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Atheists Taxed For Not Going To Church? (Oh My God!)

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Should the government mandate that everyone goes to church? Should atheists be taxed if they don't attend? Does the Christian Bible claim all gay people will die? Comedians Jimmy Dore, Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000), and Steve Rosenfield (former Daily Show writer) break it down on The Jimmy Dore show. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Watch more shows on Townsquare: http://www.youtube.com/user/townsquare?feature=mhee Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Follow Frank on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/FrankConniff Caricature of Jimmy courtesy of DonkeyHotey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/5346022953/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (1005)
Sapphire X (2 months ago)
I have always been a religious person, but this man (Fisher) gives Christians a bad name.
Hammerin' Hank (8 months ago)
The theists should all be burned at the stake.
generationofswine (9 months ago)
Head of the Christian assholes association. lol
Forbsi Sauras (11 months ago)
lol redeemercoast.com ad show up on this video
Pretty Prudent (1 year ago)
Sh*t F*ckers (like this one) are those who Build Oppressive societies.....Islam for example.
Mike Public (1 year ago)
Can I open-carry my AK-47 in your church?
Ruth Walker (1 year ago)
Debunk the myths! The common believe that religion helps you live longer was debunked in the eight-decade-long study, in contrast to the results the religious publish that are not scientifically valid! "Religious people live longer, so don’t miss religious services. (Myth!)" www.nytimes.com/2011/04/19/science/19longevity_excerpt.html Nor are the religous people healthier! www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-human-beast/201212/are-religious-people-healthier
Sans Atheist (1 year ago)
Shane Blankenship (1 year ago)
i agree, but these guys are just as bad for the way they acted towards to topic making them nor better.
John Fraser (1 year ago)
You did it...I said, "Oh my god!"
Insanis Stultitia (1 year ago)
If Christian's are more healthier then non-religious people than explain why all the Christian/catholic hospitals are so full?
Data Masked (1 year ago)
What fucking country do these religious nuts think this is, exactly?
unoriginaloriginals (1 year ago)
The one time I went to church it disturbed me so deeply I ended up vomiting behind it. Good for your health my ass *keeps a healthy distance now*
Brett (1 year ago)
Robert De Niro in the middle
PurpleStikyPunch (1 year ago)
This man is saying the government should FORCE you to go to church, tax you if you don't, but also believes taxation is government corruption, and has Declaration of Independence wallpaper? Isn't there something in the Bible about "beware ye hypocrites"?
timouri06 (1 year ago)
we know that going to church is good for u and your health. no the fuck we don't know that, what study he seen that in. is he serious we can't make them go to church but u would suggest to make us pay taxes for not going I think that would defeat the purpose for separation of Church and State.
Dean Fordi (1 year ago)
that man is craZY ,TAX ME because i am an atheist?don't forget what country you're in
rationalguy (2 years ago)
Brian Fischer is one of our national treasures, because he illustrates how free we are. We let any idiot open his mouth and yap any stupidity he wants to.
Khoa-Nathan Ngo (2 years ago)
He is insane. Should I dislike the clip or like the sarcasm of the Panel?
Enoch Holmes (2 years ago)
Federal mandate to force everyone to go to church. Sounds a bit like fascism to me!
Car Melo (2 years ago)
These clips give me a good laugh, and laughing is healthy. The more absurdly comical clips like these we see the healthier we will be.
CriticalHit149 (2 years ago)
"He popped a few x.. uh, central nervous depressants."
anonim anonimus (2 years ago)
This is actually a great ideea! Atheism makes people unhealthy, therefore all people that are currently ill are atheists by asociation! Therefore they should all go to church to get better, and if the church does'nt heal them all, we can once and for all forever dismantle church and religion for the fking fraud and deception they really are. Here is a good way for religion to die for good. Brilliant ideea, I suggest starting to tax right away! Priests, prepare your healing prayers, lots of ill people coming your way! (You stupid fucks)!
anonim anonimus (2 years ago)
+MeMe Rotted Dankwood I'm sorry, what!?
Heler Kelen (2 years ago)
The church FUCKED you up didn't it
altareggo (2 years ago)
um... this HAS to be an instance of "trolling"... no moderately intelligent person in     our  society is  so completely ignorant of how a democracy with a Bill of Rights and Constitution to keep things under check, actually works.  I think there is a  concept called "willful ignorance" in operation here - either that or just plain dishonesty.
Gopi Maruthamuthu (2 years ago)
what if u believe in Buddism, hinduism or other religions. Why would they have to go to church?
Noelle Butler (2 years ago)
I recently took a religious anthropology class and the statistics actually say that those who are firm in their beliefs Choice are healthier. that to say those who firmly believe they are atheist or those who firmly believe they're Christian are healthier than those who aren't sure what they are. surveys say when people are asked about their health
Coy Hampton (2 years ago)
Atheists are already taxed and we have to subsidize the churches even if we don't agree with them. They can believe any crazy thing they want but it is time we start taxing churches. Think of all the hungry people we could feed instead of the money being used to build multi-million megachurches which helps no one. It is time we start taxing these religious leeches that are further weakening our already fragile economy.
nagato pain (2 years ago)
you can not mandate church going, and you can not tax people who don't go. gays are better than you narrow minded asswipes.
Stefan15ist (2 years ago)
only a crazy person will "try to believe it"
Ralph Bennett (2 years ago)
is this REAL???
Anona Socah (2 years ago)
1610austin (2 years ago)
fuck that .................. start taxing churches and religion
Ed noyb (2 years ago)
The idiot wants to tax atheist for not going to church with the theory that they would be healthier by going to church. WHY NOT tax anyone who is unhealthy no matter the cause. If the idiot is truly worried about the health of the country than tax all unhealthy people. Mental health should also be included. Just look at how many mentally ill have done mass shootings lately.
Lisa Mulloy (2 years ago)
Has anyone been to a Cracker Barrel after a Baptist service let out?? More heavy people than you can shake a fork at! (I used to be baptist; thank god I left that faith 20 years ago. I'm a Witch and a heavy gal.)
Dave P (2 years ago)
England legally had fines for non-worship for four centuries until 1969. Strange but true! So the US was ahead in some respects.
Mijc Osis (2 years ago)
+Dave P given that crap is why the US was founded its not really surprising - what is surprising is that these nuts want to make the US everything the founders fled
Peter Travere (3 years ago)
Why do christians seek live saving medical treatment when they have terminal diseases -  that must be going against the will of god just as much as preventing human sperm having a party with a condom. Also, christians don't seem too bothered when severely mentally ill people are sterilised! Lets have a tax on christians going to church, and so by causing unnecessary pollution by making pointless journeys.
jason mackay (3 years ago)
this guy is a fucking douch!! nobody should be forced to go to church, its bullshit!!!!
Lexis Heath (3 years ago)
"we can't make you go to church"...but we're gonna do whatever we can to force you to go
LongTimeAtheist (3 years ago)
He wants the freedom to believe in his god but you cant have the freedom not to believe in the sky daddy. Interesting the contradiction... Dont regulate the churches but regulate everyone else.
GeorgieWise (3 years ago)
If they would just give a me a hundred dollars a service I would come, in my pants.
Kent Olaf Steinhaug (3 years ago)
People who worry all the time tend to get sick more often. Religious people worry all the time, and for some reason they need medical care alot more then atheists. Atheists don't worry that much, so naturally they don't need as much medical care. Religious people also get confused more often and do stupid things, wich explains why alot of religious people are in jail. Yes I know alot of people become religious in jail and come out hardcore muslims or christians. But you forget they weren't atheists when they went to jail. They came from religious families and themselves believed in god. They just didn't care when they fucked up and got caught. So we should sue every religion for being the main cause for people's misery.
michael underdown (3 years ago)
Mijc Osis (2 years ago)
+michael underdown on the bright side - can you imagine how awesome the atheist 'churches' would be? Choose your sacrament - weed or alcohol. Sermons on the latest science. fuck baptism - regular swimming. We would win so many converts from how cool are 'services' were the law would last about 10 minutes.
bubblebutt alucard (3 years ago)
wow how to go full retard i guess
Cindy (3 years ago)
Religious people wonder why they are disrespected, disliked, hated and pushed down? Because they earned it... What goes around comes around. The age of cultism is dieing. Soon religions will be banned or made to pay a fine for ignorantly corrupting humanity and preaches put in jail where they should be.
Cindy (3 years ago)
+Traf Rellik You're probably right, the 3000 year old chain of ignorance wont end anytime soon. Ignorantly raised wishful adults reteach their fantasies to their children so they will be ignorant and wishful too. It's child abuse but nobody seems to care. On and on it continues...
Traf Rellik (3 years ago)
+Cindy I fear that you greatly underestimate the power of superstition. Religion has the staying power of a porn star on viagra, and has enough thoroughly brainwashed followers clinging to their beliefs that it will be difficult to release them from their fantasies, even from their cold, dead hands.
Ronald Kretzer, II (3 years ago)
I didn't know that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a brother!
foreversurfingthenet (3 years ago)
ode to agnostics.... . we sit and watch, astride the fence, but all to no avail, for either side, they make no sense' with myths they do regale, they tell us truth is in their book, for anyone to see, just come on down and take a look it's your's, and it's for free! the only thing you have to do, is choose the truth we claim, but which is which?, we have no clue each messing with our brain, so here we sit and ponder if,  perhaps it's all joke ? ah, yes, I caught a little whiff I think they're blowing smoke! but on they press, convinced they're right, to warn us of our fate, each argument is watertight our pain will not abate, so spin a coin, the only choice  it goes into the air  to get it right, we can rejoice to get it wrong, despair, with baited breath, we wait to see, the random choice we made but either way, it seems to me  no outcome, till we're laid, 'cos truth remains behind the veil and no-one knows for sure forget about the mystic tale, one God almighty bore!
2FINE4YOUBABYGIRL (3 years ago)
"Athiests are endangering their physical health". Christians are endangering their mental health.
Hellsong89 (3 years ago)
+2FINE4YOUBABYGIRL And others...
petereuk52 (3 years ago)
What a disgusting moron. But the healthiest places on the planet are atheistic
petereuk52 (2 years ago)
+Hellsong89 I agree we need to find a viable alternative to religion that enables people to get together. Chat and sing together and make a community without the bullshit that goes with it. It is up to us liberal atheists to make that alternative
Hellsong89 (3 years ago)
+petereuk52 Lets put it this way... religion is the problem and allways has been. Church and pastors are just extension of that. Theres nothing positive about it, what could not be accomplished with normal get together. Its poor argument for religion to say "we are just having chat and learning". Religion never has been about learning, its just brainwashing to believe in fairy tail with out evidence and that does not accomplish anything positive. People just believe blindly the "holy man" who spouts nonsense, mixed with his own views and they eat it all up. Any mentally stable person, with critical thinking skills would go "WTF?!" when other person starts talking about talking burning bushes, talking 4 leg snakes, unicorns, dragons, giants etc bullshit in bible. Religion just hinders critical thinking and what worse force this to others and even little kids who dont know any better. As i said, you can sing, dance, chat and be with people with out church.
petereuk52 (3 years ago)
+Hellsong89 The only benfit for Religion of any type, for me at least, has been that it give people a chance to get together. Sings and chat. Also good to learn moral lessons or hear the point of view of others. The problem is not with the religion but with the church. Get a poor minister or pastor and it all goes nasty very quickly. I would love to visit a Quaker house or listen to soul church singers like Aretha Franklin and others who started to sing in church. I do not believe in the religion or the bible but the singing is great. 
Hellsong89 (3 years ago)
+petereuk52 Actually this guy has one point in there. The ebony? churches, you know the singing, dancing, hallelujah and rock and roll sermons, seem kinda good exercise, even thought looking at them.. hell i would lock them all up for being mentally unstable way they have spiritual orgasms or what the fuck that is they have!? :D That might be only actual health benefit from church, but mental damages are far greater than physical health benefits.
Soulsphere001 (3 years ago)
I really hope that guy was joking about the tax, but he doesn't seem to be. He realizes he's living in a country where we would first need to take the U.S. Constitution and burn it, right? Also, the U.S. was originally founded on the idea of freedom of/from religion, which means church and government should stay out of each others affairs. That being said, the U.S. is far from getting there. I'm glad I live in Canada.
Kami (3 years ago)
His argument makes all the sense.
Kami (3 years ago)
+FilthyCasualKai "Makes all the sense" is clearly me being serious.  Don't jump to conclusions and make yourself look like an asshat for not being able to tell when someone is being sarcastic. 
FilthyCasualKai (3 years ago)
+Kami then maybe add some form of clarification. don't call people an asshat because you can't use sarcasm.
Kami (3 years ago)
+kittyvalium Joking, asshat. 
kittyvalium (3 years ago)
Ok retard
woodwwad (3 years ago)
Mandate church?  How about everyone just starts peeing on this guy.  Just whenever you see him just take a leak on him.  
Yatukih001 (3 years ago)
The government can´t mandate churchgoings. That´s like when the Soviets tried to force indoctrination on people by punishing families who failed to raise their children as atheists.......governments need to get realistic.
Brandee Byers (3 years ago)
everytime a crazy christian makes me laugh it starts with "what we auta do"
yussuq madiq (3 years ago)
This is the Christian version of the Jizya to atheists.  I don't  know why they are offended when people compare them to Muslims.
Gil CJ (3 years ago)
I think churches should be taxed.
You're Welcome (3 years ago)
lolol if they started taxing not going to church, sure I would go, but I would ask soooo many questions, and bring in science books for sunday debates, and those days they bring food in, I would be all over that! drink all the wine, eat all the crackers, kinda sounds fun. the part they start singing I would start singing lady gaga, doodle all over the bibles when I get bored, not like they have to pay taxes anyways. 
Thuggee (3 years ago)
this is from groups who pay taxes, L Ron hubbard was right about one thing if you want to get rich start a religion.religious institutions should have no say in government we should not give tax exemption just because of a mental aberration.
frenchis19 (3 years ago)
Dude on focal point is about as nuts as you 3 men!! I DONT SEE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO
Buddy Guy (3 years ago)
YOU JUST BLASPHEMED THE LORD. Change the name or get off the air.
Alleycat 27 (3 years ago)
When I first moved into my home, my neighbor was about to turn 101 y/o. He was a very active and energetic old man who was also an atheist and had not attended a church in over 60 years. Sadly, he died shortly before his 102nd B-day. How did he die? He got hit by a car while trying to jog across the street. The driver of the car was a Christian who was not paying attention, as he was leaving the church parking lot! I'd say that makes for a good argument for not going anywhere near a church!
Alleycat 27 (1 year ago)
I did not make that up. He was a sweet old man and that was exactly how he died. Mind you, he did not die immediately. He died a couple days later, in the hospital. As for that, so-called, "Christian," who killed him... not once did he go to the hospital or even offer any sort of condolences.
IAMWASKYONE63 (1 year ago)
Alleycat 27 Did you make that up? I don't want to be insensitive but really did you make that up,it's ha ha funny.
iagorincon (3 years ago)
Big gay? Like big oil?
iagorincon (3 years ago)
Dude was trolling, right?
Wylye_guy (3 years ago)
We had legislation in England making it more or less compulsory to go to church; it stayed on the statute book for many centuries although it has now been abandoned (I think). A lot of public positions had it as a requirement that people were going to the Church of England regularly, this lead to some problems with people going to the C of E when in fact they were Catholics. The system broke down effectively when there was mass migration of Catholic Irish into England in the 19th century. However, I don't think they actually managed to tax anyone, and of course in those days nobody cared about peoples' health very much.
Wade Haden (3 years ago)
i think the crap bag, fascist, immoral, racist, bigoted, arrogant,, biased, egotistical church should have a "stupid" tax placed upon it! also the worthless  christian and money laundering catholic church is having the us govt subsidize its "giving to charity" if you can even call it that. http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/the-outrageous-subsidies-to-religion-in-america/ and http://www.newsweek.com/are-churches-making-america-poor-243734
Fuzzy Wuzzy (3 years ago)
WHAT THE FUCK? Its CHURCHES who should have their exemption taken away and start paying taxes you fucking idiot. If churches paid their FAIR share it would generate somewhere between 35 to 85 BILLION dollars. They could STILL do charity missions and help the poor etc.  http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/19693/if-american-churches-paid-taxes-how-much-revenue-would-that-generate http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2012/06/16/the-yearly-cost-of-religious-tax-exemptions-71000000000/
Hellsong89 (3 years ago)
+Isaac Knott In the end, results are the same.
Fuzzy Wuzzy (3 years ago)
+Hellsong89 I know, you're selling an invisible product that doesnt exist. 
Isaac Knott (3 years ago)
+Hellsong89 I have to say your right in the fact that a church could do that but the chruch it self cannot lobby but the priest can.
Hellsong89 (3 years ago)
+Isaac Knott And that is working?.. Yeaaaah riiiiight! Ou sorry yes its the pastors who take money from church (with pay check or with out), buy nice Lamborghini and then lobby the politics, its definitely not same thing....:D Religion..best business there is...
Fuzzy Wuzzy (3 years ago)
+Isaac Knott Yes, I agree
cogen651 (4 years ago)
Well ,stop stuffing your goofy face with potato chips,then maybe you will get six pack abs.
Giorgio Bosoni (4 years ago)
Tell the moron that as an atheist, I already survived jehovas witnesses, a pancreatic cancer 8 years ago and yet no diabetes, an 80 ft fall on landslide rocks, few car crashes not due to me; my morality saved me from A.I.D.S. and other sexual transmissible diseases and my blood tests are as good as the ones of a new borned healthy baby. Can he say the same about the trash bag wich contains his rotten entrails?
Krister Andersson (3 years ago)
I can I Have been an atheist for the last 47 years-
Giorgio Bosoni (4 years ago)
I will forse belivers to renaunce to technology, move on a cherriot pulled by a donkey, avoid money and practice exchange. I will forbid doctors to cure belivers and force them to ask to sister Mariateresa her medical care. Put in jail all belivers who attempt to win against death as they mast accept it as "god will" like any other being on earth. exetra, exetera.
Hellsong89 (3 years ago)
+giorgio bosoni Dont forget mixing two fabrics, not eating shellfish etc laws in bible. I think in America there is just minority of true Christians who go by the book... like Westboro Baptist Church. Rest are just wana be Christians picking and choosing parts they like and thinking some parts dont seem right so they dont follow them.. Now its said that bible is word of "God", so if person thinks that bible has something wrong, dosent that make him think "God" is wrong? Who gave person right to interpret Gods rules? If the word of God says something, omnipotent God would write it so it does no need second guessing, right? Or is "God" not omnipotent? If his not omnipotent, then his not a "God" by definition.... what is actually case if looking just the genesis chapter..-.- So be Christian and like just as its written in bible following all the laws, or dont call you self a believer if you dont fallow what you "God" is telling you to do. If they say the bible is just man made and that is not the "Gods" word then person is saying they dont have absolutely no grounds to believe in such entity as that was theyr only "evidence" towards it. Only book that is actually telling about "God". If that is not holy or something, then its just story book from old days, just what we have said all along. With out that "evidence" they could just as well talk about flying unicorns shitting world as it is and it would weight much as theyr current story. Same apply into Islam. The moderate Muslim is actually beheading people or at least supports it. These are not just "extremist". Wana be Muslims just want to call them that so "theyr" fan boy religion would look like religion of love and peace, when they them self don follow commands of quran and Allah. When the "extremist"= actual believers are in low numbers it much easyer get these mothers of bad ideas disappear with public opinion, when they lose theyr power base. I think this is only way to get this bullshit to end for good. With religions, we dont have progress and we need that to get aside our petty differences.
Krister Andersson (3 years ago)
good one and you are absolutely right.
Tim Leonard (4 years ago)
Sorry libtards, I guess I'm old fashioned but I believe there is only one god and he lives in the grove of trees behind my house.
Steve Rants (3 years ago)
God does not live in your back yard.
cogen651 (4 years ago)
Libtards lol
Davey Jones (4 years ago)
lol that's the oldest 'old fashioned' i know of.
nightmare4236 (4 years ago)
Big Gay? Do they think that's the god for gays or something?
nightmare4236 (4 years ago)
In this video Buster Wilson says; "I can assure you with absolute certainty, that everybody that's a part of big gay will die one day."
Davey Jones (4 years ago)
dunno what you are referencing, but it sounds like the pope to me.
Conservaliberaltarian (4 years ago)
Chick-Fil-A doesn't discriminate against gays. They are being misleading.
musicgeeks12 (3 years ago)
Not any more lol.
Wizard M (4 years ago)
That guy has a good point is no difference than the Obama Care.  Obama Care taxes me for not getting insurance or taxes me for someone else is lack of insurance.  I think this clip was just tongue and cheek making fun of Obama Care's he wasn't serious.  Unlike Obama Care we are living with that socialist totalitarian program.  I don't know about the other clips are just stupid to even talk about but the first clip had a point.  I don't get why you socialist want a  totalitarian society. I don't want the federal government laws to do anything other than protect me from external forces like (Mexico, Middle East, Chinese hackers or any foreign powers).  I have the local government to boss me around already.  Why would anyone want this federal side to also boss them around without recourse.  Perhaps it's in the people's nature to want to be controlled like puppets makes them feel secure reminds me of the religious people they need that god like socialist need that boot on their neck.  Only later they whine after the people in power use the boot they put there in the first place.
Minerva Blake (4 years ago)
Going to church is good for your health? My parents forced me to go to church for the first 20 years of my life, so why am I fat and depressed?!
Probably cause they prayed for your health to get better instead of doing anything to help it XD
fuzzywzhe (4 years ago)
Hey it's Frank Coniff!!
Earroten (4 years ago)
How come the most godless country in the world (China) is so successful?
Cowboy 1000 (1 year ago)
Earroten China killed 40 million people in the last century under Mao
louisa clarkson (4 years ago)
What happened to Zeus? 
Brian Carter (4 years ago)
"Absolute Certainty" Only religious people use this nonsense phrase! It means; "I know nothing about the World"!
Liam McGillycuddy (4 years ago)
This is just crap...
Jan Buyck (4 years ago)
God is a clown and he gives his spokesmen a tremendous sense of humor....
DQuake (4 years ago)
Instead of going to church, why don't you spend all those hours going to the gym. I guarantee you, you will see much more health benefits….. Dumbass..
Mr. Mayhem (3 years ago)
Best comment on here! All this is is some sort of trick to get people to become religious. Instead of forcing people to go to church, why not force them to go to the gym?
roquefortfiles (4 years ago)
1000 hands working beats a 1000 hands praying any day of the week.
humanist vegan (4 years ago)
Why should I pay a tax because I'm an atheist when churches don't pay tax to begin with? 
Eero Haapala (4 years ago)
Bryan Fischer sounds EXACTLY like the Taliban. 
Dippity (4 years ago)
BenjiPOTF (4 years ago)
The only reason places of worship even get a tax break is because they have become the governments bitches. If you want to actually practice religion at home and have gatherings there you get considered a cult and government cracks down on you. Everyone pays taxes regardless of their beliefs.
Fuck you (4 years ago)
lol Atheist could have some fun going to church dressed as Satan or a reaper. will be some first amendment issues. mmm as long as the law or rule is not created by congress then it might well be constitutional. Nothing in the first amendment that forbids forcing everybody to become Christian unless it involves congress. It would have to be left up to the states and counties.
Justin Rudolph (4 years ago)
That guy is in favor of mandating church but not healthcare? So let me get this straight, church= good health but healthcare doesn't= good health? Thus it's ok for big government to mandate church, but never ok for that communist black president to mandate healthcare.
billjhyt (4 years ago)
make fun of man and his many attempts to organize God's single-minded mission to reconcile mankind to himself; I do. but when you realize it--usually when you are in real trouble--, it is still Jesus' name that will rescue you from an eternity without God and his love and protection in it. One should not strike the hand that feeds them; don't ridicule/make fun of the Messiah that will and wants to save you. He has a great sense of humor; after all, he created you. Just remember who he is, the Creator, and who you are, the creature.
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
I really don't mid Christians. I haven't met many of them though. I've met a ton of people who go to church but I haven't met many Christians.XD
Sekhubara (4 years ago)
I'm going to join the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Sekhubara (4 years ago)
NO! The Flying SPAGHETTI Monster is the true deity because I and some book say it is.
Sekhubara (4 years ago)
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
I fallow the Flying LINGUINI Monster. You are a heathen and will boil in marinara sauce for eternity!
Sekhubara (4 years ago)
I am sure glad I don't live in a middle-eastern country where the al-qaeda religious majority force a religion tax (called'Jiziya' in Arabic) on the Christian and jewish minority for not believing as they do. Oh crap they're talking about doing that in the US!! IS this guy American al-Qaeda or something?
Sekhubara (4 years ago)
Maybe. just maybe, is he trying to talk about the evils of the Affordable HealthCare Act?
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
MörkBørk (4 years ago)
i would probably have a better idea of what he's saying if there was any sauce on this, but it sounds like he's just talking about obamacare using religion as a extreme version of government mandating. it's a valid argument though, if some study says that it's factual to do something, does the government have the power to make them do it? 
Th'kaal (4 years ago)
OH MY GOD!!! It's TV's FRANK!!! I thought I recognized the hair.  HIS HAIR!!!!
Brian Carter (4 years ago)
Think about the poor people in Catholic regimes who have to pay taxes to the church to pay for the huge mansions the bishops live in - especially in Germany!
Luna Pangea (4 years ago)
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Bob are against Google+ Il███████████████████].      /▌    Copy and Paste this all over   ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..      / \     Youtube if you are with us
1GodOnlyOne (4 years ago)
Good -- increase the tax and drive those animals out of the country -- there'll be no more crime and no more mass-murderers, after they leave.
MrZapparin (4 years ago)
This is LOL on so many levels
Donald Kronos (4 years ago)
LOL! Good idea. The tax for NOT going to church should be a negative amount, to be paid as a check for about minimum wage to each person who manages to go without church, as a reward for them letting other people have all of the church's attention. They can pay for it out of the tax on being stupid that they then would collect from people who DO go to church. :)
Mike Public (1 year ago)
Don K -- I have evidence for God. I keep it in the same box as the evidence I have for leprechauns and pixies.
Donald Kronos (4 years ago)
I have a photograph of God. Took it myself. Proves God is a fake. Anyone care to see it?
Donald Kronos (4 years ago)
+Th' kaal Yeah, that would work. Better yet, as long as their parents insist on making sure their kids are dumbed down by religion, just fine them to cover the damage they're doing to society. No need to worry about WHICH religion they dumb them down with. Just that they're doing it at all. No, seriously though, it's all social experiments, and I don't have any problem with it... but I do feel awfully sorry for the children. Especially after they grow up.
Th'kaal (4 years ago)
+[NKH] Plymouth Haefeli It could be a refund.  Taxes pay for education.  Therefore, some of the people who failed to be educated would be returning the money that was wasted on them.
Donald Kronos (4 years ago)
Yes, I'm well aware of the reality of the situation. Laws have been passed allowing religious people to divert much of what they would otherwise pay in taxes to their church, which itself is not taxed, leaving everyone else to pay higher taxes to make up for that lack. Atheists are already taxed for other people going to church. Now some nut case wants to tax them as well for not attending church themselves. I just wanted to highlight how preposterous it was. Thanks.
Lion Entity (4 years ago)
or if US Senators agree to pay the "pretending to be christian" tax.
What a delusional turd! Where is proof that going to church improves ones health Mr. Fisher?

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