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Jay Farber, $5 Million Later

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"A lot of poker players spend their whole lives chasing the score that I made." 2013 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jay Farber is still grounded and humble a year after his remarkable run—but he's also put some of his payday to use. Jay welcomes ALL IN inside his new house in Las Vegas, where the grand tour includes a custom poker table, two new cars, artwork, a home theater, a bottle of Screaming Eagle wine, and his "bachelor's fridge," stocked with beer, cake, and pizza. www.ALLinMag.com
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Text Comments (174)
Donald Rockett (2 months ago)
Happy for him
Alex Bidwell (4 months ago)
What happened to that Ferrari he was going to get?
PokaDeJoka (4 months ago)
he looks like hes dogs..
George Garcia (5 months ago)
Yea super chill straight forward guy..
mariof1975 (7 months ago)
This guys is trash luckbox and cocky nerd. FOH
FLORIDA MAN (8 months ago)
I play $1/3 and im considering quitting my job to play poker. I want a 50x bankroll starting at 10k so that means i can buy in for $200. With a maximum of 2 buy ins per session. Is this wise or are there any adjustments I should make before i make the move? Let me know your opinion. Also in 2016 I averaged $15/hr over 360 hrs and in 2017 I averaged $22/hr over 385 hrs. Let me know your opinion , monthly expenses including savings are 2,000
principe alla moda (9 months ago)
5:07 the way the fat dog is struggling to climb up these stairs is just hilarious
Crybabehot (9 months ago)
Smart guy,good job
Big Bud Wiley (11 months ago)
Likeable fella
oussouby tounkara (11 months ago)
This guy seems very humble, I wish him the best
wavygr (1 year ago)
If I was him living in the desert I would get a "horse with no name".
Starrynight (1 year ago)
chill guy...smart
RsCrowd (1 year ago)
Jay Farber played pretty terrible.
ABhi (1 year ago)
Charlie Harper basically.
Jermaine Johnson (1 year ago)
Seems like a chill dude cool play poker with and smoke a joint
tyler joyner (1 year ago)
5 million isn't rich anymore. Straight up
saljpal3 (1 year ago)
At least its enough the live comfortable, plus its not like he stoped playing cards after winning that amount. I'm sure he's still earning some more money.
Anne Shaw (1 year ago)
Must of got his humility from Phil Hellmuth
Bobby Booey (1 year ago)
all that money n u buy a chevy? lmao what a tool
whitesmoke hiding (1 year ago)
I'd buy a house and a couple barbershops and probably a Dunkin doughnuts and play 10/20 games.
whitesmoke hiding (1 year ago)
definitely deserves it. keep grinding
RsCrowd (1 year ago)
this guy is actually awful at poker as well
robert lamotta (1 year ago)
Nice one.
Gary Gwinn (1 year ago)
If I won a huge score, I'd live in the same house, drive the same old truck, and start a real estate business
Phil Thomas (3 months ago)
Obv a year+ old comment, but holy hell Gary, I sure hope you never get to waste a big score on NOTHING. You can start a RE business on $5, so just pull your shitty old truck out the driveway and go start it already. Talk about realistic dreams not being pursued.
AzeOfSpadez (1 year ago)
Buy a house, travel. Invest so i don't die broke. LIVE!
ross vandenberg (1 year ago)
I would buy a bunch of drugs and hookers and then get so fucked up that I smash everything and get arrested for disorderly conduct. Then I would punch a cop and get put in jail for 3 years. When I got out I would buy a Lambo and wrap it around a telephone poll and die. just being realistic
JerJerBynx (1 year ago)
AzeOfSpadez what would you do if you won a big score??
AzeOfSpadez (1 year ago)
sounds boring as fuck
Clap Forboobies (2 years ago)
Corvettes are for middle management going through a mid life crisis but this guy still seems cool otherwise
Bastille (1 year ago)
that may have been true in 1995 but vettes today are fucking badass.
magiet12 (2 years ago)
what kind of pokertable it is?
Bastille (1 year ago)
Rodrigo Ruiz (2 years ago)
Still humble !!! Good luck
DelliriiuM (2 years ago)
I'm so happy for him .. I love it
Jesse Phillips (2 years ago)
wow I like this guy !!!
Pedro Santos (2 years ago)
+Jesse Phillips sexually?
RYAN FEAR (2 years ago)
good stuff man.
Bibonow (2 years ago)
I too, would find it hard having to choose between a Korvette and This Badass Pickup :( hmhm..
Sean Ó Briain (2 years ago)
I would never begrudge anyone of success. He seems down to earth. Happy for him. I see he doesn't really have many cashes in poker since. Does anyone know if he still plays?
RandomVidz (2 years ago)
Alot of people say they wont go vrazy but it happens alot looking at this guy how he speaks really smart guy. one word to describe him would be meticulous. nice win
intravena (2 years ago)
Big house, expensive cars, tats, dogs... it's like this guy bought the full how-to-be-a-douche kit. And also lol at the comments saying that he's somehow modest?! wtf.
James Gordon (11 months ago)
House is with probably around half a million, the cars are worth about $150k combined, lots of people have tattoos and majority of people have and love dogs.... The only fucking douche here is you.
mrnoah1124 (2 years ago)
I mean Dan won 1 mil off him so if he had A COUPLE people staking him he didnt walk away with that much.. maybe 2.5-3 mil?
matthew smith (1 year ago)
Jeffrey G (1 year ago)
mrnoah1124 Which Dan?
Brood (1 year ago)
+h3llraise For 2nd fucking place in the WSOP Main Event??? Hell no, 3 mil is NOT ENOUGH
h3llraise (1 year ago)
Didn't walk away with that much... is 3 mil not enough???
Shane Dooley (2 years ago)
sweet an I like how you built ur house not like fifty toilets an can only pee in one at a time an can only use one shower at a time nice work man go again dude
Michael (2 years ago)
very humble 2nd place winner deserves it 4 sure. my respect!
gk10002000 (2 years ago)
the key thing is how many people had a piece of him? That dramatically reduces how much he won. Then take out taxes and you would be surprised at how little he has. How much is invested in equities, stocks, bonds, funds etc? How much cash are you going to keep putting into future high stake cash games or expensive tournaments? We will see in a few years how these young kids make out over the years.
mchlee159357 (2 years ago)
+gk10002000 someone sounds jealous
Mr. X (2 years ago)
for an extended period of time
ckaz007 (2 years ago)
You would think a million dollar home would have a BIGGER DRIVEWAY.
aldfjak (1 year ago)
that isn't a million dollar house.. you must be nuts. 450K tops and that is being generous.. lots of foreclosures and deals cause people are going bust all the time in that city
James (2 years ago)
+Johney Aimlessly I actually live in Vegas, but ok. Go look on any realtor site and compare Vegas with other places in the US, huge difference.
James (2 years ago)
+ckaz007 Not in Vegas man, not even close.
Breeze (2 years ago)
Dude nice.
bearsuit Clan (2 years ago)
Jay Farber. Smart man.
joshua tamin (2 years ago)
Anyone know the name of the track at the end???????
Danny (2 years ago)
This guy is smart for not blowing on some stupid shit instead he invest it
Powermove Squadron (2 years ago)
After taxes and paying back everyone who had a piece of him - 1 Mil left or less than that prolly.
mumbus 27 (1 month ago)
aldfjak he was a made man before poker with promotion...maybe he staked himself? I don't know...good topic here
aldfjak (1 year ago)
it is standard to be staked at 2/3rds with 2 stakers. so in this instance he would have kept 1/3rd of that 5M BEFORE taxes. taxes are probably 30% or so, although a good accountant can get you lower after writeoffs and gambling losses. so i would guess he walked away with between 1-1.5M.. that house probably cost 450K if he got a good deal on it. 150K on those 2 cars at most. so he has 500K or so leftover to invest.. he still has to work but atleast he doesn't have to worry about a mortgage or car payments for a long time.
DylanKlassen (2 years ago)
+Michael Stephens People payed for his entry into the tournament and then if he wins he pays them back probably up to 500%, so im guessing he had to pay a mil or two out
Powermove Squadron (2 years ago)
+Michael Stephens no it's not, dumb ass.
haloreachisgarbage (2 years ago)
seems like a really good guy, very happy for him
David Verbeeck (2 years ago)
Josh McDowel (3 years ago)
He said he didn't want to buy a bunch of depreciating assets. What do you call all that shit in his house, and 4 worthless cars?
John Thomann (8 months ago)
Josh McDowel houses need furniture. The truck is beast. and that corvette probably sees the road rarely. he could easily re sell it 20 years from now for 100k given it's rarity. get a gf and you'll stop making dumb comments on YouTube
Antonio Contreras (3 years ago)
What does a "sweat" mean in poker??
James (2 years ago)
+Antonio Contreras Someone who stakes you so that if you win they get a piece of the winnings, like an investor.
JohnS1000RR (3 years ago)
Multi millionaire and owns a poor Corvette!? lol
Vannara Meas (3 years ago)
Good car bruh! At least he have enough savings.
Emil Olsson (3 years ago)
Skankhunt42 (8 months ago)
Emil Olsson lol if u cant get this body naturally, you suck at what youre doing
Shaz (3 years ago)
No it's called commitment
Mr. Yonko (3 years ago)
I'm real happy for the guy. Seems very humble. Btw, does anyone know the song at the end? I'd love you for life if you told me the name :)
brian shapiro (3 years ago)
wow how exciting and riviting..lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TheBroLounge (3 years ago)
This guy is epic, a lot of "poker pros" could take some life lessons from him.
HeyNikTV (3 years ago)
he so humble..
Drygore Bars (3 years ago)
JFarbs :D
Ross Duffin (3 years ago)
more money in one year lol, how about a couple of lifetimes for most people
Dr Deivid (3 years ago)
Very humble. That´s rare today.
Dr Deivid (2 years ago)
+Jim Lindq I don´t live in the U.S so I really can´t tell. But you got a good point there!
tkfn (2 years ago)
+Deivid Halldorinho Mabey in US..
Merv Watson (3 years ago)
Damn u wonder who staked him and how much they took off the top? I would stipulate a max cut of 100x the stake. Or if he sold during the final table break... He said he had to get over "losing" and I assumed he meant the money he had to give and not the 1st place... Lol those crazy rich ppl always making deals with other rich ppl.
Merv Watson (3 years ago)
Well... With 9th place money in hand Idky anyone would sell a piece of they're potential. That's gross to think about.
+nardinit yeah plus most people hire coaches once they reach the final table, especially heads up, so Id be very surprised if he kept more than 70% of his winnings
nardinit (3 years ago)
+seviren s Bilzerian had a piece, no joke, look it up
nellys life (3 years ago)
honestly such a nice video he played and he won 1st 2nd 3rd doesnt matter he still won and got a new life from it
nellys life (3 years ago)
great way to spend his money. he will live a happy live :)
BestPokerCoaching (3 years ago)
Nice crib! cool wheels! Looks like he's spending the money smartly
tough5hit (3 years ago)
This guys super modest. Respect to him
GARY Gwin (11 months ago)
tough5hit He should be modest, he got 2nd in the Main Event, and he is not a top player. He was a lucky amateur. But yah, he seems to handle the success well
oussouby tounkara (11 months ago)
tough5hit yeah he is very humble
Furness Prime (1 year ago)
Do you know what modest means? Lol.
jwvideos (1 year ago)
I guess ur blind
Shane Dooley (2 years ago)
+Julie Hobbs ya I love way he says he just built his house to suit his needs no five pools big cinema to sit in alone went with the cheaper car can see why he succeeded very grounded
sharon f (3 years ago)
Looks like a great guy.  Happy for him!
brady palmquist (3 years ago)
He fucked up, I'd buy a BMW, a nice fucking condo in vegas for 200k-300k, save 100-250k for bankroll to make more money, and invest the rest??? he fucked up lol
Daviesz (3 years ago)
money well spent!
Tsar Pushkin (3 years ago)
He seem like a lay back person 
kazora1001 (3 years ago)
this dude is a very chill dude
icekoold69 (3 years ago)
Wish this guy won instead
interaeronav (3 years ago)
cool dude!
monkefoahead (3 years ago)
nice win. congrats.enjoy the money
cool guy
okicat1 (3 years ago)
That little dog is bothering the shit out of the bigger dog. This dude seems like a cool guy. Good for him.
Painted Pony (3 years ago)
Typical materialism from a fish who got lucky one time.
Tony Roberts (3 years ago)
that house is maybe 250k relax
jeremy lin (3 years ago)
+Slush Fund Don't hate cuz something good happen to someone else. Thats not a good mindset. At least hes being responsible and not blowing the money away. #respect
Painted Pony (3 years ago)
Say what you like it IS trpical materialism to buy a flashy house and car. People will argue for no reason about anything...
mk4turbojetta (3 years ago)
Typical materialism? A house is an investment. And he bought a corvette, so what. A corvette is nothing that extravagant and the guy is allowed to enjoy his winnings a little bit. Jealousy is a really bad look, just saying....
Painted Pony (3 years ago)
So you think anyone that has 10 grand is good at poker.... hmmmm one of the dumbest things I've heard.
Jay Badawi (3 years ago)
Nicest poker table ever.
designgray109 (3 years ago)
+Jay Badawi Thank you - Its from ProCaliberPoker.com
quality333 (3 years ago)
You can purchase real estate in Vegas for half if not 1/3 amount of other states. He prob payed less than 1mil for that home which would cost close to 3  million in parts of NY  CT or Jersey  In Brooklyn NY they got sanitation dump one family 2 bedroom  homes refurbished from the 1940's that go for close to 1 mil 
The Hair (1 year ago)
Facts I'm in NY and there are houses all over the place near me that are a mil and up, not nearly as nice as this one
quality333 (3 years ago)
yeah but you get more living space for the dollar than other states i mentioned
James (3 years ago)
+quality333 That's not true at all. Vegas is one of the most expensive places to buy property, trust me, I live there.
quality333 (3 years ago)
detroit? Lovely place to raise a family
ManicMindTrick (3 years ago)
In Detroit it would cost 20k...
backfootgrinder (3 years ago)
I love the t-shirt, sturdy wings from role models haha
Hung Nguyen (3 years ago)
Smart management with the winnings.
TheInkinJapan (4 years ago)
Way to go bro. I am impressed that he spent it well. 
quinlansee1 (4 years ago)
cool dude...
Theguitarwhiz (4 years ago)
He's a poker player not a gambler.. a gambler would have blown all that money... Nice sturdy wings tshirt!
splashonthebeat (4 years ago)
smart, he doesn't blow his bank roll right away. puts it on affordability and utility.
Jay Poe (4 years ago)
smart dude , bought a simple but nice house n 2 cars 
Thimmet (4 years ago)
Farber has made it, good on him. Great video. But, and i'm not hating, some guys take their weight lifting over the top. Like that guy Farber isn't so tall so with those fridge shoulders he looks kind of unnatural.
redeyeman06 (3 years ago)
+Stamps600 mate watch the 'off the felt' with Dan Bilzerian and he does say "everyone thinks i had 3 heart attacks but i didn't it was only 2"
Stamps600 (3 years ago)
+MrGeqoh Listen Bean Skin he says online that he has had 3 heart attacks now. So go use the internet fuckface and look it up.
MrGeqoh (3 years ago)
+Stamps600 Well you are fucking retarded.. He even said he had 2 hear attacks on 1 week. He havent had 3 heart attacks you fucking mongo.
Stamps600 (3 years ago)
+MrGeqoh He has had 3 heart attacks you fucking idiot. Look it up online before correcting someone.
MrGeqoh (3 years ago)
+Stamps600 2 heart attacks*
Chris Hansen (4 years ago)
Cool guy
vettefever67 (4 years ago)
Nice hat Jay! 
A7med (4 years ago)
he's spending it smart that money will last all his life probly 
JP90 (4 years ago)
He seems like a really kind and genuine guy. Fair play to him
Zachary S (4 years ago)
Dan blizerian had 20% off his action and he paid 30-40% in tax so in reality he is lucky if he kept 2.5-3.0 million
patrick henry more like screwing you over on everything. At least your Uncle Sam goes in raw no Vaseline.
patrick henry (6 months ago)
In America, you pay taxes on everything. Actually, if you are US citizen, you pay income tax to Uncle Sam on anything you make worldwide. That's 'freedom' baby!
Don’t tell that in American on poker you have to pay taxes... that’s just stupid
b_t___r (3 years ago)
If you knew anything about poker and taxes you'd understand that these guys cash for the full amount, issue a 1099 to all investors, and file a W2G themselves.  If Jay saved all his losing tournament tickets and expense receipts for the year, he could have realistically paid as little as 5% tax on his winnings for the year, including the $5mm score.
Joakim Larsson (3 years ago)
I think we can conclude that he's a lucky man, regardless of taxes. 
Josh S (4 years ago)
So cool, but whats weird is all the rich poker players are single... Whats up with that?
dm6187 (6 months ago)
James Taylor she would have to play poker too.
mistic mind (7 months ago)
he's a mans man, that doesnt need a female to validate his life, or give him comfort, like me.
Josh S (3 years ago)
+Bradrockfin depends on your outlook on life though right? sharing a life with someone although romantic and cliché is sometimes desirable, on the contrary, meeting new girls new experiences.... idk.. if one pussy isnt enough then its like youre treating life as a game... 
Bradrockfin (3 years ago)
+. God Dan B is single because one pussy isn't enough for him bro
La DenaliHD (3 years ago)
+I'm Dominic lmao true that , true that
FORWE AREKINGS (4 years ago)
Wonderful guy.
Mike Damdo (4 years ago)
Great video! Nice to know he likes to keep it simple
shutyourassthanks123 (4 years ago)
What is the song called that start's playing from 3:49?
Kevin Vouauxx (4 years ago)
+soheil h lold
Kevin Vouauxx (4 years ago)
+soheil h lold
soheel (4 years ago)
donkeyman09 (4 years ago)
Oh! I have 5 Million in the bank, thats pretty cool.
Chris (4 years ago)
Fair play to the guy. Well done

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