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Framed as a Terrorist: 14 Years in Jail

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Mohammed Aamir Khan was jailed for 14 years for crimes he did not commit. Watch his ordeals and his optimism.
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sai more (1 day ago)
This is threatening..how do you survive in this condition for 14 years??? My god..really irritating interview...😣
Cook4U Healthy (1 day ago)
We're sorry being an Indian
Swapnil Davangaves (2 days ago)
14 साल कम नही होते यार
Sikh Kaum (2 days ago)
This is reality of India
SALMAN KHANDAY (2 days ago)
kashmirr maii rooz hotaa haii aisaa....musalman bachay
Sumit Rajput (7 days ago)
Shame shame big shame on govt.all hindus are with you.motherfucker govt behnchod saale bekasoor ko 14 saal tak jail m rakha.you are brave boy sir
Nikhil Verma (8 days ago)
This is sad. Extremely sad. :(
Rasheed Ahmed (8 days ago)
Tarun Kumar (8 days ago)
Agar ye ab militant ban k in policewalon ko maar de to its burai hai
sushil chamoli (9 days ago)
aamir bhai insaniyat to apke pass hh hats off to you bhai,,🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
sushil chamoli (9 days ago)
i really love your nature hats off amir bhai jaan to you
Pushpak Prasar (10 days ago)
I feel very sorry for you big brother, I almost have tears in my eyes, mai ye to nahi kah sakta k mai tumhara dard samjta hu, ye dard sirf or sirf tumhi samaj sakte ho, Bhagwan tumahara bhala kare
suraj kumar (10 days ago)
Shame on these heartless policeman who falsely charged him as terrorist.disgusting
Rajesh Ojha (11 days ago)
In the comment section I see many Muslim blame Hindu, BJP and what not.. It's true many of them also right to be blamed, but not all of them.
sharmy jennifer (11 days ago)
There are so many imprisoned under false allegations in India. Tamilnadu has a few!
subhashisn (12 days ago)
An ill trained police force finds scapegoats when it fails to nail real culprits.This man should be compensated by the Indian govt for all the torcher he has gone through.Also, I am getting horrified at the "cow worship" nationalism of the present Indian govt. I am a Hindu who never had beef.But, what is this GO-MATA phenomenon?We never had this before.Govt. killed the leather industry.It had promised 1 crore jobs a year.Got nowhere near that figure.It is instead killing jobs in the meat and leather sectors.Meanwhile two BJP MPs are making millions by exporting beef to the middle east.BJP banned beef and BJP MPs operate export oriented beef plants.What a terrible irony!!!!!
Kiara (14 days ago)
aap ko duniya ki har khushi mile ...mai bohot dukhi hui aapki kahani s .
gamer l (15 days ago)
We respect u sir and i hate this kind of police mans
Shailesh Kumar (16 days ago)
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Adeeba Saiyed (16 days ago)
I don't have words to describe how I felt after watching this video. I doubt if humanity exists anymore.
sadaf khan (17 days ago)
I feel sorry for this government who don't provide us safety and not form criminal but from government..
Sovit Rai (17 days ago)
Acha hua
TOXIC (18 days ago)
Salute you bhai We feel sorry for u
Suraj Pradhan (18 days ago)
Why did not the govt taken any action against those police officers who abducted Aamir??
Bhola Tamang (18 days ago)
May God give you and your family blessings to move ahead.
syed sarwar hussain (19 days ago)
Who made fucking alqayeda and talibaan?????governments bro.....
hyerin subliminals (19 days ago)
As a Muslim, thank you so much very to the Hindus for demanding justice for this man. Sadly because of media, most of us dislike each other based on false assumptions. Religion and politics aside, we are all human, and the kindest people I have met are Hindu. Thank you all so very much, and I hope we are united through peace soon.
Deep (20 days ago)
Same thing happened with colonel Purohit, show his story too.. he is also victim of congress govt propaganda.....
Deep (20 days ago)
Same thing happened with colonel Purohit, show his story too.. he is also victim of congress govt propaganda.....
Spock (21 days ago)
_Parmatma gawah hai.. shayad 'gar hum iss jagah hotey tou bahot akrosh hota aur badle ki bhavna hoti_ with Supreme Soul (Almighty) be my witness, having met victims of BSF and army's abuses and sexual tortures in North East and worked with people helping similar victims in Kashmir.. i would have snapped if my life was ruined such. 'terrorist' is a very generic label. i'm not one of those foolish kids raised in UK/US/ west and having an identity crises (many get radicalised when split between Asian lineage and western culture).. but even as a non Momeen i say this, if in North East or Punjab (erstwhile Khalistan movement) or Kashmir or Hyderabad or Malegaon or Bombay, if normal, educated or otherwise sensible people take to arms or joining xyz 'cause'.. it isn't entirely their fault. We are no less monsters than what Daesh is to Yazidis, Americans do and did in Abu Gharib, Guantanamo , Vietnam or UAE governments do in similar facilities they control in Yemen or other ethnic and religious prosecution by the state or state supported/ state encouraged people. Instances of Law enforcement agencies and security agencies routinely siding with one group or another and themselves doing atrocities, human rights violations based on personal beliefs, opinions, culture (like dalits still get secondary treatment in many places in the BIMARUH states) have plagued Bharat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhārat_Gaṇarājya _Hamare ka patan ke badey kaarano (wajah) mei hamari kaamchori, jugaad_ mentality _aur nafrat hi hai._
Sweety Das (22 days ago)
Oh my god what the ffff.... Is going on India.... Rapist ko chd dte h kutton.... Aur aam admi ko parishan krte h....
Robin Frost (22 days ago)
Respect sir Respect. U still believe in the institutions that took a huge segment of ur life from you. 14 years for a crime u didn't commit. U have more than enough reasons now to hate it but u chose not to. Once again respect to you sir
Ravi Ranjan (22 days ago)
I salute you
sayan gupta (22 days ago)
Terrorists ko nehi marega tookya biriwani khilayga
kafir kafiri (22 days ago)
It was congress government when he was arrested what congress did congress will never apologize this man
Parul Verma (23 days ago)
We are ashamed of the touture and pain u have gone through...after being innocent...we respect the last words of this video...we r proud be Indian
Aditya (23 days ago)
Don't know about Hindu and Muslim, found it in 2018 and thought about it, it's unhuman, unindain, those cops and whoever was involved well i don't have greatest "deshdrohi" example for me. By the way people know me as a Hindu.
TheMinimumPC (23 days ago)
People like this should be given their legal expenses and 14 years worth of money to at least make up for the financial loss. An average Indian salary is around 30k per month. For 14 years it would be Rs 50 Lac. This should help them set up a small business
Fizza Dawood Dogar (23 days ago)
If he is a Muslim then why is he using word Parivaar for his family.Such people are brave.
Biswadeep Datta (23 days ago)
Make a documentary on him
Iffath Zakir (23 days ago)
Lanat hai aisi police aur gvrnmt pe....
iManister (23 days ago)
I can see thus fear in his eyes Look at it 2:22
Rufus Solomon (24 days ago)
Cops and politicians are the biggest rogues who are killing this country. Will definitely buy your book to support you and hope that the cops start treating people like human beings.
Nisha Kanetkar (27 days ago)
Really like that Quint is talking about these issues but you should have shown us Police's Side too....you should have recorded them ....and if there are refusing to speak on topic then mention it in the video....
Priya mishra (29 days ago)
Delayed Justice is injustice.common in our nation.
JASBIR DHANOA (29 days ago)
Bhaiya emaan se aasu nahi ruk rahe.wahe guru ji aapko saari khusian Dein. Aub kabhi bhul kar bhi koi bura waqt aapki dehleez se bhi na guzray. Yahi dua ek behan jasbir ki. Amen
Nickk Nick (29 days ago)
Kya kahe is bare me...Insan paida hona hi gunah he ..iss se behtar kide ,kute paide hote
madhu j (1 month ago)
santhosh karuna (1 month ago)
Fk them all bro...they don't get the real person so they took u...
Devender Saini (1 month ago)
andleeb aziz (1 month ago)
If somebody is found guilty he is punished but if proved innocent then why no compensation is done to his loss?? This guy has suffered so much physically and emotionally and still so positive about laws and constitution. God bless him!
Laxmi Yadav (1 month ago)
Sorry extremely sorry bro!
JUGAAD f0r Engineers (1 month ago)
If u noticed .. musalman ka case Hindu lada .. fir ladayi kaha h.. smjh nhi aati mujhe
SHALINI VINCENT (1 month ago)
I m so sorry for u.. but i m really ashamed to be an Indian
my dream world (1 month ago)
we are very sory amir :(
HUMAN (1 month ago)
Main stream media will not show this news on news channels. Because they have more important work to do that is leaking the government feet.
Belcalis Almanzar (1 month ago)
Why do they do this to innocent people? Those who needed to be framed aren't even given attention at all. Why him? Many innocent people like him auffer because of the fucked up government. Shamw shame shame!!
Mohd . ISMAIL (1 month ago)
bhai tu bahut dileear hai
ash ika (1 month ago)
😂 Innocents r tortured rapists r not! #achedin
Mohmad Aasim (1 month ago)
very sad our judiciary says innocent until proven guilty but for muslims it's guilty until proven innocent💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Zohra Batool (1 month ago)
jo log khud ko preshaan bolte hain wo is insaan ki kahani ko suno
Jiya Shrestha (1 month ago)
I was not even born at that time !!! But seriously I m really sorry for you . God bless you !!
saniya khan (1 month ago)
ye to new york movie jesa ho gya 😭😭😭😭 i hate this world ...
Booom DR (1 month ago)
Kirti Aswal (1 month ago)
Its really upset that the people of the country feel scared of watching Police instead of feeling safe😔
Wajeeha Asif (1 month ago)
Ye aukaat ha musalman ki india me ya Allah india k Muslims ko kafiron k zulm o sitam se bacha ameen
The Daylee Vlogs (1 month ago)
Indian Government is bhosdiwalee
Anusha Ngoruw (1 month ago)
if that happen to me I will kill them all one by one no spare no mercy
Moonlight (1 month ago)
So sad:(
Aayushi Jindal (1 month ago)
I hope whoevr did this to u rot in hell. They will face their karma one day brother. Stay strong and i hope god gives u the strength to live the rest of your life in peace and with dignity. I wish a prosperous future for u.
Aayushi Jindal (1 month ago)
Shame on our government. Real criminals like nirav modi and vijay mallya are on vacations nd innocent people r getting tortured. Their youth is getting destroyed.
Aayushi Jindal (1 month ago)
xan t hello mr. Whoevr u are. May I know with what reasons you justify calling me an " half educated dimwit" Is it because I didnt name any government and u lost a chance to start a useless political debate online?? I only pointed out one of the many flaws our law execution system is riddled with. Clearly you wanted gossip and someone to vent out ur frustrations on!! Guess what? I am not interested :) Peace out🤟
xan t (1 month ago)
Aayushi Jindal do u know which govt was there when this happened?..Don't blabber like half educated dimwit
Zain Raza (1 month ago)
Yaar yeah India sudhre gah nahi Muslim per zulm karne per
hey (1 month ago)
We are with you Amir Bhai 🙏 himmat mat harna .
Saima Mir (1 month ago)
Ek muslman ki yahi saza ha mere bhai is india me hume trst ki nazar s hi dkeha jata ha ....Allah apko insaaf de aur duniya aur akhriat me apko ala s ala darja ata kre Ameen ....😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢 apko zrur insaaf mile ga Allah dkeh rha ha
Naz Shams (1 month ago)
Shame on indian government..he lost his youth in jail. Can u reverse that time?
Rain Rain (1 month ago)
U r a very good person thats why till now u believe in democracy and our low and u doing work with NGO....we can't give your 14 years back but thank u sooo much for feeling proud be an Indian...its prove that u r a true Indian because after all of this happens u love your country..love u and God bless you and your family....
hardeep kakkar (1 month ago)
So sorry fr u aamir
Rahat Khan (1 month ago)
Hath n per ke nakhun pilar se nikalna😐😐😐😣😣oh god it hurts a lot
Rahat Khan (1 month ago)
Yr ese he kisiko utha kr kuch b kese kr skte h police wale😑😑😑😐😐😐😐
shikha choudhary (1 month ago)
I feel bad for him.....
Agatha Kowalczyk (1 month ago)
Inshallah Allah grants you jannah for this hard test
Vicky Maitry (1 month ago)
Govt shd change teir law
Simran Shaikh (1 month ago)
Dis so sad 😥😪shame on those ppl
Deepak c nayak (1 month ago)
What the hell?? Ruining one's whole life for nothing !!
Sharik Maqusood (1 month ago)
How many innocent people will suffer this way how could police and government do this way why they can't catch real culprit instead of innocent people
its true .becz it happens. my friend also did not do any crime.this type of thing happened him.u can subscriber my channel u can see dat.
HARDEO MAHTO (1 month ago)
Sometimes.. Gehun k sath jou bhi pista hai.. Sometimes It happens... We have to accept it.
Tech Buddy (1 month ago)
You are a real hero man after so much pain and then also love for your country Selute you man
Aman Sagar (1 month ago)
Kaise kutte h jo bechare insaan ko uske dharam ki vajah se jail me daal dia. Sirf aur sirf dharam ki vajah se.
lokesh poola loke (1 month ago)
What did government done sry amir 😢
Kritika Tewari (1 month ago)
Zunera Khan (1 month ago)
Salute u man😢
Farhan Nassiri (1 month ago)
May you find peace in this country.
Rubab Sultan (1 month ago)
U are real survivor
Robin Aria (1 month ago)
I wish kathua rapists and all rapists in India if proven are treated this way. Seriously if proven ,all rapists, doesnt matter even if they are VIP's.
Vansh Singh (1 month ago)
We cant find much videos of kulbushan yadav in quint channel i guess
Krishna Majumdar (1 month ago)
I salute your thinking patience and courage ...All the best for future ...
Maha Maqsood (1 month ago)
The reason why Muslim should migrate from India to Pakistan dear Muslim brothers our doors are always open for you
murtaza sadri (1 month ago)
Police walo ka kaam he yahi he ki be gunaho ko pakdo or terrorist or rapist ko chod do

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