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Karuppu Kauni Arisi Benefits !!! | Vidiyale Vaa | Epi 865 | Unavu Parambriyam | 12/09/2016

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Watch the Traditional show on Way of Living by Dr.Amudha. Stay tuned for more @ : http://goo.gl/mFiPfz Show: Vidiyale Vaa Segment: Unavu Paarambariyam Host: Dr. Amudha Damodaran Healthy Recipe: Karuppu Kauni Arisi For more updates: Subscribe to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0SIHdEcfg4BsM8X5tixwHQ Like Us: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kalaignar-TV/480162168807989?ref=hl
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Text Comments (28)
Durga Prasad (16 days ago)
After eating would our face colour black?
SURESH YUVARAJ (24 days ago)
Tamizhnaatil 200 varusham white rice use pannala. Engha thatha vayasu 85 avar kalathula white rice illa. Poilladhingha naan oru organic farmer. Neengha aedho book padichitu olaringha. Konja Nalla padichitu pesunghu. By Saranya
Abdulrahem Indian (3 months ago)
Please Protect Our Rice Variety
Vanitha Vanitha (3 months ago)
Nice message
Vanitha Vanitha (3 months ago)
Kavuni rice enga kidaikum
Manimegalai Mani (5 months ago)
Mam.. Intha black rice'a vadikkalama?
responsible citizen (6 months ago)
Then why is it so costly
Sangeetha Mariya (7 months ago)
karboga arisi in payankal eppadi use panrathu nnu please sollunga
Sheena Harilal (8 months ago)
Karutha arisi evideninnu kittum
Rahul Thampy (3 months ago)
You can buy this from organic shops.
shreya nazi (1 year ago)
அனைத்தையயும் அழித்து மறந்து இப்போது தேடிகொண்டிருக்கிறோம் நம் சந்ததிகளை காப்பாற்ற இவைகளைகொண்டு சேர்ப்போம் அவர்களிம்
parthasarathi g (30 days ago)
shreya Nazi
Abdulrahem Indian (3 months ago)
please help
priya jenifer (1 year ago)
Is it safe during pregnancy?
Harish Guna (8 months ago)
priya jenifer ss
Velmurugan V (1 year ago)
Hair. White
Varadappan K (1 year ago)
Indira Rajoo (8 months ago)
Varadappan K zź
Varadappan K (1 year ago)
bommy kumaran (1 year ago)
shall it possible to get karuppu kavuni rice flakes
prakaash j (8 months ago)
bommy kumaran flakes, either corn or any other type is not worth eating..The nutrients are lost when they are stamped under pressure.
sudhakar mani (1 year ago)
if anyone needs this rise in Chennai pls ping me minimum order 5 kg 8072489690
Revanth PA (1 year ago)
sudhakar mani ..rate PLS
sudhakar mani (1 year ago)
nibus9 no we cannot, it like sticky in nature. so normal cooking like white rise is not possible
nibus9 (1 year ago)
sudhakar mani Is it possible to make normal rice South indian meal with black rice by completely avoiding white rice ?
chombie hello (1 year ago)
Ramprasad Gunasekar if you are in singapore,you can get it at grocery shops.It is known as glutinous rice.We make pulot hitamsweet porridge.Selling at shengshiong,ntuc,market grocery stalls.Local dessert made with gula melaka(karuppatti) and coconut milk.I was served this at the Tank road MURUGAN TEMPLE,and did not know it is a chettinad sweet but thicker consistency. porridge with it.We use karrupati(gula melaka) instead of sugar.You can get it at Ntuc,ShengShiong,and shops selling groceries in market places.
Ramprasad Gunasekar (1 year ago)
sudhakar mani we r in Singapore hw u send

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