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Ex-cop arrested in 'Golden State Killer' case

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Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert tells "GMA" what led police to the suspect, 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo, decades after the crimes.
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mike4july1972ua (1 day ago)
USA causes all crimes because USA controls all world.
Paka Lolo (2 days ago)
Oh. Yea. The Vietnamese were not your victims? He was your soldier. I'm happy to see him still killing back home. In the great USSA.
Sean Doran (2 days ago)
What is discarded DNA?
Allen Russell (4 days ago)
Wonder what made the police suspect him??
right right (4 days ago)
It's obvious he was a closet homosexual who hated women and chances are his mom was a filthy whore!!!
patr70 (5 days ago)
What a Releif?? How about all of the damage George W. Bush has done to this country which is undoubtably responsible for so many people "going off of the deep end" and causing SO MUCH chaos in our countries cities. Get Real.
Mark Ser (6 days ago)
Mark Ser (6 days ago)
1:53 🤣 he is 72 years old how was you going to be crawling through the window
Kenneth Spencer (7 days ago)
now i am gonna wait until we find out who the zodiac killer and long island killer is
Sal maximus (7 days ago)
Isn't America great?
Ronald Hanlon (7 days ago)
Government lets us down every single day
Rob Roy (7 days ago)
more fake news
iori1391 (7 days ago)
I'm pretty sure he's not gone be climbing anyone's window as old as he is. He may break a hip lifting his hands
James Martin (7 days ago)
I heard he has a tiny penis how true is that and how relevant is it to the fax let's get this straight
Natsinco (7 days ago)
my gut tells me he has killed MANY more.
Vera Bedford (8 days ago)
Hi daughter dobbed him in ,well done girl !!
Xperia Zip (8 days ago)
Must have been difficult for the cops to arrest one of their own
James Antonio (8 days ago)
Police Photo looks exactly on point
SabersGrrl Channel (8 days ago)
He looks like the composite sketch! how could the cops not figure it out??? especially when he was fired around the time the incidents started! the cops are convinced the only bad guys are the citizens of a city, never one of their boys in blue. They couldn't figure out that his way of tying people up and the sophisticated knowledge he had to subdue more than one person at a time showed that maybe just maybe he might have some insider tricks that only cops who have seen criminals' work may have come across in practice or in theory??? I just don't get it. all those people didn't have to die or be raped and have countless hours of despair and agony for the families left behind if the cops just took off their goggles. As soon as I started watching the documentary my first gut reaction is this guy was a former cop, or a high ranking member of the army. I'm glad he's finally caught, it's just a shame this couldn't been back in the late 70s instead so those tragic souls could have lived out their lives fully.
opossom1968 (9 days ago)
wonder how many unsolved murders and rapes are done by cops. the cops would know how to cover evidence, knowing they would not be a suspect.
Mohammed Gangat (9 days ago)
Have doubts this is the golden state killer.
Me Too (9 days ago)
What a fucktard, just look at the pic of when he was younger. Pussy ass bully
Lemos, Peter (9 days ago)
"For the ladies... sleep better tonight he isnt coming through the window" You have got to be utterly shitting me. That old bastard looks like he can't even open his own window due to old age
Oh yeah" I was terrified he was gonna get that wheelchair through my bedroom window.....
BeatlesFanSonia (9 days ago)
They are giving no credit to the women who wrote the book that helped capture this monster! The cops are taking all the credit!
J P (10 days ago)
The police suspected that he could be a policeman or military long ago. Give them some credit this was a tough case.
branden burks (10 days ago)
Wow! Am I the only one that is alarmed by the way in which DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer, was caught?
Lady Warrior (10 days ago)
They mean they caught the "needle dick killer". According to Crime Watch Daily he has an "extremely small penis"
Gucci Boy (10 days ago)
Well he is white....
rogerdat45 (10 days ago)
people shouldnt relax until he’s convicted. i means let be honest with ourselves.... OJ got away with murder...
oldladyfish (9 days ago)
Why come black people are not angry about Robert Durst not being convicted? Why don't black people walk around with a chip on their shoulders and carry outrage for the jury that did not convict Robert Durst? Why are black people not surprised that Robert Durst was not convicted?
oldladyfish (9 days ago)
people shouldnt relax until he’s convicted. I means let be honest with ourselves.... Robert Durst got away with murder; He admitted to shooting and dismembering his neighbor. He was suspected in his first wife's disappearance and has gone to kill again. He has tampered with everything in the judicial system and committed murder while on patrol. He is a serial killer and yet he is enjoying white privilege. So stop pissing and whining about O.J. Simpson. Explain to me how Robert Durst is so innocent?
Morning Glory (11 days ago)
This is shocking. Typically cops prefer to shoot unarmed people in the back or while they are crawling on their knees.
LawnGuyland (12 days ago)
PAMAROSHOUSE (12 days ago)
got him
Demario Bershell (12 days ago)
He was never in the database how they get his dna, how did they know where he lived.
Silas Frost (13 days ago)
This should be a wake-up call to police departments everywhere that there is an attraction to being on the enforcement side of the law for sociopathic, predatory, cruel kinds of people. I imagine police must be vigilant in weeding out such types. How is it that he was dismissed when caught shoplifting while other officers are being defended or receive a slap on the wrist for far worse things like police brutality and the shooting of citizens pets? Why has tolerance and support of those offenses increased?
The Genius Director (13 days ago)
White grown man and a cop, yup clearly a psychopath
Offgrid Jack (13 days ago)
His lawyers will challenge the "Ancestry" DNA linking and try to get the whole thing thrown out. Then the DA will make a "plea" and death will be taken off the table. How many times have we seen this happen??
noregrets7469 (13 days ago)
They don’t mention yet how his DNA came onto their headlights in the first place. What was it that pointed them to him!
noregrets7469 (13 days ago)
And he’s a COP!
frank facts (14 days ago)
don't put more cold cases on him than he really did, piggos - just so you can clear your old files. you've done enough - or should we say haven't done enough - already
frank facts (14 days ago)
he was chief material
Jonathan S. (14 days ago)
Out of all things he decides to steal a hammer and dog repellent . Interesting
Jeffery Warfield Jr (14 days ago)
I am probably going to get death threats for this but we should just put him out of his misery think about it he is 72 now a life time in prison is useless he was is on a wheelchair and people are just cold blooded not caring for him and that is justified but think about the time 1976-1986 he probably knew he was doing something wrong and came to he senses un like the police and everyone else I read between the lines
T HE (14 days ago)
He's probably the Zodiac killer too.
Ms Twentythirteen (14 days ago)
how was her book what solved the case? LOL it was the DNA not the book ... She wouldn't have had relevant information that wasn't already known to the case..
NoR CaL (14 days ago)
He was a cop, and no one knew. Makes you wonder how many sociopaths, psychopaths, are employed by law enforcement. Also, makes you wonder how no one knew a damn thing for 40 years, hard for me to believe. We need a better screening system when it comes to employing cops, to many come back from war all messed up with no regards for human life. And to many get away with murder.
shadowdance4666 (15 days ago)
All cops should submit Their DNA to keep their jobs
CHOCO FILIPINO 88 (15 days ago)
Rau Kenneth (15 days ago)
Double standard here. When police murder men they say well he has a tough job, no charges.
Vicious Crowe (15 days ago)
All cops are murders and rapists!
Yih Dzelonh (16 days ago)
I'll never remotely understand how anyone can commit even ONE murder or serious offense.....and live a 'normal' life......without their conscience being 'affected'......much less MANY. My only viable hypothesis is that people like this DeAngelo......have a much 'smaller conscience' than people like me.......so 'serious' crimes affects them much less than it would affect other people.
Super Dude (16 days ago)
That Patton sure is an annoying ahole. Help get this case closed? Don't flatter yourself you melancholic dbag. With or without your wife this case was infamous enough never to remain truly "cold".
tempo ratus (16 days ago)
Innovative DNA technique just following a hunch. That so-called innovative DNA technique is using the DNA of relatives of a person that you suspect, kind of genealogic profile of the DNA of the suspect. By the way its obtained from those heritage websites like 23 and me and the likes of it. It cannot prove anything but it can sure eliminate people from being suspects. It produces a pool of people that can actually be very large , It was HIS DNA they have gotten by going through his garbage that nailed him. If you want to protect your privacy do not use thw=e services of 23 and me
Hanoi Tripper (17 days ago)
Wha about if he has a identical twin
Omer Atwood (17 days ago)
Sorry excuse for a cop, he was fired for stealing from a hardware store. Like many psychopathic bullies that become cops thinking of authority, ignorant of the truth that it is a servants position... He was a piss poor cop, and a coward in the military. All of his neighbors called him “the freak”... now he’s 74 and may not live long enough to be executed
xXfencesXx (17 days ago)
HOW AM I JUST HEARING ABOUT THIS! Honestly never thought they would catch him. Crazy.
jonesbunny (17 days ago)
Nasty ass pig
Johnny Smith (17 days ago)
DNA from Ancestry.com ?....DNA from crime scene was cross referenced against public DNA posts not a police data base..Lucky his kids or who ever shared their DNA with the world or he would of got away with it.
robert ingram (17 days ago)
Rot in hell POS.
InThaBassmintTV (17 days ago)
The Original Night Stalker??
robert plod (17 days ago)
P.R win ........B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T!
So was that ancestry DNA Services that shared his DNA or was it 23andME. ? I’m curious to know..!!
Finn Hagan (17 days ago)
All coppers are perverts. their wives tell their hairdressers all their pervert behaviours. And when they're not perving their fantisizing about tgeir pensions. They're the reason i wont pay tax.
Can you Fly Bobbyboy (17 days ago)
What if he left no DNA and this is all a scam.
H-Mann (18 days ago)
They need to create a DNA Data Base on ALL OF THE POLICE OFFICERS they can find that have been fired, or retired, or all of them. It should be mandatory for any person applying to be a police officer to be forced to give up there DNA so it can be checked to see it they are involved in pending cases just like the law they passed forcing inmates to give up DNA. If this is done it is most likely to solve allot of old cases like the Golden state killer as well as current cases. I just watched a video recently about two officers that chased a man and his autistic son down a dead end road then shot into the vehicle hitting the boy several times killing him on the spot and critically wounding his father. One of the officers is an accused RAPIST!, and still has his badge.
Mic Tactical (18 days ago)
DNA is amazing. Science prevails.
Preston Hanson (18 days ago)
Man the police just can't get a break lately. How embarrassing the golden State killer IS A COP lol
Reality Revolution (18 days ago)
cops kill more people than all serial killers combined. and Obama conspires (kill list) to commit 1000s with drones. Both are far more dangerous to us than ANY serial killer in history. We'd be better off letting all serial killers loose and incarcerating them!!!!
Dalton Morgan (18 days ago)
The baby dick killer will never harm another soul again
Tim Orrok (18 days ago)
The Zodiac Passed Away Of A Heart Attack In The Late 80's
Juan Mora (18 days ago)
So he got fired I think 1979 but kill somebody 1980 why they don't put eyes on him as a suspect awful working out the cops
Sean Arsenault (18 days ago)
Ok da not cool es too late for jail lok lik es gona die from old age
Aghyad (19 days ago)
Thank you science!
Gene Ortega (19 days ago)
PE D (19 days ago)
ABC IS FAKE NEWS-- but this is a real story -- weird. They have to mix in real human interest stories with their usual political propaganda to keep the uneducated on the hook.
PE D (18 days ago)
I'm not "the free press'. Do you know what that means, and the significance of it to our governmental system and constitution? I'm betting, no. You should thoughtfully study why we give the 'press' certain rights and privileges. The Left did. Which is why they co-opted the entertainment industry, educational system, and news (TV, newspapers, internet, mags) a long time ago. They've created a propaganda machine out of the pillars of our society and citizens need to understand this. That's the only chance we have of taking back our critically important 'FREE PRESS', and restoring it to OBJECTIVE JOURNALISM, not political propaganda. The same applies to our educational system.
Dalton Morgan (18 days ago)
You would never lie of course
Heyhoney11 (19 days ago)
The audio book by Michelle McNamara is excellent. It’s called I’ll be Gone in the Dark. The narrator is excellent. This monster is pure evil. I can’t even look at his face.
a64750 (19 days ago)
Is he really innocent? cause it sounds like he's guilty
Anders D (19 days ago)
Innocent until proven guilty, people..."He was a great father"..."He dindu nuffin"...
ben lyons (19 days ago)
This shows how inept the cops are. shoplifteD dogrepellent and a hammer. Wonder how many have been jailed because the cops are slackers.and we p
Angel Wig (19 days ago)
Michael Zuniga (19 days ago)
Just Think of how many other GUYS ARE GOING TO GET COUGH NOW??
Jeffrey Riley (19 days ago)
I feel bad that Patton Oswalt lost his wife but he's a fucking idiot if he thinks she was responsible for his arrest. Cops and armchair detectives have been working on this case since it happened and book after book has been written on it. But, of course, all these people speak is "Celebrity."
Jeffrey Riley (19 days ago)
I'm amazed we actually got him. I thought this would go unsolved.
Compton Compton (19 days ago)
The white man is a devil
Terri Emerson (19 days ago)
that little pig better be roasting in hell when he dies
Benjamin Roberts (19 days ago)
Hope his old wrinkly ass gets butt fucked in prison
Chris Cross (19 days ago)
Photo evidence proves ISRAEL AND US GOVERNMENT DID 9/11 http://www.methodicaldeception.com/resource2.html https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it
Prince of Wakanda (19 days ago)
His neighbors probably need therapy now. Living next to a monster in the suburbs, believing they were totally safe.
Lynne Johnson (19 days ago)
adding another name "Golden State Killer" very late in the game serves nothing but to confuse. We've always known him as East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker. GTFOH Patton, stop selling Michelle and her book. It's not her - it's the many many law enforcement people over the years.
Joyce Dayton (19 days ago)
What a weird fuckhead
Gene Veloz (19 days ago)
Why don’t they just leave this man alone. So he did a few “bad things”,what does that make the rest of us, good?
kellylirg1 (18 days ago)
Dalton Morgan, I think it's Donald himself 😂
Dalton Morgan (18 days ago)
Russia...is that you?
linda from ga (20 days ago)
Sadly, I think many crimes are committed by cops
Pamela Turnbull (20 days ago)
Thank the gods for this !!! I'm not American but i watch a lot of serial killer documentaries on here. i live in the UK and we have our own bastard serial killers ..... but this one ...... was an absolute arse ..... I hope he is haunted by his victims until he enters his own personal purgatory .
Big G Haywood (20 days ago)
Every one of these videos has a whole bunch of people commenting who know absolutely nothing about this case. A lot of them don't care and have no interest in true crime, and the rest have likely never heard of this case. This man was the most-terrifying and one of the most-prolific serial offenders in this country's history. Once you learn about the case, you'll make sure the door is locked every night, and you'll check in your closet and underneath your bed before you go to sleep.
Silly Putty (20 days ago)
What was it that made them take a look at this guy?
Thomas Murray (20 days ago)
I can't watch a b c news
Can you just imagine your grandpa being a famous cold case serial killer... I dont know whether to be proud or horrified
Vulcan Logix ______ (20 days ago)
It's Sacramento ~ he's likely a scapegoat
Johnny Topside (21 days ago)
Plain sight is what people never think about. I used to live in the fucking bushes a block away from a police station with furniture and tarps and everything. Everyone should be second-guessed especially from first impressions that's a rule of mine.
sheldonhighsmith3333 (21 days ago)
White and a cop!
Kaireh Ismail (21 days ago)
remember police show up 99% of the time only after the crime has occurred

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