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Framed as a Terrorist: 14 Years in Jail

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Mohammed Aamir Khan was jailed for 14 years for crimes he did not commit. Watch his ordeals and his optimism.
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ASGAR Q (8 hours ago)
Nazi cop
ASGAR Q (8 hours ago)
ċѧяԀıňɢ World (15 hours ago)
*Saare Muslims Terrorist Nai Hote*
prajwalita pathak (20 hours ago)
While he was speaking, he was only speaking out his emotions. His eyes and body language is speaking out his inner expressions, the only difference was that tears could not roll down his cheeks . What did these "Demons" gain by ruining this 14 years child's life. He had to spent the most precious part of his life in jail. God is there and justice will be served one day. Thanks to Quint for highlighting such a case.
Pari's TV (2 days ago)
Your real Indian
Pari's TV (2 days ago)
love you bhai
Nouman SAGHIR (2 days ago)
thanks god we are separated from them in 1947 warna humein bhi yeh sab jelna parta.
goku super saiyan (2 days ago)
Why police picked him up??
Dhiraj Kiranbel (2 days ago)
Aamir you are such a brave heart guy, salute to your courage and bravery. I hope you will get a very good life after going through the critical situation. Politicians are fuckers and the police system is corrupted. I felt very bad and sad after watching your story. Lots of love and good wishes for your future
King Dwivedi (2 days ago)
One side Congress is your brother and on the other side they play with u Muslims .... Congress always do such thing through police help
Navanith Salian (2 days ago)
Hats off to this man. I have no words to appreciate his indomitable spirit.
Saurabh Bansal (2 days ago)
Why don't reveal identity of those Police men in public???
Gurmeet Singh (2 days ago)
A propoganda again the police
vaishali na (2 days ago)
All the best for rest of ur life bro Remember if something worse happen in ur life The best tym will always wait for u
Abhineet gupta (2 days ago)
Bhai koi police system Ko sudharna ke Liya Kiya jaye
Dhiraj Pal (2 days ago)
I don't believe on his story. He didn't answered why police chosen him only? If it is just because Muslim then how police identified him as Muslim when he was walking. Is he was wearing skull cap. If not then how can police pick any random person. Second thing judiciary of India comedy circus. Anyone remember Salman khan cases. I proved himself innocent and he was not driving the vehicle too. How he cleared from Black Buck case. Anyone remember Sanjay Dutt. He was the assistant of Terrorist. How he was cleared from major charges against him. It's a money and politics nothing else.
anupam sharma (3 days ago)
God Bless You and felt sorry just because of religion u framed as a terrorist.... Feelings for a baby described by u was really beautiful and true..... Great Bro....
Sm ma (3 days ago)
Aisa nahi hona chahiye.....Ye agar sach hai to Bahot hi dardnak hai....
Gaurav Basraiyya (3 days ago)
Literally I am crying how can police accused a loyal 18year old young guy in impression? Just because of his name aamir?
Shreyas Sarkar (3 days ago)
The system must ensure this never happens to anybody again. A country where people r labelled as Pakistanis just because of their names
Death Star (3 days ago)
Aise hi raand ke pillo ne Desh ke liye sab kuch lutaanne waale col. purohit aur sadhvi pragya ke saath bhi kiya tha. Congress ke behen chudegi.
Benjamin Alexander (3 days ago)
so sad not all Muslims are terrorists. it is terrorist who misuse their religion Islam. may this incident never happen to my enemies also 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
FRESH J.D (3 days ago)
No one save in India now corrupt all , I'm Indian ,ab dekhna gallio ki barish hogi sach yahi hai
MaNNu BaJWa (3 days ago)
corrupt system begunaho ko sja milti nai , nirdosh laakho hi aise jailo me hai 😑
AadeE ManiA (4 days ago)
Mai Ram ji se ye prarthna krta hu Amir bhai k gunegaaro ko maut ki saza de .
Mohammad Nouman (4 days ago)
703 dislikes... But 14k likes.... I should be happy and i am...
Rohan sharma (4 days ago)
I even can't dream what happened with him😰
girish thakare (5 days ago)
Why court did not file case against police for destroying this youts life
Hariz Aftab (5 days ago)
Police = Motherfuckers.
Udit Parihar (6 days ago)
He proved to be a patriot and in 1998 there was Government of BJP....Today's government deeds will come out after decades...choose politicians carefully and lets start a movement against the legal system..........................
Abhishek Chatterjee (7 days ago)
I'm sorry for what you had to go through
Saira Ali (8 days ago)
Indian Guantanamo bay
Dar Bilal (8 days ago)
His name is enough to prove that he is a terrorist
KUSHI CREATION (9 days ago)
Literally carried when I read *he was abducted when he was 18 n released when he was 32* how man?! How can someone do these kinda things to n innocent person...
Kalpit Rautela (10 days ago)
I won't even think of touching a person untill I am 100% sure that he/she committed a henious crime.. a big question is- are these policemen even close to being human?.. because they do such stuff .. they go and just arrest/KIDNAP the person just to solve a case.. and what happens the innocent is in jail, being tortured, a long court case goes against him and after 10-15 years he is found not guilty.. BUT THE PROBLEM IS THE MAIN ACCUSED IS OUT.. ROMING FREELY IN THE CITY PLANNING ANOTHER ATTACK..well this goes for majority of policeman.. maybe 60-70% of them.. whereas only 30-40% of them are still willing to act like real policemen.. this system and uneducated politicians do not let them work.. I DEMAND AN ENTRY EXAM FOR THE UNEDUCATED AND ILLITRATE POLITICIANS AS WELL. afterall they look after the population of 1.35 billion people.. or entrance exams are only for doctors, engineers, ias, ips etc ?
Mohammad Mahboobi (11 days ago)
That is why I hate Indian so called democracy
Tony Strek (11 days ago)
The Deen Show (12 days ago)
Abb souncho hum kashmiriyo k saath tumhari ye army kya karti hogi and what u see through media...
ayyagari subrahmanyam (12 days ago)
We don't need a movie on Sanju , we need a movie on him ! He is a true Indian ...not people who tags someone anti national.
ayyagari subrahmanyam (12 days ago)
Man this is sad...he should be heavily compensated!! He needs justice.
Tawseef Ahmad Wani (13 days ago)
brave guy
Tawseef Ahmad Wani (13 days ago)
voice of an indian (13 days ago)
Good use of Taqqiya by the terrorist. Quint me aake bola main begunah Hoon aur hum sab maan le???? Quint ko Saudi, Pakistan se bohot Paisa mil raha hai lag raha hai
SAM SHAH (13 days ago)
teri ma ki choot sala bhadwa
Shaik Umar (14 days ago)
Mother fuckers police and govt
Donnie Ak (15 days ago)
Donnie Ak (15 days ago)
Fix your ISLAM fist. Behnchod saale stand against your TERRORISTS Islamic. You people have to face it. Deal with it you gandu mullas
Haider Jamal (15 days ago)
Ohh indian police nd investigation agencies!! Yahi ummid hai aap sab se
Sri Krishna (16 days ago)
Jay Sirohi (17 days ago)
The officers under whoes supervision this person was they should all not just be simply suspended but should also be punished with life imprisonment...what a beautiful Indian...fuck such system...we common people have to suffer because of such system..no proof ,case is not being solved ,let's catch-up some Innocent and put all the charges on him and yeah !! Case solved...
yeah ? (17 days ago)
A permanent damage has been done to his brain he 'll never be same again
Ravi Sharma (18 days ago)
Desh khtm krne pe lge h polivewale or govt.
veer veer (19 days ago)
Police is main responsible for indian crimes
Manish Sagar (19 days ago)
ye saari speeches pre planned hoti hai ye sab video banane ke li paisa muslim countries se aata hai taki india me muslim ki chavi na kharab ho kyuki agar hindu muslim se hate karenge to wo kabhi islam adopt nhi karenge aur India me itna paisa spend krne ki wjh hai india ki population where 1.2 billion people live and there are 65% hindu 22% muslim and rest other minorities .....Puri duniya janti hai in muslim ko they are terrorists . Is video ka motive hai ki logo ka police aur govenrment se bharosa uthe aur in terrorist muslim pe bharosa bane... Aap logo ko ye pata hona chahiy jab koi case jurry me jata hai to waha religion nhi dekha jata bas crime dekhte hai aur saza tabhi hoti hai jab koi involved hota hai. Judges are educated not illiterate like these terrorist ye india ka contitution nahi quran yaad krte hai ...India me rhte huye india ke nhi Quraan ke las sariah ke law follow krte hai. Har muslim ko bas yahi sikhaya jata hai ki kese religion expand kare ek tareeka hota hai forcefully ek hota hai logo ke samne apne religion ki baat krna use more urdu in front of hindu frnds me ye sab janta hu bcoz mere do muslim dost the me kabhi uski baat mind nhi krta but agr me usko bolu ki manddir jana h to he simply refused that its haram fir dosti dosti nhi lagi uski har baat notice krne lga he sed to abuse hindu gods.he used to say bad about hindu girls andu women also...kaha se sikhte hai ye log apni society se apni quraan se
jess k (20 days ago)
didn't he file a case for the damage
deepak kumar (20 days ago)
We all r brothers
deepak kumar (20 days ago)
Amir ko hi kyu pakda .....nahi pata chala
Anindya Ghosh (20 days ago)
Jaisi karni waisi varni
Anindya Ghosh (21 days ago)
He is a sleeper cell
Anindya Ghosh (21 days ago)
Ideal treatment for the jihadis
Anindya Ghosh (21 days ago)
Each and every madrassa chaps must suffer like this
Karan Singh (21 days ago)
The Quint tumari ammi ki chut madharchod..
Arif Hassan Shah (21 days ago)
veecee27 (21 days ago)
First this is a shocking expose. Second, how come this case has not made the headlines of every daily? The accused cops and authorities are allowed to roam scot free. Shameful. Respect for this individual who still says that he is proud to be an Indian and that respects the system.
Tejas Lele (21 days ago)
Yes many a time innocent people are framed.
Amit Paul (22 days ago)
Politicians are fuckers. Polices are motherfuckers.
Dangerous Dan (23 days ago)
Aag bina dhuan nahi.. there is more to the story than what meets the eye.. I don't deny that what happened to him in jail is wrong but I don't think anti national or terrorism related charges are so easy to frame on anyone who has a no connection with them ..
shahbaz ansari (24 days ago)
Musalmano ko india mein aisa sattate hai.isiliye hathiyar uthana padta hai logo ko
Judiciary in India is a failure because 14 years is too long a time. Justice delayed is justice denied.
xan t (24 days ago)
Souptik Ferdinand Gupta similar things have happens in all developed countries...
Samarth Mandhare (25 days ago)
Sir love u.....kya feel hua hoga aapko soch ke hi dar lagta hey sir.......salute aapko....🙏
Yudhvir Shergill (25 days ago)
thats how they ruined someone’s life so easily, madarchod government big shame on india’s system
Ishant Singh (25 days ago)
Ase cases me police par bhi karwai honi chea - agar woh ase hi kisi Ko Bina kisi sabut ke pakad te hai - to unhe bhi suspend karke - remand me rkhna chea
TECHNICAL DEVIL (26 days ago)
I really feel bad for him
Shervin PJ (26 days ago)
This video needs more views.
tikiya wale (26 days ago)
soch kar bhi dar lagta hai bhai apke sath hi nhi bohat be ghunah logo ke sath yahi hua khuda apki hifazat kare
Bulbul Rajwal (26 days ago)
Azaad Leher (26 days ago)
Mera Dil roh para Yaar.. BC police ki trust kyun kare kyun BC hum IPS bane yeh system Hume aisa torture karta hai ki aise log faltu Ka phaste hai
akash gurav (26 days ago)
We love you . This is something which no one will face
I can't even imagine what you went through in that painful time.
Logical creature (26 days ago)
Who will give his 14 years of joy...😢
abhay patel (26 days ago)
Kitne madarchod log hote hai....!
Syed taher Jalal (26 days ago)
I salute to my indian brother aamir. These are the things happens to us if we r muslims.how great our indian constitution is,u all should be proud of it. Really
Rony Rasta (26 days ago)
Need To make a movie about his story !!!!
Harshit Singh (26 days ago)
Emotional kr diya bhai
Haneef Allare (26 days ago)
Sab police ka khel hai... Isi liye aaj b india piche hai.. Aise gadddar police ko goli mar deni chaiye.. Aur unko b jo aise order nikaalte hai
Criticical CRITIC (26 days ago)
Badhiya hua in bhadvo ke saath Aisa he hona chahiye
Dot Net (26 days ago)
True man.... Still so much positive ... Salute bro... No body sees you as they tried to made you after your story ...
Cool Guy (26 days ago)
Police have too much power in india, they can frame any muslim as terrorist
mReviews (26 days ago)
NEW YORK movie wali story hai
Deepak Sahu (26 days ago)
Ye to bahut galat hua is bhai k saath
kuldeep singh (26 days ago)
Paisa khane Ko bolo. Kuch bhi karenge loog. Police . Jailor ho
Avdhut Airsang (26 days ago)
If he died during that period due to depression who would be responsible?indian constitution,political views,laws or system?or one best reason among all ways-religion?
Mahesvar Tr (26 days ago)
Even After all this he didn't turn against the government and society.....great. I wonder
Prashant Gaud (27 days ago)
Corrupt officials made his whole life hell.. disappointing police and politician nexus.
Aditya shirodkar (27 days ago)
Yaar tumne to bahut dukh jhele
Donald Boss (27 days ago)
it is real face Indian system and police system
Arnab Roy Chowdhury (27 days ago)
This was not an act of war against a particular religion instead it was an act of war against the humanity in our country..😢😭
Rahul sharma (27 days ago)
This was the congress time right? chamcho
Praveen gautam (27 days ago)
When he said i am still proud to be an Indian and have faith on constitution i couldn't stop my tears.
Sohail Shaikh (27 days ago)
Maaaan! Can't imagine the pain this man went through I pray to God he now lives a peaceful , happy, long and a successful life And those fucking cunts should be punish for ruining his life 😡😡😡😡

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