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Teenagers Try '90s Hair Tools

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Who remembers the Gems Hair Jeweler?​ POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is your guide to living your '20s in style! We cover everything from DIY fashion and beauty, pop culture and comedy, recipes and food trends, celebrity news, and more. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide Find us on Snapchat! Username is popsugar
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Text Comments (3380)
Paraneetharan Arithasan (18 hours ago)
Teà was on Dance Moms
macaaadamia az (1 day ago)
1:30 they looked triggered tho lol :/
Rea (1 day ago)
I'm older then them but I look 10 compared to them 😂
Maggie Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Rosa Costa (2 days ago)
Is the one with ginger the girl from dance moms
Zoe Krieg (2 days ago)
And Sarah was on dance moms
Zoe Krieg (2 days ago)
That’s teá from dance moms!!!!
Helga Foxyna (3 days ago)
Лоооол, им серьёзно по 13 и 14?!
Isa Juarez (3 days ago)
Sarah and Tea from Dance Moms??? Somebody else noticed?? 😂😂💕
Marwa J. Facchini (4 days ago)
2:24 I laughed out loud, this girl gets me. lol
cutestyoongi (4 days ago)
..the blonde girl is born in 2000.... "teenagers" shes 18..thats a young adult
Alexandria Garibay (4 days ago)
I was born in 2001 and if these are '90s hair tools, why do I remember them?
I have the hairigami XD
CL Volgs (4 days ago)
Omg two girls from dance moms!!!!
Jackie Tran123 (5 days ago)
Like the toy
nana panchulidze (5 days ago)
Tea and sarah were in the dance moms
Trou!ble (6 days ago)
"-425" Bye
Frea (6 days ago)
I had it!! I hated it
pine apple (6 days ago)
0:24 this girl is so pretty 😊
Ticci Toby (6 days ago)
Sarah kinda looks like Alisha Marie
Svetlana Smayl (6 days ago)
Кто здесь российский ?
2:28 My mom still uses that on me for buns and it works really well because she was born in the 90's and she had expiriance with it.
oh um (7 days ago)
I used most of these when I was little and I'm a teen rn
Такое чувство как будто им 20 а не 14....
Juliana Santos (8 days ago)
Y'all be saying that there are two girls from dance moms while im here thinking that the girl with the black hair and a grey unicorn shirt looks like kylie jenner
alexandra fragoso (8 days ago)
These girls look older than me but im over here born in 1998
Estella The Girl (8 days ago)
A few of the girls were from dance moms
queennrelliee (8 days ago)
the girl with the black hair had less luck of stuff and the girl with the orange hair got some luck
Lauren Plays (8 days ago)
Guuuys stop commenting that you look younger bc no one actually cares
choerryy (8 days ago)
Rhiannon brown (9 days ago)
im like the same 😂
zushi (9 days ago)
2004? Really?
FormEEh Ohyeah (9 days ago)
Hahaha...i remember bugging my parents to get me these stuff. Back in the days though..lol
Tazreen Hussain (9 days ago)
Did anyone notice tea and Sarah were on dance moms.
R M (9 days ago)
I’m 20 y.o and I look like a middle schooler! What does they eat?
EmANem (9 days ago)
I honestly liked the last one
mabet Doctoriarena (9 days ago)
Tea and Sarah are from Dance Moms
Dezzi H (9 days ago)
I'm literally the same age as them and I look like I'm nine compared to them?
Sleeping Koalas (1 day ago)
I look 9 tp😂😭
Aaron Cleaver (10 days ago)
I have that bedazaler
Emily Ronan (10 days ago)
Sarah was on dance moms
Mei Hikaru (10 days ago)
Dunjica Love (10 days ago)
She looks like Tea from dance moms.But i don’t really know.I mean i don’t know much about her and where is she now
xxjg 11 (10 days ago)
Tea from aldc was herr
Linnea Johnson (10 days ago)
Oh my gosh! I have that thing that puts gems in your hair! I have it!!!
I smell Chewing gum (10 days ago)
Beautiful girls
Savannah Mcdonough (10 days ago)
OMG I miss that quick braider I loved that thing
GalaxyAldc ! (10 days ago)
Thats The Girls from Dance Moms!
ぱんまんあん (10 days ago)
WTF slimes (11 days ago)
0:08 wait WTF even i was born in 2004 but I look like a. Kid!!! Oh my God seriously 😢😢😢😢I look like a 10 year old
slimey_ tomatos (11 days ago)
Raina Diederich (11 days ago)
1:49 that look tho
Anne EXO-L (11 days ago)
Eu tenho 19 anos e pareço mais nova kkkk
Jas K Judge (11 days ago)
The black girl is super cute in this video .... all other girls r pretty too :)
Jujea Terry (12 days ago)
geonna prichard (12 days ago)
Areeb'skk (12 days ago)
The 2005 background music though
Milica Škiljević (14 days ago)
Who else thinks that the red hair girl looks like Cady from Mean Girls
SofiaPia Mai (14 days ago)
Europe loves doing buns but not with that
キラキラ女の子! (14 days ago)
I’ve used the bedazzler hair thing before and I’m 12 😅
Diamond plays (14 days ago)
2:55 I actually use this
Genevieve Soto (14 days ago)
They just didn't use them right
Talk less. Smile more! (14 days ago)
Omgsh TEÁ and SARAH!!!
Nilla Playz ROBLOX (15 days ago)
Isn’t that Tea from dance moms
La Mignote (15 days ago)
They look 20
Ashley Alex (15 days ago)
Omg there so. Pretty these girls r so pretty and then here I am laying around on my couch looking like the ugliest troll you've ever seen XD
Montse DMG. (16 days ago)
I'm 19 and I look younger than them
Animation Death Gruel (16 days ago)
why do they look 25. I'm born in 2002 and they look wayyyy older than me
Jasmyne Duarte (16 days ago)
Is used the hairagami and wasnt born in 90 and its well
Snow _Angel (16 days ago)
*How did they get these '90s like it's not like they would go back in time and get it or steal it*
_i Dont Know My Name_ (17 days ago)
I'm 11 And I look like a 18 year old on crack
Bal :3 (17 days ago)
Мен бұлданбай дұрыстап жасайтын едім.
Jenna Kimani (17 days ago)
2:22 im dying
Lea Marie Grundel (17 days ago)
I got the 3th
Moon Bonamour (17 days ago)
Those two 2004 girls looks so old, like in their 20s, how omg !?
Cheryl BombShell (17 days ago)
Weren’t most of them born in 1999 since their 18 or 17 no what nvm
Gfghhv Ffhjfvh (17 days ago)
0:07 if any of you remember season 4 of dance Mom’s you’ll know that that’s tea
Nihon b (17 days ago)
Kkkkkk, eu ja tive, minha vó trouxe dos EUA
Dominique Unique (17 days ago)
Tea and Sarah were on dance moms
Brave :D (18 days ago)
I remember those😂
AddieCakes 101 (18 days ago)
I was born in 2005 but knew what all of these were...I even had a hair badazeler
Gëö Röblöx (18 days ago)
They are a year older than me.. THEY LOOK 16.. wtf? Im like a fetus who started nursery.
silencieuxasmr (18 days ago)
WTF these girls look so much older and prettier than me but are younger
Bree B (19 days ago)
They're all younger then me and look way older LMFAO
The Denisse (19 days ago)
Oh my gosh i remember the gingles to the commercials od these products!
Sassy Nicole (19 days ago)
they look like in 20s
RandomOlives Roblox (19 days ago)
Waylon :3 (19 days ago)
It was the one with the red hair, and the one with the blond hair, the one with the red hair only appeared on season four, but the one with the blond hair appeared on season four and five
Waylon :3 (19 days ago)
There’s no one else noticed that two of those girls were on dance moms
Randi Cowler (19 days ago)
And Sarah
Randi Cowler (19 days ago)
Us that teá from dance moms
angxoxo130 (20 days ago)
i was born in 2002 and all of the girls born in 2004 look so much older than me what is going on lol
Nea Kosonen (20 days ago)
Was that blond and that redhead in Dance Moms
AB Sound (18 days ago)
Nea Kosonen ffggx. Ghbej
Meriem Alaoui (20 days ago)
I'm feeling old lol I'm almost 20 and i have tried all those hairstyles but why all the girls looks older i mean when i was a teenager I used to look like a child Haha they are so much beautiful and fresh i like it 💞🐝
Isabella Bowes (20 days ago)
I have hairagami!!
PsykoFeen (20 days ago)
where are the wavy flat irons !!
Morgan Doan (20 days ago)
I still use the Hairagami aka bun maker for dance
Hailey Anderson (20 days ago)
Isn’t Sarah in Brat? BOSS CHEER?
skam baby (21 days ago)
российские вы где?
Mochi Ziwoo (21 days ago)
Teens try?? Arent they like kids still
Grazia Tandurella (21 days ago)

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