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Oh My God! Hating Gays, Loving Flirts (Jimmy Dore Show)

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Pat Robertson, 700 Club host and Christian conservative, has some interesting advice for a wife concerned about her husband's flirting. Pastor Sean Harris thinks you should smack 'gay acting' kids. Comedians Jimmy Dore, Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000), and Robert Yasamura break it down on The Jimmy Dore show. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Follow Frank on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/FrankConniff https://twitter.com/#!/teamyasumura Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (157)
Fake Donald J. Trump (2 months ago)
Ironically Sean Harris is also the name of a gay actor. (actually Sean Patrick Harris, but I get, why he wants to distinguish himself from that guy)
Carole Beth (10 months ago)
Misogyny seems to rule this man. It is the thread weaving through all his answers.
Teresa Davies (1 year ago)
God is the only one thats going to Judge Pat Robertson for all his wrong doings and misleading teachings not the People...
Andrew Maderer (1 day ago)
Nah I'll do it too.
Gerold Gonzalez (1 year ago)
what god?
Jerome Miller (1 year ago)
back before you got taken over by the big-chair industry
Joe Martin (1 year ago)
Oh my god that church is close to my home. Why???
TatortFanForever (1 year ago)
Homosexuality isn't an act. A homosexual who never has homosexual sex is still a homosexual. It is the same as being black, short, or Jewish since all are things people are born as. Your logic is "I don't hate Jews, I just hate when people of the Jewish faith perform Jewish religious acts" which is utter nonsense. Since homophobia doesn't incite violence against other people you just proved my point. You express those beliefs on here all the time. If you don't like insulting people or hurting the feelings of others you must not consider homosexuals to be people since you have no problem doing it to them. You can disagree with people. You cannot disagree with facts. Nothing I have said is disturbing. I'm not the one advocating prejudice and discrimination, you do. I want to live in an accepting and tolerant society based on free speech. You just need to accept that hateful lies, slander and discrimination are not covered under the laws of a free society. Try not projecting your wickedness onto people who are better than you.
fakei macfake (1 year ago)
TatortFanForever your example of being born jews really hurts your argument,people arent born jewish that is one of the lies of the jewish religion and you caj be anything else and convert to judaism you cant convert to homosexuality
Brian Carter (4 years ago)
So, if you want to be told what to do with your life - go to church!
spaveevo (4 years ago)
how do the women co-hosts still sit next to this man
mcpencil (5 years ago)
So if Stalin was still alive you'd respect him?
jacopman (5 years ago)
Ask Pat Robertson for advice is like asking Donald Trump for hair grooming tips.
jacopman (5 years ago)
When he was born?
jacopman (5 years ago)
I'm not sure how to absorb what you are saying......... .
Flutter Bize (5 years ago)
Just like every other televangelist - completely full of mud but wants your money. I am a Christian and no preacher is going to tell me that to keep my husband from cheating I have to make myself more attractive. His position is so lopsided and wrong. Now he makes it seem ok that a man cheats - Mr. Robertson is senile and should be removed from the pulpit and put out to pasture.
fakei macfake (1 year ago)
Happy Joy yeah all real christians know that women are property of men,like the bible says
mark stuart (5 years ago)
good advice there if your children appear to be gay.
Stewie Dark Child (5 years ago)
I've noticed when shows like this make good points there's hardly any haters on here to kick up a stink to why this show is so dam good hahahaha i mean it really is that good because their points are so dam clear its funny hahaha by the way im gay so sense of humor is really good to have these days :-)
jerico641 (5 years ago)
Yeah, lady, it's completely YOUR responsibility to make sure your husband doesn't cheat on you; don't drive him to it by getting older or dressing normally. He can't be blamed for anything, after all, he's the MAN!!
deanosumo (5 years ago)
I normally think Pat Robertson is an utter dick, but I kinda like him here ;)
Gail Melo (5 years ago)
pats a moron
lawgick (6 years ago)
Who's the hipster?
85Mavrik (6 years ago)
Fun video of Robertson and his handlers from the 90s: watch?v=InVZRrEF81c The man doesn't deserve anyone's respect, he's a charlatan in a Christian cloak. These people should be called out for what they are; people who profit off affiliating themselves with religion while sabotaging the very value system they claim to espouse.
LemUUU (6 years ago)
Well that would make sense then. Bliss is happiness, and conservatives are ignorant.
pezdrake (6 years ago)
at :48 I wanted to hear Pat Robertson say "Playas gotta play!"
MrAlcoholic11 (6 years ago)
fuck you ignorance is bliss, studies show conservatives are happier than liberals.
experimentaljetset93 (6 years ago)
bro in this case the dude doesnt deserve it. however the saying is totally valid your eldars have likely seen and lived more than you have, its best to assume that your eldars deserve respect till you can prove they dont.
mcdlover4 (6 years ago)
this man is a religious nuts, either he pretend because of money, or he is just plain ignorant!
LemUUU (6 years ago)
Lowlife scumbags like Pat Robertson deserve the opposite of respect.
matereymate (6 years ago)
so cool to have the faces to the voices I hear every week i listen to their podcast ........ cant really listen in live
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
HOLD IT! NO! Get me right. The subject of our disagreement, here, is what constitutes PROSTITUTION.
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
“to most people it is sex” Not prostitution, which is my point.
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
“ok so when a guy pays for a prostitute, what is he doing to her? having sex right?” If she agrees to it. She might still change her mind. That happens sometimes. So the exchange of money has happened, but not sex; therefore the act of prostitution is not complete. Out of curiosity, what do you call it when two people have sex WITHOUT exchanging money?
ejohnsonff (6 years ago)
duos this come on TV? ware duos this come on?
WeTheStrange (6 years ago)
People actually take advice from this revolting creep????
calabiyou (6 years ago)
why should stupid ideas ever be respected? that means anyone can think anything and as long as they reach old age whatever they think is ok, even if it's fucking heinous
AstroAdam (6 years ago)
pat robertson has said plenty of dumb things, but that tops all of it, whatr a dumbass. you can tell the lady he is with cant even believe that that retarded shit is coming out of his mouth.
Inti Chabert (6 years ago)
He has an inferiority complex... Don't bother reassuring your husband, NO! That would make sense. Instead just shut up and be pretty...
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
Yes, sex sells, and I have yet to dispute this. Sex is a thing sold, and the act of selling sex is called "prostitution." This does not, however, make them the same thing. "Sex" is one thing and "selling sex" is another. Prostitution is what it's called when the exchange of sex and the exchange of money are combined. That means, for prostitution to take place, BOTH exchanges have to be a part of it. You talk about listening to reason? You haven't shown me any yet.
Zasumbadji (6 years ago)
So much win! o/\o high five
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
Who's this dude, lookin' at me? He looks just like me. He's clockin' me. Mockin' me. I think he wants to fight me!
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
"...dollar to a doughnut...?"
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
Which makes sex PART of prostitution. It does not make them the same thing.
rottweiller1 (6 years ago)
Those three guys need to FUCK off! From: 0:56 to 2:20 What's wrong with what he said? Me as a men, I will always try to look good for my wife. Stay in shape and not dress like "WTF". I want my wife to always take care of herself. By staying in shape and not dress like a hot mess. Is that really such a fuck up request? Please. I really would like to know! But I dont agree with him saying its okay for the husband to flirt with other women. Thats uncalled for and only will make your wife insecure.
orchoose (6 years ago)
If you respec ppl just cuz they are old, you will have to respect all idiots in pub.
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
Oh, we're playing the insult-hurling game! Well that's always fun. Can I play? Let's see. "You homophobic, lilly-livered schmeer with big feet, BO, and bad feng-shui!" Okay. Your turn.
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
I might point out, you say "sex," but it sounds like you are describing prostitution. "Sex" is not "selling skin." Sex doesn't necessarily have anything to do with money.
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
Ah, there we are. Hit your kid for having the wrong mannerisms. That won't give him or her any issues.
lazyperfectionist1 (6 years ago)
Don't be so hard on old people.
Syksy (6 years ago)
I saw that second clip about the gay acting kids once before... and I just couldn't watch it again here. It makes me feel sick.
KytanoSkorpius (6 years ago)
Aaaah, so you're one of those. Ok. I can cease taking you seriously now. By the way, that right there? That's not how you earn respect, pal. By the way, I'm straight, I'm not liberal, I've never done any drugs, and I don't live in the suburbs. Nice try you piece of shit.
MrAlcoholic11 (6 years ago)
fuck you homosexual liberalbleedheart LSD-licking/Weed smoking suburban middleclass piece of shit
KytanoSkorpius (6 years ago)
Fuck that. Respect is earned. Nobody is entitled to it.
MrAlcoholic11 (6 years ago)
dude hes is 80+ years old, dont judge him you elderlyhating piece of shit. respect your elders even if you dont like them or their views.
KogeOfDoom (6 years ago)
If a woman leaves a man, it's her fault. If a man leaves a woman... It's STILL her fault! This is purely sexist logic.
Ted Wahrburg (6 years ago)
It's alright to openly lust after Women? Really? Many Christians interpret the 7th commandment "You shall not commit adultery" as a command to not even lust after another than your wife. Let alone the 10th commandment "you shall not covet your neighbor's wife" assuming any of these women were married. Not that I believe this is the divine word of god, but Pat Robinson supposedly does. Pat has an entire show where people want to know what their sky-god thinks, and Pat just makes shit up.
Macka Frammalamma (6 years ago)
Great Stuff. Audio levels could be better.
mammacoco1 (6 years ago)
Zasumbadji (6 years ago)
Religions sure can dish it out, but they just cant take it, like a baker who hates cake, but always makes it.
tomitstube (6 years ago)
lol, i bet robertson wrote the letter. who knew pat robertson was into afromation.
anamaxy101 (6 years ago)
haha this was one of the funnier ones =D
Sorenconrad (6 years ago)
Where can I donate $20 to help forget the green screen and get a real set.
ZCeurvels (6 years ago)
Could you get them some stools or chairs or something for now? That way they at least look a little more comfortable...
Mark Williams (6 years ago)
Is the room too bright for Pat Robertson?
Boobalopbop (6 years ago)
Thanks so much for responding, Steve. I'm showing my ignorance... I didn't even know there was a green screen, lol.
ndthe1 (6 years ago)
It seem that missing church for 9 years was a good idea.
steven oh (6 years ago)
It's b/c of the green screen in our studio. It's not made for 3 people so until we get a bigger screen, three people have to huddle and stand uncomfortably close to each other. We are working on this problem though. - Steve Oh, Executive Director
h6hfelie (6 years ago)
My advice to the concerned wife: 'This is a great opportunity to try something new. Threesomes are f*cking awesome, and you should totally exploit your husband's man-whoring tendencies to get yourself some lady-on-lady action. I promise you won't regret it, and your husband will be pretty thankful for it too. Nothing turns a hotblooded American man on more than seeing two women making love... well, except for ranting about how horrible homosexuality is, of course. '
GalaxyShift (6 years ago)
Seriously, christianity is fucked up.
Steve27775 (6 years ago)
My wrist is limp from masturbating to lesbian porn.
Carlos Danger (6 years ago)
Oh my guac!
sabretooth75 (6 years ago)
Why? What's there to be afraid of?
Drake Santiago (6 years ago)
Jesus says that if a man lusts after a woman that he is committing adultery (Matthew 5:28). Of course as a rationalist I think this line from the Bible is idiotic, because you are making a natural human impulse, which is beyond a person's control, sinful. Most flirtation is initiated because a man has lustful thoughts about a woman, so Pat Robertson seems conveniently to forget that verse in the Bible. It seems Pat might have something to hide.
Boobalopbop (6 years ago)
He said so in a previous video.
Auraruth8 (6 years ago)
Im just gonna say this: Album Monotheist by Celtic Frost, check it out. =)
Chris (6 years ago)
This man is NOT a true Christian people. Jesus said we can tell believers from unbelievers by their FRUITS!! This is not good fruit and without good fruit is a bad tree. Don't be fooled people remember the scriptures and hold on to them tightly! It's the only truth we have.
justjulie44 (6 years ago)
This old fuck needs a good kick in the balls
Shontelle H (6 years ago)
"GET PRETTY!" hahaha
Boobalopbop (6 years ago)
And you're a fucking retard if you think I'm suggesting they're gay. The guy in the middle is openly gay, but that is not the point. Its just an odd way to stand whether they're gay or not. Its awkward.
Tinna Ingólfs (6 years ago)
How many gay people have you actually met?
Candyliz2003 (6 years ago)
Leave Elizabeth Edwards alone, please.
joel noel (6 years ago)
hate religion and pat robertson. But ain't nothing wrong with flirting.
g24417 (6 years ago)
Polydynamix (6 years ago)
So you would rather be afraid of men who collect mailmen figurines and keep their apartments spotless? How does it feel to be a bitch, do you like it or do you wish you were born with a set of nuts?
ArtypNk (6 years ago)
Gay marriage should be mandatory in every state, because it's adorable.
vangerwen79 (6 years ago)
soo....youre wrestling with some man on man fantasies of yer own there cowboy?
Rutagengwa Ndayitabi (6 years ago)
I would laugh if what your saying was not tragically true!
Blood Doll (6 years ago)
they do >_>
HardRockWhisker (6 years ago)
I am an atheist, but I think it's a very good advice,it's natural that men are attracted to other women and I think it is good thing that he is honest to his wife about it, because honesty is one of the most important things in relationships. If a men would asked him the same question, the answer should also be the same( at least thats how i would answer it).But thats why I'm against marriage, 'cause partners start to take each other for granted and stop cherish their relationship in most cases.
Fafnd (6 years ago)
Pat Robertson know-nothing know-it-all. The violent pastor can light himself ablaze to protest gay. Come on fundie Christian let's see a little smoke to match that fire in your belly.
Devos154 (6 years ago)
Better to be a free thinker than someone who worships an imaginary wizard in the sky and believes a book made by a bunch of idiotic desert men holds all the universe's ultimate truth.
mzm153 (6 years ago)
I rather be a homofriend, thank you very much.
kmica2008 (6 years ago)
it's better to be a homophobe than a homofriend
resistnzisfutl (6 years ago)
Knock yourself out, give us your best argument.
kmica2008 (6 years ago)
the only way the pro gay arguments don't break down is for you to mock the biggest clown on television. get a few smart people and try debating the gay issues with them and let's see how that works out for you, tyt.
kmica2008 (6 years ago)
out of a 1000 people 999 won't give or take that advice. how would you like it if i said all gays are promiscuous bastards and their only goal in life is to spread diseases? 1 out of a 1000 is like that and that's all i need to know about them. it's easier to believe than to know.
hunslet009 (6 years ago)
What a chauvanistic tool
civwarfan (6 years ago)
Well......they're doing Gods work......duh?
imbecilik (6 years ago)
Please, guys... equalise your audio levels properly.
bary1234 (6 years ago)
Religion is poison. This segment is a good idea, everybody should bash cults all the time. They take a lot of killing but it can and must be done.
KytanoSkorpius (6 years ago)
Homophobic, misogynistic old fucking piece of shit.
resistnzisfutl (6 years ago)
Great, another vile conservative wingnut in the making. Think hard about what you're saying. There are people in the world who aren't like you, get over it. It's supreme insecurity when other people's sexual choices offend you, especially when it's not affecting you in any way, shape, or form. No one is making you be gay and no one is making you be around gays.
Rik Speek (6 years ago)
But remember. They don't hate you. They just follow their hatefull religion. It's nothing personal. They just want to beat you.

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