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Walmart-Flipkart Deal: Govt Policies Hamstring Our Entrepreneurs

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Let's deconstruct the lies surrounding the Flipkart-Walmart deal. The truth is that close to $14 billion of the $16-billion deal could flow to Japan, USA, China & South Africa – India only gets a measly couple of billion dollars. Video: The Quint Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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Haridas S (1 day ago)
These stupid rules were made by UPA, why are you blaming everything on NDA
Manu Eldho (8 days ago)
Politicians are shit. They should be disposed off.
Very best example of opportunity cost we paid.
goa clean (11 days ago)
Marderchod becoz of this flipkart see how many indian business homes r facing problem This online companies have closed thousands of shop Which we r buying from yrs and yrs Who tax used to come to india govt
ROHIT ADHATRAO (13 days ago)
QUINT ,remove chandan nundy first, and stop giving out socialist ninsense bullshit, then raghav bahl, lecture INDIA on entrepreneurship while your own indulge in pleasing marxists
ROHIT ADHATRAO (13 days ago)
Sir, but would the communists allow it ? they are the biggest roadblaocks controlling the ruling elite, most enjoy freebies but lecture on marx, although not in size but they control the media, you have a shit editor called chandan nandy himself who is a communist bhadralok, get these turds out first, then bureaucracy and red tapism will collapse, the shitty yechury's who feed on govt largesse have an outcry on anything private while they themselves travel business class and drink american.....
Mayur borah (17 days ago)
India's FDI policy sucks
Vidya Churi (26 days ago)
subscribed because of this video
nikhil kamal (1 month ago)
eh budda chutiya heh bhai !
thiruvetti (1 month ago)
I am not going to buy anything affiliated with companies like Walmart or Monsanto and I will try my best to find out if they are involved.
thiruvetti (1 month ago)
I really dont want Walmart stepping even an inch into India. Its ok to let some small startups or decent companies via FDI But Walmart has a record of being a modern day East India company and its just shitty that our politicians are letting them loot India.
sandy blaze (1 month ago)
They sold as they cant survive against amazon . That is obviously because of their shitty service & customer care . So chutiya hei kya ? Whats your problem ? Its their company 2 keep or sell
naaavi 9 (1 month ago)
Thuuu bjpigss! Gvt
naaavi 9 (1 month ago)
Where r u andh bakts ..i wanna kick u in all d ways possible...thuuu!!!
s r (1 month ago)
Indian intellectuals never understand investors and exit concept .They never go to work only talk shit.
manoj kumar gujju (1 month ago)
lets allow FDI 100% in India, and allow Walmart, Alibaba, Amazon to completely replace our traditional Grocery shops, Bangle stores, Kirana Shops etc and Kill All the Jobs.( Remember Flipkart Didnt Create enough Jobs when compared to the jobs its replaced). And I Guess our Law makers, economists are not stupid in this case. Read the American Stories Why WAlmart in Us is going out of business, isnt it because of Amazon?
puneet gulati (1 month ago)
Bhai jab singapore chali hi gayi thi and investors ne billions laga hi diye the to NDA ghar wapasi kaise karwata uski...explain that also please rather than overacting and using air double quotes incessantly like a tic
Hemambara kumar (1 month ago)
Please request govt at least for quality education whether it's primary or professional education so people can understand what they are loosing....
The Great INDIA (1 month ago)
Oh , so i can say that we live in dreams.
ABC DEF (1 month ago)
Ganju tu ganja mar kar aaya hai kya ?
Santosh (1 month ago)
Shame on UPA & BJP and also to Bansal brothers for not making raising this issue in the public domain. I was made to believe that buying from Flipkart would somehow benefit India more than purchasing the same product for lesser cost from Amazon and Ebay. But the consumers were made to choose between the two devils. I'm going to make most of my from purchases from retail stores and small shops here on, so I at least know where my money is going towards. Big Billion Sale? You sold us off from the start didn't you?
ANKIT K. MISHRA (1 month ago)
Earth is round;moon is round;sun is also round.so Earth=Moon =Sun. This is the logic and level of rationality of the Quint,so simple.
sunny david (1 month ago)
Yeh waala.. Advani ka Bhai Kya?
Surya Chivukula (1 month ago)
For me service is most priority looking for quality service which lacks in India a lot least bothered who buys and who sells
romit de (1 month ago)
This is just putting in over simplistically . The Indian start up ecosystem in India is only 20 years old and is not mature like the one in USA. Further, the 21billion has not gone to the Flipkart founders . They held only minority stock in the company . The money has gone to private equity investors who had invested in the company in it's early days taking a punt on the company. One last thing - FK was not an original idea. It was based on Amazon because one (or both ) founders had worked there.
Deeksi play (1 month ago)
you mean Manmohan singh a great fool who make that types of business .😆😆😆what you say
Mirrorwarrior (1 month ago)
Very disingenuous. The Walmart-Flipkart deal is because Indian investors refused to invest in him. It has been in the various news articles over the years and said by many real investment pundits - Indian investors have a serious case of inferiority complex when it comes to Indian ideas and startups. They prefer to pour in nearly unlimited sums into mediocre Silicon Valley projects over Indians projects - many of which were acquired by foreign investment firms and are very successful. Don't blame this on any government. It's our own inferiority complex wrecking havoc. Buying foreign products just because of their foreign name. Remember "Peter England"- an Indian clothes manufacturer. Should I go further? So stop this politics in everything. Somethings transcend that and patriotism is one of them.
Praveen kumar Singh (1 month ago)
Flipkart began in 2007- 08, rest of the companies started in late 90s and early 2000s and bansal boys worked at Amazon for some time. Data is incorrect
Kanishka Kushan (1 month ago)
Narasimha Rao was India's greatest Prime Minister. Politicians used Ram temple issue and stymied all the good work he had done.
Abdul Gani (1 month ago)
I question what these government's have got in return for such immoral policies in regard of entrepreneurs
Tapajoy Sarkar (1 month ago)
💣Plz make videos on *virtual currencies*💥
djvallfor2 (1 month ago)
Well put sir
Nitin Sharma (1 month ago)
If you ever run for an office as a politician, you have my vote. Need I say more?
Prasad Kulkarni (1 month ago)
Ye Buddha kuch bhi bol Raha hai.... Sounds like student of Shashi tharoor...... Targeting Government..... This is the agenda of Quint.... I have seen several videos of quint trying to defame India n BJP......
SandyRocks (2 months ago)
Bansal ne company bechi aur isme BJP ki galti hai ? Bhag bhosadike takle
vinay nalkudri (2 months ago)
Now again Indians have to work hard from scratch to build a company like flipkart . Feeling sad. Digital Kohinoor of India is sold out.
Prashant Soni (2 months ago)
Shut up. Why not say national integration speeches in a different way ?That may bring FDI into India.
The Outliers (2 months ago)
Actually they did a good thing by selling to Walmart.... Coz in the long run they were for sure going to loose to Amazon...they had to limit to burn cash..and could not compete with Amazon in doing that... And please do not compare them with Chinese ones... Chinese startups have the capacity to compete with American one's..and also have their own funds...but in India there are only a handful of unicorn startups...and for names sake only they are Indian... Coz they are Indian startups owned by Chinese,Japanese, American,European investors...
Shukra Acharya (3 months ago)
I know we have no e-commerce website in india
SAGAR GUPTA (3 months ago)
Indians are poor people with equally poor mindset..they just value collector Sahab and SP Sahab..baki scientist, innovators, tech experts.....sab chutiye he
Edward Skywalker (3 months ago)
Indian government is a piece of garbage. Stupid socialists, always trying to copy China but never understanding economics and free markets. Just look at the ridiculously high tariffs the government places on anything even remotely foreign. Why will foreign companies invest when the piece of crap Indian government makes it infinitely more difficult for them to? And then the government whines about black money this and that for votes and wants everyone to pay higher taxes 🤦🏻‍♂️
Amiya Muna (3 months ago)
U idiot Flipkart started during UPA GOVERNMENT...UPA was d policy maker..
Prakash Kumar Sekar (3 months ago)
What can we do?
Сан Шингаля (3 months ago)
Yashwant waykole (3 months ago)
Americans using Indian to talk about India problems . Smelly
Niranjan Pradhani (3 months ago)
https://www.livemint.com/Money/TcqdDf30s06hvtSuyM5I1L/If-Flipkart-losses-havent-alarmed-Walmart-Amazon-Indias-s.html?facet=amp&utm_source=googleamp&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=googleamp After reading this I think I think you would change your thinking!!
BC isko bol bansal brother ka company GOI ka nahi .BC ..
k K (3 months ago)
I think its the current incumbents like amabanis, tatas, birlas, godrejs etc who decide the business policies. So that they can stay in power. Clearly these companies are trash on the world stage. There is so much potential but these fuckers and the politicians who lick their assholes dont care. They will hav to wake up, compete at the world stage if these companies want to create world class products.
Jasneet Singh (3 months ago)
Bitter truth
A Jay (3 months ago)
was a neutral video i think.
Ashish Patel (3 months ago)
This guy sounds like a dirty commie.
Ayush Garg (3 months ago)
there is another such video to come out in future on about crypto currencies
Eisir Badhwar (3 months ago)
Awadhoot Shendye (3 months ago)
We should abolish our constitution.
[KingNiksTv] (3 months ago)
Sometimes I feel Modi is only showoff
Backyard Stranger (3 months ago)
Any remedies?
Darshan Kabra (3 months ago)
Hi, can u please post relevant links to justify your claims??
Kunal T (3 months ago)
Wow ! so this is how propaganda works. I am simply amazed at how many people in the comments section here started criticizing government at once without even checking the facts once. The narrator intentionally left out the details of how the founders of Flipkart (yes, I am taking about Sachin Bansal) took irrational decisions (like focusing only on mobile app etc.) and pissing off the VC/Angel Investors with his incompetency in running the business specially when competition started to shot up with the entry of Amazon. Now, coming to money flowing out of India, the narrator is oblivious of the fact that they are the same companies from Japan/US/SA that invested in the Flipkart during the initial days, so its there very right to enjoy the spoils of the war. What about the billions of $ they have been investing in the Flipkart since 2010 ? If you consider that equity investment + the investment from Walmart, India probably gained somewhere around 4-5 Billion $ which although less than the total value of the company but still a pretty big dollar amount that flowed directly to India. Every country has its challenges, in fact many big US companies are also registered in other countries (for example, Apple, Accenture etc.) so that doesn't mean government is hell bent on destroying them.
Nik Shrivastava (3 months ago)
How can you say that the flipkart has to flip to singapore due to bureaucratic hurdles... Aren't other companies in India flourish under the same rules... What if they had flipped the company to singapore for avoiding taxes and perform round tripping... But you won't mention that... Because all your videos are biased and show only one side of the coin... About the listing of indian companies on foreign markets, the government had allowed doing it in 2013 and before that the govt didn't allow ot due to some reasons... When you mention something to your viewers please also mention the reasons behind doing so from government perspective also.. Don't just try to force upon your own opinions on viewers... Let them decide at the end...
iruz29 (3 months ago)
What is again the point of the video? Is he saying that pure market economics of who shall survive and who shall not should be governed by Government? are we back to the pre 1990 model of economics. Everyone in India knows that the services provided by Amazon is better than Flipkart simply because Amazon has deeper pockets and longer experience, so Flipkart could have actually failed so this acquisition was good, the only way this could have been prevented if the Govt. restricted Amazon from coming to India or restricting its expansion, is that what we really want now. The Quint likes to salute entrepreneurs but at the same time is supporting a closed economy, also why shall a government micro manage deals in the market, pretty suspicious.
vinay singh (3 months ago)
you are right.. I wasted my around 1 year because of stupid rules our government has set...
S M (3 months ago)
S M (3 months ago)
shivin shivin (3 months ago)
Why would a business suceed? When even companies like TATA arilines were acquired by Govt. From one of the best airlines to the worst services ever. Thats the legacy of our governments.
Umesh Kumar (3 months ago)
Who is the man in the video???
Hari Sriram (3 months ago)
India was ranking 15th in the world in 2013 in terms of FDI inflow, it rose up to 9th position in 2014 while in 2015 India became top destination for foreign direct investment. - wikipedia
Hari Sriram (3 months ago)
But as of 2014 the FDI inflow to india has been increased to 49% and have also launched the make in india campaign . Then why did this happen ?
divya kshitij srivastava (3 months ago)
Rahul (3 months ago)
I don't want to live in India
Sujeet Bhagat (3 months ago)
Rubbish. The facts tat this chutiya is giving is a complete lie. It has nothing to do with the government, and everything to do with business ethos. Plp who r really interested to know the facts plz go thru this article : https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/m.economictimes.com/small-biz/startups/newsbuzz/walmart-acquires-flipkart-for-16-bn-worlds-largest-ecommerce-deal/amp_articleshow/64095145.cms
Rishabh Rathore (3 months ago)
Actually Raghav Flipkart is not getting much profit & they are getting direct competition from Amazon so to counter it they thought it is good idea to get a big player in the market who can challenge Amazon in online marketplace. Yeah they should have gone through this phase but from outside everything looks easier.
perpetual timetravel (3 months ago)
Whats do you expect...Governments after 1990 are are mere agents of USA (Unlimitated Shame of America)
Nitin Bathla (3 months ago)
Because had they done the exact 5 points you mention sir in the end you would have been standing there and reading those exact same points and saying shame on you government of india for being in the pocket of corporates.
ravi pratap (3 months ago)
Lol Codger , I am seeing only you and the quint harping and dancing on this deal ! Idiots.
Biswajeet Padhi (3 months ago)
Yeah its 'still Dre' by dr Dre
Yogesh Modi (3 months ago)
"As Indian, we are happy about what we've achieved but don't realize what we could've, could've done" - Totally agree to this
MOVIE CLIP INDIA (3 months ago)
I m an indian and i agree with u. Our government is correpted
PlugIn Caroo (3 months ago)
The very term MakeInIndia is laying red carpet for MNC but nothing for local companies.
PlugIn Caroo (3 months ago)
Very true... 100%!
Srikar Suresh (3 months ago)
After watching much of quint's video. It's clear that they're Anti Modi..
Surbhit Jain (3 months ago)
Heck, it made me cry
WTFuzz (3 months ago)
Many laws in India are bullshit. There's no incredible India, it's just INDEBTED India.
rahull omni (3 months ago)
Why r so angry old indian jhangi
Mudit Sharma (3 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂If you so much cared about them... You should have helped them na... Where were you... You should have gone to talk to them and adviced them your hypocritical ideology...
Suraj Chauhan (3 months ago)
Don't you guys think that if gov make those necessary policies better, you guys will start calling it as deal happened beetwen the company and the gov and will start calling it as a fishy moves by the gov ?For eg: Demonization and PayTM scenario?
vaju hira (3 months ago)
Pls in hindi
Well said sir..👏👏
ayush saksena (3 months ago)
Good oratorship but poor understanding of the e-commerce space. One needs to understand the global players of the e-commerce space and how they were approaching the Indian market. Flipkart was smart to sell as the couldn't continue bleeding money with no sight of loss mitigation. Secondly, no mention was made to how the Indian government made it difficult for foreign companies like amazon to enter India. If these regulations were not there Flipkart would have been trampled a long time back.
Nayan D (3 months ago)
WTF?? How is this government policy so shitty dragging every entrepreneurship down to their knees? Disgusting...
Arpit Dhuriya (3 months ago)
See the issue , for a common chap this video is zero/ sannata. Common one don't understand the finance.
bhushan nagalkar (3 months ago)
If flipkart was already a singapore company in 2011 why the fuck any indian should care about this now? And isn't it UPA governments fault?
skg901 (3 months ago)
Enough shit...now shut up...your entire point is a misleading hyperbole. Here is the raw truth..no sugar coating..you are too old for that. India cares about the overall well being of all her citizens ...which includes the kirana shops and all small retail shops as well...more than 50% FDI in multibrand retail will bring in mammoth foreign investments initially..then they'll splurge huge discounts on everything till all the small businesses are weeded out...then they'll take control of the marker and will have monopoly. Ultimately when they will start making profits and then park the money in some tax haven outside India...and since they will be paying a hefty tax amount, they will try to lobby in the parliament and arm twist the government. But then you care only about your fat cheque for this mosleading propaganda for those who have deep pockets. You cannot be a voice for those who contribute to the economy but do not have a flashy youtube channel or who do not speak contemporary english....you are a vicious parasite pedding as an informed n noble samaritan...you are a text book example of the kind of liberal humanity doesnt need...we do not need tall minarets on a hollow and weak base...
Sagar S (3 months ago)
Indian government sucks. Sad to say this.
Lohit pant (3 months ago)
gopal n (3 months ago)
Our policies are socialist... Not capitalist.... Change should come from our Constitution itself!
lalit sapra (3 months ago)
Don't be a dumbass. Flipkart's value would have decreased eventually instead of growing into a half trillion dollar company because of their sub par services and below par quality of products. Anyone would prefer amazon instead of flipkart. So it was a good thing that the company was sold to a foreign entity instead of the Indians bearing the loss. And don't you think that whatever operation cost of the company will come into the country as foreign investment ? And also Mark and others mentioned by you did not have a heavy weight billion dollar company(Amazon) to compete with.
Milan Sinha (3 months ago)
Why so many anti government campaigns? Try your best.
Md Mojassam (3 months ago)
The country where bhakts r more than intelligent and educated people in the government will never going to change
Ashwini Adlakha (3 months ago)
Guys a very one sided article. You guys are entirely missing out on the big picture. At the end, the deal was a good one and will benefit the Indian startup ecosystem in the long run. No me-too startups in India. We need to solve our own problems. Genuine ones and not copy paste the global companies business model. As far as I understand the Bansal boys always wanted to sell and move on. They were reportedly pushing for sale to Amazon. Never wanted to create a 500 billion dollar company in the first place.
Dipanjan Maji (3 months ago)
If whatever this person says is true, then it's time Indian Government! to act.

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