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Axwell Λ Ingrosso - More Than You Know

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More Than You Know EP, out now https://AxwellIngrosso.lnk.to/MTYKEPID Directed by Nicolas Caeyers Creatively Directed by Francesco Ragazzi Starring Romi van Renterghem Axwell Λ Ingrosso – More Than You Know (Lyrics) I just need to get it off my chest yeah more than you know You should know that baby you’re the best yeah more than you know I saw it coming from miles away I better speak if I got something to say ‘Cause it ain’t over until she sings You had your reasons You had a few But you know that I will go anywhere for you ‘Cause it ain’t over until she sings I just need to get it off my chest yeah more than you know You should know that baby you’re the best yeah more than you know Your good intentions are sweet and pure but they can never tame a fire like yours No it ain’t over until she sings Right where you wanted, down on my knees You got me begging pretty baby set me free ‘Cause it ain’t over until she sings Come a little closer let me taste your smile Until the morning light Ain’t no going back the way you look tonight I see it in your eyes I just need to get it off my chest yeah more than you know You should know that baby you’re the best yeah more than you know Follow Axwell Λ Ingrosso online: http://facebook.com/axwellingrosso http://twitter.com/axwell http://twitter.com/ingrosso http://instagram.com/axwell http://instagram.com/ingrosso
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Text Comments (37862)
Iggy_iyapad wattpad Navata (12 seconds ago)
June 2018!
Sydney G (1 hour ago)
Wait, did she come possessed at the end or what was happening there because I am CONFUSION!
Menglada (1 hour ago)
George Calistru (2 hours ago)
Mizerie digitalizata. Muzica facuta pe calculator si nu orin instrumente muzicale.
Jerome Marquez (2 hours ago)
The best song ever
Nevena Dinić (3 hours ago)
kosovy (4 hours ago)
20.06.2018 #romania
Rosie Ramirez (5 hours ago)
Best song ever
Gucci Gang (5 hours ago)
Влада В (5 hours ago)
l love you👍👍👍✌✌
Trending PH (7 hours ago)
Yas! I found it😁
Gael Dionisio (9 hours ago)
Un español :D
Camila Petro (10 hours ago)
Jo Ka (13 hours ago)
S <3
Ben Harrison (15 hours ago)
1 year and 1 week ago since this song was published 😍
Mark The Fox Of Night (16 hours ago)
*Anyone 2018?*
Zinner Dima (16 hours ago)
дороу бургеры
Kristina Djic (17 hours ago)
AlexTheDeV - Roblox (17 hours ago)
<3333333 I luv this sung lul
Adi Z3 (17 hours ago)
Piosenka fajna ale teledysk taki trochę 2/10
gsmrEST ! (17 hours ago)
Free working restart buttons: 0:01 0:01 0:01
gsmrEST ! (17 hours ago)
This song has only one problem it ends
Fear Mister (18 hours ago)
Best for begin Summer 😊
Zeynep Alba Turemis (18 hours ago)
romi van renteghem is the model
Meet's Arena (18 hours ago)
19 .06. 2018 ?
R T J (19 hours ago)
Anyone listening in 2058?
Suyapa Salinas (21 hours ago)
Yesss I finally find my favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!
Bang Ryan (22 hours ago)
Love Indo
rafael serrano (23 hours ago)
Jessica Latifaj (23 hours ago)
SUMMER HIT FOR 2017-2018❤😂☺
juan reyes (23 hours ago)
In 1492?
Amica Heremita (23 hours ago)
zajebista jest
Summer 2018???
Starker 12 (1 day ago)
Her t-Shirt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Karys Robo (1 day ago)
My favorite song ❤️😍😎
Nguyễn Murad (1 day ago)
19.06.2018 ?
Duc H Nguyen (1 day ago)
She is not beatifull
Daria Kiszczak (1 day ago)
Bardzo fajna piosenka XD
Jo jo (1 day ago)
I Love this song
Elena Tziva (1 day ago)
Fast Player (1 day ago)
Norbert Maros (1 day ago)
More Thank's You Know
Ivan RSilva (1 day ago)
Brazil ^_^ :) ....Muita energia positiva *_*
cynthia camarina (1 day ago)
Fauzi Septian (1 day ago)
Fucking Awesome
lone [war] nadzmie (1 day ago)
intro dia best
Leandro Mosso (1 day ago)
Poor video ever
elxD 171 (1 day ago)
Como se llama esa rubia es que es para una tarea :v 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Raffawr Sad (1 day ago)
8102 Random
Isabel Musulin (1 day ago)
ghouli yasser (1 day ago)
Oh Bautiful song I LOvet
Jokuvuan (1 day ago)
Finnish football is just more than you know! 😎💪
Go one billion
Eli Minecraft (1 day ago)
🍀supriced video
Its Nana (1 day ago)
i love this song but who is she btw??
Alright Lads (1 day ago)
lil pump
partasia edits (1 day ago)
lil pump
Alexander Hong (1 day ago)
Axwell and ingrosso don't go anywhere. Swedish goddamn guys left but we still have them. From Seoul Korea with Love.
Mnogo se pravi vazna
darkmanisbest Ihnat (1 day ago)
0:00 replay button
Yura Rahmatputra (2 days ago)
Uuuu opai
Facu Frias (2 days ago)
Tiya J (2 days ago)
The girl is cute what's her good name???
Alright Lads (1 day ago)
partasia edits (1 day ago)
gabby j david
Ray Ghost (2 days ago)
*Romi van❤*
Gabe Taopo (2 days ago)
1:12😍 The beat, its so lit🔥
Camalia Jolin (2 days ago)
Rama Arm (2 days ago)
bhismar mdy (2 days ago)
:) nice
partasia edits (1 day ago)
o W o
pjanic smutz (2 days ago)
It's like soda stereo reef...
Gonzalo Blaiotta (2 days ago)
Lo escuche ni bien salio... hace un año. Todavia no puedo dejar de escucharlo. SIn duda una canción demasiado buena!!
C DE Ç (2 days ago)
Camy Rangel (2 days ago)
Agdora A (2 days ago)
SerbianBeast535 (2 days ago)
When he says “need get it off my chest, more than you know” or something like that. I’m dealing with a problem where I wanna ask a girl out for a while now and I still haven’t and we saw each other and hung out today and yesterday. Does anyone have any tips for things like this cause I really want to ask her (first time I ever came on a YouTube comment section for tips😂)
Dunja Mihajlovic (2 days ago)
slobodno pitaj nemas sta da izgubis znam koliko je tesko ali mislim da ces uspeti srecno :))
Dunja Mihajlovic (2 days ago)
Dunja Mihajlovic (2 days ago)
SerbianBeast535 go for it
Damiano Rieppi (2 days ago)
kamal rawlani (2 days ago)
Song really suite her
VICK (2 days ago)
anyone from earth
twitch balasubas (2 days ago)
after 2 months!! i found this beast song
Hristijan (2 days ago)
Anyone else have goosebumps?
Kaylee Booth (2 days ago)
I love this song I listen to this like 50 times a day
te best music
Nájde sa tu nejakí slovák
Abhijit Roy (2 days ago)
Wooh that girl is pretty amigo 🙉
Maluna Moonlight (2 days ago)
More than you know😄😊😉😘
Nghsg Jobqe (3 days ago)
2019 ?
Andra vlogs (3 days ago)
Gamerul Alpha (3 days ago)
cineva iunie 2018, romania?
Puji Setiarini (3 days ago)
This is very good!!!
L'homme- araignée (3 days ago)
juin ?
Gulsht Gulsat (3 days ago)
2020 😆
Devin Bitter (3 days ago)
Tom Arnold?
Listening it while driving and singing really loud... priceless
Jay Ram (3 days ago)
This one goes out 2 my GM My GEM RM
BogDan Ukr (3 days ago)
What 2018 years ??
Deni Lupias (3 days ago)
Beligium In World Cup 😂
oussama tyaybi (3 days ago)
bff song love it so much
Cayla SN (3 days ago)
I love this song .... But the teenage kids...always taking drugs!
Ahmad Afox (3 days ago)
Komen terakhir dpet apa

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