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Today I show you how to make an extremely healthy juice for your heart, an all natural juice that is supposed to help clear your arteries of toxic buildup and other harmful chemicals. Snapchat: StonerrMama
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wise kid (5 hours ago)
wrong , honey should be boiled at all
JAI M (19 hours ago)
Classic Man E (2 days ago)
They never said how much honey to use or what size that container was.
Angel diaz (2 days ago)
What? All those ingredients? No! All you need to clear your arteries and keep them running smooth, is a shot glass of red wine everyday after dinner. My grandfather drank one shot glass of red wine everyday after dinner and he never had any health problems, never was prescribed any medicine, and he walked around a mile everyday, lived to 102. You don't have to go through all this work and all these ingredients. Sometimes he drank 2 shot glasses when he was feeling frisky 😄
flhtcui2 (5 days ago)
You lost me with honey(sugar)
Sarah Beara (6 days ago)
If he says "go ahead" again....
Dr RAKESH KAPOOR (7 days ago)
She doesn't know how to prepare this remedy.
crynshame (9 days ago)
Add the honey after its cooled down otherwise you will destroy the goodness of the honey.
HAZ MAT (9 days ago)
Never heard of a wooden spoon? bamboo? Teflon chemicals everywhere...Yum! Rookies!
cho cha (13 days ago)
Hi all I’m taking blood thinner medication and this drink is also works as blood thinner. I’m thinking to taking one tbsp every day and reduce blood thinner medication if this this drink will also thin my blood. Do you guys this will work ???? Is there anyone taking this with blood thinners ???
Hunny is just sugar, and has no positive benefits
You can get pure garlic extract from pure bulk .com
Winston Leighton (14 days ago)
No need to boil the ingredients at all. Also ,, too much honey was used. In fact, Honey is optional. The impact of heat by boiling will significantly reduce the strength of the compound called ALLICIN found in the garlicky.
Jess Bubb (15 days ago)
how does this reduce cholesterol?
Kristappa M G (19 days ago)
Best-tips for BP
mike cook (21 days ago)
honey when heated becomes toxic
Wilda Berrios (21 days ago)
Will it make your swest smelly like garlic?
sathiya devan (23 days ago)
You are absolutely wrong. Don't heat honey and must remove ginger skin being poisoning. Consult the experts. Please don't mislead public.!!!
Free knowledge TV (24 days ago)
Guys from pharmaceutical industry, side effects guy's, any contraindication? Yeah, I don't think so.
Free knowledge TV (24 days ago)
This makes me think. If a year and a half that this video was posted, and so far there has appeared no contraindication of the pharmaceutical industry or someone who suffered side effects of this compound. it is because this compound its really effective. Thanks Mom for the post might save lives.
teddybeardan F (24 days ago)
Teflon pot in rough shape- inside pot -teflon peeling off-???
choppy249 (25 days ago)
Please everyone reading this, DO NOT heat and boil this mixture. Just have it raw and cold and not with so much honey. It will lose nearly all its benefits if you heat it so severely . Also if you don't want to there is no need to make such a huge batch all at once. It is very quick and easy to just squeeze a lemon and add the other bits to a cup as well.
ron davis (19 hours ago)
choppy249 how long does it takes to work?
Farid Pore (25 days ago)
Video makes sense Try it if you think you need it
VENKATA KATKOORI (26 days ago)
Hi , I am excited start but worried about my gastric issue...does this drink creates gas...please advise
Petra Elisei (26 days ago)
Honey warmed above 45-50 Celsius will lose the benefit and the same goes for the lemons. I did something similar but not cooked but put in the fridge and becomes a thick syrup. Drink one shot every morning on a empty stomach
Money is added at the end after cooling the boiled mixture of garlic,ginger,lemon and vinegar.
Mandeep Singh (30 days ago)
Mine came out green
John Russell (1 month ago)
Right ingredients, but do not heat any of them. consume them straight from the juicer. otherwise it destroys all the active ingredients.
Savi Narine (1 month ago)
Hi ,I make the same mixture and drink ,he but you don't heat honey you take all the nutrient from the honey .
Neville Bailey (1 month ago)
DelaneyStudios (1 month ago)
where is the medical proof for the doubters.
Maria Bastos (1 month ago)
You should've added the honey at the end just saying !! Got to give this a try
Marsha Blasingame (1 month ago)
garlic loses its ability to fight germs or whatever its qualities are if you cook it above 140 degrees so therefore I did this recipe actually I made a mistake of I didn't put quite as much honey but I did put a half a cup of honey because I did the half a recipe so I put the garlic and at the very end so it just barely warmed and then I put it in a blender and I put it in my refrigerator and then think it's going to be good and good for us thank you very much for this basic recipe it's awesome
Jools MonCrieff (1 month ago)
Please use a wooden spoon.
Kestrel Aka holly (1 month ago)
I will try a version of this, 1 cup AC vinegar, 1 cup ginger juice, 1cup lemon juice, 1 cup garlic juice,1 cup local honey. Not heated , stored in freezer , portioned by ice cube tray. Lots of great anti inflammatory in there . May try adding juice of fresh turmeric also. I have achy varicose veins. This will only help I think. Which me luck! Thank you for taking the time to post the video.
Azhar Iqbal (1 month ago)
So many people ask not to boil the mixture, is it beneficial?
Cornelio Peralta (1 month ago)
Add honey during or after boiling,while stil hot!u need to read properly dude!haha
Heba Joan (1 month ago)
Did you know your squeezing your lemons wrong? Turn them over when you put them in that hand press!!! That's how is catches the seeds...
belinda liu (1 month ago)
Why the mixture needed to be boiled, cannot drink directly????
DON SCHIFFER (1 month ago)
OMG I can’t believe you heated this! When you heat this mixture your killing all the Enzymes which is most important to the body! Also when you heat honey your destroying all the natural hydrogen peroxide Ugh!!!
Farzaneh Rad (1 month ago)
Thanks. It was useful and worked for me.
Alana Albarado (1 month ago)
Why take it in the morn? Can u take it night?
Gee Gee (1 month ago)
It that amount of garlic to toxic. They say if try put a handful of any garlic in your mouth you wont be able to eat it because it's to toxic. That's why they say that your body telling you it's bad for you
kani Manoharan (1 month ago)
Peel the ginger skin. Skin is toxic
aaron c. elebe (1 month ago)
Miguel Gomez (1 month ago)
Excelente vídeo, gracias, thank hoy for share, saludos desde Laredo Texas.
Petar Jelinic (1 month ago)
The formula is great. Execution very poor. You never scrape a pan with a metal spoon like that.
Kumar Chugh (1 month ago)
Madam! As far as we know honey is never heated least of boiled. In this concoction all the four contents are boiled and honey is added after the concoction has cooled down at room temperature.
Virginia Viking (1 month ago)
Metal spoon in non stick pan?
George Wright (1 month ago)
For those people who like to recycle there kitchen waste use a compostable bag on the juicer.
frank rusk (1 month ago)
clean and juice the lemons using tyhe juicer>> end of your so knowledgeable vid
L2design (2 months ago)
Thank you!! I'll give some to my akita also. I add hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade and carbon 60 + 2 teaspoons of baking soda for PH levels. I give it to her every 2 hrs (1 tablespoon)
Chris Ramirez (2 months ago)
Dont COOK!!!!!! Put it in a container n let it marinate in the frig ...the honey will settle on its own .shake it up
Bidyut Sinha (2 months ago)
This home made solutions is quite easy to prepare and may be stored in the fridge for continuous use.I think the honey may be mixed latter on. Thanks, for advice to keeping is good.
derek bray (2 months ago)
Why did my Doctor put me on Statins same as thousand others ? If this Juice would WORK and save N H S thousands of pounds ?
Francis Saint (2 months ago)
does this work, to clear arteries will someone answer that. dayjm, make a video of your own and stop downing what someone else is doing.
mala ali kurdi (2 months ago)
Look at it Mr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_79t0lV3-A&t=134s
Leslie Escobedo (2 months ago)
Hello friend!! New subscriber here! Thanks for sharing.
48petey (2 months ago)
This is ridiculous this will raise your blood sugar levels just do 1 lemon 1 ginger 1 acv cayenne 2 cloves garlic. No sugar!!!
aysha liaqath (2 months ago)
It's not right to cook honey. Honey has to be added only after the 4 ingredients r cooked and cooled down. Meaning u will mix honey and have it.
Gloria Ladow (2 months ago)
Best not to heat. Just blend it All together and refrigerate.
Coca B (2 months ago)
I just did this but I juice my lemons, garlic & ginger. I boiled the honey with the other juices in error but it tasted really really good...mines turn GREEN
nader greatest (2 months ago)
hey wait a minute where did you get that honey. that honey is from iran. عسل سبلان
Denise NT (1 month ago)
I made mine with 1/4 cup or 1/3 C of first 4 ingredients.. I boiled it and added 3/4 C of honey later. Cooled it off and placed it in a glass jar. Nice potent kick the honey really makes it tasty. Thank you so much for your illustration and tips... Be well.
Jose Ortiz (2 months ago)
Thank you
Warda Hashim (2 months ago)
Warda Hashim (2 months ago)
Warda Hashim (2 months ago)
Ateeq Rehman (2 months ago)
Please can you guide me my mixture become green while I put on flame so shoul I use or throw it. Thanks..
Divel11 (2 months ago)
turn your lemons the other way around when squeezing them, you'll yield more juice
Rick L. (2 months ago)
I like your tip. However your pots nonstick coating itself releases some toxins when heated. But what's worse is the coating on the bottom is gone exposing the aluminum which releases way more toxins. Ceramics are better than Teflon but same problem when it gets scratched exposing the aluminum pot or pan. Get stainless steal pot or glassware. No toxins no worries.
edginger VISUALS (2 months ago)
Old housewife tales. Medieval medicines. This is quackery.
Mike Bridgeline (2 months ago)
Take one shot glass. Of this vedio. Afterwards just put the honey in a teaspoon put it in your mouth.after the shot glass. No mess .
Xtatic (2 months ago)
cooking anything makes it lose its properties i would drink it fresh it will be better for you its just like when you cook vegtables and they lose there nutrients my prefered method
Mattie's Catz! (3 months ago)
OK, transferred to a stainless steel.
Mattie's Catz! (3 months ago)
Is cooking lemon juice in a teflon-coated pot healthy?
GERMAN GUTIERREZ (3 months ago)
"Go ahead" and do it because in you don't "go ahead", then you won't "go ahead" despite of the fact that you want to "go ahead".
Rajiv Dhall (3 months ago)
to clean arterires. eat..pomegranate...or juice it...and eat watermelon or juice it.and eat walnuts daily.NOT ONLY IT CLEANS ARTERIES...IT CLEARS ERECTILE DUSFUNCTION.
Rajiv Dhall (3 months ago)
honey should b added at last......honey should not be boiled...if boiled it becomes poisonous.
PuntYourJunk (3 months ago)
Can this guy go head and stop saying "go head and..."?
Luciana Fernandes (3 months ago)
Honey should be added at the end of the process of cooking the four ingredients in fact after its cooled down. The honey is to be added after the mixture cooks well and thickens. This way the honey retains its health giving properties and you get full benefit of this wonderful medicine. If the person is a diabetic the honey should be halved, and please use pure organic honey not the commercial type. Can be used twice a day, a tablespoon full on an empty stomach, before breakfast and dinner.
John Morrison (3 months ago)
That pan looks toxic, toss out all that are losing the non stick coating.
Tom Dooley (3 months ago)
Just a little point . If that pan is non stick coated , you don't stir with a metal utensil
humanity Specialist (3 months ago)
stupid don't add honey so much and heat it , just 250 grm jcrush garlic + 250 grm crushed ginger + 250 gram lime + 250 grm apple cidar vinegar boil in aluminum bowl not steel for 30 min then allow it to cool then add 500 grm honey only .
NICK MED (3 months ago)
There are a few factors in natural treatments for high blood pressure. One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Wilfs Calmer Plan (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful blueprint that I have ever heard of. Check out the amazing information .
Zee Nesa (3 months ago)
So much honey? SICK. And a metal spoon on nonstick . 😂
Hilmi Bytyqi (2 months ago)
Irena Deacon Henriquez (3 months ago)
where is the link for the juicer. it is awesome.
Saketh Sajith (3 months ago)
Sir actually I have made the mixture but the colour of this solvent looks greenish blue, so I would like to know that wether it is ok please reply me thank you.
Domino Freiburg (3 months ago)
When I tried to make it, it turned green
Domino Freiburg (3 months ago)
I want to know the correct steps
GEIST (3 months ago)
cheap honey is just sugar, not good for the heart
Jessica Kresge (3 months ago)
I really wish he stop saying go head 😨
chandralal kalansooriya (3 months ago)
Never heat bee honey. It will make a poisonous drink. You have to add bee honey when the solution is cooled to the room temperature. Then you can use it. Please do not heat bee honey for any reasons.
Zulu Warrior (3 months ago)
Dear Melissa, thank you for your video. I'm very into home remedy's,. My grandma is 91 years old and she's been teaching me from a very young age. I have to say one thing. Most ingredients you don't really have to cook but oke. The 4 juice, lemon, garlic, ginger and apple cider vinegar you can slow cook all together, but make certain to add the honey after your slow cooked juices are cooled down and than mix it. It might take longer for the honey to mix that way, but you do keep most of the value. Honey certainly shouldn't be heated nor put in the fridge. Just a tip. But I like your passion your tips. Tace care.
Shiest1112 (3 months ago)
Hi, best way to lower colestrol in Arteries is to juice a whole pomegranite a drink that, its top of the Superfoods list for your heart health guys, but thanks for sharing!
Slayer-33 (3 months ago)
God damn that's a lot of honey lol
Milot Kurshumlia (3 months ago)
Why the juice you already extract from the lemon, garlic, and ginger, should be boiled ? I know some people boil the lemon, garlic, and ginger to extract the juice from them without putting them in the mixer, but you already have a clear juice ? From my opinion, the best natural way to prepare these healthy juice, is just by mixing them without boiling them.
Lisa G (3 months ago)
Honey is better when it not heated. So is Apple cider vinegar. I would heat the garlic juice only, let that cool completely then mix the rest of the ingredients. Honey doesn’t do well in the refrigerator either. So I’m not sure how this would work....maybe just add it later when your about to consume
Forester Forester (3 months ago)
Why too boil it?
steve sweet (3 months ago)
Tired of videos with music I’d rather hear the people telling the story not the music it’s like people make good videos and they ruined it with the music
figen bayramoglu (3 months ago)
if you heat honey you make it harmful and poison. You musnt do that for your health.

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