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Big Brother 17 Vanessa Watch: Rachel Reilly Interview

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We interview past Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly about how Vanessa's game matches her own.
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Trevor S (3 года назад)
I actually think .." Bitter Jury Member "..has become a bit of a Negative Insult directed towards the HG'S that decide the Winner of BB. And because of this , I think bitter JM's will Vote for the Best Player ....even though they Don't necessarily Want to. The whole Stigma of.." Bitter Jury Member " ...has such a ring of CRYBABY ...or ..POOR SPORTSMANSHIP , that I feel more and more Jury's will see Less and Less Bitter Votes. One main reason for this STIGMA of Negativity towards BJM's .....is of course Dan's Second place finish , in a season he Clearly was the Best Player. So many future HGS watched that season and SWORE that they'd Never let Bitterness decide their Vote........ and in Truth , we Have seen a steady decline of Bitter JMs and an Increase of HG'S that make Jury and Actually Vote accordingly. JMO.
benjamin ricciardi (3 года назад)
Great Video..... We want more of Robin
Paul Hernandez (3 года назад)
+benjamin ricciardi Totally Agree!!!
LJP (3 года назад)
Come on, Vanessa! She needs to win this. If she is in F2 and doesn´t win...it will be because the jury is bitter as f*ck and it will be a travesty. She has basically gotten out every person, in one way or another. From a position of power or by manipulation. #teamvanessa #vanessaforthewin #bb17

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