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Janet: Family Staged Drug Interventions

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Part 2: Janet tells Robin Roberts: "I felt that [Michael] was in denial."
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Vaskedama (22 days ago)
Janet, La Toya and Michael look so alike, specially the smile :) She is absolutely gorgeous.
Jared Lowey (26 days ago)
If this isn't enough to prove Michael Jackson was a drug addict or his autopsy report then I don't know what is.
Tyson Wray (1 month ago)
She beautiful and she gives me asmr..most the jacksons have relaxing voices man (im from England btw)
MJJcz (2 months ago)
There is one thing Janet needs to explain to the public. If he was such an addict and they were so worried, why were they planning a tour with him as a Jackson 5 themselves? You can still find articles online from 2008 where Jermaine was announcing a J5 reunion tour with him that Janet was also supposed to be a part of and MJ denying it.
Marcus Hamilton (4 months ago)
Janet so beautiful
apple head (6 months ago)
Oml she's so beautiful
Sweta Seebaluck (6 months ago)
A sad family
Irreconocible Mente (7 months ago)
The way her smile stops when it's about her father is heart-breaking...
Ana Buenavida (7 months ago)
May West 😝
Gabi Battaglia (7 months ago)
She's absolutely gorgeous, I love the closeup of her face 😭❤️
Fefe Monet (8 months ago)
Their father looks like Maximilian from Vampire in Brooklyn towards the end when he was trying to get Rita to go with him.
Camille Wallace (7 months ago)
Slimjim Pisces Lol
Ivan Kanaan (8 months ago)
LaToya is the pretty one, Janet is as talented as LaToya but with better producers
mykel1990 (8 months ago)
People saying he wasn't this or that...I think Janet as his sister and probably closest sibling would know what he is and was as a person better than you do.
John Henry Owens (8 months ago)
They are still Family too African Americans and Black People ".. We knew about Michael Jackson and drugs. When he went through the Burn Accident it almost destroyed Michael. Jackson. Becsuse he was in severe pain so much. He had headaches and sometimes even burning in his head.
nemoran (4 months ago)
John Henry Owens The burn accident did not trigger any addiction. That is just another lie which the media made up after he died. There is no evidence he was taking painkillers on a regular basis before the March 1993 scalp surgery. He had chronic pain because of that balloon surgery and needed painkillers to function in daily life. Then came the tour and the Chandlers allegations. However if he had been so addicted he sure couldn't have recovered so quickly and he would have had some serious withdrawal symptoms which there is no evidence he had. Even AEG's own drug expert had to admit he saw no evidence that MJ took painkillers between 1993 and 2001. In 2001 he needed it for backpain, he had a stage accident in 1999 which injured his back. But again AEG's expert said he saw no evidence MJ took painkillers between 2002 and 2008. Now what kind of addict is that? He just randomly stops taking painkillers without any severe withdrawal symptoms. AEG's expert alos said there was no evidence MJ ever took anything on his own or more than was prescribed by doctors. If he had been an addict he would have taken drugs on his own and more than was prescribed. Remember no doctor was charged with anything except Murray. There is no evidence any other doctor other than Murray mistreated him or overprescribed for him. They treated his pain and insomnia like he was any other patient.
Noom Graham (8 months ago)
She is so sweet.
Vera Nchezor (8 months ago)
Oh myy she can bearly talk loud
Penelope O' Donnell (9 months ago)
I wonder when this drug intervention happened? Because weren't they trying to pass off some meeting about touring in '08 or '07 as an intervention? They were exposed on that one by a manager who said it upset Michael. Maybe it happened years ago? But they weren't very bothered in '93 when it was obvious there was a real problem. Where was Katharine when Liz Taylor was carting her son's ass off to rehab? Even Elton fucking John was more of a help than Janet 😑 That just really makes me doubt their story. They may have had a meeting but I'm positive that it had more to do with touring or This is It than Michael's health. I just can't imagine them confronting him in that manner. And risk losing a guest appearance on his London shows? Nah... If drugs did come up I doubt they talked about it honestly because that family skirts around issues like that. They clearly don't speak openly about things, hell most got married in secret. I'm really disappointed in Janet. She previously claimed (along with most of the family) that Joe was never physical with them, which basically made Michael out to be a liar. Then when he dies she corroborates Michael's claims on Piers Morgan and writes it in her book! And don't get me started on the whole "fake will" thing and keeping Michael's kids away from their grandmother and guardian. What type of fuckery is that?
Audrey Picklehead (9 months ago)
Michael needed a wife or a loyal honest girlfriend..he needed someone there who understood what loyalty was to someone, not someone when times got hard up and left(lisa marie). All Michael needed at night was a good head/back rub and a few words of assurance, encouragement, and love, then im sure his sleep and drug issues wouldn't have been such an anxiety for him.
nemoran (4 months ago)
Audrey Picklehead His insomnia was caused by physical problems, love cannot cure those. But stress and anxiety makes insomnia worse so maybe you are right there could have been someone who could have calmed him down who knows. Hard to be clam when you are the most bullied man on Earth and constantly persecuted for things you didn't do, though.
raySHELL IDGAF daniels (8 months ago)
Dominique Jennings (8 months ago)
Audrey Picklehead I agree
Marcia Randolph (9 months ago)
Audrey Picklehead I agree
Tyson Wray (9 months ago)
Janet Jackson fire n she has a soothing Voice
Anbudan Thamizhan (9 months ago)
3:41 Janet looks exactly like Michael
Psychokitten113 (9 months ago)
wonderful interview
dave and Lett-y yrigo (10 months ago)
Her voice is so sweet and calming!
jorge mancha (10 months ago)
This is a good interview, it doesn't feel invasive or attacking.
Anna Huff (10 months ago)
I see Michael in her everyday <3
Dlea Jackson (10 months ago)
When she started talking about Michael, i started crying😭💔💔💔
Dlea Jackson (10 months ago)
I can't help it... every time i see her, i see Michael!!
The Truth Channel (11 months ago)
Janet looks really good here, and yeah drug addiction is horrible, even when you think you've beat it, it's already fucked you over, and you've gotta stay strong all the time, and not give in to temptation. I were addicted to drugs from a young age. I have quit now, but I think it's too late, because my mind, and body are already fucked from taking them, and nothing is the same without them. To me there isn't anything that tastes as good as smoking cannabis.
Jill Morgan (11 months ago)
I love janet but I don't like where they went here. Yes ,at one time michael was addicted to painkillers but his autopsy showed he was no longer an addict. He only had anti anxiety and maybe an antidepressant which he needed because of the life he lived with paparazzi and the false allegations. I think MJ was murdered !.propofol doesn't get you high?? It's like they put him to sleep like a dog. When you look into all this and I've studied this case something just isn't right. His will is fake something bigger went on here I believe.
Janae NAE NAE (8 months ago)
Jill Morgan May I say anti-anxiety medication is highly addictive, most doctors won't prescribe xanax due to that
Pinklaeti (8 months ago)
Jill Morgan That's the only problem I have with the interview. The autopsy report demonstrates that the only drugs found in Michael's body are sedatives and propofol (which is not a drug, but an anesthetic) administered by Murray. That's why there had been a trial in the first place. Michael had a problem with prescription drugs. But it was in 1993 and Michael accepted that Elizabeth Taylor took him to rehab in the UK. So he wasn't in denial about his problem. I like Janet, but I know she tried more to make her family's image better than the reality, here. The Jacksons have done some questionable things in the past and let those actions known to the public. Not to mention they are not really supportive of each other, when it comes to the media; that's why most people don't hesitate to disrespect them, unlike other famous families like the Presleys or the Rockefellers (those families are not saints, but they are really supportive of each other). Like MJ said "tight-knit, my ass".
Erin Threlkeld (11 months ago)
Now Janet has a baby to dote upon for Christmas and his birthday
Happy birthday janet
Faisal T (1 year ago)
JJ looks has a Asian-Indian look 👀 going on in the interview!!
Shasha Adams (1 year ago)
why is she kissing joseph ass instead of telling the truth...he's a mean ass man that abused his kids and forced them into show business...damn shame
Debussy's fawn (9 months ago)
Shasha Adams Katherine says Gary, Indiana was the murder capital of the world. If those parents didn't set their kids straight, dju think gangs violence, theivery, or other street horrors would be their ticket to a better life?
Manuel Matteo (1 year ago)
He is still her father and without him she wouldn't not have the success she has, same with Michael.
Christopher Daniels (1 year ago)
It's very hard to say. In all honesty, and Michael said it himself, it's Joseph who was the reason they became so famous. Some of brothers said it was discipline and not abuse. Others said it was abuse. I lean moreso on abuse aswell.
Felicia Boles (1 year ago)
oh my God she looks just like Michael Jackson
Jaleesa Trevelyan (1 year ago)
Where can I find this whole interview?
Muejiza Brown (1 year ago)
why do I feel like Katherine and janet are the only ones who really were deep into the interventions and were the ones who really took control that's the first thing second I can see Michael into her eyes and see michaels face into her glow and smile that's the second thing
Latoya Piper (1 year ago)
Muejiza Brown i see Michael in her too!
Manuel Matteo (1 year ago)
Also Elizabeth Taylor
Coco dan (1 year ago)
Who should question Janet regarding Michael and his prescription drugs. She may know something about him that we don't.
Coco dan ...Of course she knows more about him than we do, that's her brother and whatever he was into is no ones business... 😏😏😏
Dina M (1 year ago)
why is she talking as if he was a junkie??? and as if he dies from an OD on heroin or something!!!!..it was a DR's "mistake"..and why is she so fake in this interview?? her expressions, her eyes..everything!!!!
Marc NY (2 months ago)
Jed Shattuck you're right... you are sorry lol
lucia nguyen (6 months ago)
I say Micheal had handlers, which kept him addicted.
Dani Van Buskirk (7 months ago)
I agree with you slim..I have no clue why people take such offense to an obv truth..MJ had drugs problems for decades...Sine the late 80s until he died..All different meds in extremely high doses..He must have liked getting high to some degree, why blind fans deny the fact that he had some major addictions I will never know... I guess everyone has forgotten that MJ hired docs (not just murrary) based on what he could get out of them...He begged his doctors for drugs he would break down in tears if they did not want to give him what he asked for (he knew just like any addict how to manipulate others) It is a fact he had issues for so many years, I would like to think (unlike others) that a lot of his crazy behavior had a lot to do with drugs (and not just a mental illness)
Slim Louis (7 months ago)
UKH711Love1466 was a known fact in Hollywood that Michael had a coke issue first then a pain pill/opiate addiction as well as the sleeping meds. Janet had a prescribed amphetamine/diet pill dependence in the early 90’s til she got kidney stones from dehydration on tour and straightened herself out. She knows what she’s talking about.
King Kong (1 year ago)
Janet's done her share of drugs, too.
Dear Ashley That's Me (3 months ago)
King Kong probably weed and pills at the most. I highly doubt she did coke or anything hardcore. (Not like pills aren’t hardcore but yeah)
nice ness (1 year ago)
King Kong, I never heard of Janet doing DRUGS!
Alwaysconcernedone (1 year ago)
No she hasn't. You idiots will say anything.
Jed Shattuck (1 year ago)
yet here she is
Ryan Bamford (1 year ago)
She has MJ eyes
Zoie Svensk (1 year ago)
I read from an interview with MJ that the other children in the family weren't beaten as bad as those in the J5, there was so much more pressure on them. The fact that they had to go through that at all, any of them, is terrible. It's heart breaking. What Joe Jackson did wasn't simply old school, it was abuse, which no one deserves
rockchick128 (7 months ago)
Mysteries Beyond Zoie abusive and old school goes hand in hand.
Faisal T (1 year ago)
JJ's had a nose job a few times over 2 state the obvious!!
Faisal T (1 year ago)
Alwaysconcernedone You're the idiot if u believe otherwise, in any case I'm not a big fan nor a biographer of JJ!!
Alwaysconcernedone (1 year ago)
Well you're an idiot if you do.
Faisal T (1 year ago)
Alwaysconcernedone I think 💭 it's more than once, dumbo!!
Alwaysconcernedone (1 year ago)
Once, stupid.
Faisal T (1 year ago)
Janet as the youngest child didn't get beaten like J5.
Dear Ashley That's Me (3 months ago)
Faisal T no but she was verbally abused a lot. All of the children were, even Latoya.
UKH711Love1466 (1 year ago)
Michael got it the worst after he became the main lead. Joe put a lot of pressure on him and beat him if he even missed a step
MixedSpice (1 year ago)
+Faisal T true I think it was Michael and up
Faisal T (1 year ago)
+Angelo Joe Jackson didn't beat Randy much either as he was the youngest brother.
MixedSpice (1 year ago)
Joe didn't hit his girls often the boys got it most of the time
Marie's curls (1 year ago)
aww it made me emotional looking at the tribute of scream ):
Steven Gardner (1 year ago)
Im. just. as. big. of. a. Janet. fan. as. a. Michael. fan. I. have. every. Janet. album. my. favorite. is. the. Janet. album. rythem. nation. is. good. one. too.
Xavier Roberts (2 years ago)
Her makeup is on point!
Abdelrahman Barre (2 years ago)
How did I come from watching NBA to this?
BeaMode1990 (4 months ago)
Abdelrahman Barre It happens lol.
quality image is bad!!!
Olivia Gates (2 years ago)
Janet, why are you so happy and not a tear?
Dear Ashley That's Me (3 months ago)
Olivia Gates she got a lot of tears out during the time he passed. She was filming Why Did I Get Married Too. And we all know her performance in that film was amazing. She said it helped her a lot.
李茉莉 (2 years ago)
+Olivia Gates she mentioned earlier in the interview says that she need to put up a smile on her face try to cover up the pain by talking about Michael.
Sarita Cuida (2 years ago)
There is a group of people in the South Pacific called Tongans, and they come from the islands of Tonga. They address their parents by first names, not mum and dad. Maybe Joseph is Tongan.
Pinklaeti (1 year ago)
Jan Fam True. Tamar Rice, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Rodney King, and every other African-American who was abused and/or killed by the police. There clearly is a problem with the police and Black people in America. And people still claim BLM is a racist movement smh.
Jazz (1 year ago)
If you dark as fuck and mixed, that ain't stopping the police to shoot you.
Jazz (1 year ago)
LMAO BYE! Joe and Katherine is still black ! Idk where y'all getting this bs from. Probably one of those type of people who claim they half Cherokee because their great great grand daddy was one just to seem exotic
AHLIYON (1 year ago)
+Jan Fam Girl bye, And no society aren't going to see them as just black, Only ignorant ass uninfoMred and uneducated people like you are. You can't speak for society, and clearly you are naive because if that were the case people wouldn't constantly be asking blacks what they are mixed with. And there wouldn't be options of checking off multiple races, you think that shit only applies to whites? how dumb and foolish can you be. You small brained folks think you can speak for the rest of the world, well I'm here to burst your burbles , honey you don't. You're only like 3% of the world. The rest of the world recognized mixed raced individuals and families. You're stuck in 1965 mindset. You're so dumb you don't even realize majority of the planet has african ancestry to some degree. So if your view point was the case then Everybody would be referred to as JUST BLACK. Nobody is just black. Go read a book and educated yourself.
Jazz (1 year ago)
Society still going to see them as black. It don't matter
Yum Alsaedi (2 years ago)
why was it cut off a bit?
Ty Alex (2 years ago)
Out of every family member I think Michael was by far the one who spoke the truth all the time. I feel like Janet and others kind of try to damage control certain things and make them seem better than it was whereas Michael still retains that innocent childs mind and tells it bluntly. His father clearly was a big factor for MJ, Janet, Jackson 5 etc. Without him the world would've never gotten to experience their talent. But I think from a humane POV he treated his kids like products instead of treating them like children. Forcing your children to do things for your gain might be good for you, for everyone else, but not for the children. I've always had a bad feeling about Joe Jackson. He seems very shady. The saddest part in all of this is that he could've been a father to kids AND be their manager too. Telling your kids to never call you dad is a fucked up thing to do. No Janet this has nothing to do with old school, yes parents were strict back then yes they would give you a beating if you deserved it but they would always show their love. He could've let them call him dad, let them be a child, let them have friends, and still train them to become the singers they were destined to be. They probably would've been a stronger person and it could've influenced them and made them better artists. This for me is the saddest part.
Alwaysconcernedone (8 months ago)
Like I said, Michael lied all of the time. A Latoya was the one who said they got their asses whooped first, but Janet and Randy didn't get as much of Joe's wrath as the older kids.
Carolina Gonzalez S. (9 months ago)
Michael Jackson wasn't gay. He was in love with Diana Ross all his life.
UKH711Love1466 (1 year ago)
+ted carter You're right. Joe was an ass of a father and didn't even deserve such sweet and talented kids. All of his children made bad mistakes throughout their lives, Janet talking about how she married a drug addict at 18 just because she wanted out, shows you how hard it must have been for these kids growing up. Michael suffered from loneliness, depression all his life, and never really grew up because of the fact that he was robbed of his childhood. He was so naive as an adult, and innocent, he would trust the wrong people and let them take advantage of him. And we all know about Latoya and her abusive relationship, which most likely happened because she, like Janet, wanted out from under her father's tight grip. I honestly think Joe is the biggest reason behind why his kids' lives were so hard, not only in childhood but in adulthood as well. The least this asshole could have done is allow his children to call him Dad. That is such a fucked up thing to do. And, to make it worse, I heard that the daughter he had with that other woman was allowed to call Joe Dad. Imagine how his children felt that this other daughter of his was allowed to do what they've always wanted to do. I saw a clip of Life with Latoya, her reality show, where she asks Joe if she could call him Dad. He said of course, and him and Latoya hugged. Seeing that clip really broke my heart. Michael always wished he could do that, he always wished to have a good relationship with his father, that's why he was such an amazing Dad to his own children, he became the kind of father for them that he's always wanted for himself. The whole thing is just really sad. All of Joe's children were probably affected by his abusive behavior but I think the child who took the beatings and verbal abuse to heart the most was Michael. I feel so sorry for him, and I hope Joe regrets what he did to MJ for the rest of his life.
ted carter (1 year ago)
+Alwaysconcernedone shut up if u dont know anything! u are ignorant u dont know what u talkin abt! Michael answer with PR as a kid coz thats how all business teach u&Motown agents taught him this way sice he was a kid& Joe too, but that doesnt mean he wasnt telling the truth. they were abused !! Maybe first do yr reaserch before u speak! By now - 2017- almost all of Jacksons siblings made the claim they were abused - La Toya, Randy, Jeremaine, now even after Mike's death Janet wrote a book and said Joe abused them! Discipline & abuse are two different things, u can discipline the children but not abuse them, coz yes- it will destroy their psyche. We know much more now abt this stuff, u can mock it, but the truth is our brain&psyche are two most complex things in the Universe & yes, childhood is most important period in our life, it shapes us. You can teach yr children discipline, but Joe crossed the line & did damage to their psyche, period. They all messed up in some way- Michael was, clearly, Peter Pan all his life - thats normal to u? Or fact that Jeremaine stole Randy's ex wife, had child with her, or Joe cheated on Katherine & had other family, its true u can google it - so what La Toya wrote in her book abt her father havin other family on the side, was true, yet then nobody believed her, I remember & Joe lied in tv abt it! The rumors abt abuse is here simply too long&too much info from not only family members, but cousins from Gary, friends, ppl from industry - for it to be a lie, theres always some truth in stories like this, especially when u hear them for yrs& when u can see the children grew up to be messed up adults. So dont believe what Joe & Katherine say in tv coz its PR to make them look like close&perfect family, which they are not. Even Janet said recently she is not close to Joe, the man now lives alone & only pops out next to them in the interviews! Ask yourself why is that? Why he is now alone, when they're finally grown ups and he doesnt control them anymore? Thats how u show love for yr father who ''made u'' or was good father? This is what ppl like u cant separate coz u thinking in primitive, black or white pattern, when world is grey, complex&theres two sides to every story - even if Joe started their careers, whos to say that they wouldnt make it anyway, in the end they had talent & if not Joe, someone would spot it, especially in Michael! But even if he helped them, that cant be an excuse for abuse, coz its wrong, period! You can have a success, but it means nothing when u are messed up in the head& unhappy yr entire life, which Michael was, he worked since 5 yrs old, for fucks sake! This is not normal nor its healthy for any child! U dont get anything.
Alwaysconcernedone (1 year ago)
BULLSHIT! Michael lied all of the time!
FedeRhodes (2 years ago)
man I can watch this woman 24/7 any hair any make up any outfit shes faboulous in any way dayum beautiful woman
Kevin Green (1 year ago)
fede4real : That's my baby. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Yvette Gibson (1 year ago)
Amy Weichert (2 years ago)
Rachel Kemp (2 years ago)
She's Beautiful and so honest..Thats why i love her.
Marc Hawk (2 years ago)
og pollard at agenda lounge sam jose video
Annette Cockrell (2 years ago)
I know that she will see her brother again one day soon.God is here...to stay...Amen
laminage (2 years ago)
Joe may have been an Abusive Father but he always tried to do right by his kids.  He made sure that they were protected financially, he never stole from them, unlike Aaron Carter's Mother Joanna, but the smartest move he made was that he got his Kids out of Motown because if his Sons had stayed they would have ended up being a Golden Oldies Act like Martha & The Vandellas, Jr. Walker & The All Stars and even Mary Wells (RIP).
Kimberly Gentry (2 years ago)
in 93 yes, but i don't think he had a drug problem
J Squirrel (2 years ago)
i cant believe they took that clip from the jackson variety show was taken from a German channel lol
Nancy Foster (2 years ago)
The dependency MJ had , was on prescription meds , given to him by doctors , originally because of the burn on his head ..According to testimony in the AEG case MJ had constant pain that was like lightning bolts hitting his head , due to the surgeries to correct the burn , and the lupus which kept making his scalp cave in. He also had an implant in his stomach so he would not get a high off it, just stop the pain, That and his insomnia caused him a great deal of pain., and anxiety It was the pressure of everyone wanting him to make them money ,, that would make him want to avoid people , and I would include the doctor who killed him with the prescription drugs, in that group also , , that cared more about the money he could generate , than the man
xfiler2013 (2 years ago)
Well if the pain in his head were anything like my migraines then he needed those drugs. That's not being an addict it's called the doctors won't cure shit so I have to medicate myself to function. We all need to take that up with the Ama . Now taking surgical medication to sleep that's criminal .
Joseph Tafur (2 years ago)
She look sooo much like Michael
Sasha Feirs (2 years ago)
There is something creepy about the Jackson family,the soft spoken words and over the top polite,it's like they are hiding something.
UKH711Love1466 (1 year ago)
Exactly! The soft tone comes from pain and fear. Imagine how much Joe would beat them if they raised their voices the slightest bit at him
Landra J (1 year ago)
Sasha Feirs If you here their mother and father voice, you'd Dee where they're soft spoken and polite tone comes from. They are hiding nothing but pain and hurt!🙄
ChillinInTheUniverse (2 years ago)
+Sasha Feirs I think theyre just really hurt on the inside
KYM HAWKINS (2 years ago)
Beautifully humble.
Zelda Zonkin' (2 years ago)
The thing is Michael wasn't a so called drug addict, he had doctors who enabled him and made him think taking propofol was ok. It was Liz Taylor and Elton John who got MJ off of pain killers in 1993. Janet herself was in the news in 2000 for perscription drugs. MJ didn't know the depth of danger in propofol, and I wonder if his family even knew he took propofol to sleep... Janet never even spoke to Michael for years at a time so how did they know his day to day life? They love each other but they weren't close in a day to day life way for the past 20 years.
Janae NAE NAE (8 months ago)
Zelda Zonkin' I'm she knew from her mother, the same way my mother does with her children lol
Tywanna Grice (8 months ago)
And Janet and Mike were super close they spoke on a weekly sometimes on a daily basis they both stated that.
Tywanna Grice (8 months ago)
Zelda Zonkin' i have sickle cell anemia all my pain meds where given to me by doctors even as a child morphine was a daily medicine I've always had to take every 12 hours a long acting form of morphine and if i started hurting i would have to take Percocet and if that didnt help i went to the hosp to get dilaudid EVEN as a child it took me to become older and to try to go without any of it and went thru withdrawals so i never wanted to ever go thru withdrawals again so i always take a pain pill for that alone but even given by a doctor that don't change the fact im an addict just now the kind of addict u picture in ur mind i raise a family work and school but it dont take away the fact that careless doctors shouldve done way more research on the things i was given to get off i would have to go to rehab or hospitalized and put in a medical coma for a week or 2 so i wont die because for 30 plus years ive been on pain medication and since i know its no cure for my disease its pointless to get cure cause ill need them for the rest of my life im crying while typing this but we put our trust in ppl who are suppose to help get better and these drugs are on the street and calling millions because some doctors are so careless and money hungry so they write this stuff for ppl and its just been pumped in the streets but thats another story but i just had to say what Mike was given shouldnt have been given to him at all after my 1st surgery i was like damn that was some good sleep so i know how he felt but he was fiending for it and found a money hungry doctor willing to give it to him with no problem and it cost him his life unfortunately.
Susan Garib (10 months ago)
Zelda Zonkin' Hi Zelda, I personally think that all his doctors were rats. They made him an addict because he was a cow that they were milking all the time. He was very intelligent but at the same time simple minded. Like a child and with that and other things that the eyes cannot see they took advantage. It is easy to judge but first one has to wear the shoes of the other person to really know what they are going through. Especially spiritually. Remember what the eyes cannot see.
nemoran (1 year ago)
+fede4real Unless you have his full medical history you don't know what was done to his nose and why. He had lupus and keloid scars and clearly he had breathing problems. You don't know what was done as corrective surgery and what was done for only cosmetic reasons. so you cannot say that he destroyed his nose that's ridiculous. He was not the surgeon who did it anyway. Not true that he was not cautious after Chandler. In fact he was never even alone wiht Arvizo! never. But people changed the goalpost. Now they said you cannot even let families into Neverland because even taht is wrong. Excuse me, but most people spend time with other people's kids! Every single one of them could be accused of child molestation it's easy. Just ask Tonya Craft.
Faisal T (2 years ago)
Janet looks almost Indian.
Shaden Arour (11 months ago)
Nah....she looks fully African-American.
Faisal T (2 years ago)
+MichaelJacksonFam I know that the Jacksons have Native American ancestry on both sides of their parents. I meant Asian-Indian.
MichaelJacksonFam (2 years ago)
they had a little Indian in them
Aubrey Mixon (2 years ago)
Janet Jackson is absolutely beautiful
Barbara Mowrey (2 years ago)
He looks like satan himself. I believe Michael. I know what he was talking about. I can't believe Janet not sticking up for her own brother unless it would do her damage to do so. Could be.
Jon B (9 months ago)
What we learn till the age of 6 is retained for the rest of our lives, everything after the age of 6 becomes harder to rememeber . She clearly was well brain washed by joe to believe in bussiness first then family.
London girl (10 months ago)
Barbara Mowrey i have the same thought as you. that Joe Jackson looks like a devil.
thecuteization (1 year ago)
cause she didn't get the same treatment as mj
Keribbean Queen (2 years ago)
It's funny how YouTube leads us to other pages ! I was watching Whitney Houston and then I'm on this lol
Susan Garib (10 months ago)
Keribbean Queen Yes , spy, spy with my little eye
loveinspired7 (2 years ago)
I'm just gonna drop this comment right here... "I absolutely LOVE her earrings and her make-up is perfection.". That's it. Carry on.
***Anthony Peake*** (1 day ago)
I absolutely love her eyes cheeks and lips. Got some of the sexiest lips I ever seen😍
Morgan Manning (7 months ago)
I want her earrings!
Chrystal Castro (8 months ago)
loveinspired7 Janet's skin is absolutely flawless. She is completely EVERYTHING!
Dominique Jennings (8 months ago)
Jenyoncé Bad Bitch I love Janet she's classy
JohnnieRhodes (9 months ago)
loveinspired7 Makeup yes , earrings no ! Overall ........ she is gorgeous !
VallyreMusic (2 years ago)
Love her music...
65roses93 (2 years ago)
She is like Michael's twin!! The face, the voice when she talks. <3 She is so cute and sweet. I LOVED Good times!!! <3 <3 And yeah i know that Joe had good intentions but he was so controlling and heartless. Michael would cry talking about him. And he ripped the kids childhood away. </3 I love you mike
Sheila Hill (6 months ago)
Li (2 years ago)
I think Joe Jackson didn't want his children to call him "Dad" because he wanted to keep the relationship between him and his kids professional.  While he beat and worked his kids into show business, he probably did not want to get attached to them and vice versa by the traditional, somewhat endearing title. He did this so that there was no failure or slip-up in his quest for fortune.
Patsy J (2 years ago)
+Kel Tomlin I remember on that show LaToya had she took father joe glamping Her version of camping & they were sitting in these lawn chairs & she asked if she could call Joesph  daddy or father & he said yes she can call him daddy mind you she was like 50 than
marias kabs (3 years ago)
Wow! Some people are just so annoying to read! If some people don't even listen to what Jesus says on the Bible, do you think that Michael would have changed his behaviour only because his mum told him to? Really? Even YOU guys don't listen to some advice from your siblings or relatives! So PLEASE STOP with you prentending! You don't know how they dealt with the problem! It nobody's fault! It has already happened , blaming anyone won't change anything. Bye Luv you! Bye *sorry for my english* *french*
upoutmyfaceb0y (3 years ago)
robin roberts is a good interviewer...not pushy like diane saywer or Barbra walters 
Shreya Choudhury (6 months ago)
Autumn Joy I’ve seen it numerous times and her lack of respect really pissed Michael off but at the same time I am proud of Michael for professionally handling the interview in a calm and collected manner.
Dominique Jennings (8 months ago)
upoutmyfaceb0y I agree
UKH711Love1466 (9 months ago)
Anthony Coleman Exactly! The first thing I would do is call one of my SIX brothers, or my father Joe Jackson! Or, if my brother was Michael Jackson, the first thing I would do is call him. When Latoya finally had enough of her husband, she called Katherine, who sent Randy right away to go and get her. She literally could've done that sooner, I know if must've been hard but she had all the family support she needed. A lot of girls in that kind of situation don't have that kind of support.
Anthony Coleman (9 months ago)
UKH711Love1466 , she claimed he was holding her hostage and had brain washed her. I still dont understand , all of that family she has. A phone call away.
UKH711Love1466 (10 months ago)
Venomlily16 Yes you're exactly right. When I first watched that interview of Latoya where she was saying all of those horrible things about Michael I couldn't believe that his own sister would do that to him. And I know that she later came out and said that her abusive husband made her say those things, but honestly I still don't believe her. Even if I had an abusive husband, I would never say things like that about my own brother
Love Janet and Michael <3 so pure 
MsPrincessFrannie1st (3 years ago)
So true. Draw a horse to water, you can't make it drink though... Humility could've saved Mikey but it was up to him to act on it... May his soul rest in peace ❤️
SimplyKie (3 years ago)
elva136 (3 years ago)
Michael Jackson's carbon copy :O
Kailey (3 years ago)
1:32 when she smiles all I see is Michael…bad era </3
CitizenOf TheWorld (2 years ago)
+browneyedbeauty612 At 06:48 it's almost as if Michael is talking, the patterns are strikingly similar.
yo mama (3 years ago)
+browneyedbeauty612 The eyes also. All I see is her brother.
Persecution Avenue (3 years ago)
Kids, kids, kids, until you have some sort of first hand knowledge of addiction especially having a family member with an addiction please stop calling her out- sometimes all you can do is try and then watch the person go down in flames-this is exactly what she's saying- there was effort but he didnt want to change and anybody that works in the drug rehab field can tell you- the change must come from within- NO FAMILY MEMBER OR LOVED ONE CAN SAVE AN ADDICT-  
nemoran (4 months ago)
Comedian Marvin Howard Man, you are citing a freaking tabloid as a source? The Sun which has lied about Mj for decades? And what if he didn't eat for six hours before his death? How does that prove that he was an addict? MJ was never a big eater and many people eat only once or twice a day? There are days when I don't eat six hours before going to sleep so that makes me an addict? Your "proof" is ridiculous.
nemoran (4 months ago)
Comedian Marvin Howard Yes according to Murray propofol is not addictive read his book. If that's what he wrote in his book what do you think he told MJ? The same. In any case there is no consensus on whether propofol is addictive or not one article is not proof that it is it's just the opion of the author but even if it is there is no proof MJ himself was addicted to it. Here's AEG's own drug expert testifying that there is no evidence MJ was addicted to propofol. Deal with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCT82lv-JJI&t=1535s
nemoran (4 months ago)
Comedian Marvin Howard Yes idiot black people can have white looking babies. Here's one: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A4FyuohCMAATAvb.jpg Here's another: https://s29.postimg.org/6064nmmk7/book2.jpg and another: https://68.media.tumblr.com/b7fcc9c3fdb77500188edf66a8c04511/tumblr_inline_npfsvmosRN1tp2xng_540.png and another http://i48.tinypic.com/5b7o7b.jpg You are ignorant as fuck
nemoran (4 months ago)
Comedian Marvin Howard No you shit on MJ by labelling him an addict when even Murray's own drug expert testified he was NOT addicted to opioids in 2009. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBUGswAgV3A&t=19m39s Another drug expert during the AEG trial said the same. Your words do not trump the words of experts who actually looked at MJ's medical record. You are so stupid you don't even understand the difference between addiction and dependency. There is no proof MJ ever took anything on his own when it was not medically justified. He didn't die because of addiction to anything he died because Murray left the room after putting him on a propofol drip, a drug which MJ was NOT Addicted to even according to Murray himself, read his book if you don't believe me.
Comedian Marvin Howard (2 years ago)
+eletric .lady like I said......I've seen him, you haven't. I supported him when before all his craziness....but you call me a hater cuz, I don't go for no okee doke bullshit excuses and lies? And you justify them as if he was Jesus Christ, himself? Bitch.....bye.
annettelane (3 years ago)
woh how much like Michael she is
nemoran (3 years ago)
he didn't need a drug Intervention he needed a sleep specialist he was not a drug addict in 2009 he couldn't fucking sleep just like he couldn't for 20 years before and during tours
nemoran (4 months ago)
Comedian Marvin Howard No it doesn't. It only means that some of his family members wanted something from him and MJ wanted nothing to do with them. There is no medical proof that MJ was addicted to anything in 2009 and addiction had nothing to do with his death. Murray killed him with propofol not opioids. No opioid was found in his system when he died. So if he was so addicted to them then why didn't he take them?
nemoran (4 months ago)
Briah Johnson And that doesn't mean that the outsiders are right and just because they say it was an intervention doesn't mean it's the truth! MJ's family wanted him to do a show with them and he wanted none of it so he cut them off. Drugs had nothing to do with it. They simply invented it after MJ died to make it look like they cared but Randy's behavior made it clear all they cared about was money and how to exploit MJ. Moreover Mj was killed with propofol not narcotics. Janet didn't even know Murray gave propofol to MJ so who did she wanted to end something she didn't know about? And WHEN was this supposed intervention anyway? Not in May or June 2009 so who would any such intervention prevent Mj's death? Janet doesn't seem to understand what Jermaine did that opioids played no role in Mj's death and MJ's insomnia couldn't have been cure with any intervention or rehab. It was cause by lupus, stress and more likely empty nose symdrome as Dr. Farchasian testified during the AEG trial.
Briah Johnson (11 months ago)
An intervention only happens when outsiders think someone has a problem so yeah.
Comedian Marvin Howard (11 months ago)
Briah Johnson So an intervention equals an addiction. Right?
lissalives Smoot (3 years ago)
She's absolutely gorgeous!
Just Alan (4 years ago)
You can only do so much...even family can't curve addiction sometimes...people need to understand that...it has to be the person who makes the decision
hilaria tinong (4 years ago)
janet talked boring here.
sophiadoreen1980 (3 years ago)
Well said Ali z
Ignition Mission (3 years ago)
So sorry she didn't entertain you with her conversation about the struggles that she privately faced...if you were looking to be entertained, go watch a damn music video. Its because of idiots like you that celebrities are hesitant to even open up about their private lives....because morons like you selfishly want to be entertained by everything they do. This video is for the fans that care enough to want to know. Asses like yourself should stick to the music videos and keep your ignorance and criticism to yourself.
heavensnewestangel (4 years ago)
What would you rather have her do be upbeat and talkative. The woman just lost her brother. To us he was our icon but he was so much more to her. You must have not an emotional part in your mind to even say something like that. 
Colin Sinfield (4 years ago)
So sad.
Aivottaja (4 years ago)
Who in the world would have done that? He didn't trust people and I can't blame him for that. From my perspective, someone from the family - if they truly really cared about him and wanted to save him - should have talked to him completely straight. His mother acknowledged his surgery had gone too far. Did she do anything about it? Ever have an honest conversation telling him "your father and siblings were very wrong to tease you for your appearance as a youth"?
Carolina Gonzalez S. (9 months ago)
You're right, Aivottaja.
ebony nerd (4 years ago)
Janet mike randy and rebbie look just like their mother wow Janet is beeeeeuuuuteeeeful here
Sarah Roach (7 months ago)
Mike looks like Randy Rebbie Jermaine and Marlon/Brandon including the father.
Sarah Roach (10 months ago)
Latoya looks a little like her dad and Jermaine looks a little bit like his mom.
Sarah Roach (7 months ago)
Janet looks like Jackie Tito Latoya and Brandon/Marlon that's includes the mom.
globalcitizenn (1 year ago)
aeatmon Michael looks like his dad. It was part of the reason he changed his nose so much.. coz he didn't want to look like his dad, though he was a handsome man. Jermaine looks like Katherine.
ebony nerd (4 years ago)
DarlingNikki2 (4 years ago)
You CAN miss something you've never had if you see others who have it... I'm sure that Janet and all of her siblings missed having a normal childhood when they reflect back on what they went through, but in the end you can take the bad things and use them to make you stronger (as Janet seemingly has done) or you can let it defeat you and kill your spirit, which sadly is what happened to Michael, I believe.
RedcoMusic (4 years ago)
I know this was a serious, somber moment...but just can't help but notice how great she looks here!
Lu C (5 years ago)
Did she say he was in denial in his last days?!
timayra franilkan (5 years ago)
love timayraxoxo solove
xnewtime (5 years ago)
With all your honesty, reading the comments before and after yours, do you really think someone, anyone, would have helped him for free? It’s a miracle he lived that long. A freaking miracle. Humans are hyenas; they don’t give a shit about no one else but themselves and they love the shit they’re in. Grace is beyond their understanding, beauty is beyond their understanding. Marilyn Monroe said « i’m the loneliest woman in the world » just before she died.
Crazy_Misfit (5 years ago)
no she says 4 3 2 1
radiance65 (6 years ago)
@meganstealsmaswagga same plastic surgeon, I guess

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