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Today I show you how to make an extremely healthy juice for your heart, an all natural juice that is supposed to help clear your arteries of toxic buildup and other harmful chemicals. Snapchat: StonerrMama
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Bidyut Sinha (1 day ago)
This home made solutions is quite easy to prepare and may be stored in the fridge for continuous use.I think the honey may be mixed latter on. Thanks, for advice to keeping is good.
derek bray (1 day ago)
Why did my Doctor put me on Statins same as thousand others ? If this Juice would WORK and save N H S thousands of pounds ?
Francis Saint (1 day ago)
does this work, to clear arteries will someone answer that. dayjm, make a video of your own and stop downing what someone else is doing.
mala ali kurdi (2 days ago)
Look at it Mr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_79t0lV3-A&t=134s
Leslie Escobedo (3 days ago)
Hello friend!! New subscriber here! Thanks for sharing.
48petey (3 days ago)
This is ridiculous this will raise your blood sugar levels just do 1 lemon 1 ginger 1 acv cayenne 2 cloves garlic. No sugar!!!
aysha liaqath (6 days ago)
It's not right to cook honey. Honey has to be added only after the 4 ingredients r cooked and cooled down. Meaning u will mix honey and have it.
Gloria Ladow (6 days ago)
Best not to heat. Just blend it All together and refrigerate.
Monica Payne (7 days ago)
I just did this but I juice my lemons, garlic & ginger. I boiled the honey with the other juices in error but it tasted really really good...mines turn GREEN
nader greatest (7 days ago)
hey wait a minute where did you get that honey. that honey is from iran. عسل سبلان
Denise NT (8 days ago)
I made mine with 1/4 cup of each ingredients.. I boiled it but added the honey later. Cooled it off and placed it in a glass jar. Nice potent kick the honey really makes it tasty. Thank you so much for your illustration and tips... Be well.
Jose Ortiz (13 days ago)
Thank you
Warda Hashim (14 days ago)
Warda Hashim (14 days ago)
Warda Hashim (14 days ago)
Ateeq Rehman (15 days ago)
Please can you guide me my mixture become green while I put on flame so shoul I use or throw it. Thanks..
Divel11 (16 days ago)
turn your lemons the other way around when squeezing them, you'll yield more juice
Rick L. (21 days ago)
I like your tip. However your pots nonstick coating itself releases some toxins when heated. But what's worse is the coating on the bottom is gone exposing the aluminum which releases way more toxins. Ceramics are better than Teflon but same problem when it gets scratched exposing the aluminum pot or pan. Get stainless steal pot or glassware. No toxins no worries.
edginger VISUALS (22 days ago)
Old housewife tales. Medieval medicines. This is quackery.
Mike Bridgeline (25 days ago)
Take one shot glass. Of this vedio. Afterwards just put the honey in a teaspoon put it in your mouth.after the shot glass. No mess .
Xtatic (27 days ago)
cooking anything makes it lose its properties i would drink it fresh it will be better for you its just like when you cook vegtables and they lose there nutrients my prefered method
Mattie's Catz! (1 month ago)
OK, transferred to a stainless steel.
Mattie's Catz! (1 month ago)
Is cooking lemon juice in a teflon-coated pot healthy?
GERMAN GUTIERREZ (1 month ago)
"Go ahead" and do it because in you don't "go ahead", then you won't "go ahead" despite of the fact that you want to "go ahead".
Rajiv Dhall (1 month ago)
to clean arterires. eat..pomegranate...or juice it...and eat watermelon or juice it.and eat walnuts daily.NOT ONLY IT CLEANS ARTERIES...IT CLEARS ERECTILE DUSFUNCTION.
Rajiv Dhall (1 month ago)
honey should b added at last......honey should not be boiled...if boiled it becomes poisonous.
PuntYourJunk (1 month ago)
Can this guy go head and stop saying "go head and..."?
Luciana Fernandes (1 month ago)
Honey should be added at the end of the process of cooking the four ingredients in fact after its cooled down. The honey is to be added after the mixture cooks well and thickens. This way the honey retains its health giving properties and you get full benefit of this wonderful medicine. If the person is a diabetic the honey should be halved, and please use pure organic honey not the commercial type. Can be used twice a day, a tablespoon full on an empty stomach, before breakfast and dinner.
John Morrison (1 month ago)
That pan looks toxic, toss out all that are losing the non stick coating.
Tom Dooley (1 month ago)
Just a little point . If that pan is non stick coated , you don't stir with a metal utensil
humanity Specialist (1 month ago)
stupid don't add honey so much and heat it , just 250 grm jcrush garlic + 250 grm crushed ginger + 250 gram lime + 250 grm apple cidar vinegar boil in aluminum bowl not steel for 30 min then allow it to cool then add 500 grm honey only .
NICK MED (1 month ago)
There are a few factors in natural treatments for high blood pressure. One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Wilfs Calmer Plan (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful blueprint that I have ever heard of. Check out the amazing information .
Zee Nesa (1 month ago)
So much honey? SICK. And a metal spoon on nonstick . 😂
Hilmi Bytyqi (16 days ago)
Irena Deacon Henriquez (1 month ago)
where is the link for the juicer. it is awesome.
Saketh Sajith (1 month ago)
Sir actually I have made the mixture but the colour of this solvent looks greenish blue, so I would like to know that wether it is ok please reply me thank you.
Domino Freiburg (1 month ago)
When I tried to make it, it turned green
Domino Freiburg (1 month ago)
I want to know the correct steps
David Muscanto (1 month ago)
Please provide a link to the study that shows this works.
GEIST (1 month ago)
cheap honey is just sugar, not good for the heart
Jessica Kresge (1 month ago)
I really wish he stop saying go head 😨
Never heat bee honey. It will make a poisonous drink. You have to add bee honey when the solution is cooled to the room temperature. Then you can use it. Please do not heat bee honey for any reasons.
Zulu Warrior (1 month ago)
Dear Melissa, thank you for your video. I'm very into home remedy's,. My grandma is 91 years old and she's been teaching me from a very young age. I have to say one thing. Most ingredients you don't really have to cook but oke. The 4 juice, lemon, garlic, ginger and apple cider vinegar you can slow cook all together, but make certain to add the honey after your slow cooked juices are cooled down and than mix it. It might take longer for the honey to mix that way, but you do keep most of the value. Honey certainly shouldn't be heated nor put in the fridge. Just a tip. But I like your passion your tips. Tace care.
Shiest1112 (1 month ago)
Hi, best way to lower colestrol in Arteries is to juice a whole pomegranite a drink that, its top of the Superfoods list for your heart health guys, but thanks for sharing!
Slayer-33 (1 month ago)
God damn that's a lot of honey lol
Milot Kurshumlia (1 month ago)
Why the juice you already extract from the lemon, garlic, and ginger, should be boiled ? I know some people boil the lemon, garlic, and ginger to extract the juice from them without putting them in the mixer, but you already have a clear juice ? From my opinion, the best natural way to prepare these healthy juice, is just by mixing them without boiling them.
Lisa G (1 month ago)
Honey is better when it not heated. So is Apple cider vinegar. I would heat the garlic juice only, let that cool completely then mix the rest of the ingredients. Honey doesn’t do well in the refrigerator either. So I’m not sure how this would work....maybe just add it later when your about to consume
Forester Forester (1 month ago)
Why too boil it?
steve sweet (1 month ago)
Tired of videos with music I’d rather hear the people telling the story not the music it’s like people make good videos and they ruined it with the music
figen bayramoglu (1 month ago)
if you heat honey you make it harmful and poison. You musnt do that for your health.
Elaine Hamarsheh (1 month ago)
tooo funny started with a teflon pan.....
Elaine Hamarsheh (1 month ago)
you should boil the lemon skins and drink that juice as well instead of wasting all that bioflavanoids
TheTruth IsViral (1 month ago)
Awesome video... Really helps that you recorded the process. Very helpful. Bless you both.
Zainul Zainul (1 month ago)
However , I am planning to try out the method by Reginald Stroud as it 's supposed to yield results after a week and it's far easier to prepare .
Zainul Zainul (1 month ago)
For those sceptics , this preparation worked on pakistani residing in England who was due for a bypass . He was introduced to this remedy by an old Pakistani scholar when he was in Pakistan for a brief holiday while counting the days for the fixed surgery . He followed the persribed method of consumption and in the pre surgery check when he returned home , was amazed to discover that the clogged arteries were clogged no more ! This account made it's rounds sometime ago . Here in Kuala Kumpur , it's available in bottled form and sales are doing very well .
Adbhut India (1 month ago)
Any substitute of honey for diabetic people.
James Selby (1 month ago)
looks like you are using a Teflon pan and scraping bits of Teflon in to your mixture well I would use ACV without mother can it really be apple cider vinegar
SUSHIL KUMAR (1 month ago)
Receipe is good but first heat up the mixture of all 4 juices till it becomes three fourth , stop heating and cool it after that equal amount of the honey should be added. I am using this for last 5 years.
SEA Tv (2 months ago)
Never ever heat honey over the stove. U r suppose to add honey after the mixture cools down.... Biiiig mistake!
SunRise SunRise (2 months ago)
You shouldn’t be cooking honey 🍯 honey 😉
Paul Capricorn (2 months ago)
This comment is a little late: I have been taking a similar recipe for approx' three months. Is the honey, as far as you are aware just to make the concoction palatable ? If you are on a sugar reduced regime, this could be a cause for concern. If the honey is not particulary benefiacial we could reduce it by 50% - what do you thnk ?
Donald Grant (2 months ago)
I may be wrong but you have just killed all the goodness out by boiling it, I would of put it in a blender first and blitzed it till all mixed, it would still be in its raw form so much better for you.
HORTONDLFN (2 months ago)
I'm gonna go ahead and say how glad I am that you decided to go ahead and make this video. I had seen other information, but no one went ahead to point out that I should go ahead and reduce the mixture. That's a great tip and I'm going to go ahead and try it. Thank you for posting! I hope you'll go ahead and make more similar videos.
koshiguruma561 (2 months ago)
Ocra also cleans your arteries but it is kind of gross to eat on its own so have to make recipes to make it taste better. Shitake mushrooms are good for your heart as well
alicia ali (2 months ago)
Why use honey it’s diuretic and it’s sugar.
integra (2 months ago)
what proof is there that this works ?
Wesley Small (2 months ago)
Somehow this potion does not work for me. I have used this potion (honey added to the cooled mixture) for about 3 months and have seen no improvement to bp. I must use hypochlorothiazide tablets every day to bring the bp readings below 130/80.
PinayTunay (2 months ago)
why aren't you washing first your lemons and ginger even the garlic?
mastermind (2 months ago)
Surely if you bring to boil the lemon juice and the vinegar, they'll lose some of their goodness. Am I right?
Glasmontage Tichelaar (2 months ago)
yeah just add suger... uuuhm...
Ren Dr (2 months ago)
i think the ingredients are good, but when you cook it most of those medicinal needs are lost, i recommend eating or drinking juice, when its raw
Eniola Delano (2 months ago)
so instead of juicing the garlic and ginger, can i just buy organic products.
Rawb Rawb (2 months ago)
Why do you have to heat it up?
Rawb Rawb (1 month ago)
?????????? can i get a reply please
Zach B (2 months ago)
nutri bullet has less waste im sure its gonna still taste like crap
Luis Gamboa (2 months ago)
1ycj (2 months ago)
U never put the link in the description box as u said you would For the juicer😢
Mildred Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Melissa, how long do I take it for.? And when can I go for blood work to check my cholesterol. It high rocket. Thank you.
erin96000 (3 months ago)
Do you know what the purpose of heating the liquid is. Is it to reduce the volume or as a form of pasteurization prevent bacterial growth or is it some chemical reaction necessary for the efficacy
Margaret Kemp (3 months ago)
Honey should not be boiled
Waka Flaka (3 months ago)
Why can't lemon rinds go thru juicer at the end to flush out Garlic smell? Can't u just add honey to heated juice at the end rather than boiling honey? Would juicing lemons in machine be bad if seeds are liquefied along with everything else?
Ell K (3 months ago)
It’s the mind behind what she is teaching. You can do whatever you want to make it good for you
Adam Osborn (3 months ago)
Hi! How often can you take this? Is it to be treated as a cleanse for a short time, like a 30 day period once a year? Or can you drink it daily? Thanks so much!
jimmy mizobe (3 months ago)
i used the same mixture why is it the color become blue not a natural one
Jessica Cinderelah (3 months ago)
because you use metallic containers. For boiling use fire proof glass pot and use wooden ladle as well. Don't use any metal to avoid contamination.
Saira Asif (3 months ago)
Honey should not be boiled.the whole mixture u made does not need to be boiledx
Kaneli Roman (3 months ago)
That is a lot of honey..plus I would not boil the mix it takes away nutrients maybe just warm it up a bit
Jessica Cinderelah (3 months ago)
this potion is actually very strong and intended to dissolve cholesterole, thin the blood, and lower high blood pressure. Cooking them does not kill the properties of the mixture but instead would evolve into another compound-complex mixture which is seven times more potent than the uncooked one. I believe though that honey should be added at the end of the boiling session.
Alive Eagle (3 months ago)
What happens if i drink more then a spoon in a day
Ken Windrum (4 months ago)
Great work. enjoy...
trimaine coney (4 months ago)
Why is jr black at the end
Mycroft Holmes (4 months ago)
so who says this is heart healthy and artery unclogging?
Dillinger Sam (4 months ago)
Thank you for Sharing Nice Video ❤😎
Dillinger Sam (4 months ago)
Beautiful 😎 Raisin Ginger Garlic Lemon My Favorites ❤😎
Gaia Calls (4 months ago)
Don't use a mental spoon on a none stick pan ... thank you ...
Keith (4 months ago)
Some wrong things here. Shes nit using pasturized vinegar & shes not blending up the entire lemons. The skin of the lemon is highly important for this method & the honey is to be added after the boiling process. Preferably when the mixture has cooled down.
RuaWaterwalker (4 months ago)
do not do not by chinese peeled garlic, do not! buy local
Lynn Garcia (4 months ago)
I see juicer now :)
Lynn Garcia (4 months ago)
What do you use to juice garlic and ginger?
Geoffrey Boyling (4 months ago)
Why on earth didn't she use a wooden spoon?!
Yolanda Milani (4 months ago)
You should not cook it you are destroying the natural enzymes. Secondly that is way too much honey which will send you in a diabetic coma and lastly you should use raw apple cider vinegar. Bad idea to throw lemons in the garbage disposal it's very expensive to replace your disposal you are overworking it. Please redo this video.
Jessica Cinderelah (3 months ago)
this potion is actually very strong and intended to dissolve cholesterole, thin the blood, and lower high blood pressure. Cooking them does not kill the properties of the mixture but instead would evolve into another compound-complex mixture which is seven times more potent than the uncooked one. I believe though that honey should be added at the end of the boiling session. Also mixture should be boiled in very slow fire.
cuttermack (4 months ago)
My mixture turned green why would it do that and os it still good?
Jessica Cinderelah (3 months ago)
because you use metallic containers. For boiling use fire proof glass pot and use wooden ladle as well. Don't use any metal to avoid contamination.
Soft Plastics Fishn (4 months ago)
Put the lemon the other way
Its Me (4 months ago)
Yeah honey should be Organic Raw unfiltered and should never be boiled should be put in after the mixture it's cooling down and you should always use a wooden spoon anytime you're using honey you need to stir with a wooden spoon measure with a wooden spoon never metal
Rob Rushing (4 months ago)
Im gonna go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and Im gonna go on ahead and try this!

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