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36 Tiny Tattoos to Inspire Your First Ink

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Getting a tattoo, for most, is a pretty serious decision. Like getting dressed in the morning, tattoos are a way of expressing yourself . . . just a little more permanent. So for a little eye candy, we've rounded up our favorite real-girl tattoos to inspire your next ink. From meaningful phrases and lyrics to bohemian arrows and galactic stars, here are our favorite small tattoos that are perfect for first-timers. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is your guide to living your '20s in style! We cover everything from DIY fashion and beauty, pop culture and comedy, recipes and food trends, celebrity news, and more. We also LOVE YouTubers and are lucky enough to have featured some of our favorites on PSGG, including Tyler Oakley, Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi), and many others. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide We just got started on Vine! Watch us there, too!
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Text Comments (658)
Pepper K (14 days ago)
im getting laundry tattoo to remind me wash my cloths till i die
saint- one1 (17 days ago)
Is this Emma Chamberlain voice!???
Astha Mhatre (29 days ago)
I love this tattoo ❤❤
Rose M (1 month ago)
Numbers and music 🎶🎵😍😍
Nerdy Narwhal (1 month ago)
When I'm older, I'm gunna get a little daisy tattooed on the back of my neck, because my mum's favourite flower is a daisy, and they represent her so well. Also a little hummingbird next to it, because my dad loves birds and I always call him a Bird-Nerd xD <3 Cuz it will just remind me of them , you know? One day they won't be there and I really hate thinking about having a desire to tell them how much I love them when they're gone, so it'd be a nice blessing and reminder that they will always keep me safe :)
Blue _heart_19 (2 months ago)
Itsme GachaGirls (2 months ago)
I would want the paw prints
Tabitha Crouse (2 months ago)
Slow down, goodness
carrotcake (2 months ago)
This is the most 2014 thing I’ve ever seen. Even though it was uploaded in 2015
Gymnastlover 08 (2 months ago)
I want a moon tattoo on my ankle!
unknown wanderer (3 months ago)
13 already have 2 tattoos lmfao
Kitzicat (3 months ago)
1:11 Tris?
Kitchen Kitty (4 months ago)
I want a moon tattoo now but im to young
Sam Schoo (4 months ago)
Yaay a hanger..
//Angelica Catherine// (4 months ago)
These all look like impulse tattoos!!
Peachtastic (4 months ago)
I’m 12 and watching this...
Haya malik (4 months ago)
By pen..
jimin 1013 (4 months ago)
The song lyric forever young , reminded me of BTS😊
Nibor (5 months ago)
pretty sure these come with a free pumpkin spice latte and a lifestyle magazine
Kiki Arkenbosch (5 months ago)
I need more wrists...
Lime Studio (5 months ago)
Stay positive!
ayesha mohammad (5 months ago)
Thank u pop sugar
Iszel king V (5 months ago)
Mine is cross represents for jesus
Random Aila (6 months ago)
My first tat is gonna be a red heart (♥️) to represent my grandpa who died from a heart attack before I was born and my uncle from skin cancer before I was born
Opal Wolf (7 months ago)
I decided a while ago that my first tattoo (if I ever get one) would be a small elemental water triangle on my wrist (if anyone is thinking about writing a hate comment under this, don’t. Move along bc I ain’t having it)
Kiras.Content (7 months ago)
ima put p!atd on my 4head cuz why not
Georgia Low (7 months ago)
My first tattoo is gonna be a quill (I'm a writer) either behind my ear or on the side of my finger.
Anna Krekr (8 months ago)
I just want little tiny tattoo under my ear... Is that bad?
Kokomiu (8 months ago)
Im 13 and like today its the last day imma put cream on my tattoo. I go my lil sis and lil bro name on my right foot. My sis name is Nicole and i gote it pink with a heart instead of the ° in i and my bro's name green also with the i heart thing
Tattoo Ideas Net (8 months ago)
High-qualityoutstandingexceptionaltop one video as usually. Thank you
Jesse Angel (9 months ago)
This sound like Halsey or thegabbieshow
It’s Chloe (9 months ago)
God is greater than the highs and lows in Roman. Numerals
she _ (10 months ago)
Aawh, I’m not getting inked!!
{insert unique name} (10 months ago)
I would get the initial for my name in Morse code on my finger under my nail (if it fits) or if it's longer on my wrist.
- Fran - (11 months ago)
At first I thought the narrator was thegabbieshow
Isabella Pintos (1 year ago)
The gabby show
Idiotic BestFriends (1 year ago)
She sounds like gabbie from the gabbieshow
Flyawaynjh (1 year ago)
if i'm older and my dog dies, i want to have a tattoo of his paw on my wrist ❤️
Danielaa Olivera (1 year ago)
no I didn't
Wītčhëy64 : o (1 year ago)
Dorito guy
Jailah Fuentes (1 year ago)
And I have an anchor on my ankle
Jailah Fuentes (1 year ago)
I have a cancer ribbon and I have my grandmas date under it
Simona Jandova (1 year ago)
I would like to have a tattoo, this is maybe good for a little inspiration, but if I'll have a tattoo I definetly don't want the same thing for rest of my life on my body, which has got every second girl. Tattoo should be art, personal and original not some fashion acessories
hopee (1 year ago)
I still don't know what I want 😂💀
Elisha Roze (1 year ago)
I'm going to get the " ; " tattoo on my wrist
Chae Heun (1 year ago)
Galactic is way cool tho
LiqhtAura (1 year ago)
Lol I'm doing a temporary tattoo
Rainbow Dram (1 year ago)
thinking about getting a hanger on my foot as a reminder to 'hang in there'
teresa (1 year ago)
Tattoos should have a meaning to it. If you don't know what to get don't get it because you will probably end up hating it in 5 years.
Alexr (1 year ago)
I think that I might get a quote tattoo
Phoenix Andersen (1 year ago)
if your going to get a tattoo it should at least be something meaning full
Latent Gamer (1 year ago)
IDK if a wire coat hanger is really a good idea for a visable tattoo.... ijs....
Angelica SC (1 year ago)
Small tattoos aren't real tattoos
hydrocodone TM (1 year ago)
this is fucking stupid
Penguin Pilot (1 year ago)
OMG I'm getting a moon and a few dots near my eye, and the power off/on button on my neck 😂😂😂
teresa (1 year ago)
A hanger wtf is this shit
Misha K (1 year ago)
The lady sounded like TheGabbieShow
Katie Mae (1 year ago)
I'm thinking of getting a small red heart on the inside of my left arm so that it's not so noticeable but it's still there and I can show it off to people whenever I where something short sleeved
Yuri Mahayani (1 year ago)
My first tatto is kitchen set ❣️
Oranges' n' Grievers (1 year ago)
Why does this sound so much like an advert.
Galacticat (1 year ago)
This comment section is so split. Lmao. I'm just here to get inspired. I want something that reminds me of my sister. I also don't want to look like I lost my mind at the tattoo parlor. I want something to calm me down when I'm having an anxiety attack and something to lift me up when I am depressed. Can I not be called a basic bitch for looking at small tattoos? I have thought it through, I'm not hating on others, and I am not a basic bitch. I wouldn't know if I was, but I do art...Yeah. I'm a weird ass bitch compared to the public. And yes, I draw naked women. Get over it. So, there. *Bows* Back to trying to sleep
Andrea (1 year ago)
when friends ask me "are u ever going a tattoo" i say yes because those tiny cute ones
TheRealKellinQuann 69 (1 year ago)
PUSHEEN THE CAT wow lol i freak people out by telling them i want a sleeve and they just wall away thinking im insane
FemaleAnimeTrash (1 year ago)
When my parents let me I wanna get a tattoo of a tiny mistletoe on my hand so I can put my hand over my future boyfriends head so we can kiss under the "mistletoe"
Joline S (1 year ago)
My mothers cousin asked my great grandma what tattoo to get, and she answered nothing. So now she has a huge tattoo were it says nothing, in the old typewriter style 😂😂
midnight15086 (1 year ago)
That "forever young" one... that's going to be hilarious someday ;-)
Larry is my bae (1 year ago)
walae ebyout ube (1 year ago)
its haram
Honestly I want to draw a tattoo on myself with sharpie and that's why I'm here😂
Rocky Pooky (1 year ago)
I'm getting the small the moon on my arm when I'm little
blah_blah (1 year ago)
OK OK my friend send me this because she's getting a tattoo but I am the only one who noticed forever young as in bts forever young??!??!?!?!
Banana Gamer (1 year ago)
im just a kid and i got really inspired by this video☺
penny mandy (1 year ago)
i had an idea but then lost it because the woman kept talking all the time
Sara bernasconi (1 year ago)
Misha K (1 year ago)
Is this gabbies voice from the Gabbie show
Emily (1 year ago)
i love how fast this is i wish some videos would be like this instead of sprinkling unnecessary bullshit here and there
Alexa Olivares (1 year ago)
This sounds like the gabi show
Ishan Ali (1 year ago)
love the triangle..very deinty
Nora (1 year ago)
all the tattoos were ridiculous and boring
Maddy 123 (1 year ago)
Wow I'm 11 and I want a feather tattoo NOW
visic (1 year ago)
Can't wait to get my first one!!
BlueSparkLPS (1 year ago)
anyone else think she sounds like the Gabby show?
Tia Lam (1 year ago)
The Gabble Show?
KGM Sisters (1 year ago)
WE LOVE THIS!!!!! LIKED THE VID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anahi Morales (1 year ago)
who else prefers pens
Mikasa Ackerman (1 year ago)
İ just got a moon tatto in my feet
Vanessa DC (1 year ago)
Damn, she talks faster than the flash holy shit
Charlotte Wakefield (1 year ago)
When I'm older I want to get a matching dream catcher with my best friend, who wants to leave and live in France for the rest of her life. Just something for each of us to remember. Like a quote I think I came up with? "Just remember, I may not be with you physically but I will be with you mentally."
Juste Aleksaite (1 year ago)
I would recommend getting a henna tatoo of the tatoo you want to get first, because if you don't like the size or the overal look, the tatoo washes off.
EmoSMOSHBride (1 year ago)
basic hoe!
Candy Floss (1 year ago)
Thanks so much! I'm going to go get some random lines tattooed on my body! Yay!
i really like bts. (1 year ago)
When I get older I'm going to get a moon and a TØP clique symbol because TØP saved my life litterly
Manya Barot (1 year ago)
I'm getting a small camera or more likely a design that I made up on the back of my neck
Kpop Amy (1 year ago)
Why does this girl sound lie gabbie from the gabbie show
M.nalatgn Fnaf (1 year ago)
i would pick a zodiac sign like Sagittarius because I am Sagittarius
kxlo (1 year ago)
i think a tattoo should be something personal or something what has some meaning to you. definitely not something from some tattoo ideas video.
jungoo (1 year ago)
don't tattoo your hands jesus christ
Lea : (1 year ago)
I have a cat behind my ear and paw prints on my wrist I luv animals 🙂
II TRASHCAN II (1 year ago)
A hanger??
Arianna A (1 year ago)
I will get: A moon/star outline- to represent my middle name, Stella (on my wrist) A bohemian arrow- to remind me to be free and be myself ( on my other wrist) Dandelion fluff- because I love nature and animals (on my ankle)
Lauren Jauregui (1 year ago)
some people here thinks this is stupid, well for me this basic tattoos have more deep meanings. it's because people always look up to its design and how cool it looks, and doesn't even know or give a shit to its meaning

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