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Can 20,000 Magnets Catch A Bullet Mid Air?

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I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE MAGNETS CATCH A BULLET Visit http://spons.org/mrbeast on your iPhone or Android phone to install War Robots for free! New Merch - https://shopmrbeast.com/ SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/MrBeastYT • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mrbeast --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (75921)
MrBeast (13 days ago)
Like the video or I’ll steal your dog
keith marco lozano (4 days ago)
if you steal my dog i will steal ur cats
keith marco lozano (4 days ago)
sombody stole my dogXD
keith marco lozano (4 days ago)
MrBeast but i dont have a dog
kraken767 (4 days ago)
i dont have a dog, jokes on u
BloodyTuber (4 days ago)
No i want my puppy
Pro liked
KaZiKaWa LeGeNd (39 minutes ago)
AxZombiexGod (40 minutes ago)
In Pubg....oh i mean war robots its a cast iron skillet
Sir Plomrot (59 minutes ago)
1:27 Stop pissing in public
giacomo copiello (1 hour ago)
Fucking ignorant Americans...
bucketheadstech (1 hour ago)
Nerissa Allan (1 hour ago)
Don't kill him
kayliana da (1 hour ago)
6:08 why is that sound so cute
Mingming Rivera (2 hours ago)
Mr Beast please fuck me
Joshua Crist (3 hours ago)
Milk before cereal....?
Sonia Robert (3 hours ago)
guys do you even care about yournstuff getting rect
Blake Herandez (3 hours ago)
Cast iron pans could
Kyran Urban (4 hours ago)
Use a cast iron pan to stop a bullet
Codename Dweeb (4 hours ago)
And where did you use the remaining condoms?
Subhabrata Khara (4 hours ago)
war robots is just fun. fully adicted to the game. 😍😍😃
Da Fonse (4 hours ago)
11:15 , you're welcome.
Bellicose Raiders (5 hours ago)
what's the song at @ 10:50
Active Boy Lapira (5 hours ago)
. Ilove your videos
Rodger Hurlburt (5 hours ago)
The reason the frying pan in PUBG stops bullets is because it is cast iron
Sam Regmi (5 hours ago)
Can 3310 pieces of ( Nokia 3310) stop a bullet?
Eren Titan (5 hours ago)
funny af
Robert Espinoza (5 hours ago)
It's so unscientific
Zach Laskowski (5 hours ago)
well this is a 7.62 round being shot at a high velocity. a 9mm pistol round will do a lot less. people normally rob with pistols so
austin I Love you (6 hours ago)
Pug g op fortnight copyediting pug g
Epi Flores (6 hours ago)
These guys are reckless! , that fire extinguisher would’ve shattered your face! Have fun but do it safely 💪🏽💪🏽
Ivan Martinez (6 hours ago)
Don't have one
Andrea Howie (7 hours ago)
Jason DeCristoforo (7 hours ago)
Magnets will never stop a bullet.
2Tubist (7 hours ago)
Hillbilly doing science, scrap it, junk science experiments
Jessica Lopez-Love (7 hours ago)
Stop copying Logan Paul Smashing plates everywhere
Brandy Estrada (7 hours ago)
When he said “hi my names mister beast, and welcome to dude perfect” I was expecting him to say welcome to Disney channel looooooooooool🤪
Miss Misha (7 hours ago)
So many black people waiting to kick in your door. MUST ARM YOURSELF. lol
That Squid (7 hours ago)
Toxic Yt (7 hours ago)
I’m a kid
DanTDMfan! #?? (7 hours ago)
I don't have a dog....
CaptainC98 (7 hours ago)
Can gun control stop a bullet?
Adrijan Murtić (7 hours ago)
This is just dumb those bullets where probably made from materials that aren't magnetic
Marcos Vini (7 hours ago)
Was he sitting on a PewDiePie chair?
Christopher Jones (7 hours ago)
What if we dont have one
ME-FA-SO-LA (8 hours ago)
Stop using AK you're American
No One (8 hours ago)
Bullets aren’t magnetic
KILLER BEAR (8 hours ago)
I'm a lvl 29
KILLER BEAR (8 hours ago)
Add me in war robots
BmArthas (8 hours ago)
Magnet only reacts with iron - Fe However.. show us if YOU can stop a bullet please!
Really dumb guys really dumb!
TWTD on Blitz (8 hours ago)
fuck youtube
Charisma F (8 hours ago)
Try 11
ShirakoPlayzMC (8 hours ago)
Uhh i dont have a dog
LooLoo (9 hours ago)
11:30 you’re welcome
BECHADE J. (9 hours ago)
Menchy Style (9 hours ago)
Harold Jimenez (9 hours ago)
Ahh my doggy
Muskan Deep (9 hours ago)
How do you know thetes twenty thousand magnets 😈😈😈😈
Elias Estrada (10 hours ago)
War robot my game weeeeee
xXMUSIC NATIONXx (10 hours ago)
War robots is a cool game
Nate River #SouPeludo (10 hours ago)
1:46 the ozone layer is grateful :)
Shadow Pikadrew (10 hours ago)
I feel bad for anyone in the area XD
Ismael Iriarte (10 hours ago)
I love the acting in the sponsorship 😂
Jonathan Mendoza (10 hours ago)
Mr beens
Worm Dude (11 hours ago)
Sierra kitten (11 hours ago)
tim van sloten (11 hours ago)
i know what the p game is pubg
dustin miller (11 hours ago)
Chrissssss!!!!!!!!!!! Don't even try
PhanomK10 (11 hours ago)
Ur a fucking beast
Last Of Us Part II (11 hours ago)
download... quidd
Saad Nano (11 hours ago)
But mr beast I don’t have a dog 🐶 ...................................and that’s the moment everyone’s quiet 🤫
Courtney Day (11 hours ago)
XD throwing cups and playes XDDDDD
Player Chara (11 hours ago)
Imma downloading it now!
EligibleYeti90 (12 hours ago)
Why some armas
King Reaper (12 hours ago)
Keep up the good ideas
BadlyBeaten Aguacate (12 hours ago)
This anime has lots of filler.
MOiSTY BOii (12 hours ago)
Jurrasic Dino56 (13 hours ago)
I don't have a dog deal with it
TotingGames (13 hours ago)
These type of people with fuck the humanrace up baaaaaad man.......
Justin Last (13 hours ago)
Gun safety folks...
Finley Woolmington (13 hours ago)
Are you even aloud the gun
Саша Щемеров (13 hours ago)
HiMan сосат
Landon Betterton (14 hours ago)
I could win the war robots
Donna Barrios y Barrios (14 hours ago)
If I headed that gunshot😨oh heck to the no
LikeIwould (14 hours ago)
47 Fucking Million Holy Fuck
Mayah Anderson (14 hours ago)
Actually I am 11 turning 12
Rayven Rose (14 hours ago)
Red Necks these days
GhostPlayZ (14 hours ago)
you mean PUBG
Games & more (15 hours ago)
The can attract some people with all those magnets*_*
Okabe Rintaro (15 hours ago)
And that's why the government should take all your guns away. Waves of loving gun cunts coming in 3 2 1... suck my penis hole
ITz_AMAZINGHOBO (15 hours ago)
Omnigosh (15 hours ago)
Bullets ain't magnetic dude
prajwol acharya (7 hours ago)
Bullet is metal
CatHaterist (13 hours ago)
Was looking for this. Thank you!
Siriphan Saninlai (15 hours ago)
Is that AKM????????
Embodiment of misery (15 hours ago)
they use cast iron skillets which are fairly thick iron.
Tbmk Unknown eek (16 hours ago)
No don’t steal me dog
Randy Wirgau (16 hours ago)
Pubg is so awesome
Wrisky AJ (16 hours ago)
7:36 Logan Paul Camp
Joseph kaufman (16 hours ago)
no name (17 hours ago)
I play war robots and I normally kill most or all of the enemy team.
_GLITCH_ (17 hours ago)
I feel dummer
NICHOLAS John (18 hours ago)
Tempest Stillmann (18 hours ago)
I won the war robots
Mountox (18 hours ago)
try to brake a car with magnets

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