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Viral Sach: Claim of 'Om' emerging on a Shivling when water is splashed is false

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When our team investigated the temple for the magical 'Om' we didn't find any such phenomenon occuring. Accordding to geophysicist, it occured because someone would have written 'om' beforehand and then whenever water was splashed the refelction was viewed.For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://www.abplive.in & https://www.youtube.com/c/abpnews
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Text Comments (10)
B Qrius Pictures (15 days ago)
Translation please..
baba Nayak (3 months ago)
Fake.. fake
Jai HIND (4 months ago)
Reverse App Ka Kamal Hain
Jai HIND (4 months ago)
(LING) Meaning Penis
Rakesh Das (4 months ago)
Har har mahadev
The Supporter (4 months ago)
Hindu Abhi or kitna pakhand me girte jayengey?
santosh kumar Yadav (4 months ago)
दुनियाभर मे सभी धर्मों का बुनियाद झूठ पर टिका हुवा है ।
Shahi 22 (4 months ago)
poojo poojo bhenchodddoooooo!!!!! jo saala hath mein aaye poojo bass...... mera LORRDA ram ram kar ta hai ussry bhi poojo bhenchooddh Aanpaad
Amazing india sh (4 months ago)
Anpar gabar ho to aysa
Satya Raja (4 months ago)

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