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Teenagers Try '90s Hair Tools

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Who remembers the Gems Hair Jeweler?​ POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is your guide to living your '20s in style! We cover everything from DIY fashion and beauty, pop culture and comedy, recipes and food trends, celebrity news, and more. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide Find us on Snapchat! Username is popsugar
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Text Comments (2897)
Gianna Venzor (2 hours ago)
My name is Gianna, like anybody cares.😐
ceuyda (9 hours ago)
They look older
Georgia Lamb (17 hours ago)
The red haired girl is so pretty!
Geoffrey Mwaniki (18 hours ago)
Wth who saw a black girl before the last one she wasn't there this is kind of expensive because I am black
pinwheel87 (20 hours ago)
how on earth are they younger than me yet look older
Amy Pach (1 day ago)
the first product well i still have them 🙃
soft sorbet (2 days ago)
How are they so close to my age omg
Pony Squad (2 days ago)
Does anyone else recognise tia from dance moms?
Traduttore Traditore (2 days ago)
her : i'm obsessed with the 90's me, 99 line : haha that's okay you grew up in the 90's after all *sees her date of birth* wait WOt
Yoonji Kang (3 days ago)
"Oh...This looks really complicated" *WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND MAKE THINGS SO COMPLICATED*
Tatiana Michel (3 days ago)
Alyssa Grosso (3 days ago)
Phoebe 109 (4 days ago)
Tea had a massive glow up
My mum used these tools cuz she is 47 rigt now go something like 40 years ago she used dese things easily😂😂😂 i dunno how they used that 😲😲😲
Sabrina Todd (4 days ago)
The redhead looks like camren bicondova the actress for Gotham she plays catwoman.the redhead will looks so cute with shorter hair
Ivana Petakovic (4 days ago)
Is that Sarah and Tea from Dance moms?
blue bird (4 days ago)
CayLee.J-Ru Bun (4 days ago)
Poor black girl, nothing suits to her hair
CayLee.J-Ru Bun (4 days ago)
That red hair girl is so pretty. 😍
Abcd Efg (4 days ago)
I’m older than all of them?
S D (5 days ago)
God, they look so old😭 I look like a child compared to them, and I'm 20 oml
idilion (5 days ago)
There is no way ! They cant be 14, 13
im 13 and i had all those things 😂
Lande Ahmed (5 days ago)
Teá and Sarah are from dance moms.
Ivy Mist132 (6 days ago)
There so cute!
pɐs (6 days ago)
hey the first girl logan other than me that i’ve ever seen!!
Jenny Christopoulou (6 days ago)
When you realize that's not buzzfeed
Monica Khatkar (6 days ago)
For that bun u need someone who can do it
Jane Cajuste (6 days ago)
Follow my ig leayse4671
EmeraldCloverPlayz (7 days ago)
Born in 2p06 and they look 10 yrs older than me...
Elizabeth Valentine (7 days ago)
I still have the one in the middle of the thumbnail
Kenya Alvarez (7 days ago)
The thumbnail made me thing of The Powerpuff Girls
Ellie S (8 days ago)
2 of the girls looked like Sarah and tea from dance moms
Zoe Rayner (8 days ago)
tea from dance moms as well?!
Zoe Rayner (8 days ago)
It's Avocado (8 days ago)
How. Are we all the same age but they all have glow ups a no acne America explain
Arious s (8 days ago)
How come the black girl did not yet to do the last one SMH
Arious s (8 days ago)
How come there were no black kids you know bavk then they had the best hair
Julia Čŕãżý 21 (8 days ago)
0:07 ayyy she is so beautiful
Petronella Osgood (9 days ago)
Why do they look older than me they are literally like three years younger than me help
madi girl (9 days ago)
I'm 10 and have the hair beading thing. My sister was 11 when she got the braider, so three years ago. 90's? Really?
Tt Gh (9 days ago)
Sarah - betty cooper Tia - sherl blossom Gianna - veronica lodge #riverdale
katieclare glynn (9 days ago)
I still use it to make my dance buns lol
Maai Bunashi (9 days ago)
Maai Bunashi (9 days ago)
The 20th Pilot (9 days ago)
Hairagami is what we use for marching band season 😂😂
My back (9 days ago)
Lmao my brother who is 19 was so thirsty for them until he saw the year they were born in 😩😩😩 I’m fucking dead
It’s funny how they look so much older than me but we’re the same age. I look like a 10 year old and they look like they’re 19
milly king (10 days ago)
They look way older
Sam Schoo (10 days ago)
They can’t be born in 2004 wth
Asif Saleh (10 days ago)
I’m pretty sure two of the girls are from dance moms
Starlight Playzs (10 days ago)
OMG TEA AND SARAH! From dance moms I’m so shook!!!
sad vibez (10 days ago)
Most of the hair tools was for people with straight hair not curly hair and i dont like that i mean make hair tools for different types of hair i have to use tools on doll hair not my hair :/
Ezri Rathbun (10 days ago)
I’m literally their age and I’ve used all of these???
Jessica Dubois (11 days ago)
Angel Demon (11 days ago)
The vlondie looks likes chloes mom from dance moms
__ bumkeyk __ (11 days ago)
WHAT THE FUCK R THEY RLY ‘03 & ‘04 ?????
Just Me (11 days ago)
dead wings; (11 days ago)
2004... and I look like them. Happy to know I fit in.
Carina Grace (11 days ago)
I was born in 2004 and don't look that old.
Teodora Jankulova (12 days ago)
I have the first one
sun flower (12 days ago)
What is that Tia from dance moms
Anali Buenrostro (12 days ago)
Reese Torres (12 days ago)
So stupid
Amarli Emerald (12 days ago)
Is tea from dance moms
Amoozing Dragon (12 days ago)
I bought those before and tried it but it messed up my hair
Amoozing Dragon (12 days ago)
I bought those before and tried it but it messed up my hair
Francesca Russo (13 days ago)
Tea could be Bree Van De Kamp’s daughter...
Anyah Hudson (13 days ago)
Why are we the same age, but they look almost 20?
Neo Donkor (14 days ago)
Tea and Sarah from dance moms
itsme Taeliskook (14 days ago)
Any armmyyysss???
Trinity Sanchez (14 days ago)
They are so pretty
Sofia ACeves (14 days ago)
You trying to chop their hair off
Cassandra Gheorghica (14 days ago)
And the hair gummy omg all the block had it and we were slapping around the wrist aswell 😂😂
Cassandra Gheorghica (14 days ago)
Hair gems 😢😢i always used to forget them in my hair and found them everywhere in the house ! What memories I miss 😢😢😢
UNICORN Pham (14 days ago)
0:36 girl u really think that bundle of hair is gonna turn into a braid?.... Well of course not!
It'sMeMimi. 101 (14 days ago)
2;50. I have that at home LOL
sinai (15 days ago)
Please subscribe to my channel it would mean the world to me🙏✨
thatbean hayley (15 days ago)
They're so cute aaahhhh skjsksjs
Sophiee ! (15 days ago)
Is that Tea from dance moms I'm shook
Jaydinz world (15 days ago)
1:27 I have one just like that and purple And I’m Almost 11
AquariumLove (15 days ago)
Tjey look so much older
Karen Sandoval FlacaA7 (16 days ago)
My days!!! Oh memories
Joanna Roa (16 days ago)
They did it wrong
Elaine Wu (16 days ago)
Also Sarah
Elaine Wu (16 days ago)
Tia was on Dance moms!
Azima Khush (16 days ago)
AceyRabbits (16 days ago)
Omg my name is Gianna too
Taurus Vibes (17 days ago)
Idk why it scared me a lil when I saw their birth years. I mean I'm Bron in 2001 but you feel like they would be 8 😂
Ami Sabanta (17 days ago)
Hairigami was my best tool for amazing hairstyles when I was 6 in 2012
Miray Cetin (17 days ago)
Your liarr this girlss are 17 and 16
Jina Mooni (17 days ago)
I remember the curly spinning thingy. OMG THE BEDAZZLER YAS I'VE ALWAYS WANTED ONE. 😢
Brandy C. Stark (17 days ago)
It's funny how they look older than me and I'm an adult 😂
Li z (17 days ago)
Es bombón, burbuja y bellota.
Dog Lover (18 days ago)
1:53 she looks like Bella Thorne but younger
Milky Way (18 days ago)
1:50 mood 😂😂
HAYA ALDOSSRY (19 days ago)
2004??? Excuse meee
Anaïs Allouche (19 days ago)
I am like 16 yo and these girls looks older then me i thought that they were 17 18 , ireally don't understand why a 13 14 yo girl are wearing makeup , i hope that it's just for the video and they don't look like this in real life 😕
alex (20 days ago)
arent the blonde and red haired girls from dance moms? tea' and sarah?
Faiza 124 (20 days ago)
My birth year is 2004!!
Aspen (20 days ago)
The first 2 I remember seeing on tv but I was born 2002 lol

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