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Shot In The Hood Sniper Prank

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This time we used the sound of a firecracker in the hood to get some reactions. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=fatalismfilms Shot in the hood Prank /Shot Dead in Public Prank / / Shot In The Ghetto / "FatalismTV" Sniper Prank / Hood Pranks/ Public Pranks 2014 Gun Shooting Prank Crazy Scare Pranks Starting next week! Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fatalismtv Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/fatalismtv Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/fatalismtv Licensed by incompetech.com to use music. Kevin MacLeod - Quinn's Song First Night
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Text Comments (619)
Lone Wolf (26 days ago)
Poor dog 😂😂😂
ajax ajax (1 month ago)
You are copyng videos
delma 722 (3 months ago)
Davies Heritage (4 months ago)
Did anyone just see that dog at 1:00😂😂
Christal Reynolds (5 months ago)
The kid left the skateboard aww 😂
Lucas Quigley (8 months ago)
due did he actually steal your phone
Meme aholic (8 months ago)
1:01 even the dog was afraid
Twisty YT (9 months ago)
The guy at the end that stole the phone should kill his self
Re’ayonia Jackson (11 months ago)
Feel bad he took your phone:((
Jonathon Pitchford (11 months ago)
Blah Blah (1 year ago)
The dog was just like I don't know what just happens but if you gone I'm gone! 1:00
Sajon Official (1 year ago)
Wtf why did he steal his phone what the heck is wrong with rlly fork he's got shot
ScarGangJo (1 year ago)
Witted Acrobat19 (1 year ago)
could any of them obviously check for a pulse, or blood
isco (1 year ago)
1:05 хаха
Hassan Hussein (1 year ago)
what a dumbass at the end. he forgot the charger LOL JK RIP to Fatalpranks phone though
Tanvir Alif (1 year ago)
The way that dude climbs stairs makes me wonder If he was a monkey or not.
Al Briones (1 year ago)
Icecream Icecream (1 year ago)
the dog ran for his life
Kam tha one and only (1 year ago)
Man y'all had to have seen that at 1:08 dude tryna hide from the sniper so bad he threw the dog LMBO😂
LJ&TY Forever (1 year ago)
pep that dog running
xHoopLa (1 year ago)
I love how the little dogs run away too lmao xD 1:04
TheRandom27 (1 year ago)
0:59 I got to get in *gets in then gets out*
James DePass (1 year ago)
stop making fake pranks bitch
Jack January (1 year ago)
cats really do hate snipers
Jack January (1 year ago)
even the cat ran
CS:GO acek1ng (1 year ago)
1:10 cute doggy
Chris Soulhacker (1 year ago)
All black are theives and gangsters... Only cops can save us
Eric Precado (1 year ago)
i think this was in my hood
Icast LA (1 year ago)
The dog got scared to lol.
Money Playz (1 year ago)
the third guy when he got fake shot the bystander said oh shit
Имя фамилия (1 year ago)
2.20 вот она ваша Америка....
GLARP (1 year ago)
broke niggas always stealing shit dude that's so fucked up, I'm broke but I don't steal, need to find a better way, plus it's even worse because they stealing from a "dead" guy lmao
Daisy Harris (1 year ago)
Oh my side that dude threw the dog back out like here take him I'll not ready to meet the lord yet.......*peeks head out* Hey bro you ok bro! Lol no he's been shot.
gad's daddy (1 year ago)
Faker than Hillary
Anthony Benavidez (1 year ago)
make that last one Thug Life compilation
Henry Rodenburg (1 year ago)
Last time I checked snipers don't sound like pop its
Andrea Soloperto (2 years ago)
Name of the intro song? It's so important, please
Hadley Van Wyk (2 years ago)
Pander Mahmander (2 years ago)
XD He stole his phone!!!
[{Ren Himoda}] (2 years ago)
Awwww that puppy tryed to save him
A D (2 years ago)
1:45 how to get a free skateboard lol
DaQuan Gunn (2 years ago)
That one guy reacted so late
Esperanza gaircia (2 years ago)
Lol he said oh shit . Then he said hey ! Hey ! I'm dead 😝😝
1. 1. (2 years ago)
1. 1. (2 years ago)
1:06 Dog: I should help him 1:07-1:08 Dog: oh sh*t he ded already never mind
HamC (2 years ago)
Dats so brutal!!!
Aziz Kilicaslan (2 years ago)
the beginning music is from the serie heros
Itz- -Monday (2 years ago)
2:30 what's music?
Speedy dk Nouri (2 years ago)
+Вадим Колосов dacapo on tha rise ( feat ac 94 & mason way)
Uranus My anus (2 years ago)
#thuglife that last one
briantotse3 (2 years ago)
guy at the end was probably like >You fuckin got him, thanks for the phone
Jaylen Silveri (2 years ago)
only a black ass migga would take a dead mans phone
Mimi Rüdiger (2 years ago)
Omg ! The last guy is an idiot he still the money Form him ! (sorry for the Bad english I m Form germany)
Melody Love (2 years ago)
awe yall see the dog
Melody Love (2 years ago)
awe yall see the dog
Yuchen Liu (2 years ago)
Seriously does that sound like real gun or sniper fire to any of u guys??
Spud ` (2 years ago)
Yes that is a sniper shot for light snipers at a distance you probably watch those overrated movies which cant get bullet sounds right...
Kskdkdk Jdjdj (2 years ago)
Houdini Trey (2 years ago)
The Boy In The Black Be Having Late Reactions
Tru Finesse (2 years ago)
that was weak... not falling simultaneously with the shot. too many shots an falling a full second late.
Brandon (2 years ago)
+Tru “Ty” Finesse Definitely, and there wasn't a lot of screaming. Usually a bullet won't kill you instantly unless it hits the wrong part of your head. Or any part of your head, for that matter. There was also not any (not that I saw) blood, so that makes it look pretty unrealistic lol
Alexmcool (2 years ago)
that's a nice ass hood
NoobpeaceDestroyNuke 1 (2 years ago)
this reminds the cartels
Kurisutin Moon (2 years ago)
jajaja the dog XD
Aryan Rai (2 years ago)
0:38 free skateboard
Joanna Oxley (2 years ago)
That poor doggie at 1:00 😩😩😩
SYNiiTHIiX (2 years ago)
wait a moment let me loot you first
Jay Bird (2 years ago)
That turd licker stole his phone?
K-MOVIES CUNT (2 years ago)
did he really still his phone not even a homeless person would do that
Comrade Dimitri (2 years ago)
Fatal called the cops on that one guy that stole his phone
Jensen Stone (2 years ago)
I think it's sad that the guy left his skateboard and a dog ran off
100 Dude (2 years ago)
I just saw that I would ditch the skateboard save the dog
tay tay (2 years ago)
i just sub
Abbi (2 years ago)
At the end I was expecting that guy to help him. Lolnope.
Le Planteur (2 years ago)
Polariz (2 years ago)
I'm dead bruh took his phone 😂😂😭😭😭
Mr Dave (2 years ago)
Free puppy at 1:08Stolen phone at the end. Good trade.
I'm Craving Sushi (2 years ago)
The fat guy is horrible at acting.
Eric Cartman (2 years ago)
1:01 - 1:08 that lil doggy is some next level shit. Like running up and down the streets 💪🏽
SamSilverSmile (2 years ago)
The fucking guy came and took the phone instead
Tottenham Hotspur F.C (2 years ago)
Why are there automatic gates?
Tottenham Hotspur F.C (2 years ago)
+nate freese but if I was poor, then I would've known what the gates were about, because I would be from a bad area.
nate freese (2 years ago)
+Chris155au  nvm bout the first part im poor too lol
Tottenham Hotspur F.C (2 years ago)
+nate freese lol, why must I be poor?
nate freese (2 years ago)
+Chris155au a lot of gated communities in bad areas have them but they dont keep me out
nate freese (2 years ago)
+Chris155au u must be poor lol
The Scalix (2 years ago)
The end music please?(2:40)
ThelogicgamerZz (2 years ago)
Ha that guy just walked down and just grabbed his phone 😆😆😆
Joshua Pilcher (2 years ago)
you guy are awesome
Estella Martinez (2 years ago)
poor dog they hit it and it cryed
Comrade Dimitri (2 years ago)
Estella Martinez (2 years ago)
poor dog they hit it and it cryed
El Mehdi Grande (2 years ago)
the last guy made me loose hope in humanity
KURO (10 months ago)
Lol no one realises it’s same applies to the person who made this pranks. What if someone got injured from it. Does it still have the humanity left?
Zani Puppyrhino (1 year ago)
if it were a taliban theyd put an ied in the wallet..
Mysterion1 (2 years ago)
yeah, what a bastard...
El Mehdi Grande (2 years ago)
+MisterChef Sorry my english is not very good, english is not my first language
4 Stroke Perro (2 years ago)
lose* Goddamnit man, youre making me lose hope in humanity
deadlywither18 (2 years ago)
Antty ! (2 years ago)
he took his phone
Pearl Yedidia (2 years ago)
lol gangsta stealin phone, #GETREKT
Electric Zebra (2 years ago)
It looked like the dog glitched through the fence
bella noche (2 years ago)
2:16 *thug life* hahaha
Roxana Ica Suteu (2 years ago)
Hahahahaha,good one, in stead of helping him,the last guy in the video come down the stairs just to still his cell phone, LOL!..probably that guy didn't know that it was just a joke and the guy shut it wasn't really shut or hurt.
Mark patiag (2 years ago)
Did he take his phone
Skylar Jackson (2 years ago)
Lol at 1:20 ay smokey over here taking a shit
Glamour Girl (2 years ago)
The dog in one of them lol
DivinityzBeAsT (2 years ago)
What is the name of background song playing ? Creepy :-) I Like! Oh wait I found it
Normic (2 years ago)
in his other sniper in the hood prank i laghft in the last 1 when he got shot the guy ran and took his phone😂😂😂😂😂
AKU LAHTINEN (2 years ago)
Olette todella raukkamaisia. Mitä jos tilanne oikea ja kukaan ei auta.
Skylar Lockhart (2 years ago)
this is great tbh, to really see what people are like in the world. and he just stole your phone please tell me you got it back.
Javeen Fowler (2 years ago)
I hope you got your behind up and call the cops for him
FangTheCat (2 years ago)
fasforward to 01:00 did anyone else catch that dog? 😂
jasmin H (2 years ago)
at the end did that guy really stole your phone instead of calling the cops are the ambulance eBay gave me the middle finger I would never go to the neighborhood
Michi Arukatsuki (2 years ago)
and at 1:52

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