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PICKING UP GIRLS WITH BODYGUARDS! NOT EVERY GIRL IS A GOLD DIGGER THOUGH! Thanks for watching! Please share and leave a like if you enjoyed it! Subscribe to me: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=fatalismfilms Special Thanks To Ken And Sergio: https://www.youtube.com/kenduchamp https://www.youtube.com/udsydefilms Thanks to Riley for filming: https://www.youtube.com/user/RILEYproMAGICIAn FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR UPDATES! INSTAGRAM -@FATALISMTV FACEBOOK -@FATALISMTV
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Anator Moose (3 месяца назад)
Go around with body guards picking up girls in front of their boyfriends!
CPG GAMING (1 год назад)
one of his body gaurds look like UDY Pranks
CPG GAMING (1 год назад)
YEA thats UDY
Jordyn Hamilton (1 год назад)
i still wouldn't date him LMAO
Orb 2010 (1 год назад)
unbearablly dumb girls...
Salazard Serpentard (1 год назад)
kawaicharlton24 gaming (1 год назад)
is that udy pranks
Mads Lundstrøm (2 года назад)
+FatalPranks Hey, great prank! Are you making your own music, really great beat! i would like the know the name of the song used behind this video! :-)
Banana Knecht X3 (2 года назад)
*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/8275048338839/6201763292709.html
Devrigado (2 года назад)
he looks like 12..
Ortiz Guey (2 года назад)
Cool vid. But the bodyguards on the channel RichKidsTV looked tougher.
Danny Tsao (2 года назад)
bro this asian kid is so awkward lmaaao
K S Hoy (2 года назад)
lmao she did not just say she felt like she knew him better after the bodyguards showed up. im deadt
JJC Sports Marketing (2 года назад)
Frankie Y (2 года назад)
But the thing is, you put a girl in short shorts and a bikini top, any guy will follow them 😂 guys are just as shallow. If a guy sees the opportunity to get his dick wet he'll take it. So let's look at both ends of the spectrum lmao
JJC Sports Marketing (2 года назад)
Moe Jaber (2 года назад)
Well there's a reason why they don't give you their numbers, that might be because your not there type. But when you pretend or show that you have money either by showing cars, bodyguards, etc they do give out their numbers because they are after the money and are giving your money their number not you because they still have no interest in you. Just like a hooker or stripper that's what those girls are.
Dong yang Li (2 года назад)
keep it up nice video!
1223 (2 года назад)
because it may break woman's hearts
1223 (2 года назад)
I don't like these vids much
Gabriel Lago (2 года назад)
Jana Mcneill (2 года назад)
Did that girl say that her name was Kiwi?
Moses Letta (2 года назад)
that seems fun the cary part
Man Per (2 года назад)
i'm only here because prank reviewer says this dork fakes his videos...still can not believe how many dumb people thinks this is legit...
Houdini Trey (2 года назад)
" I Didn't Really Know You.. Now I Feel Like I Know You A Little More"
Jonathan Paul (2 года назад)
"We GOTTA GO." Transaction's waiting. *Picks up Kid*
Hunter Andrews (2 года назад)
"Because I'm Asian ".. I died laughing when he said that
arty (2 года назад)
fake ass shit.... get a job
Marina Isms (2 года назад)
Oh the greedy america
Popguysticks123 (2 года назад)
You need bodyguards like richkidstv.
Miguel Jimenez (2 года назад)
bodyguards needed better attire
Jay Zikonta (2 года назад)
people say about a girl who like rich men that she is a gold digger! but why no say anything about a men who like sexy womens! you want her for her nice pussy she want you for u r money so?
Idk man (2 года назад)
hopefully i don't become a gold digger in the future....
2 Monster Punches (2 года назад)
robert rudi hartono (2 года назад)
fuck asian
mateo racco (2 года назад)
Gold diggers
lchPutzHierNur (2 года назад)
kind of dumb when they dont reject you in the first place
Varun Prakash (3 года назад)
Not a prank but a social experiment.
Kalani Demello (3 года назад)
sorry not cool
FaithfulCalamari (3 года назад)
The one who shook your hand was really nice.
NinjightNationCorp (3 года назад)
Thank goodness for gold diggers it gives all the lonely rich boys hope lol
Vincent Vu (3 года назад)
Dayummmm same name and race :)
Ikram Omar (3 года назад)
Little gold digges bitches!
Wet Work (3 года назад)
Fucking clowns. I didn't even see this one. shits hilarious. lmao
Jer Blanco (3 года назад)
you should do this body guard prank again. hella funny
George Peters (3 года назад)
I dont really comment on these kinda videos mostly, but i gotta say i did enjoy this
Malachi Griddine (3 года назад)
gold diggers
Enrique Gomez (3 года назад)
wearing a sweater in the sun
Lucas Baruch (3 года назад)
Hahahaha I know Ashley and Emma at the end
Mike (3 года назад)
haha I couldn't keep it together when he was like "is cause i'm asian?
Daniel Hedgehog (3 года назад)
music name ?
Omega Archangel4 (3 года назад)
KING MAC (3 года назад)
girls are dumb asf lol
FenolNTLNSoldier (3 года назад)
Epidemic if gold digging whores. -Bill Burr
Mark Anthony (3 года назад)
ur really 16?? wtf lol
Dorman Richards (3 года назад)
I wouldn't even brother to say it's a 'prank'
Zachary Gelb (3 года назад)
what about the dead guy underneath the girl at 3:45 lol
big973e (3 года назад)
they see an Asian guy an assume he was some legit businessman or child prodigy or just really rich. No one bothered to ask what type of dealings he was involved in, dude could've been a smuggler or Triad Underboss and they would've sucked him up in the parking lot, lololol
Owen Barker (3 года назад)
Seems. Right On! aunt bless What's your opinion about this, guys !!!
MangoManTango (3 года назад)
Drug Lords on the beach lol
TheShade247 (3 года назад)
Forget the prank, I need that Beat lol
LowLife. (3 года назад)
This is why I prefer Russian women
Prakhar Vasishtha (3 года назад)
hear,,see... believe
junkjouster (3 года назад)
money sluts
Nick D (3 года назад)
Don't Mind 3.09 spooning ?
ARYAN CHAUHAN (3 года назад)
I really am not interested now
Wizardly Garden Gnome (3 года назад)
Akash Keny (3 года назад)
Killer..... Amazing Loved it..!! You Guys Rock Bro..!!
Dark Soldier (3 года назад)
Be sure to hit tha like butt-ton.  :/
Stephen Walker (3 года назад)
What I love is that all these pranks with cars, bodyguards. It doe not matter. They all show the hypocrisy of women. Those who claim they are interested in the person. They really are found out. So many accuse men who go to Asia to find girls simply show themselves up as hypocrites.
TOP ANIME (3 года назад)
Isn't that guy with the tattoo also a Youtuber too ? (The Security Guard)
xChaoslordx (2 года назад)
TOP ANIME (3 года назад)
NVM .. I wasn't watching it until the end..
Durkio B (3 года назад)
Does this kid sweat? How is he wearing that damn son!?
ricky99la (3 года назад)
Does every prankster always prank at Huntington Beach??
Hassan Saleh (3 года назад)
"Alright I just deleted your number '' lmaoooo what a boss.
Lil FreeZer (3 года назад)
check list: get body guards
Ced pranks (3 года назад)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Homosapian (3 года назад)
this kind of disgust me. that one girl said she just started dating someone she must not like him very much because as soon as she heard about the transaction she typed in her number. i swear girls today just want u for what u have. im not saying all girls but if they had the chance im sure they would.
Karst van Overveld (3 года назад)
i will give u 10k if you do anal after that XD
Beulah307 (3 года назад)
Wait you're 16? Lol I'm confused sorry xD
Clorox Bleach (3 года назад)
5'5 body guards?
TheSheepDogPatriot1776 (3 года назад)
ok if a dude came up to you in a jacket when everyone else is in bikinis and tank tops, proving its obviously hot, that's your clue something is up!
lastdeezylastdon (3 года назад)
Ana (3 года назад)
girls like power get over it it's been this way since cave man days when the big dude brought the tiger and the little dude brought the bunny the girls would like the big dude it's pretty simple this is just down to the way it's always been though i do believe some girls in the video do look shallow i also believe that i would not give my number to a stranger... with bodyguards or without
Jacob Dong (3 года назад)
Wwwait, are you 16?
SenszR (3 года назад)
This is gold!!!
Eddy Labban (3 года назад)
Bodyguards? leul!
Juan Totomas (3 года назад)
i think the body guards coulda done a better job of the role. but nonetheless really cool vid
nietzsche (3 года назад)
american girls are shameless gold diggers
cafe (3 года назад)
Sammy Salas (3 года назад)
Sadly Gold Diggers make the entire women population look bad..I'm proud to be born into a more poor family because they've always told me never to judge people by money and never look for a guy with money and If I ever become a person with a lot of money to never think myself above them.
Tessa K (3 года назад)
Pretty sure this is just a video to make women feel bad about themselves
Faruk Sacid Sarıkaya (3 года назад)
this is really awesome
So Sereyoudom (3 года назад)
Why are they all gold diggers haven't seen a non gold digger yet :(
Ibrahim Delic (3 года назад)
too many stupid ass bitches
Communism is Death (3 года назад)
Surprise surprise, women are attracted to power.  In our society money = power, and power = status. Beautiful women can have their pick of the litter.  they CAN reject 99.9% of the people who hit on them, and do.  It might be shallow, it might be shitty, but all of these women are "good" people, they're just weak and typical females.
Sebastian Holguin (3 года назад)
In our Society money means power like you said and the way people portray each other is in the way of how much money you have and what you have and stuff like that
Haidar Wahab (3 года назад)
What's the song?
Howudoin (3 года назад)
Girls are disgusting pedophiles who lock up kids in their basement feeding them tacos just to hear them shit on the toilet.
La Flame Ruma Ruman (3 года назад)
Are you in 2nd grade? Afraid of the girl cooties, huh, kid?
Damar Alexander (3 года назад)
dude you must hide your microphone lol
Mohamed Omar (3 года назад)
You call these body guards
Sam (3 года назад)
Kaspason (3 года назад)
what are those things in the ocean? it's so ugly
vXINFINITYXv (3 года назад)
Vincent!!!!!! MHS tho.!.
Chet Lemon (3 года назад)
Not sure why this surprises anyone.  Women have been exchanging sex for money & resources since the beginning of time. They're naturally wired to be hypergamous. You can't hate them for it, just be aware and act accordingly.

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