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Grayson on Crazy Military Spending In The U.S. - The Point

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Former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson shares his thoughts on how much the United States spends on 'defense' and what we could be spending that money on instead. Cenk Uygur (host, The Young Turks), Brian Unger (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and How The States Got Their Shapes), Shira Lazar (host, What's Trending) and Ben Mankiewicz (host, Turner Classic Movies) discuss on The Point. Click to subscribe to The Point: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvb-DqrtgHRX-hPypnjfkdw?sub_confirmation=1 Support Alan Grayson in 2012: http://www.congressmanwithguts.com/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (26)
David Johnson (5 years ago)
What? That formula works for FOX...With them...the liberal IS the "devil"...
David Johnson (5 years ago)
Defense contractors are raising hell to their GOP buds for sure for sure...Somebody gotta shut this clown up!
jfkst1 (5 years ago)
Yep, and Ron Paul is insane whereas maintaining our military-industrial complex that Obama and Romney are going to support is rational.
Florence00pi (6 years ago)
seems like a very naive bit of math that senator gives there, because obviously nobody is working in the military industrial sector right now and being payed from that money o.O ... unless of course he calculated that out, which isn't quite clear to me from his statement. However I totaly agree that the money could be spent better in different areas :-).
Craigipedia (6 years ago)
he is in favor of a two state solution, which isn't necessarily good, but he is also in favor of ACTUALLY FINDING A TWO STATE SOLUTION. unlike everyone else who says 'two states' and then walks away. grayson, in my opinion, is solid
KissOfDanger (6 years ago)
@JohnSmith88823 AdBlock for Firefox!
UlrichRuler13 (6 years ago)
@TheRealJLP I love this comment.
Lobos222 (6 years ago)
@NikEgUy101 Agree, but they need a "devils advocate" in some of the debates. A circle jerk isnt really a debate.
Create 5 million jobs doing what? Filling pot holes? How long has the highways in your state been under "construction?" The Defense Department's $680 billion budget pays for over 6.1 million employees, military and civilian along with defense contractors. Let's put 6.1 million highly educated ppl out of work to give 5 million jobs doing what? Maybe we can build another creationist museum like the one in Kentucky. My tax dollars indirectly paid for that.
Serocco (6 years ago)
Brians' point about two wars being fought at once was brilliant. I'm actually still recovering from how quickly that we left Iraq. It still feels like we're in it, and we are, but as mercenaries and defense contractors.
orchoose (6 years ago)
i bet we wont see that girl again:D
El Mission (6 years ago)
i like this shit. thank you.
luvbotany (6 years ago)
When the Dem's spend on schools and social justice, its pork barrel. When the GOP spends money on bombs and war, its much needed national defense and jobs.
Sweejit (6 years ago)
Why do you have to spend the money?! I thought you people were in debt...
Hippieinthewoods (6 years ago)
Great point at the end about how we are gonna pay for it.
TOTCD (6 years ago)
@Lobos222 Okay you make a couple of fair points. There are indeed more things to be done to make the military more efficient. I think we shouldn't just give contracts to give them but make the nation safer. The US spends more on the military than in the 90's because of the longer wars. China's large military is not nearly as effective as the US. They are two decades behind in technology. A large army is nothing, N Korea has a large army. It doesn't guarantee victory.
Lobos222 (6 years ago)
@TOTCD There are lots of things that could be done with the military to make it more efficient. In a time of economical crises there should also be room for limiting the cost because its actually more about countering the threats that are out there than GDP % usage. Being the richest nation in the world gives the USA the luxury of using less GDP % to reach the same goal vs other huge nations like China. On the flip side, China has a larger army and still spends allot less. Go figure...
Sorin Silaghi (6 years ago)
great show.. maybe put some opposing opinions in there though?
TOTCD (6 years ago)
'We spend as much as the other part of the world combined.' Well it's only 4.7% of GDP. Even if you lower it to 4% of GDP. It's going to be a large number. Now tell me TYT? How much do we need to spend on defence. As percentage of GDP?
dagrimmreepa (6 years ago)
Next week on Fox News: Secret Mars Invasion of Earth!! GOP striving to raise defense budget, socialist liberals refuse to stand up for your safety!
ibstrd (6 years ago)
One of them should be president.
Neil Crouse (6 years ago)
@NikEgUy101 Well said :)
OpaBennett (6 years ago)
@whoo689 The cost isn't so much the materials, as it is the strict tolerances the government places in the contractors. An example would be the normal toilet works fine with a 2" drain fitting, the government places a +or- tolerance of .0005 on the size of the hole and now companies have to add quality assurance inspectors and equipment to meet that tolerance. If it's found that the hole is 2.0010 the toilet is no good. That's where these outrageous prices come in.
Jason Wang (6 years ago)
North Korea is a "military first" government. Look at USA. Look at NK. Look at USA again. Look at NK again. USA war in middle east. Look at USA. Look at NK. USA war in pacific. Look at USA...Look at NK... Hypocrites, oh man.. USA has hope still. Please! Engage in some positive actions for the world.
trier4952 (6 years ago)
Shira has a point...the top countries in the world are Iceland and Switzerland when it comes to things like education and healthcare.
jrpone (6 years ago)

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