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The Quint: Dhoni’s Friend Akhauri Speaks to The Quint

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To factually verify the MS Dhoni movie, The Quint interviewed Mahi’s old friend Akhauri Pravesh Kumar. And he got candid about Dhoni and his old habits. Though Akhauri is happy and proud of his buddy he said he is disappointed that Dhoni has changed over the years and there is no mention about his old friends in the movie. Video: The Quint Music: Big Bang Fuzz For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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Text Comments (40)
Aman Singh Rajput (2 months ago)
I am very lucky because akhouri sir is my school teacher !!
himanshu joshi (4 months ago)
Yes he has Changed...Hd didn't saw his daughter for two months as he was on National Duty also he came to know abt his daughter via Raina as he didn't brought his mobile in Australia #ChangeToHuaHai 🔥☝
shudhanshu singh (6 months ago)
Kaise ho sir. Smart lg rhe ho.
manish singh (6 months ago)
Bhai bakchodi band kro...jo dil k kareeb hote h wo akhri saans tak yaad rhte h...santosh was dere..tmlog ni hoge utne close..dnt say ki badal gya and ye aur wo...sb khush krne baith gya hota na dhoni to aaj ye quint wale tmhara interview ni krte...khush ni ho tm issliye interview liya gya h..aur movie me tm ni ho bhosdi k..issliye muvi ni dekhi...isse jyada jhatu dosti tm nibha nai skte...uski unchai dekhi ni jaati na chutiye
Neel Shah (6 months ago)
Alok Kumar (6 months ago)
Only those who are unsuccessful are stuck in the past. No offense though to this gentleman.
Shafik Khan (6 months ago)
He is on national duty 🤗 changes to aane bhi chahiye
Gaurav Sachin (6 months ago)
Bhai garddan bhadiya hilata hai tu
manish singh (6 months ago)
Gaurav Sachin bhai mann kiya ki marod hi du saale ka...kya gaandu dost h yaar...muvi ni dekhi kyu iska part ni h muvi...hadd gaandu aadmi h
Labhala Radhamani (6 months ago)
Kuch bhi just for cheap publicity....
1 Billion Songs (6 months ago)
satish goswami (7 months ago)
Mahi❤ chicken roti khaa liya aur ye bc aand kha liya.. 😂😂😂
Gagan Singh (3 months ago)
satish goswami Teri maa chodunga Ghar aake
meet randhawa (7 months ago)
Dhoni ko apne iss gareeb dost ke liye kuch karna chahiye.. Dhoni ke paas aj bahut saari achi yaadien hai. Bt uske dost ke paas bas dhoni ki yaadien hai..
Tk Muhammed Musthafa (7 months ago)
Kaunsa dost hai bhai tu ??? Just because his name is not taken in the movie he didnt watch.... wah wah.
Nitish kumar (7 months ago)
Its The Quint and and , it has to be negativeeee.....
Deepak Singh (7 months ago)
After achieving this position ,still he helps his friends ,if they r in trouble. But the fact is we don't come across this things. So don't say he has changed....
Somyajeet Sarangi (6 months ago)
Ohhh wow 👏👏👏👏👏
Deepak Singh (6 months ago)
Somyajeet Sarangi no my friend but yes, a little more than others....
Somyajeet Sarangi (6 months ago)
Deepak Singh you knw everything about dhoni i guess??
aditya kumar (9 months ago)
Mahi badla nahi hai....use sab yaad hai...bas wo express nahi karta
Ja Ja (11 months ago)
FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS : in life my friends make your career your priority And work day and night for it because my friends if you don't you'll realise you'll end up in the same position as this man which is very hard to take at that time when you are in your 30s and 40s
Srijita Bose (9 months ago)
I Came I saw I conquered No Shit True.. very true..
chelsea drog (1 year ago)
bhai itna close nai hoga isse....he was there with his best frnd santosh till his end..
abhimanyu Mishra (1 year ago)
bhai paisa hogaya to purana dost ko vi bhul jata hai
abhimanyu singh (1 year ago)
koi nhi sir mahi aap se mile ga...
Sunny Astro (1 year ago)
lol isne khud apne dost Maahi ki movie dekhi ni abhi tak so how could he say maahi is change..?
aniket sinha (1 year ago)
before judging Dhoni just think how many of your childhood friends do you remember and talk to even now.
Slim shetty (6 months ago)
aniket sinha well said bro
Talha Arkam (1 year ago)
I had heard all dis names bcoz rustom was from our locality.he is true.
91 Not Out (1 year ago)
Hello Quint, aapne galat party se interview liya hai...lena hi hai to chittu se lo ya chhotu bhaiya se
91 Not Out (1 year ago)
ye popularity paane ke liye maahi ko apna dost bata raha hai.. I don't think ki dhoni iska dost hoga..bhale hi ye batchmate hoga. .. Abhi tak isne movie bhi nahi dekha hai..kaisa friend hai??
Abhishek Dutta (1 year ago)
sahi bola
Chandra sekhar Nayak (1 year ago)
mahi change nehin hua hai boss....woh position hi esa hai he used to be busy always....
Harsh Gautam (1 year ago)
y is this guy shaking his head like that?
BAD BOY (6 months ago)
Somyajeet Sarangi (6 months ago)
satyam sharma bcoz i thought u r not dhoni guess ?? So why r u worried
satyam sharma (6 months ago)
Why the fuck r u judging him
Somyajeet Sarangi (6 months ago)
Bcoz mahi uski dost ko gaand mar raha hi
sebastian gurupnoor (11 months ago)

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