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Inside life on the Lakota Sioux reservation l Hidden America: Children of the Plains PART 1/5

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Children of the Plains Part 1: Robert lives in a crumbling trailer but has Oval Office dreams. [Original Air Date 10/14/2011]
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Eloy Ruiz (7 hours ago)
I am white Mexican with green eyes very tall & very skinny but i live on the land that some day we will have look twice us our president. In the mean time how van we help them???
Pancakes611 (14 hours ago)
he should be the president of this country. fuck trump and fuck white people
Carlos Jara (14 hours ago)
God bless the Native Americans, they don't claim privileges, entitlements, or to impeach others based on their way of thinking, yet they got the end of the stick....I can't wait to see the first Native American as the President of the United States....We must "Look Twice".
Martin Watters (16 hours ago)
Stay strong warrior the GREAT SPIRIT has plan,s for you.Outstanding and very wise you are young MR Looks Twice stay your course you will not fail .I will look forward to THE day you are PRESIDENT.MANY BLESSING'S TO YOU.
Derek Suddreth (23 hours ago)
If I live to see you run for President, you will have my vote young warrior.
Patricia Wallach (1 day ago)
Lovely. Now how's 'bout paying your damn taxes, stop drinking, welfare, corrupt elders, indian court, cede lands back to american citizens. Time to live in the modern world.
Laisha Paschal (1 day ago)
Those are Chinese japanese indians from India mixed in now with Europe and Africa... Ask your Philippines hoeing family for some vegas &casino money to fix your own shit with your own illegal ass mixed shattered family to do construction.
Carol Schacht (1 day ago)
I hope one day he does become president. We need one that will take care of the Earth. Keep going because you will have my VOTE
Roman Mari (1 day ago)
Good bless all💞💞
Tàpai Ferenc (1 day ago)
You please Dont forget siting bull for whát for fayting ! Feri
dt908911 (1 day ago)
I love this too much. Much respect to all the Native Americans.
John anonymous (1 day ago)
Let's do it any good freedom-loving America would do and all chip in and start a fund and fix that guy's house up we could get that guy a nice little house for cheap and then start working on their Community to help them that's what Real Americans do that's why we love Trump because we are here to help you and help our neighbors
John anonymous (1 day ago)
I would definitely vote for him especially if he's a conservative I'm assuming he would be since he has grown up in hardship and has to go down the bumpy road Native Americans for Trump USA all the way
Diana Guerrero (1 day ago)
Beautiful boy
Patricia Bracken (1 day ago)
Native Americans own the land. I hope he in time becomes president. It was their land, like it will. NEVER become anyone else's. Love from Ireland. To all native Americans.
Black Dynamite (1 day ago)
He doesn't really have their face they were much darker
Very sad story and they should be taken care of like we take care of everyone else. Being of Native American ancestry in our Cherokee blood line we were raised we had to work really hard for everything we wanted because no one would give it to us for nothing. My strong will of the Indian blood helps me in life because when someone says I can’t do it I definitely will prove them wrong like this young man. Good for him he chose to fight . So sad so many fell into the trap of giving up on life. If they have money for drugs and alcohol they certainly could use their money to help themselves and their children to have a better life instead of throwing what they have away.
Oscar Easler (1 day ago)
This is so sad.
Matthew Cunningham (2 days ago)
billion owed for treaty violation the gov allowed.
Twsuf1 (2 days ago)
Diane why don't you talk about how your ancestors caused this
Twsuf1 (2 days ago)
The black man is The White mans pet, he feels nothing for those Native to this land he stole & destroyed
Twsuf1 (2 days ago)
The White man has no guilt, a Devil race
Andrew Corry (2 days ago)
From trump to looks twice . I really hope to hear his name in the future it starting with president, looks twice
Doug Dickerson (2 days ago)
Now these are the Americans who need our help and support not some illegal who runs to the free stuff this treasonous government gives away.
Thomas Griffin (2 days ago)
The treatment of the American Indians, by the Government,  is one of the greatest tragedies to ever occur.
Franco Walus (2 days ago)
Drugs and incest,that's amurlica….
Franco Walus (2 days ago)
Shithole .
Yella Boi (2 days ago)
What hell is wrong with this country?????
Shaun Mcintosh (2 days ago)
Funny how they are treated with a mild neglect while foreigners can come here and do better and receive more ? I ask myself all the time as a matter of conscious why them ?
Javier Ruiz (2 days ago)
I hope your dreams come true little brother. MR.PRESIDENT ROBERT LOOKS TWIST.
Brandon Tran (2 days ago)
Robert keep building up strength. You are a leader and are destined to do great things! Keep moving forward!
Marlon Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Don’t losse hope mr looks
YT4Me57 (2 days ago)
Where is he now?!!!
Peter Roger (2 days ago)
so sad theres people have to live in the mother land they own
lisa creamer (2 days ago)
Oh yes it would be nice to see this young man as President of America there is always hope this will happen one fine day !!!
Shadow Of Wolves (2 days ago)
This makes me sad because before the invasion Natives were in peace, prosperity, and lived a beautiful free life... Now alcohol, conforming to the government etc has destroyed everything
Kevin Bottini (2 days ago)
Anybody know where I can find this entire episode?
Valerie Hurst (2 days ago)
I'll vote for you
Raul Moreno (2 days ago)
That's what we need ,a true 100% american,,,,with all the craziness with immigration issues ,its time to shut up every one,,,be strong,,make your dreams come true,,,AMEN
I would love to know how this kid is doing today. Was there any help giving to him and his cousins grandmother.
Mike Becket (2 days ago)
Oh the poor Indians still living in 1645..... they get more money per person than any white save the few wealthy in America everything is paid for by the US Governnent and yet just like the blacks ( not all by any means) Live better than middle America...but being generational free money have no incentive to do anything so you make government paid lazy bums......think about that you give lots of money with no expectations or requirements like white / black welfare you get the sniveling jackasses always wanting more more more ..poor little sniveling snowflakes
western sky (2 days ago)
Your the poor sniveling jackass, sitting behind your keyboard is what makes you brave. I doubt you have anything to say in public. People like you aren't worth a shit.Pathetic,nothing better to do to occupy your time, your the lowest of the low,maybe you should get a job to keep you busy.
Jessie H (2 days ago)
Trumpterds would want them deported
LaNeita Jones (2 days ago)
LaNeita Jones (2 days ago)
He has to make it for himself and his people.
LaNeita Jones (2 days ago)
Hope he gets there. The voters will make him president if he survives the environment and college whole.
Crystal energy (3 days ago)
Poor kids and the rest of the Indians.💖✌May the light come to your rescue.Yes.Become a president🙌🌳☀💖✌🔔☺.Now that most people in the States and Canada forced them self in to thies 2 coun tries because they can.(education befor a job)Oh.We want to live here. Move a side.It's our Country now.Now the Native indians are push up in to a corner.The same for the First nation in Canada. 😯💖✌🔔. Africans build the railroads and lots of buildings way back. They are being treat like shit to. 😔🔔✌🌸. Blessings to you all.🌻
Karl G (3 days ago)
Keep the drugs and especially the alcohol away from any Native-American so they can prosper. Easier said, then done. Good kid!
Denamarie Gallagher (3 days ago)
I showed this to my daughter tonight she s also Lakota n he’s the same age as her I believe he helped inspire her to . And I’m sooooo very proud of him .
Swallace Wallace (3 days ago)
Brave young man. You will make it. The courage all over your face says so. God bless you young warrior.
Racine Ranell (3 days ago)
My people!!! I love y’all and I hope and pray you will become our president! God bless u!!!!! Keep it up intelligent, strong, and determined young man
Kat Scovil (3 days ago)
I Would like to know where he is now? And how his life has turned out for him?
Always Smile (3 days ago)
I wish him all the best 💖💖💖💖 he has my vote😘
Lazaro Hernandez (3 days ago)
It will be great Robert Look Twice becomes president of USA. We also need some native americans in the congress. The best help they can receive from the goverment is their land back. The land of the free should apply for them too because they have beeing allways the braves.
Snooty Fox (3 days ago)
God bless this young man. Now why the shit can't the adults pick up their damn trash!!!!
stormy blue (3 days ago)
These beautiful people are oppressed and it’s been in our own backyards for centuries. How can they not be depressed? I’m gonna pray for this kid everyday for the rest of my life, and I believe he’ll do the things he sets out to do.
Chris Collins (3 days ago)
she loves the booze more then her own blood
tponn (4 days ago)
...Wants to go to college...standby, robert, you're about to get sucked in to the great libTard machine!
joseph meza (4 days ago)
You have my vote little brother Mitakuye Oyasin
magnasyst g (4 days ago)
He is the president.
James Wolf (4 days ago)
These are the people we should be looking up to not keeping them down I have native blood and my heart is sad and sickend by the plight of the proud tribes I pray and hope he will be president I would finally vote if he did I hope he don't give up his dream we need him more then anything Trump has done some good but a native American could do wonders for our country
Carol Benson (4 days ago)
I have so much respect for Native Americans....so sad how they have to live.
Delmond Snipes (4 days ago)
Our government ant shit I'm sorry. A lot of native Americans fought and die for their land.
Alberta Loyd (4 days ago)
Go. For it robert
MERNA LOVE (4 days ago)
This breaks my heart.... so young and hurting so much. 😔
Orca w (4 days ago)
Ill vote for him
Church Channel (4 days ago)
Some people live in mansions and complain they don't have enough. This boy lives in a leaky old trailer and he's grateful for what he has. Robert Looks Twice, you have my vote to be the first Native American President.
Beth Morris (4 days ago)
What can I do to help him and his family?
Julie Hanson (4 days ago)
Why must they live like this? The government owes them more than can ever be paid. I weep for these people.
Mustang Mom (4 days ago)
Keep fighting onward Robert, keep your ancestors close and the Creator closer little brother.
SoloSail Boat (4 days ago)
This is the kind of man I want as a leader, he is born to it.
Carol Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Why isn't Diane Sawyer asking the Government to see why his family isn't compensated financially for the taking of the land. Hes 100% Native American! He shouldn't be living in these conditions.
Owen Johnson (4 days ago)
Keep you head up my little brother keep your sites on your goals. When life throws you a road block find away around it or over it
ayr1225 (5 days ago)
I’m lakota Sioux. From fort totten North Dakota. I’m retired Naval Aircrew now. You gonna have a lot to learn and realize. Sioux are not welcome anywhere. I’ve been everywhere now. Welcomed nowhere by no one. Even people talking in these comments supporting you are liars. They will not associate with a Sioux. You are liars. You don’t fit with us. That’s why you killed us. We are very different. Trust me. When I’m in the room you are afraid of me. Special forces is easy. Being Indian is harder. Trust me you guys are all afraid of Sioux Indians. We just got genocided. We have a lot to go through. It wasn’t 500 hundred years ago for us. My grandpa tells me stories of fighting the soldiers and the BUFFALO SOLDIERS. we lost. We remember. We know you did to us. We will come back. ON OUR OWN. It’s the only way we make it.
Juliett Litvensky (5 days ago)
I hope someone goes and fix the roof ,im from Australia the aussie way is we would find a way to fix the roof asap : what a beautiful person and family i would love to go America one day and meet the beautiful Lakota people
The Reckoner (5 days ago)
God bless the natives and please please please forgive us latecomers for what we have done to you. If ANYONE deserves reparations it is these noble neglected people. My donation dollars go to the Lakota and other tribes. WE as a country have wrought this on them, one of the embarrassing regrets I have as an American.
Ronin Patriot (5 days ago)
That bitch laughs at him then tries to lie.
Sunshine Hornick (5 days ago)
This story made me cry..not only tears of sadness because of the disgusting living conditions and how native peoples in general are treated,but also tears of joy because of the strong spirit and resilience if that young man..I am very proud of my native heritage and I would love to see that wonderful young man become the first native President of this country..much ❤ and many wishes of prosperity and abundance to you and your family young warrior 😊
Blueberry Rain (5 days ago)
I feel for this boy man.
C List (5 days ago)
This is truly heartbreaking, these people deserve a quality life . Life on the "Rez" is no way to live.
Ice Queen (6 days ago)
Peter McIver (6 days ago)
Why do these people live in these s******* why don't they move to Miami there's beautiful beaches a d lots of service work in bars, restaurants, hotels etc Oh, and BTW, you to have many millions to even THINK about running for president He will never be president, not even a senator
Consistent Mindzet (6 days ago)
This is for all you dumbasss non native trolls We are alive and unbroken and still here from Alaska to chile to greenland to Russia get a grip troll! My people are here unlike your people trolls. 4,500 tribes uncontacted and contacted ! No wonder people hate us lol native pride suck a big native dick you trolls
Consistent Mindzet (6 days ago)
For 2024 im going to do my best to be the first native american president i hope he beats me to it! Hoka
Aloha (7 days ago)
That boy is amazing. Truly, truly special kid. Shame on his mother for not doing right by him. People who have kids when theyre in no position to BE a parent, disgust me. I hope you get there Robert, youll have my vote. We need someone with that kind of strength to guide us.
ILL Sean (7 days ago)
Why do Indians call themselves "Americans".
Mr. J (7 days ago)
One of the most evil destructive governments on Earth.
Brisa La Africana (7 days ago)
About time the United States had a naive American president. I am horrified by what the European invasion has done to the indigenous people whose land they have stolen.
Michael Eldan (7 days ago)
Therefore America was never founded, but it was uinvaded.
eduruk (8 days ago)
Why don't USAID and other organisations help these people who are right there at home? They don't need to go to other end of the world to find vulnerable, needy people.
Tylice Crookedneck (8 days ago)
imagine a native american President. probaly would care more about the planet . and the future of our young poeple . would probaly set the world straight
Tim Hallas (15 hours ago)
They could hunt and fish and farm the land. But they choose welfare instead. They use alcohol and drugs because life is boring without it. There are no jobs because they choose to live this way. The adults are destroying their children's future. The best choice these kids could make is to leave the reservation and join the white man's world. All those who stay will be like their parents. This is their ghetto. Welfare created it. They have joined the African American as the drop outs from society. Their culture is that of a hunter, but they do not hunt. The get drunk and dance, and talk about the past. then go to the mailbox for their government hand out. They must choose between their culture and a better life for their children. The reality is, the past is not coming back.
Tim Hallas (15 hours ago)
western sky (17 hours ago)
A couple of books you might find unbelievable but true are KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON by David Grann which involves the Osage in Oklahoma and also the beginning of the FBI involving J.Edgar Hoover. Another book you'll never forget is entitled AND STILL THE WATERS RUN BY Angie Debo . These attitudes are what we as Native Americans deal with even today although hidden they still surface. Both books are available on Amazon.
western sky (1 day ago)
Tim Hallas No one can pay for anything that was done in the past.What can be done for us original inhabitants of this country is to stop with all the judgement, racism, prejudice and this attitude that we were deserving savages. How can we ever forgive and heal? This is what is hard for non-natives to understand.How do I explain a comment to my grandchild who happened to read under a Native American video on youtube that said simply "indians are sub-human". Do you know what our children ingest ON A REGULAR BASIS? Do you know what that does to a child? And then we are expected to "move on".How can anyone say our land was not stolen when the so called 'strong' resorted to such underhanded means to get it.I don't believe that is "natures way".No one wants to admit the truth.Native Americans fought among themselves for hunting rights.Not to commit genocide.
Tim Hallas (1 day ago)
I see it different. You and I were not here when this happened. Neither were the others who are here now. Nobody alive today had anything to do with what happened in the past. If I have to pay for what someone else did, just because of the color of my skin, then I become the victim of racism. What will I find in your ancestor's lives that you should pay for. Did your ancestors never take anything from others? Did none of them ever take the land of a weaker tribe? Should this crime be on your head? It has to end sometime. My ancestors were not all evil, and your ancestors were not all innocent victims.. Let's stop pretending they were. The land belongs to the strong. It always has. Long before the European came, that was the red man's way. That is nature's way.
western sky (1 day ago)
Tim Hallas  After 13,000 years or so I am native.All Europeans who came reaped the benefits from the invasion. My home was taken by lies,cheating and deceit. That will never change. Peace to you also.
Suzan Sultan (8 days ago)
Aww I wanna help :(
Marcella Casey (8 days ago)
Qayoom Sahab (8 days ago)
God bless him.It is a shame that US govt is doing nothing to uplift this community,that was there ages before the whiteman.....US govt needs to do more....And on your part preserve your language and culture...That would keep the American Indian community intact...Hassan,Kashmir
FullMetalJacket (9 days ago)
This message is for the White Bitch known as "Hi There". The "Pahe Sapa" Black Hills are NOT for sale to the "Wasichu Shunka" like you, you stupid White Bitch!! You say the US govt has money for us?? Yes, they do!! They offered us millions in 1988!! We refused your offer, you White Bitch Whore!!! Come to Pine Ridge Rez, you Sick Bitch, and we will cure you of your "illness". I served MY country, the one you claim is "yours", through THREE wars!! Don't you EVER talk to me about "how the govt has money waiting for us"!! YOU, and the "sickness" you promote as a White Liberal, European view of us as if we should "take your money" like your Chief Obama offered us!!
Rose Olivas (9 days ago)
He's a real American. Indians were here first. I hope he becomes president of the USA. Of his land. His ancestors land.
Wendy Brooks (9 days ago)
It’s oh so hard to climb up oughta there. It’s a very deep pit. And the sides of the pit are slick with booze. We don’t have an immunity to liquor. It is the Bain of our existence. It’s up to this young man to walk away and better himself. It’s hard, but not impossible. I know because I did it..
leslie smith (9 days ago)
What a wonderful, beautiful child. He deserves to succeed. He has a loving grandmother as do all his cousins. Despite his setbacks, he has an admirable attitude. Everyone needs a strong leader. I believe he can be that leader. He should be very proud of himself.
Gary Dougal (9 days ago)
As someone from Ireland I have so much love and respect for native Americans and their culture, both of our ancestors were oppressed and descrimated against in their own lands, it would be amazing for one to be sitting in the White House
kcash0809 (9 days ago)
my daughter has the same dream to be the first native American woman president. I tell her all the time she can be whatever she wants just as long as she work hard for it.

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