any of those things have happened to me other than the mile long pages of medical reports. Just so you don't think I am a B.S. artist, I do have a very small channel that I rarely use, but it has chronicled some of my struggles with these health issues. It is NO JOKE!!!! I even did a video on getting tattooed while on blood thinners. Forget taking advice from experts, how about taking advice from someone WHO IS GOING THROUGH IT!!! That carries more weight than professionals telling you what to do. I have been a medical mystery for the last 8 years because if modern medicine can't explain why you survived, why you are still here, that only leaves one option, G-O-D!!!!
Tiffany Nicole (1 год назад)
The Medical Mystery just know you're a walking MIRACLE my gosh!! thank God you're still here
Chrispy72a (2 года назад)
I want to get another tattoo but am taking co-plavix, what do you think, I do bleed a fair bit when I cut my self.
Chris (2 года назад)
Roberta Bossell (2 года назад)
I am on coumadin, and at the ripe old age of 66 am thinking of getting a tattoo (bucket list item). When I have a dental procedure, I am allowed by my doctor to go off coumadin for 5 days and resume it the night after the procedure. I have not spoken to my Dr., but I don't see why this could not be done for a tatoo. Check with your Dr. and see. I am in the U.S.
The Medical Mystery (3 года назад)
Having a tattoo on warfarin DOES NOT change your INR!!!! Just ask your doctor. They have already told you, watch your vitamin K intake, alcohol consumption as those are the things that change your INR. I have a very erratic INR and it bounces all over and is rarely in range. I am usually well below where I should be. I had One tattoo prior to being on warfarin but wanted more. I was turned away at every shop I went into until I met a guy who explained the whole process and why it bleeds, they are going in too deep. A tattoo shouldn't be so deep or it will fade away sooner, cause pain during the tattoo and bleeding no matter what. We discussed my situation and decided to go ahead with the tattoo I wanted. He did the first one and low and behold, no pain, no blood!!! He saw my first one, said it was a poor job, felt bad and re-did that one for me as well. No pain, no blood. I had a third tattoo done to honor my deceased best friend. He mixed some of his ashes in the ink and again, no pain, no blood. My fourth and biggest tattoo was going on my chest , above my heart and it was to honor my children. It was a big piece and having heart surgery and 7 strokes this was the biggest test. It had to be done in two sessions and not one drop of blood came out, the colors are extremely vibrant and it healed in only one day. All told, I had 4 tattoos done on warfarin or coumadin and his hand was so steady and he knew what he was doing that they all turned out perfect. No bleeding, scarring, running of ink, noting. They are PERFECT tattoos and my INR is just fine. My advice to you is to do you research to find the right person who knows what they are doing because that makes all the difference in the world!!!! I am living proof that you can have as many as you want and as big as you want as long as the artist knows what he's doing you will be fine and it WILL NOT affect your INR!!!! I consulted with my specialists about that and it's all about your diet so don't worry about the ink, just properly take care of it once it's done and it will be fine!!!!!!
michael padasay (7 месяцев назад)
thanx bro
The Medical Mystery (1 год назад)
+FirePrincess Hino I can guarantee you that NO doctor will EVER give you the green light to get a tattoo while on blood thinners. It doesn't matter if you are 2.5 they will still say NO. When I got my 4 done I was NOT in range. It ALL has to do with the SKILL of artist giving the tattoo. Most won't touch anybody on blood thinners because they don't know how give a proper tattoo. If you bleed or it hurts it's because they are going too deep. A tattoo should only be under the surface of the skin and you will not bleed and feel only minor pain depending on where you have it placed. Good luck to you and PLEASE let me know how it turns out. I wish you great success!!! :-)
FirePrincess Hino (1 год назад)
The Medical Mystery I'm on Warfarin and I always want a Fairy Tail tattoo. So I'm going to go on my doctors appointment in May to check out the results if it's a 2. something then I'm going to ask the doctor for a note for me to get a tattoo. So I'm just getting one tattoo just a small one. ☺
SulfurCitizen (3 года назад)
Hey dude, thanks for the video. what about bridging therapy to Clexane and stopping clexane for the tattoo (for low clot risk individuals) then jumping back on clexane/warfarin after the tattooing event?
Christian Biggins (3 года назад)
My understanding (lots of research) is that warfarin (which I am on) does *not* thin your blood. The blood viscosity remains unchanged after taking warfarin. It actually changes the coagulation of the blood. Its a nice easy explanation to call it a blood thinner, but it is a wrong explanation and I believe its worth explaining correctly.
Alex Gnydjenko (3 года назад)
It is now june. are you alive?
Fernando Lopez (3 года назад)
Guys I'm 19 and I'm on a blood thinner my inr target is 2.5 I'm on the blogs thinner cuz I have a Metallic heart value but I'm trying to get a pretty good sized tattoo any help?
kittycat7732 (1 год назад)
Fernando Lopez how did you get on?
Bpd Advice (3 года назад)
High clot risk. Target INR = 3.5 .... Had 3 strokes, Pulmonary Embolism on both lungs, 2 heart attacks and 9 DVT's so far. Stents in Jugular veins and heart. Such a high risk hospitals will not discharge me until my INR levels are over 3. 3 x 5hr tattoo sessions next week. Will have been off Warfarin for 10 Days when I have first session. I cannot go back on Warfarin after the 3rd session next week because there are another 3 x 5hr sessions a fortnight later. It takes a week to raise the INR and I will be at the stopping stage before I manage that, so I am just staying of Warfarin altogether until the end of the second batch of 3 tattoo sessions.   I will have been off Warfarin for 26 Days at that time, the longest before this has been 9 Days.  There is a good chance I will die because of this tattoo. If I survive, a month later there is 3 x 5 hour sessions booked on consecutive days. I will stop Warfarin 10 days before the first session. I will restart at the end of the day of the 3rd session. My INR stays through the floor on the first few days of restarting Warfarin so I will have no worries about bleeding. If you didn't know, INR levels are always determined by your warfarin dose 48 hrs before - For example, if you double dosed or more, that is going to hit you in 48 hours time. One month after these last 3 sessions, I have a final 3 x 5 hour sessions. I will again stop warfarin 10 days prior to the first session. If I am alive after, between now and May I will have had 60 hrs of tattooing. I will have stopped gor a marathon 26 days this month, stopped 13 Days in March and stopped 13 Days  in April. I am at extreme risk of clots, my INR has sometimes dropped to 1.1 while on Warfarin. I can sit here and worry about clots or I can be a man and risking all for ink. The cost of the tattoos are high, but the cost could be the ultimate price ... my life ....  So when I look at my tattoos and when others see my tattoos, they will represent a gamble. I will perceive them to be a badge of ambivalence, a statement of sheer f**k offness. A middle finger to all those who said I will never be able to have tattoos. If I am alive to do it, I will return in May and confirm my survival. You have to have a devil may care perspective, be unafraid to die and just live trying to do things you're told you can't. If I gave a sh1t about dying I would not do it. See you in May.
justmissj (8 месяцев назад)
Bpd Advice what happened to you!!!
Mikael Schwartz (4 года назад)
I've been on Warfarin for almost 3 years now, and as of late I have been taking stomach shots with Fragmin (I don't know what it's called in English). And yesterday I got a chest tattoo about 20-ish centimeters high and 15 centimeters wide. I didn't bleed more than a regular person would and at this moment the tattoo looks good and hopefully the rest of the healing process will go smooth.
Mikael Schwartz (1 год назад)
Mine is 2.0 - 3.0. But mostly I try to stay around 2.5 :) I now have my entire right lower arm tattooed, my chest and then one more tattoo on my left arm. I haven't had any problems with any of them when it comes to healing or excessive bleeding. Only the one on my left arm was done before I started to take Warfarin and it healed just like the ones I've done while on Warfarin :)
garryandleigh (1 год назад)
Mikael Schwartz sorry can i just ask what your inr is please ? mine is normally 2.5 - 3
Christian Biggins (3 года назад)
+Mikael Schwartz Nice advice, thanks. I have had a small one on my arm so far (the tester) but am planning to get a half sleeve done soon. I'll do it in parts to aide healing.
Mikael Schwartz (3 года назад)
Maybe I should have remembered to update on this! The chest tattoo and another one that I got on my arm afterwards healed perfectly fine and none of them bled any more than usual. Always consult with your doctor before getting a tattoo, but the horror stories on the internet seems to be very rare occasions. Make sure your tattoo artist knows what he/she is doing and always ask them if they have had any experience with tattooing people on blood thinners.
dilwich123 (4 года назад)
Thank you at last someone on YouTube who gives clear and concise advice.
Terrence Greene (5 лет назад)
I have been on Coumadin for almost a year and got seven tattoo since then. It does get patchy and sometimes doesn't turn out great. Just be aware that you will have to get your tatts touched up the ink gets easily pushed out.
Franck Morisseau (5 лет назад)
I've got a tattoo under blood thinner last year without prolem. I was taking fluindione a French exclusivity but i'm now under warfarin to allow travels the bleeding was like a normal person. But yes it take some time before the tattoo to decrease my RNI from 3.5 down to 2 (the min value to avoid clot on mechanical heart valve). another thing is to meet a doctor because other treatment must be required. I have a mechanical heart valve and I've taken amoxycillin for one week to protect the valve against infection (endocarditis). so be careful! the healing was slow but it's a thing i've noticed since i'm under blood thinner. :)
allthatisblank (5 лет назад)
Thank you so much for the information, As someone recently beginning Coumadin due to Aortic Valve Replacement it's quite relieving to know that I'm able to get another tattoo, or maybe a few more :D Now I just need to find an artist that doesn't show me the door upon hearing the word "Coumadin" haha. Much appreciated, Healthy Bear.
Chris Ahrenberg (5 лет назад)
Thanks for the information. I've been on warfarin for 29 years, and I've always wanted a tattoo. I just lost my little brother this past July, and i'd like something for him. So, I will show your video to my tattooer :D
MrAjk333 (5 лет назад)
Yay so I can get tattoos.
Ashley Eubank (5 лет назад)
xAidynx (5 лет назад)
It does suck, but it is definitely a humbling reminder that we're human and you never know how long you've got so make the best of it while you still can.
Nicole C (5 лет назад)
I completely feel you. I was rushed to the hospital with blood clots in both lungs in January at the ripe old age of 22 and have recently been diagnosed with Lupis Anticoagulant. It's sad that we won't be able to impulsively do whatever we want (like get a tattoo or get really drunk) and have those kinds of experiences like most people our age but at least we're alive.
TatiannaHill (1 год назад)
Nicole C I had the exact thing happen to me when I was 16! I was diagnosed with the same thing as well. Have you gotten a tattoo since??
xAidynx (5 лет назад)
They said that I have Lupus Anticoagulant (note that it's not systemic). But they said I would have to be on warfarin for the remainder of my life. :/
tadpoleee7 (5 лет назад)
Did they check you for a clotting disorder? The same thing happened to me last year
xAidynx (5 лет назад)
I cannot tell you how much this information means to me. I'm literally on the verge of tears. The week of father's day I, at the age of 21, went into the hospital with blood clots in both of my lungs and I felt like my whole world was crashing down around me, including some of my future hopes such as getting a tattoo. I cannot thank you enough for answering this question, honestly. It's helping me realize life isn't going so terribly. Thank you so much. <3

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