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Kushner Lawyer Abbe Lowell Lectures Wolf Blitzer On Legal Terms

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"Is he a witness?" "Lawyers don't use those terms . . . he is a witness."
atm94404 (3 months ago)
I would have loved if Wolf asked him "Okay, if you don't use the term 'witness' THAT YOU JUST USED in the previous sentence, how about you clear up if you'd like to be referred to as a 'mouthpiece', a 'fixer', a 'shill', a 'shyster'? How about a 'hypocrite', an 'idiot' or a 'stooge'?"
valgehiir (3 months ago)
probably no jail time for Clown Prince, he will cut a deal
zcparijataka (3 months ago)
"...so, to conclude, we believe he is a WITNESS." "Right, so I was asking if he was a target, subject, or witness." "HEY! I DO NOT USE THOSE TERMS!"

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