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How Far Does a Food Stamp Really Go?

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This and more will be discussed in the full episode of The Point, coming out at the end of this week! Host: Ana Kasparian Panel: Desi Doyen (Co-host, Brad Blog's Green News Report) Willy Blackmore (Food editor, Takepart.com) James Poulos (Producer, Huffpost Live) Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Nadea Williams (19 hours ago)
Food stamps are an assistance to your food budget. They are not to buy all of your monthly food purchases.
Nadea Williams (20 hours ago)
I am a 51 year old part time employed woman. I receive food stamps, it is a great help! I regularly use my local food pantry and I have to be creative and think outside the box. It is difficult when you add in price and nutrition, and factor public transportation to make this happen. Again, I am grateful to have food stamps! My Lord is my provider!!
Veve Dehavilland (4 months ago)
Each person should get $500 a month in food stamps
lisa smith (4 months ago)
what about the poor in America who don't even get food stamps or welfare
muzikismy life (5 months ago)
The food shown is not what you can get on f.s. You could not get fruits or fresh vegetables. For that much money, 29. a week, you'd have to buy Raman noodles and lots of carbs. On that kind of food ,it would be easy to put on weight and have no nutritional value. The gov't is this year going to abolish food stamps, along with medical help and low cost housing. Children will go without enough food, and people that are now in low cost housing will be on the street and homeless. Most families are working but are paid wages that are so low they can't live on the rising cost of groceries. Gov't wants to eliminate Medicare. Most nursing homes rely on that to take care of the elderly. The govt. spreads propaganda that the social programs are used by scammers and drug addicts, not children and low income families. The fat cats in Washington with their wasteful spending should have to eat on 4.00 a day. I'll tell you what. If they go through this plan, which affects social security with the disabled vets and the poor elderly, there's going to be an uprising or a REVOLUTION coming. Americans are tired of hearing, get a job, when working-class people do have a job that isn't enough. My friend in construction every day at the small grocers, pulls up to the men outside , and asks....who wants to work today.? They jump in the truck and go, happy to be working. So I don't want t to hear that ppl don't want to work caz they're lazy or jus fine on 4.00 a day. It's all bullshit.
journeyer58 (5 months ago)
The only way that anyone can truly live 'a food stamp challenge,' is to live it for a whole month. The daily allowance is approximately $5.50 per day for 3 meals. This is not a real way to live because the fact is no one can live on 3 meals per day for $5.50. Produce is out of reach, and I know how to cook, and my budget is $5.93 per day per month. That is the amount of SNAP benefits they allow in my county for a single person for one month. I cannot purchase hot food with SNAP benefits in my county while in some of the more populated counties of Pennsylvania, the people receiving SNAP benefits get more and can spend there benefits on hot food in grocery stores or convenience stores if they wish.
jfsfrnd (6 months ago)
EBT is a Supplemental Food Program. The obesity problem isn't only poor people on SNAP. It is across the board, low, medium, and high income.
lisa smith (7 months ago)
and here some poor people in America cant get welfare or food stamps and are in pain and suffering because of it
Heart2HeartBooks (7 months ago)
Cory is getting welfare. it is called tax payer dollars for a job with the govt.
chaosmastermind (7 months ago)
That guy lives off of powerbars and liquor? God damn, he's gonna die from malnutrition or a huge softball sized lump of hardened impacted shit in his colon. Or a destroyed liver... take your pick.
lisa smith (9 months ago)
why cant some poor people in America cant get food stamps or welfare
air strike (1 year ago)
not that far
BluefoxxyNautral84 (1 year ago)
Lol everyone complaining about "meager" food stamps and I'm here with my 51 bucks a month and still making it stretch every single month
Robert Louque (3 years ago)
I should add that I would imagine 98% of us live within 15 minutes of a Walmart. Last time I checked they had produce, chicken, beef, etc.
Robert Louque (3 years ago)
This video is a pile of crap. I could eat pretty well on $120/month+ which is the average monthly benefit in my state. And by eat well I mean no processed food. In fact I intend to prove it the last 6 months of the year. I believe I will eat well and not be hungry. Also, I have never been to a place in this country that didn't have a grocery store.
Christine W (4 years ago)
I think lill brooks makes a very, very good point
lill brooks (4 years ago)
Instead of 1 week why not a month. More realistic than a week. My budget is 50 a week for 4. That does not change at the end of week 1.
Arrien (5 months ago)
How about living on $7.50 an hour for a month without getting food stamps...that would raise min. wage real fast
chaosmastermind (7 months ago)
I've been doing it for 5 years, so fuck all these idiots that are trying to prove they can do it over one week. It's extremely insulting and condescending to those of us that have no choice.
VeganMommyof2 (5 years ago)
I was told I couldn't get food stamps but just found the statement that I'm under the limit but they still won't let me get it I have to have my son first then I could get it. I just don't understand at all. I do have a low income as well
BluefoxxyNautral84 (1 year ago)
You were supposed to sign up for W.I.C not SNAP aka E.B.T. Whoever was your caseworker back then was an idiot.
Kobe Jordan (5 years ago)
If you wanna customize your food stamp card check out ebtskin.com they have over 60 covers to choose from!
DAVINA DAVIS (5 years ago)
Top Gallant (5 years ago)
a pricey irish whiskey.
Erica N (5 years ago)
What are Bushmills?
Pedro Paiva (11 months ago)
Erica N Bushmills is a average irish whisky.
Top Gallant (5 years ago)
if you had to live on food stamps you wouldn't drink bushmills. that would be your money for rent or water or getting your kid necessities.
chaosmastermind (7 months ago)
You can't buy liquor on food stamps anyway, it's literally illegal.
linzzyy (5 years ago)
Lots of government subsities to corn - not so much for fruits & veggies.
linzzyy (5 years ago)
The more I hear about this man, Cory Booker, the more respect I have for him. He is the kind of person you want in politics
Rob Ski (5 years ago)
After reading the comments I can't figure out why there is so much disparity between how much people get on food stamps. One says $200 a month, another $112 (for two people), etc.
KatiHathor (5 years ago)
i don't get it; i've lived in tons of urban areas and it was never more than a 20 minute bus ride to a real grocery store...there is a tiny food store within walking distance that specifically caters to people on foodstamps, doesn't sell any produce, and overcharges, but i have to be pretty lazy to go there.
KatiHathor (5 years ago)
geez idk why peeps are complaining so much about foodstamps, it seems like these peeps are out of touch or else i'm just in an area with cheap food? i get $200/mo as a single woman who lives alone, and while i have to pay attention to my budget i don't feel at all like it's "meager". i'm certainly not living off of ramen noodles and mac-n-cheese. might be a lot different if you're trying to support a family of four, but for my needs it's plenty adequate, and i eat quite well.
Zachery Stocker (5 years ago)
i get $112 a month for 2 people and it does not buy shit! i have to go to a food pantry on occasion all that food stamps buys is fatty food processed to hell and barely any of that the only way i survive is i grew up super poor and ive leaned tricks for shopping like how to make raman 100 different ways and other ghetto recipes
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
You are simply WRONG.
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
Also - I fed my family a "whole foods" diet from the time my children were babies - I know something about nutrition and a well-balanced diet. I made my own whole grain breads and served more legumes than red meats because I was trying TO STRETCH A DOLLAR while maintaining good eating habits. You quite simply do not understand the problems with a limited budget in urban settings where whole foods are not available. GET IT???
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
YOU are an idiot! I'm not talking about quantity - I'm talking about servings! I'm talking about how to feed a family on a limited budget - and you just don't seem to grasp the concept. I'm done with you. You are thick-headed, and have probably never had to do without in your life let alone that you have never had to plan meals.
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
Geez. I give up. You really didn't bother to listen to the video, did you?
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
Brick wall is what I am dealing with here. The purchasing power issue is that there is not enough - which is why there is a need to use foods that extend the meal. I give up. You obviously haven't listened to the video and you have had zero experience in feeding a family. Get educated.
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
Like I said, you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to feeding a family. Say what you will about nutrition science - you can't change the facts around what purchasing power there is for people on food stamps. Did you actually LISTEN to the video? When was the last time YOU lived on $4 a day?
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
And you have probably never had to do without or been forced to stretch a dollar to feed your family. You just plain do not know what you are talking about.
Gaslighted (5 years ago)
it's more desperation than resourcefulness. =P besides, you can stock up on some serious produce if you know what days grocery stores get their shipments in to clean out and restock their shelves.
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
Continued- I meant to say that the more expensive meal in smaller quantities (per your suggestion) may be lacking enough food for 4 if they only have so much - XX - in food stamps. Do you understand?
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
You are still missing the point - if you receive XX amount of foodstamps to feed your family and a meal for 4 can only be made using pasta or potatoes at a cost of XX while a meal of lean meat and vegetables for a family of 4 may cost XXX. Get it? Or should they eat the more expensive meal because it's healthier but still suffer from hunger?
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
This discussion is about food stamps and what can be bought with them. Do you know what a "food desert" is? Name-calling is a problem with you as I recall.
Oscar Strookman (5 years ago)
$4 is roughly £2.50, which is hardly even enough for one meal here!
waltermh111 (5 years ago)
more responsibillity to think about, and instead we need to find other ways to help 19 and unders and encourage stronger family structures, which in part can be done by helping families be economically stable. For some reason some thought that the youth were the largest takers of min wage, but they were only even the second largest "stat group" and only 1/4th of min wage earners.
waltermh111 (5 years ago)
Right, I was trying to explain something to libertarians/conservatives who complain about the minimum wage. The ultimate question is, do they think its better for people to depend on the gov for basic needs, or on the business paying them a living wage. The only argument I have seen against living wage is it supposedly makes less young people(stats say up to age 19 in this group) hire-able, but the fact is, that group will always have high unemployment, and we have larger groups that have...
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
You Really have no idea what you are talking about.
TheShorterboy (5 years ago)
It's a subsidy for business is what you are really saying and yes it is, it also keeps workers poor and in distress making them less inclined to fight for higher wages.
Nomiss9 (5 years ago)
Yeah, you clearly don't read what you type before you post. I want to know why I'm "stupid" though, because I think you're a total sociopathic fucktard.
Candyliz2003 (5 years ago)
The point is that the high-carb foods are what ppl on food stamps or a fixed income can afford - they may prefer lean meat and veggies but can only afford ramen and Spam.
Gaslighted (5 years ago)
that's horrific. i'm on disability and for several years they only gave me $16 a month. luckily, i have no problems dumpster diving, because living on either is a constant struggle.
rayamat01 (5 years ago)
Because you don't know what a typo is. Look on your keyboard "r" and "t" are next to each other. See you learned something, now you're less stupid
Gaelen Jordan (5 years ago)
As a diabetic on with low income, i can't agree enough.
Nomiss9 (5 years ago)
Why am I "srupid"?
Miranda Casiano (5 years ago)
Having been on food stamps, I KNOW that the SNAP program is UNBELIEVABLY FLAWED!! Luckily, I had only myself to feed, but it was still a struggle to find quality food for a reasonable price. I'm no slouch. I have my B.A. and I needed SNAP to barely survive. I got $200/month and that really didn't help that much. Some days where all I had to "eat" was an $0.88 bottle of soda because that was all I could afford. The bad foods were always the cheapest and it was always in short supply.
chaosmastermind (7 months ago)
Yeah, it's almost entirely carbs and refined sugars as far as the eye can see at the grocery store. As a diabetic, it's even harder for me to find anything I can even eat.
rayamat01 (5 years ago)
you are so fucking srupid
D.L.G (5 years ago)
more like a butt plug.
laug66 (5 years ago)
guy on the left sits like a gay man with a carrot up his ass an lovin' it!
chaosmastermind (7 months ago)
That's cause he has a giant softball sized ball of impacted shit in his colon from eating nothing but powerbars and whiskey.
uforeader (5 years ago)
That was a lot of talking for never answering the question in the title of the video.
Clark MacPherson (5 years ago)
You guys should had put "preview" on the title.
Victoria P (5 years ago)
All countries around the world eat rice, bread, pasta as the main dish..they aren't fat. It's what kinds of things you eat with it that make you fat or lack of exercise.
Neil V. (5 years ago)
you should probably actually look at the requirements for SNAP in different states before you start talking about it "it should this" and "it should that". You really think its that simple? What if someone has a full time min. wage job, but 4 children, no food stamps? a living wage is relative, some people have special costs (i.e. medical), and yes, people buy food from companies- there's no reasonable way around that. Just a few basic thoughts.
Jesus Christ (5 years ago)
are those guys wearing women clothing?
neverfearchrisishere (5 years ago)
Chris Christie's busy rehearsing for the part of Jabba in the new star wars film.
neverfearchrisishere (5 years ago)
WHEN did bread rice potatoes become fattening? Like all those obese people in India? Fried things with chips + a side order of cola+ice cream is what makes people obese - not bread rice + potatoes.
edward hickey (5 years ago)
Cory Booker is a good man, I wish more politicians were like him
Nomiss9 (5 years ago)
They should pay for the food you need, though I'm sure people having a right to live is a completely foreign concept to you.
MRAROCKERDUDE (5 years ago)
The politicians are doing it fo the votes. If they really wanted to do the foodstamp challenge out of general interest/concern they wouldv'e done it anonymously
MedicineMan Dan (5 years ago)
people should be growing food for themselves.
MrFaitmaker (5 years ago)
It's been 20 years but I never ate better than when I was on "welfare".
moviedude22 (5 years ago)
I never thought I would admit it but liberals are just as misguided and uninformed as their opposition. Compton? How about areas of less affluence where people of color actually do not make up the majority being brought into the discussion. We've all heard the statistic that whites actually make up more of the populus and have the per capita foot stamp consumption rates to prove it. Leads to believe whether they believe the numbers themselves
moviedude22 (5 years ago)
Why isn't Chris Christie's leading the charge?
ShaktipatSeer2 (5 years ago)
Sad and true... We need to go back to local agriculture in order to have rounded diets on the low wages we earn.. Luckily I live in California and we have that.. :P
TJ Braden (5 years ago)
Great BP commercial...
ShaktipatSeer2 (5 years ago)
TYT will never have to worry about food stamps : )
Aizacc84 (5 years ago)
Why is produce more expensive than meat and sugar? Here's a video: /watch?v=9bjXRYff4hI
The Real Drunkard Hu (5 years ago)
oh desi... sweet desi. everything you say just makes sense on a level that only you could articulate. possibly ana might be able to... all i mean is that i'm listening...
Madam Vonkook (5 years ago)
cheap food is fattening ...when you are eating on a budget carbs are often on the menu.potatoes ,bread pasta,rice ..produce is expensive
lisa smith (4 months ago)
not every poor person has a kitchen you dumb fuck some of that food you got there doesn't even work for a poor person with no kitchen madam vancock
lisa smith (4 months ago)
beans and rice are not even cheap plus they don't even fill you up
lisa smith (4 months ago)
when your poor you eat what you can afford you dumb fuck
dangerouslytalented (5 years ago)
Some people require more assistance than others, particularly if they are being paid well under a living wage.
dangerouslytalented (5 years ago)
They should alter the prices under foodstamps, so that healthier foods are cheaper.
dangerouslytalented (5 years ago)
Food stamps are there to bolster agribusiness, not the poor.
ANIOLATORV (5 years ago)
Good idea food stamps, shame the system is run by Americans who can't count. No system is perfect after all but it look like this is simply a matter of putting some oil on the squeaky gears so to speak.
ANIOLATORV (5 years ago)
Jobs don't pay enough in the US because of shitty minimum wage laws. If they boosted them it then i'd agree with you.
Cory Adams (5 years ago)
I have been on food stamps, Myself and 1 child, and got insane amounts in food stamps, So much I can't spend it all, So I experienced a complete opposite, recalculate the system, I did not want, need, or deserve. It does have a huge multiply effect. So I'd rather see more people on it and less for someone like myself. $4 a day? mine comes out to $11.6 a day @ 30days or $348 a month, but I often had a balance over $500 because I never spent it all so it adds up
Lobos222 (5 years ago)
Which is totally silly. You should not qualify for food stamps if you have a full time job. Food stamps should just kick in if you do not have a job etc so its a social safety emergency net program. Companies should be forced to pay a living wage. Currently the food stamp program is in many ways just a way for companies to enable social dumping and transfer part of their running costs (% of salaries) over to the tax payer. This is not how social programs should work in my opinion!
a9azn2 (5 years ago)
$4 a day so 28 a week? 2$ for milk, 2 for eggs, 2 for frozen veggies, 2 for pasta (or like 6 for a bag of rice that lasts more than a week), 3 for sauce, 6 for meat, 2 for bananas, 3 for cheese, and $6 more dollars for additional in any of those categories/whatever else you want/need
TP (5 years ago)
We are a family of four and the food stamp benefits usually stay for the next month even though we eat more than we did when I had a job and had money so it is enough and more
rayamat01 (5 years ago)
Paul Moran (5 years ago)
Looking at the comments a lot of americans seem to begrudge the food stamp programme... Food being one of the absolute basics to survive you would think people might be a bit more sympathetic. In any of the EU countries that have a similar income to the US it is considered below the dignity of a nation to give something like stamps instead of money.
lisa smith (4 months ago)
you got so many americans who have never had to be poor but they like to tell the poor how to live
lisa smith (4 months ago)
americans just ignore the poor who cant get welfare or food stamps
lisa smith (4 months ago)
what about the poor people in America who cant get welfare or food stamps americans don't even care about those people at all
lisa smith (7 months ago)
americans are not kind to there poor people they love to cut down and make fun of there poor people all while pretending like they care and help there poor people
lisa smith (7 months ago)
americans don't know how to be sympathetic a lot probably don't even know what that means
Nestor Gonzalez (5 years ago)
I knew a guy who bought drugs with food stamps. It was sad. I still support food stamp program because there are real families who need it. Funny thing about drug dealers who take food stamps, they actually buy food with it. Goes to show the drug game is a big pyramid scheme at it's worst.
rayamat01 (5 years ago)
I remember when I was at the corner store the other day, some guy tried to buy cigarettes with food stamps and the owner of the store yelled at him and told him to leave. It was pretty funny
KT Chong (5 years ago)
The "S" in "SNAP" means Supplementary. Food stamps are not supposed to cover a household's entire grocery bills. They are to "supplement" what a household is supposed to spend on their own in addition to using the food stamps.
rayamat01 (5 years ago)
yeah, apparently TYT doesn't understand that either
Alpharius (5 years ago)
I lived on foodstamps. The program was for 2 people, but we comfortably fed 3.
rayamat01 (5 years ago)
Aren't food stamps supposed to help you pay for food not solely pay for food
WingedGreenBean (5 years ago)
first...im so sorry

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