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Lies and the Lying Liars in the Republican (and Democratic?) Party

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Has the GOP leadership been lying to the party's base about the party's popularity, electability and likelihood of success in overturning Obamacare? Or are Democrats the ones being duplicitous by selling the nation a bill of goods they can't deliver on in the Affordable Care Act? The panel engages in a spirited debate on these topics and more during this combative segment on "The Point with Ana Kasparian." Host: Ana Kasparian Panel: Michael Stoll: UCLA Professor, Author - "Why are so Many Americans in Prison?" Desi Doyen: Host - The Green News Report Paul Chabot: Author - "Eternal Battle Against Evil" Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (179)
Logic Time (3 years ago)
Ana is a wacko, she is a very stupid.
neal jensen (4 years ago)
The v a worked well for me
Bernie Leiva (4 years ago)
Damn that guy is brainwashed
msginca (4 years ago)
Ana Rocks!
Carl Moore (4 years ago)
when you can take care of your self.you dont have to put up with the left or right insects.good luck. 
bill brewer (4 years ago)
The Republican Voter is brain washed,any person that says Bush was even a decent President,has put all facts aside,WOW!
EaglesFan4NRA (4 years ago)
I don't think either party has a monopoly on the truth.
Thessarabian (4 years ago)
I'm a veteran and I get GREAT service from my VA medical center. Their biggest problem is a lack of funds to hire doctors and nurses.
RuleofFive (4 years ago)
This guy is comparing the VA (single payer) to Obamacare that pushes people into private insurance plans. Does this guy understand what he's talking about???? The VA only had its funding increased AFTER the expose came out about the poor treatment of veterans at these hospitals that proved a black eye for the bush administration.
Deondre Clark (4 years ago)
Instantly checked out on the first guy once he started talking
jeremy tranor (4 years ago)
This guy is delusional, virtually every historian rates Bush as one of the 5 worst presidents in history. That may change with time but even most republicans say he was terrible.
Mephadrous (4 years ago)
You did an amazing job here, Ana. Great stuff.
bigraviolees (4 years ago)
May calling out the truth spread to TV like a welcomed virus. With George Stephacrocklous calling Cruz a used car selling hack liar on air
Hillbat (4 years ago)
Paul has his head so far up his ass that it almost make you think that they let him on the show just to give republicans a bad face.
Greg Narten (4 years ago)
just watch Bob Dole's 1996 nomination acceptance speech at the RNC to see the differences
Carl Parish (4 years ago)
How can you say that president OBAMA is continuing a train wreck? The GOP is hindering the president everyday. They took an oath to make him a one term president.
Robert Roy (4 years ago)
Ana You are right!
StevenAnthony20 (4 years ago)
Wow, dude straight lied about the VA hospitals. In many areas important to vets, cutting edge services are developed and provided at VA Palo Alto . Just stop messing with the funding portions
randman21 (4 years ago)
Please never have this clown on the show again. I imagine that there are some smart conservatives out there, but this guy is parroting mainstream con talking points, and it has no value on a show like this.
mannyandmil (4 years ago)
Republicans are racists, and everyone knows it. This is why they are into voter suppression. No self-respecting women would vote for a Republican to take their rights away, as would any minority. Republicans are on their way as were the Whigs. Good riddance.
ArcticSlicer (4 years ago)
It was also a false comparison because the public option would be publicly funded but still have private delivery of services where as the VA is both a publicly funded and publicly delivered service.
ArcticSlicer (4 years ago)
Paul seems unable to think for himself; he's completely bought into the lies that the Republican establishment has sold him and fails to see how similar Bush and Obama really are. He has the full tribal mentality that believes that his tribe(Republicans) are always right no matter what anyone that disagrees is always wrong. There is literally no point in debating with such a person as you can give them the facts and they will deny it simply because it doesn't fit the lies they believe in.
bugzilla2001 (4 years ago)
Anna-"it's BULL-SHIT"...best delivery of that line evah!
Dan (4 years ago)
Ana you are so fierce its scary.
Kyle Hinman (4 years ago)
I love Ana but she's wrong on the voucher system not working, most of the european countries with better school systems than ours have voucher programs & that's why they do so much better because they earn those vouchers by providing the best education possible or they fail & go bankrupt.
Maltfalc (4 years ago)
i'm not watching one more tyt vid with that ignorant, deluded pos paul.
GoldenOpalification (4 years ago)
A lot of people will never see through the lies, because it is too easy to believe that any facts against them are a conspiracy. We all know you can only buy so much truth for free. We do not pay for our news, or maybe $1 for a news paper. The advertisers pay, so they get what they pay for. When you know the news is not truth, it is easy to believe the truth is what you want it be.
Alain Belso (4 years ago)
Indeed. Good point..
ivanoffw (4 years ago)
Contrary to the panelist who uses the VA and claims it is the worst program, I have always had great service from the VA. He claims to be a conservative and against socialism, yet he chose to join one of the most socialist parts of our country, known as the military, and still participates in socialized medicine.
mscman24 (4 years ago)
Funding is not the issue with failing public schools. They are always asking for more money, but the more they get the worse they seem to do. Vouchers are bitterly apposed by the teachers unions, but they work to bring more choice and competition into the equation.
Jerome Sawyer (4 years ago)
Lets be honest. DC is opportunity on an unspoken credit based system. If they are not getting top billing credit for it, then they want to tear it down. That works both ways.
Jeffery F (4 years ago)
Whoo Ana put cha shooters in the air and draw ya name in the sky cause you a star
TechTubeCentral (4 years ago)
Ana I love how you tore that guy up. Need more crazy republicans on The Point so you can tare them up
Ttheway2 life (4 years ago)
i go to the V.A and its great here in new york. this guy is a lair.
kingfathand (4 years ago)
I love Ana!
Scott Andrew Hutchins (4 years ago)
It's my understanding that it's not permanent unless a need is seen.
CorpseTongji (4 years ago)
Ana fucked that guy's shit. <3
RuleofFive (4 years ago)
The VA is a failure? Really? So if these wounded veterans went into private insurance with their preexisting conditions they'd be met with top of the line care and not deny letters? What bullshit!
1955RodHot (4 years ago)
If the schools were already failing it's because the government wasn't funding them properly. Once upon a time people had enough brains in their heads to realize education was important, and that funding it was important if you wanted children to succeed. Then Republicans decided schools were a drain on their profits and worked very, very, very hard to cut education funding and now they say- oh, look, the schools aren't doing as well as they used to. Big fucking surprise.
1955RodHot (4 years ago)
I LOVE Ana. This Republican pretending Obama hasn't bent over backwards to compromise with Republicans, only to be accused of being unreasonable. Obamacare is a plan Mitt Romney came up with. Compromising on the public option was a HUGE (and for liberals, unforgivable) capitulation- which he had NO reason to do, since it polled 70% in favor with the public. Obama has given, given, given to the Republicans, and all they do is bitch that he hasn't given anything? They are fucking liars.
dcdellwo (4 years ago)
Love it! Keep the opposition view but discuss in depth examples of their points. Making general comments with out data is exactly what everyone else does and just makes noise rather than adding to a conversation.
dbetts3087 (4 years ago)
They only start to do vouchers because the school is already failing so don't use that excuse Ana
dbetts3087 (4 years ago)
Every single person in the house and Senate need to be voted out. We need to flip the whole government then maybe just maybe the newcomers will get stuff down that benefits the whole country
AmurTiger (4 years ago)
While I agree that there should be a conservative on the panel I'm not sure a conservative that just flat out runs off a different set of facts from reality is very useful, for the most part the audience will just point and laugh at the dumb comments made and be robbed of any particularly meaningful right wing points.
AmurTiger (4 years ago)
D) Gerrymandering
Alain Belso (4 years ago)
You know, there are only a few reason why I think the Republicans still hold so many votes: A) The GOP kisses corporate ass. B) The GOP kisses Religious ass. C) There are still a lot of sexist and racist people in the states. Corporations will never go away but B and C are slowly changing. If the GOP don't change their ways, they may never see another Republican president in the US of A.
Alain Belso (4 years ago)
It's hard to take anything Paul Chabot said after defending G.W.Bush. Ya, I understand he's just trying to remain loyal to the party he believes in, but If he can't admit Bush was a tool, or actually believed he was a smart guy who did all these great things as the President, he's lost all credibility in my book.
PhillipHunsberger (4 years ago)
Wow, that one guy is the very poster child of modern Republican willful ignorance. Though I do like that he's on because it gives perspective on what others think.
Luke Milton (4 years ago)
Apathy Man (4 years ago)
Lol proof that republicans lie right there.
josh13295 (4 years ago)
AN-A AN-A AN-A! MY GOD I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!! I really hope Ana gets in on White House press conferences. -- and hey Ana, im in the VA in temple texas. Houston was terrible(don't get me wrong). but temple VA is really the only reason I am alive right now. They care about patients and are phenomenal!!!!! I cant praise them enough! and for that hack job to color all the VA with the same brush is wrong, unjust, and nothing more than propaganda... AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hector G (4 years ago)
Wow I couldn't even take that guy seriously from the minute he opened his mouth. Republicans really are pathetic. I feel sorry for real conservatives.
spitzbubezumquadrat (4 years ago)
its not as if the hatred of foreigners against conservative parties in the west was the product of some thoroughly well thought through intellectual Position or some finely nuanced philisophical Analysis you just know what side your bread is buttered on its that simple
spitzbubezumquadrat (4 years ago)
well youre a foreign obviously you hate the republican Party and dont pretend to not know what i mean by foreigner thats just boring
Chris Fox (4 years ago)
I was just thinking about how conservatives cut the funding too VA's and BOOM Ana ftw!!
Chris Fox (4 years ago)
Just admit it and move on...you conservatives are just butt hurt a black man got the job instead of the white dude.
Roy Romero (4 years ago)
It's just a matter of time. GOP WILL BE GONE FOR GOOD
Rita Brown (4 years ago)
You tell him ANA!
Moninn Yem (4 years ago)
Anna just punched that dood in the mouth!
Andy Tadikt (4 years ago)
There may be next to no moderates in congress, but they still exist in the electorate. This guy isn't a politician, AND he's appearing on The Point, so I guess I gave him the benefit of the doubt in assuming he might be rather rational.
Lobos222 (4 years ago)
What sucks about 90% right wing guests is that they know nothing, but talking points. They also fucking suck with rhetoric thinking the same uneducated arguments work on people with education.
dalecs47 (4 years ago)
Every time anyone ever asks a conservative anything about Bush or failed conservative policies they ALWAYS answer with deflection. Disgusting ignorant stupid cowards. They just can't accept responsibility for anything they do. There is no way to respect people like that.
Akira Wrath (4 years ago)
I hear what you are saying.
Jordy Hendrix (4 years ago)
I can't wait for this full episode.
speed0spank (4 years ago)
Don't all ex-presidents get that?
speed0spank (4 years ago)
It is google's studio, not theirs. Probably wasn't designed for a news show
speed0spank (4 years ago)
Looks like your opinion is as unpopular as the conservative panel guest's.
Onodera1980 (4 years ago)
The VA is a government hospital. Obamacare = Americans getting insurance and going to private hospitals... Apples and oranges.
DriveIn84 (4 years ago)
And that's why they call her AK47
Tony Spears (4 years ago)
That dude was definitely in happy land. I wish I would be in that happy land, because reality is a bitch.
John Shaw (4 years ago)
This guy is delusional.
Greenboy28 (4 years ago)
im getting more and more tired of Cenk on the show i think he needs to pass the show on to the new generation and have Ana and Jon as the main hosts and Cenk can take a producer role.
iusefizzylogic (4 years ago)
So much conservative rhetoric from that guy on the left.
Serpent@Eden (4 years ago)
Ana's awesome. :)
SimplyHerpes (4 years ago)
The House won't even bring a bill to the floor unless the majority of Republicans will vote for it and we have this guy blaming Obama for not "working with them." Let's set aside the ambiguity of that blame for a second. How completely backwards do you have to be to make a statement like that in light of that fact? Zero compromise vs "He isn't whispering sweet nothing's in my ear."
neal jensen (4 years ago)
The VA is not a train wreck.I got hernia surgery there and was in and out in four hours .not one problem .That was lie by your guest .Beck and people like are slanderous with their lying .
Jessica Gomez (4 years ago)
Yes bring them super funny
Bluelemonzz (4 years ago)
I'm not a big fan of the Democratic party, but I hate the Republican party. Every election cycle, I relive the episode of South Park: picking between a douche and a turd.
01coyote13 (4 years ago)
Ana uses facta based argument against Conservative Kid... It's super effective!
LookForThetruth11 (4 years ago)
LookForThetruth11 (4 years ago)
Love seeing ana go after that guys bs. Tyt for lofe!
Jack194343 (4 years ago)
What's frightening is, there are so many of them. They may be the fringe, but this is a hell of a big fringe. In Texas the GOP is supressing the women's vote in an effort to head off Wendy Davis' race for the governorship. They now demand photo IDs, but if your name does not exactly match your voter registration, they won't let you vote. This is especially devastating for women who got married or divorced. Do Internet search: Texas Judge Almost Blocked From Voting Because Of New Voter ID Law
AnotherVeganAtheist (4 years ago)
Great points by Ana, but she needs to let the panel speak and not get drawn into a one-on-one.
flynnsam (4 years ago)
LOVE the lies the conservatives tell themselves and believe non-realities. They are STUPID and HOPELESS.
Mark FromWI (4 years ago)
Just a side note. From what I saw, the VAs are the closest thing to universal coverage that we have, but only for veterans and their spouses. THAT is why the repubs want them killed. They don't want anyone to know that universal health care paid through the government, actually works. They can't just close it because that would prove the other major lie...that they don't really care about the military personnel once they come home!!!
Bill Garthright (4 years ago)
That Republican is lying right there. Nancy Pelosi didn't say what he claimed she said. That's one of the routine lies on the right, something every Republican parrots, but it's not true. He must know that. He can't be THAT ignorant, can he? But he stuck it in there, knowing that there wouldn't be time for a digression to explain the truth. So most people watching this will probably assume that it's true. After all, you hear it EVERYWHERE, don't you? Sure, every Republican follows the script.
SeeTheViewFromAHill (4 years ago)
Ana is in a good form!
Mark FromWI (4 years ago)
Mr. Chabot is wrong about the VA Hospitals/Clinics. I've been to the institutions in WI, with my Dad. I was so impressed with how they operated. I am upset the way the VAs are characterized, lump sum. Same old talking points..."if one doesn't work, then none of them must work." The all or nothing generalizations are absolutely infuriating! People like Chabot should be ashamed, for propagating more LIES! Oh, and by the way, I have worked in health care for decades, including Mayo Clinic.
shutdafup (4 years ago)
T party stands for Turd party
traviseddy3 (4 years ago)
I think this man perfectly represents what is wrong with republicans as far as their delusions and misinformation goes.
Akira Wrath (4 years ago)
feel abit sorry for this guy, what show did he think he was coming on? good on Ana for not letting up and holding her own. she can do well without cenk there.
rollofnickles (4 years ago)
Dito on the "BULLSHIT"
Elizabeth (4 years ago)
He disgusted about Republicans going after things while the media doesn't listen to them. So he's not disgusted what the Republicans are doing but the media is not listening to them and allowing the Republicans to spew the lies across the tv's.
NepaliFreeThinker (4 years ago)
There are intellectually smart pro iraq war individuals Anti-Obamacare analysts etc etc.. But You can't find a smart republican... within 2 seconds... they slip into the American People...the american people..bullshit.
jesushatesyoutoo (4 years ago)
The VA is true socialized Medicine the AHC isn't you stupid ass!
jesushatesyoutoo (4 years ago)
The AHC had 160 GOP amendments!!! Yet they didn't vote for it!
WCanyon (4 years ago)
Why is the video so dark? Can the studio not pay the lighting bill?
X X (4 years ago)
why the fuck is tyt fucking with this idiot?
sbd (4 years ago)
I joined Peace & Freedom Party. I'm not socialist but I want the country at least going in that direction
Lee Nguyen (4 years ago)
Go Ana!

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