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Shot In The Hood Prank (Gone Wrong)

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I went around the hoods in Pomona and some other places & pretended we got shot using a bluetooth speaker. Dangerous Prank.Click that like button if you enjoyed. The guy was extremely mad but no one was harmed. Shot in the hood Prank /Shot Dead in Public Prank / / Shot In The Ghetto / "FatalismTV" Licensed by incompetech.com to use music. Song: "Evening of Chaos by Kevin Macleod Outro Song: Asap Rocky | Type Beat
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Текстовые комментарии (78)
Beasty108 (3 года назад)
Daniel De La Vera (3 года назад)
Peter Cobden (4 года назад)
the prank would have been a lot better if they used blood splatter effects picture a pool of blood and a blank from a real gun being discharged it would have looked a lot more dramatic.
MAD DOG (4 года назад)
Please people don't prank people in this way , you will eventually run into the wrong person and someone will really die, the first time I saw a gun after seeing that I would pull mine and shoot the person with the gun for fear of that person shooting me and I don't hesitate on trigger time, it's that simple. Someone really dies, 
Ryan Samuels (4 года назад)
I went to elementary school at the church in the background
Justin Conklin (4 года назад)
No offense but you guys suck at acting
Anthony Hernandez (4 года назад)
Lol I live there
Antonio C. (4 года назад)
I live Around there lol
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+Antonio Conceicao sweet lol
Bird Jay (4 года назад)
even tho you have the pixel still know how he looks
John Wick (4 года назад)
0:37 he fell dead on the ground with the phone still on his ear wtf
TriixR4KiiDz (4 года назад)
Shot sounds like shit
Rouge2881 (4 года назад)
He got mad because he made him run??? Dam Mexicans are lazy as shit
Umer Sultan Siddique (4 года назад)
Aah, my curiosity is killing me, what does the red sign at 1:38 say
Elias T (4 года назад)
HAGEMANDEN Jr (4 года назад)
Maybe you should grow up at stop scaring people in that way, imagine if you thought somebody is being shot! Not funny at all. Try other things where people don't think they have a chance of dying.
TheLulzomar (4 года назад)
This is crazy
Donald Drumpf (4 года назад)
So your gonna fight him because you were scared?
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
New epic pranks on FatalismTV Channel :D
flatulatingmarmoset (4 года назад)
Some of those reactions were good, but the kids at the end saw the camera. Ha! 
Kenny Houp. (4 года назад)
He got pissed because he ran like 4 feet
MrTyler189 (4 года назад)
Ason 6th sense (4 года назад)
1:20 gone wrong ? haha just a fat ass kid 
HairyKrakus (4 года назад)
Newbie and shitty quality
JaysEjuice.com (4 года назад)
cry wolf!
Anthony Villescaz (4 года назад)
There in montclair that's wassup
OneUltimateWarrior (4 года назад)
I like how nobody tries to help him. X D
scab268 (4 года назад)
thats kind of suicide
Dominic (4 года назад)
Lmao the old guy reminded me of scruffy from Futurama with how he acted. "Yep".
T&Z Productions (4 года назад)
(Gone Wrong) How is this supposed to go right?
Viox3Productions (4 года назад)
Song at the end : ASAP ROCKY type beat NEW 2013!!! "Six Shots" - prod. KingFaro
Geoff Williams (4 года назад)
Old dude was like "I ain't see shit" lmao
Daryl Doc Kinard (4 года назад)
Gone Wrong Pranks are everywhere now huh?
O7ANGE (4 года назад)
Batman (4 года назад)
wow that really went wrong huh. Disliking all ur vids
Xplicit 47 (4 года назад)
Dave (4 года назад)
This is the dumbest youtube channel.. You guys are gonna get fucking killed. So you just got yourself another subscriber.
2 Random Guys (4 года назад)
Don't kill me bro cmon ill pay you tomorrow
bxmarkid05 (4 года назад)
potangina nyu
Nicky Mansell (4 года назад)
Your right with gone wrong, that woz shit
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
New Video Drug Delivery Prank check it out on our channel
Lalo Feria Team (4 года назад)
Come to Pomona 12 street
CasualSavage (4 года назад)
Jared Roeder (4 года назад)
Dude thats not funny
Fightdirty64 (4 года назад)
Yo always do it around the corner like the first one if that's a real gun sound u were using
John Glenn (4 года назад)
What. The song
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Its in description
John Glenn (4 года назад)
What's that song
John Glenn (4 года назад)
What's DAT song yo
Ryan Foley (4 года назад)
this legit had me crying! xD
alonzoquiroz (4 года назад)
That's the Montclair civic center I know because I play there
Robert Ross (4 года назад)
Buzz Killington III (4 года назад)
Cool story bro.
Jackal (4 года назад)
How is this funny?
Jared Leon (4 года назад)
To the guy who replied before me, it is entertaining a little and fucked the hell up.
FloridaCarsShowsandMeet s (4 года назад)
The last one was from the church in the background. I saw him lol.
Anthony Sparrow (4 года назад)
These look kinda fake
Jay Dawg (4 года назад)
So...where exactly did this 'go wrong'??? Waste of time. 
Ariosto Müller (4 года назад)
0 - 1:52
rustler donnie (4 года назад)
Lmao ..These kids suck
dark mephiles (4 года назад)
1:13 - 1:30
kratosson1 (4 года назад)
Are you guys from Montclair? Because I recognized the 24 gym
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
New video Stealing Peoples Gas Prank check it out on our channel
ChodeyNips (4 года назад)
"You're gunna fall, you gunna make me run huh?" what a dipshit
Timmy Johnson (4 года назад)
the guy was gon run like a lil bitch then he acts hard with his gun and his little act hard attitude haha xD
Supreme Athletes Only (4 года назад)
1:00 lmfao . Dude can get arrest for th at
Ej c (4 года назад)
That's in pomona
CANELO ALVAREZ (4 года назад)
Sabby Fazari (4 года назад)
check out this girl flashing guys on a park bench Sexy Park Bench Prank - 7
amethyst0285 (4 года назад)
0:40 not a single fuck was given that day. 😂
PMDownUp (4 года назад)
R Montana (4 года назад)
Fucking west coast...."Dawggg"
Yambo (4 года назад)
I have the same L.A hat:)
janeth herrera (4 года назад)
Matt Chao (4 года назад)
LMFAO!!! That part at 0:17
beast fxcade (4 года назад)
Lmao loved this video
WNT prank (4 года назад)
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Cringe (4 года назад)

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