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Here's Why India's Mars Mission Is Cheaper Than NASA's

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India sent an orbiter to Mars, and much has been made of the shoestring budget it did it on. Why exactly is its mission so much cheaper than NASA's? Follow Sebastian Martinez: http://www.twitter.com/sebastiansings See more at http://www.newsy.com Sources: NASA http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/602861main_pia14293-amended-full_full.jpg Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-24/india-beats-china-to-mars-orbit-at-11-cost-of-u-s-probe.html BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-28268186 The Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/india-is-the-first-asian-nation-to-touch-mars-orbit-joins-elite-global-space-club/2014/09/23/b6bc6992-a432-4f1e-87ad-5d6fc4da3460_story.html NPR http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/11/04/243082266/why-indias-mars-mission-is-so-much-cheaper-than-nasas NASA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZwChY9wrZs Deutsche Welle http://www.dw.de/indias-mars-mission-a-major-achievement/a-17949447 Twitter https://twitter.com/NASA/status/514606971450712064 Image via: NASA http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/602861main_pia14293-amended-full_full.jpg
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Stark (2 месяца назад)
Dumbest analogy. The vehicle carrying this mission is able to carry a lot more weight than NASA'S MAVEN could. So weight was no issue. You can tell viewers that how much ISRO saved on fuel by achieving the gravitational pull manuever. I agree that scientists in ISRO are paid less than that of NASA's, but 75 Million dollars vs. 671 Million dollars is of no comparison. In a nutshell NASA cannot even try to send Mars mission at the same cost, even if the weight of supplies is zero & the scientists are paid less than that of ISRO scientists.
PIH (5 месяцев назад)
Its cheaper because it doesn't pack as advanced instruments as NASA's ?
shivam pandey (6 месяцев назад)
Time period for the satelite was 2-3 years but guess what its working and keep sending pictures ....it's like sending two satellites with total time of 2-2 years ....and our satelite save money
DR.NEGA (6 месяцев назад)
nasa paid people well that do the work....anyone wants 100k and do it...but 20k...?? imagine how many will quit and how sloppy the work translate too ??? also NASA makes more than one satellite in case it get lost in space or blow up...so they don't make just one...but spare for anything go wrong with the first one...so india...they only have one rocket and one satellite.....for building the satellite takes years to accomplish ...money spent and time lost and why take more pictures...NASA has plenty to share
Stark (2 месяца назад)
Ignorance is a bliss for you my friend! Keep it up!
Sreeraj Newgen (7 месяцев назад)
1$ you can buy one sneaker in US. 1$ you can buy complete meal plus one sneaker in India.
velcroman11 (7 месяцев назад)
India space projects are cheaper than NASA’s because the Indians don’t use any gold toilets.
sunny leonard (1 год назад)
scientists. are. actually. germans
Mysteryskatin (1 год назад)
Uhh, if I'm getting on a goddamn space shuttle and traversing thousands and thousands of miles of empty space, to land on another celestial body which is innately hazardous to life as we know it... I don't want to go with the cheaper option. I'll stick with the Americans - their shit isn't held together with bubblegum and wishes.
Malgalatmananda Sri Nithya (1 год назад)
ISRO has become THIRD eye of INDIA !! now fully activated .
Shudhansh U (1 год назад)
hey U Compared the Salary Of The Engineers In USA & INDIA but Have U Compared The Saving Between. So Please Do Some Research And Then Spit it Out . If U Want to Compare then Do It On The Equipment Basis Not The Salary and Any India Is the Only Country To Provide Engineers and Doctors To Worlds Leading Nations. So Before Spitting Some Thing Incorrect Do Some Research
pritam chougale (1 год назад)
look at the face of our PM, how proud he is about ISRO. Love India.
your daddy (2 года назад)
destroy usa
Tom Qin (2 года назад)
India used NASA's navigation technology. As usual, India cannot go alone.
SPACE outer space (1 год назад)
Tom Qin open your eyes Your name is also english you china fuck U cannot Not even keep chinese name and bark like china dog NASA has 40% Indian scientists Small eyes are not good Found me racist? No i am not racist Just curious that why you are so dumb
your daddy (2 года назад)
Tom Qin NASA has Indian engineers. also Harvard and all top universities fuck face
Ahsan Zia (2 года назад)
Abhishek Pawar (2 года назад)
Ahsan Zia the cheaper the better
Aryan Saxena ! (2 года назад)
Ahsan Zia so what
Bal World (2 года назад)
Also to be noted that, the cost of Living in India is way cheaper than that of US. Convert $20,000 in to Indian Rupees that will would be more than ₹1,30,0000. That is Plentiful for one to live in India. :)
Masterchief (2 года назад)
so usa has 100% functioning toilets and india has 36%... really proud to b-- no i am not.
Stark (2 месяца назад)
+karan tushar we will shit on Mars same way dude! Stupid Americans
Joy Chakravarty (1 год назад)
USA has 81 % population that is inbred India has 0%
karan tushar (2 года назад)
European vanished 100% Native Americans India 0% how about that? shitting in open fields is fun! No shame.. killing human race no excuse..
Aryan Saxena ! (2 года назад)
Masterchief so Indians have brain and Usa dont have
Meghnath S (2 года назад)
India's mars mission is specially dedicated to those looser indians who left india for working in NASA.
Winston Seecharan (2 года назад)
well America I think you should root out NASA from America and put it India your money would not stretch 10 times more because you would have to pay some American scientists but it will surely stretch 6 times more at least
LANCE VANCE (3 года назад)
those prople who type negative about india is simply jealous . These motherfucker r jealous allah sucking my dick
Sunny Dias (2 года назад)
I am proud indian but please dont blame pak always for negative comments
Sushant Tongaonkar (3 года назад)
Burn noticed!
lob nam (3 года назад)
If INDIA Spends 600million US dollar then, they can build an INDIAN Town in Marse dude....
sleepyboy (11 месяцев назад)
its mars , u dumbfuck
Gourav Vlogs (3 года назад)
NASA has 36% scientists who are indians and ISRO has 100% indians scintists really proud to be an indian
varunthedoc (27 дней назад)
Why dont people recognise the fact that a lot of basic concepts were understood and executed flawlessly. Of course budget allocation is a issue. Please recognise the efforts of fellow humans in achieving things. USA would never share critical technologies with the rest of the world.
Primordial Pete (1 год назад)
Please do post this NASA release????????????
Prabhu Raj (2 года назад)
it is NASA release
Rajashekar Reddy (3 года назад)
+Ttongsul Kim Hello mr Kim, why are you expressing anger on Indians and Hindus? Could you pls give me some reasons? Where r u from?
akhilesh thirukh (3 года назад)
so nasa has 36% scientists who are indians and isro is 100% indians scintists really proud to be an indian
Haleem AH (8 месяцев назад)
why are you proud? you didn't do anything.
Random Videos (3 года назад)
There is one more reason which you forget is India used gravity of 2 plants and sun instead of fuel to get to mars atmosphere which is one of the biggest factor of this mission to cost least.
mydaddyOmar (3 года назад)
Shit everybody fighting and talking shit... the USA ain't prize right n ow guys! That god damb bastard money loving loser Obama.! None of us have any right to talk shit to ether country. ! GRow up men... that's why we will all be fucked soon. Cusyou ppl can't get along and be happy about anything eever ! .. there's starving ppl in us too assholes . Stop hating .. congrats to any body that makes it to space! And yea america s brightest. Scientist are not from america. Lol USA g et over your selves. Cus all we do is american consumer! Period. ...
Reet (3 года назад)
+carwash LADY Hats Off!!!
jtshawtek (3 года назад)
India did this like they do everything....SLAVE LABOR.
Ashutosh Chakraborty (2 года назад)
+jtshawtek get fact right only slave labour find in china.
Mihalis Veletas (3 года назад)
yes very interesting
Shaista Kauser (4 года назад)
Jealousy is the Word, Way to Go India, nobody can stop you :)
Keira Churchill (4 года назад)
It's good to see all that aid money being put to good use instead of being wasted on luxuries like food for the starving population. I suppose if all you need to do is land, take a selfie and send it back then the spacecraft can be assembled on the cheap by a room full of underfed kids in a sweat shop.  If you need the probe to get some real work done once it gets there then it's going to have to carry a lot more equipment.
Ritika Dubey (6 месяцев назад)
Keira Churchill It will be better if we talk about that inglorious empire of killers and murderer. Winston Churchill starved millions to death ( Bengal famine ) and a British general killied thousands in a protest rally ( Jallianwalabag massacare ). After looting our resources you are talking about starving population ? India is growing @7.8 % ; millions have been pulled out of poverty and we are still working to work for poors. There is no hunger crisis today, we have best PDS ( Publicg distribution system in India ), in Tamil Nadu you can get a full day meal for $0.4
Joy Chakravarty (1 год назад)
Aid money?? Filthy inbred money did but Christian converts
Keira Churchill (3 года назад)
+Ashutosh Chakraborty I haven't seen the evidence so I'm not blaming anything or anyone.  I didn't even raise the issue.  I was just responding to your comment that ended with "your country its still selling it in here."  Maybe I misunderstood, but I took that to mean that you thought that my country was exporting and/or selling the product when in fact it was an Indian subsidiary of a Swiss company selling a product made in India to consumers in the Indian domestic market. The product could have been contaminated in the factory or in the consumers' home.  I don't know and neither do you.  One thing I do know is that the product was recalled and tests on the recalled products came back negative for lead (although that doesn't guarantee that the content of that particular packet was clean).  Given that, I offered the possibility that lead could have been leached from old ceramic cookware in the consumers' home (which is common when used in a microwave oven) but, as I said, we will just have to wait see how the case turns out. This is way off topic, by he way, and I'm not entirely sure why you brought it up a couple of messages ago.
Ashutosh Chakraborty (3 года назад)
well first of all i am not blaming any country or its citizen second the excessive led found by several govt and non govt lab testing you cant blame the method of cooking in that senario
Keira Churchill (3 года назад)
+Ashutosh Chakraborty I thought it was five rather than ten, but it's still impressive, yes, and I stand corrected if it's ten.  If your claim that ISRO are returning 4x of their investment back to the government checks out (never mind 400%.  75% will do), then I'm all for it and wish them well for the future. I was just under the impression that they were receiving 1% of GBP and were spending that cash when that money would be better spent on more urgent issues for now.  If they are paying their way then I have no issue with them.  Of course I would be all for government research grants into the sciences (even without a cash return on investment) if the other issues I was complaining had been tackled. My whole point was about government spending priorities, so if you'd have said about that 4x ROI at the start then we could have avoided all of this back and forth.  I will of course fact check that 4x claim, but not right now so you can rest easy. :) That 5/10 satellite in one launch record will be broken soon, by the way, but it's kind of cheating as the satellites used to break it each fit into the palm of the hand.  They will be delivered up to the ISS during a supply run and effectively just thrown out of the window at timed intervals to find their own orbit.  The Indian launch will stand as much more of an impressive feat of engineering and no doubt they will be called upon to do it again several times. You wrote: _"every country have their own safty standard like nestley product maggy band in india due to excessive led in it but in your country its still selling it in here"_ Nestlé is a Swiss company, and the complaint was made against Nestlé's Indian subsidiary (Nestlé India).  Basically that noodle product was manufactured by a Swiss company in India for consumption in India.  I'm neither Swiss nor Indian, so my country isn't sending that product anywhere. Safety should be the top priority for any food or drug manufacturer.  I understand that Nestlé are contesting the case so we will see how that turns out.  It could turn out to be something simple like people cooking the product at home using a ceramic dish in a microwave oven, rather than anything to do with the product itself (not a recommended thing to do for this very reason, but it happens quite often).  We will see how the case ends.  Obviously food should never contain lead.
Adflkaj Sdflkaj (4 года назад)
India is a fucked up place to live
karthik Soundar (4 года назад)
One other reason it is cheaper is because it used gravity as propulsion to sling shot instead of directly burning fuel...
lifejacekt laja (4 года назад)
Why is India not using this money to feed their own starved people. Stop gang-raping women on streets and stop brain drain. Just to show that they are a developed county by sending a cheapshit to Mars, is like burrying your head in sand
Ashutosh Chakraborty (2 года назад)
+lifejacekt laja think before you write to stop brain drain you have to do this kind of project first so scientist grow their tech knowledge , now rape usa is upper ranking in rape than india and porn produce get your fact right. third without technological growth it is impossible to became prosper so those who giving the starvation argument actually jealous because money cant grow brain and one day another india became prosper.
Manoj Kumar (3 года назад)
Why would you worry about us like you concentrate on starving and raping not other things don't be jealous.
Arjun Aggarwal (2 года назад)
shazlfc ronaldo (3 года назад)
Lmao and they had help from nasa so shut the fuck up dirty Indians
Hemanth Srinivasan (4 года назад)
I believe the income comparison is not fair because $20000 is lot of money in inr. It's about 1200000 inr and if you have that much money in india, you are super rich.
Anchal Shrotriya (4 года назад)
Really??? Its just 12 lakhs. And for ur kind info Mars is very far away and it is justified if it takes 12 lakhs ONLY and THIS IS cheap indeed.
Fitness Treat (4 года назад)
How about outsourcing NASA to INDIA ? :D
Ah chong (2 года назад)
Chinese lack of thissue, somebody help chinese buy thissue
Fitness Treat (3 года назад)
+rahul funde Successfully done ;)
rahul funde (3 года назад)
+MrTobucycle we are launching 4 us setellites on 28th sept
Mindaugas Dargis (3 года назад)
+issem lenoil You have any data to back this up? Or it's just one of those, "people say"?
akhilesh thirukh (3 года назад)
+MrTobucycle why outsourced 4 out of 10 nasa scintists are indians
ap72sentinal (4 года назад)
so they got on mars courtesy of the british tax payer...aid
Kalloljit Barman (7 месяцев назад)
So says a Brit who knows nothing of his colonial past....lolz
Joy Chakravarty (1 год назад)
U can always find an inbred filth
Raj Kh (4 года назад)
britishers owe some billions of dollars they stole from us !! so shut the fuck up !!
kashmiri pundit (4 года назад)
son , you survive on the Indian gold reserves in your bankrupt bank  of england , ask yourmotherwhoz daddy
Akhil Golikeri (4 года назад)
u forgot what ur country did to us 67 years ago and 200 years prior to that? the money that u have in ur pocket, the food that u eat,the clothes u wear everything comes from what ur ancestors looted from us before 1947! so dont u talk kid !
Class sikh (4 года назад)
@Clarksons U American fanboy don't know how our scientists have used earth's gravity for escape,Sun's gravity for travelling and mars gravity for landing.You Americans just flash your money and get the thing done,the real challange is budget money can by anything but not brains.Also interesting fact is that it is an all Indian America takes technology from Russia and so does China.So,you should not make fun off and feel jealous instead respect Indians. :-Indian
sunny leonard (1 год назад)
I. said. germans
info inadvance (4 года назад)
wrong wrong wrong. it is a big competition, Nasa should now close down because we can do it for them in cheap. We are resourceful country. More resources than USA. This is the reason.
info inadvance (4 года назад)
This boy has to understand that we pay less than one dollar for a t shirt and in USA the same T shirt costs 50 dollars. Now did you get it dumbass? Tell your analysts now why Indias missions are cheaper.
Satish (4 года назад)
so baato ki ek baat fuck pakistan
Clarksons (4 года назад)
The comparison between Indian Mars Mission and Gravity is really foolish, dumb and doesn't even make sense! No one cares about the relative value of that amount, no one thinks what that money is able to do in India! It looks staggering just because of the difference between the two currency's exchange rate. People should understand its value not the amount of money, its the value in a certain context that matter. A bottle of water may be $1 in US, that is Rs 60 in India and it can buy 6 bottles of water! So Indians should stop being proud of the mission and use their brain!
Dhruv Jain (1 год назад)
+clarksons so can you tell me why India's GDP is measured in dollars not in RS you bullshit
VYSAKH H (2 года назад)
+manas sadhwani good reply :-)
manas sadhwani (4 года назад)
BRAIN...that's the thing we used to get there...thanks for the advice btw... :)..i wud like to give u the same
skywalkercassini (4 года назад)
Yes..its like when you teach Democracy to Arabs...there cannot be more dumber than that...stop being cynical
sreenidhi BT (4 года назад)
hahaha where were you when all your western propaganda machines were jacking of same bullshit?
testerr4u (4 года назад)
It is so difficult for some to accept that India is progressing rapidly and way ahead in many aspects than many nations, and because of that they will always find some ridiculous theory to shadow the brilliance of INDIAN'S if Cheaper scientist is the reason for success in the first attempt, wouldn't India be the place where all the nations would love to launch their space programmers ? Soon, it will happen.  Jai hind 
EVERYTHING INDIAN (4 года назад)
I don't know how india manages its economy. Despite the fact that india is filled with corrupted politicians and most people below poverty line, and starving, india stills spends on such advance missions. Truth be told mere boasting to the world won't change the way people suffer in india. MANY potential TALENTS of science and education go unrecognised in India. Many students are still not getting required education and facilities. And yet India is "proud" of itself.
addipoom (4 года назад)
thats because nasa is corrupt
Siddharth U (4 года назад)
There is one more consideration,and that is cost of living in India 20Gs american is a worth more.
India is the 4th country not the 1st to launch rockets to the mars
Jack Vater (3 года назад)
He never said that dumbass
Jagjot Singh (4 года назад)
yeah, most important thing is peace. Both r powerful countries , so there should be friendly relationship btw them. its not only good for us , its better for whole world.
That's right :) but i hope it was a friendly competitors. There re many thing can compare in development , innovation, education etc. wish both the countries has greater success ofcourse also in the field of space exploration and studies.
Jagjot Singh (4 года назад)
china is our big competitor......
This is right, but i hope they know its a 1-0 to china also never forget india has 28 successive launches, japan 36 and china has 126. China also is the 3rd and 1st in asia that capable to successfully launches manned probes to space independently after Russia and USA.
Tomas Rex (4 года назад)
Beggars finding water on Mars. What a joke. India should spend this money to feed their kids who don't have shit to eat
Joy Chakravarty (1 год назад)
I'd rather be called a beggar than a Christian inbred pig
Navneet Singh (3 года назад)
Just to let you know that 40 million people in the United States starving for food..!!!
Steefn George (4 года назад)
Am sorry that you have a under developed brain.
jase ds (4 года назад)
some of the richest people in the world are from India. You would look worse than a beggar in front of them.
Koustubh (4 года назад)
U shit!!! have u forgot ur country works because of our brothers we r Indian an proud to be indian. Even though let me give u some examples like NASA 33% of scientists are Indian, apple co. has also Indian at work. Think if we leave your shit country there will be no one to look at u shithead!
Fire Dreams (4 года назад)
Indian satellite only told to the world that in the Moon there the presence of water and also India is the first country who get succeed in the very first mission to Mars . Please grow up americans. once again I remind you 33% of nasa scientist are Indian origin .
Ah chong (2 года назад)
Chinese thissue paper
Fire Dreams (3 года назад)
+Ttongsul Kim go and ask your mom who is your father I hope she still remember my name, my son don't be angry to your father
Fire Dreams (4 года назад)
Indian satellite only told to the world that in the Moon there the presence of water and also India is the first country who get succeed in the very first mission to Mars . Please grow up americans. once again I remind you that 33% of nasa scientist are Indian origin .
v jaks (4 года назад)
what a cheap title. LOL . the mission was cheap not because Indian scientist were paid less, but because of the way the whole mission was designed and executed. It was pure science in play. It is known fact that salary not only for scientist but for all professionals in India is less than the US. I think this video is half baked
pezaventura (4 года назад)
People are crazy, NASA is not corrupt, they're not Lockheed Martin. The reason the mission cost more comes down to 1. NASA scientists get paid way more, 2. the payload and Equipment is much more expensive, I mean this is not NASA's first probe and they have a long term plan, I mean the rovers are still sending back data which is impressive (compared to China's moon rover that lasted a week).  What India did was a demonstration to prove they have the best brains in Asia, before everyone laughed at India and assumed if China after spending billions for Russian technology can't do it then the Indians can't. Well the Indians did do it. This is like a big PR show to let people know that Indians can do what the Chinese and Japanese both failed at doing! Props to India, and this was a worthy investment. Now more companies will look towards India as a destination for research. 
Shudhansh U (1 год назад)
abhishek Hats Off Man Great
Ashutosh Chakraborty (2 года назад)
+pezaventura well do your research indian were the first who invnted plane but the britishers suppresed the tech , rocket is invented by indian , and many great invention invented by india and read what Einstein saiid that the base of all math is invented in india without our invention you were in caves.
Alan M (4 года назад)
its not what history is, its all about making history....stop bragging my brothers.We have a lot to do on earth as well as in space.
abhishek (4 года назад)
+pezaventura   Really, no surprise here. Indians are the smartest people on earth, if you look at their 12,000 yrs of history, even though they were constantly invaded by Barbarians (British looters, French looters, so called German scholars) from Europe, Arabia and Persia for the past 1000 yrs.  If it weren't for Indian civilization's discovery/invention of science and technology until 18th century, so called the west and rest of the world would be roaming in the woods, painted Indian civilization gave birth to Mathematics (Algebra, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry, Decimal system, Calculus, Numbers 0 to 9, place value system etc) Astronomy, Metallurgy, Medicine, Plastic surgery, Linguistics, and High Philosophies) and also developed them to an advanced level for misappropriation by European looters and the west since the 18th century. The sad truth is - the looting part still continues. For instance, India's traditional knowledge system like yoga techniques are still being digested by the westerners with out even an acknowledgment of the Indian source  eg Yoga nidra, sold in the west as Lucid dreaming and Transcendental meditation is another technique looted by the so called western scientists. Multiple Intelligences is another knowledge area ripped off from Indian Vedic texts by the west. Did they ever acknowledge the Indian source? a Big NO. Western scientists not only de-link the Indian source but also start abusing the Indian source by funding Indian socialists/communists who hate anything related to Indian civilization's past, Indian Journalists who work for foreign media and Pseudo-secularists.  Indian space research organization's (ISRO) efforts to build a cryogenic engine was successfully sabotaged by the west in the early 90s. Nambi Narayanan's (ex ISRO) case is a proof of that. Strange nexus is there between Indian communists and the west as far as distortion and discouragement of Indian civilization's glorious past is concerned. The Fractal mindset of Brilliant Hindu Mathematicians and Astronomers can never be replicated by  Western scientists , regardless of how hard they try to rip off and come up with all kinds of Brain models and Brain theories. Western Philosophies, religion and thought process, just don't have it in them. So, they come back running to India, every time they run out of ideas.  Ever wondered why average European minds during so called dark ages for 1500 yrs suddenly started discovering science like calculus and gravity since 18th century (which Indians did thousands of yrs before). Thanks to colonization of INDIA in the 18th century. We have to look at the discontinuation of thought process of Europeans for 1500 yrs here.I mean come on, Germans couldn't have created a Vortex engine design out of thin air  without Indian Vedic texts. The ion engine was first demonstrated by German-born NASA scientist Ernst Stuhlinger.  The Vedic texts from colonized India were taken or stolen to Germany by Hermann Gundert  According to Stephen Knapp, the Vaimanika Shastra ((based on ancient spiritual and scientific book Rig veda with construction and use of flying machines). describes in detail, the construction of what is called, the mercury vortex engine the forerunner of the ion engines being made today by NASA. Knapp adds that additional information on the mercury engines can be found in the ancient Vedic text called Samaranga Sutradhara. This text also devotes 230 verses, to the use of these machines in peace and war. The Indologist William Clarendon, who has written down a detailed description of the mercury vortex engine in his translation of Samaranga Sutradhara quotes thus ‘Inside the circular air frame, place the mercury-engine with its solar mercury boiler at the aircraft center. Fibonacci (Italian mathematician) was the one who introduced Indian numbers 0 to 9 to the west in 1200 AD and until then, Europe was struggling with Roman numerals. LOL  Indian mathematicians had already solved advanced mathematical problems by 500 AD which baffled rest of the world, with the discovery of Calculus in 486 AD by a Brilliant Hindu mathematician and astronomer called  Bhaskara II. Socrates, the famous Greek philosopher, was the teacher of Plato. Socrates of course claims to have been enlightened by the teachings of Pythagoras who preceded him by 200 years. It is also historically known and should be remembered that Pythagoras studied in India; he was a vegetarian, virtually unheard of anywhere else, and learned the philosophy and Mathematics of India and taught it in Greece. So if we are to accept the well-known saying in academia that western philosophy is simply footnotes to Plato, it is then logical to say that the knowledge of India has been leaking into western culture for thousands of years. That this is not understood is a shame because it's both extremely exciting and a huge aspect of our human heritage. The Abrahamic religions, however, especially Islam and Christianity, have been very resistant to this idea because of their own institutional agendas. So knowledge from India that leaked in to other cultures has often remained either hidden or was simply incorporated into western thought without credit to India. Origin of Music       Hindu Vedic Music is the basis of world music. German Author, Weber writes in his book on " Indian Literature"  " The Hindu Scale - Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Nee, has been borrowed by Persians, where we find it in the form of do, re, ma, fa, so, le, ci. It came to the west and was introduced by Guido d' Arezzo in Europe in the form of do, re, mi, fa, sol, lo, ti .... even the gamma of Guido (French Gramma, English Gammut) goes back to the Hindu Sanskrit gramma and Prakrit gamma and is thus a direct testimony of the Indian/Hindu origin of our European scale of seven notes". Many people don't know that Egyptian Pyramids were built with the help of Hindu/Indian Maharishis who used Sri Yantra (Hindu cosmic diagram) a complex 3D Geometry which used Golden Ratio. It came from the Fractal mindset of ancient Indian/Hindus.  Egyptians had no clue about it. Swami Vivekananda realized that when he looked at the Pyramids in Egypt. The golden ratio was stolen by an Italian Fibonacci , from the mystic Vaastu geometry of Sri Yantra of Indian Vedic times, along with so called Fibonacci numbers and of course put his name under them. Shame on European looters Maya, Inca and Aztec civilizations were founded by ancient Indians. The Mayan calendar , which everybody knows about , is nothing but a Vedic calendar made by Maya Danava. The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and ended on 21st December 2012 AD. In Surya Siddhantam, Maya described how eclipses were caused.. Indian civilization was the largest economy and richest civilization between 1AD to 1700 AD with a GDP of 25 to 30% until the time of British invasion in the 18th century, according to Angus MADDISON's 20yrs research on world economy for 2000 yrs. He was funded by OECD countries. His book World economy: a millennial perspective and historical statistics, says it all.  India was also the largest manufacturer and exporter of Iron and steel and textiles until the British looters DE-INDUSTRIALIZED  Indian civilization and shifted both these technologies to Britain and made them as twin engines of so called Industrial revolution.  Now history is repeating itself. India is already the third largest economy in the world and set to become the largest economy before 2050 with a GDP of 85 trillion dollars in terms of PPP
abhishek (4 года назад)
+pezaventura but we succeeded in the first attempt. i acknowledge the fact it was due to information shared by the foreign space agencies, but you Carnot ignore first attempt with low budget.
cubeyes2000 (4 года назад)
india is a fuck up place to live.
lifejacekt laja (4 года назад)
Hahaha  ... well said .. I heard they gang-raped more than 20 women-tourists ... oh shit ... stay away from these cow-worshiping rapists
ashlin thomas (4 года назад)
Ok .bro. so please don't come here to live. We not force you. Yu funny stupid ...
Karthik Reddy (4 года назад)
+cubeyes2000 ; I understand uaa frustration bruh....Did anyone in India had threesome with your gf and sis ????
vinu t (4 года назад)
neither from pak nor kashmir
sontosh goltekar (4 года назад)
+Pedru Lindberg  so u people eat your shit?????? awesome ......
Nexus 7 (4 года назад)
+Ariane Kosmolowski  You are actually right. So assuming Indian scientists at ISRO made as much as 20,000 U.S, that would come around to be [20,000.00 USD = 1,229,759.88 INR] So the above Indian rupees roughly would be: *12 Lakhs 30 Thousand Rupees* Wow that's a pretty decent wage for a scientist in India..and not a bad wage at any cost. Also note I was watching other videos on NASA and ISRO salary differences. Main reason NASA gets and pays that kinda money is because back in the day when U.S and Russia were on a space race, NASA was literally given a blank check to fill whatever number..lol   And indeed they were successful!  The Americans had the money then and even now they do and can spend a lot more money than ISRO on their space ventures!
silent killer (4 года назад)
that means alot. here in India people can live with 1.25$ a day, which is a measurement scale developed by west according to their situation
Ah chong (2 года назад)
Chinese Fuck comunist fang lung,ahahah
silent killer (3 года назад)
+Peter Aremone true. it was oe of the biggsest genocide, but nobody cared because of votebank. muslims always are votebank, extreme fanatics, always want their own laws, their own system they cannot follow common laws.. they can kill any one  but when others reply back these barbarian followers cry foul, see everywhere. these motherfuckers are crying when Israel strikes back to hamas terrorist camps, who are using chindren and innocents as human shields,, and see whats happening in syria, iraq, yemen,,, how many children have been killed, no cry, no more shoutig..!!!! see the irony. kashmiri hundus-- people who are forced to live as refugees in their own country, because islamic terrorism and votebank politics.  all medias and politicians were silent because if anyone take action against these terrorists, all muslims will get angry, want to kill others and want to terrorize world, as if its their right. enough is enough.. no more tolerance on islamic terrorism in the name of a fake egyptian moon god al aah, who have no idea how clouds are forming, so caied allah sends clouds which causes rain,,,,,  we need a strict law against this barbarian stone age terrorists, and lets see who want to create problems
Reet (3 года назад)
+Peter Aremone You know what? You don't even make any sense. Only thing I can sense from your msgs is the you are obssessed with the hatred of terrorism( upto some point I can understand that), but how does that relate to India being Jihadis? If you still wanna call any one jihadi, I advise you to have a look at your neighbours and yourself.My nationality is quite obvious to a sensefull person because I am backing up INDIA. So I am closing the chapter of our chat here because you are not even at the same level. India has loads of potential, and if you can try cleaning your shit before you advise me to wipe my ass. Try creating peace in your and around your countries.  PEACE OUT!!!
silent killer (3 года назад)
+Peter Aremone last week report came that their ISIS true muslims, follower of pdopig muhammad nabi solciers of Allahu the moon god, raped 9 year old gyazidi girl and she got pregnentd.. as true followers of muhammd, obeying teachings of their massmurderer cult leader pediphile prophet muhammad nabi
silent killer (3 года назад)
+IsharReet according to islam, doing jihad is holier than going to mecca
Ariane Kosmolowski (4 года назад)
Comparing absolute income is WRONG. You have to use a purchasing power parity factor! It is obvious that Indian engineers don't have to pay US prices in India. Purged with PPP, Indian engineers have close to 90.000 Dollars per year, so they aren't paid that bad! Newsy guys, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
rajib lochan dikshit (4 месяца назад)
but anyway asians are smarter...The oldest civilization ..
Josh (4 года назад)
Stupid fucking money happy U.S. government. Our government does not care about price, we pay for it. I bet half of our money went to bureaucrat bank accounts overseas.
Harry Potter (4 года назад)
its not about salary , wages and longterm or short term projects.. this is about using rocket technology,communication and capability of the nation..
jase ds (4 года назад)
+Pedru Lindberg so r u..
Harry Potter (4 года назад)
haha india is on mars :D

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