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She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients Into a Cure For Cancer, Then the Government Did This To Her!!

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SHE TURNED 2 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS INTO A CURE FOR CANCER, THEN THE GOVERNMENT SHUT HER DOWN Dr. Johanna Budwig was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine six times, meaning that we should treat her work with respect. During her career (she died in 2003, at the age of 95), Dr. Budwig cured 90% of her cancer patients. She cured all types of cancer permanently by using non-toxic ingredients which don’t cause any side-effects. Due to her amazing success, Dr. Budwig became the greatest enemy to the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. They have been suppressing her work ever since early 1950, which is the reason why most of us are not familiar with the Budwig Protocol. “I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country, “- Dr. Budwig states. The Cancer Industry is Based on Lies! Big Pharma makes a little fortune from patients who are barely alive, meaning that dead and healthy patients are not profitable for the industry. Therefore, the fact that the cancer industry has no interest in finding the cure doesn’t come as surprise. Cancer is the most profitable disease in medical history and the establishment will do their best to keep it that way. The Budwig Anti-Cancer Protocol! Budwig Protocol consists of two stages. The first one is all-natural, combining protein-sulfur of quark/cottage cheese omega-3 fats from flaxseed. Dr. Budwig found that the body will synthesize omega-3 from flaxseed oil in the exact quantity that it needs. “Without these fatty acids, the respiratory enzymes cannot function and the person suffocates, even when he is given oxygen-rich air. A deficiency in these highly unsaturated fatty-acids impairs many vital functions. First of all, it decreases the person’s supply of available oxygen. We cannot survive without air and food; nor can we survive without these fatty acids, “she stated. This medicine is typically ingested orally, but in the most terminal cases, Dr. Budwig had administered flax seed oil in enema form. The second part of the Budwig Protocol includes special diet. The patients are recommended to follow the protocol for at least 6 months, regardless of the symptoms. The Medicine! Ingredients: 1 cup pure quark cheese (Make sure that it is not made with homogenized milk) 2-5 tablespoons of flax seed oil, about 10 supplement capsules, or 1-3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed (Note that flax oil or ground seed must be used immediately after exposure to air. Take little cayenne The medicine is properly combined and taken orally at least once daily. It should be stirred with a wooden spoon and never with metal one. The Diet Plan! • Stay away from sugar and add grape juice to sweeten any other freshly squeezed juice • Avoid pure animal fats, such as lard, fatback, dripping, and etc. • Do not use any commercial salad dressings or toppings • Never consume commercial mayonnaise • Avoid meats if they are not organic and range-fed • Avoid butter and margarine • Drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices made of carrots, celery, and red beet. • Drink a cup of warm tea three times daily, such as peppermint, rosehip or grape tea. Use natural sweetener like honey. • Avoid artificial sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup) • Follow a chemical-free diet • Avoid all processed foods • Reduce the use of all pharmaceuticals • Don’t consume soft drinks • Avoid tap water and bottled water, and use products that do not contain fluoride Eat only freshly prepared foods.
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V Ykl (3 месяца назад)
José A. Meléndez Planas (6 месяцев назад)
Greetings, I have seen several videos that prepare the mix using a blender. Is it as effective if I mix it manually? Thank you!
LittleArmyNut (8 месяцев назад)
Tf this gotta do with curing cancer
diana keen (11 месяцев назад)
excellent doctor
Richard Marcott (1 год назад)
This method failed miserably in double blind study, total hooks, check Quack Watch
Rocky Pattanayak (1 год назад)
Why this woman is not rewarded by Nobel Prize
Jasmine Tea And Narcolepsy (1 год назад)
Are there sources to this? This looks a little shady to me...
Marx Wade (1 год назад)
Stay away from sugar, animal fat, oils, salad dressing, ... everything except air
Harry William (1 год назад)
My WIFE Stage IV breast cancer and MS was cured with the cannabis oil and black seed gotten from DR.Purity, cannabis oil is great medication. To hell with the government and their insane policy, DR.Purity have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure cancer and you don't need to spend so much money on anymore on chemo, radiation or surgeries that wouldn’t work. Where to purchase Cannabis oil, contact via: (purityherbalandspiritual@priest.com) My family is now a brand new one, so stop your worries and go get your medication and set the family free of the deadly disease that hold no respect to family harmony. Make your health a better one by using cannabis oil in your everyday life because Health is Wealth. contact Dr.Purity on: (purityherbalandspiritual@priest.com) for all type of cancer cure, diabetes, HIV, kidney diseases, herpes and many more. Lets turn to herbs as it has proven to more and more potent but lets also be careful as a lot of scammers are taking advantage of ones desperation to get a cure.
helen ihuoma (1 год назад)
my mum is battling with cancer pls how did yr wife use this, explain.thanks so much
Harry William (1 год назад)
You are welcome, bad policies is helping to hide the real potency of herbal treatment. Believe me you might not even need that surgery only if you could get herbal cure.
Patsy Porter (1 год назад)
thanks for your information I would be grateful to get help as I have a syrinx, which is a spinal anomaly, having surgery in 3 weeks so could benefit from the oil afterwards i live on the uk, kind regards
Misanthropy83 (1 год назад)
she said foods twice at the end
mary vivian (1 год назад)
My name is Mary Vivan, i am from Australia I am so glad that i have this great opportunity to come out here and share my testimony on how Ozoje Herbal Medicine Home was able to cure me totally from HIV disease and other spiritual problems!!! i have been suffering from this Disease for approximately 8 Years now, i have tried various ways to get rid of this Virus out of my body system but none avail, i have also purchase for Medical treatment from my doctor but they all failed...! sometime back, while i was browsing the Internet i found some good quote concerning Doctor Ozoje Herbal Medicine, and how he has been using it to save souls from Different Disease including Cancer, someone also said they were been cured of HIV from his medicine, and they gave out his contact details in case anyone needs his help, AND HE ALSO DEALS WITH ALL KINDS OF SPELL...! GEETING YOUR SPOUSE BACK... MALE OR FEMALE WITH IN 5DAY BACK...! so i decided to contact Doctor Chief Ozoje and i told him about my HIV illness and he told me not to worry that he was going to send me his herbal medicine at first i was scared but for i believe there is no harm in trying!!! all i was to do is to send him my personal details and also my home address so he can post the Medicine to me, actually i did all that was required by this God sent Doctor, i took the medicine just as prescribe by him, and he told me to go for check up in the hospital after 2weeks which i did and to my greatest surprise my Doctor told me that my (HIV and AIDS Virus) was no longer there, i even went to other hospital for better confirmation it’s was still the same Result Negative, Praise be to God Today i am so happy that i am Negative..! Doctor Chief Ozoje has given me reasons to share tears of Joy, you can reach him on his email address at ozojeherbals@gmail.com Or you can also reach him on this website at!!! https://ozojeherbals.wordpress.com
fairybits (1 год назад)
It would seem that selling Ground Flaxen Seed in a big package would be a waste of money. I buy a big bag of it and have it contained in a plastic container. Are you telling me that since I open the lid each time I use it,that the flaxen seed is now contaminated?
Raymond greenridge (1 год назад)
this really works .all the ingredinces can be found on jupiter.jupiter is a plant not a web site
John Lugo (1 год назад)
So stay away from sugar but have grape Juice instead Hello it has sugar
Marius Copil (1 год назад)
Fructose its the best for body...thats why 40 days of grape 🍇 fast destroys tumors...
Jamie Booth (1 год назад)
They are talking about synthetic sugars I think
thetruth.03280 truth (1 год назад)
John Lugo probably fruits contains matural glucose unlike softdrinks and other refined sugar.
yarixza mendoza (1 год назад)
they have cured cancer but this is all about the money to them
Lee Laidlaw (10 месяцев назад)
yarixza mendoza Ik what a horrible, disgusting world
Woot Burger (1 год назад)
4:35 - how to avoid tap water AND bottled water, when I don't live in a mountain area with clean rock water?
Pizdezss (1 год назад)
Dafus should we drink then
newu371@gmail.com Elaine Bird (1 год назад)
Buy colloidal silver. Natures greatest secret. Mix some with yr water..x
Alex Skywalker (1 год назад)
punto182 (1 год назад)
A Reverse Osmosis Kit will remove Oestrogens, Pharmaceuticals, Fluoride Compounds & Heavy Metals and even Parasites if they are present.
James McQuitty (1 год назад)
Some good info, I'm sure. Although, I'd much prefer a voice-over that doesn't sound like a computerised simulation of one.
ZurielPlayz (1 год назад)
James McQuitty yeah that creeps me out
James McQuitty (1 год назад)
Yes, thanks.
Ursula Psaila (1 год назад)
James McQuitty But you've still had the message !! :) :)
violeta8957 (1 год назад)
Thank you very much for sharing ! God Bless ! ♥
iveco555 (1 год назад)
How in the world can you make cheese with homogenized milk I wonder?
Karen Zietlow (1 год назад)
It says NOT to use homogenized milk. read more carefully. Hard to find anything not homogenzed or pasteurized in USA

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